20 Best Replies for “Zip It”

What was your reaction when someone rudely told you to shut up? I’m guessing you didn’t take it lightly with the person, because I would feel bad if I get in that position.

Well, that is the same thing when someone tells you to ‘zip it’. The person is abruptly serious about you shutting your mouth up, and they say it with so much energy that it sounds so debasing.

I believe you might’ve been in that situation and were deeply in need of a good comeback for the person who just creased your ego by telling you to zip it.

In this article, I will be discussing how to respond to zip it. Stay locked in!

20 Best Ways to Respond to Zip It

How you respond when someone tells you to ‘zip it’, is dependent on how you perceive their statement.

Normally, it sounds disrespectful and I presume you to feel insulted on all grounds.

On that note, comebacks would be the best response strategy for this type of situation.

Therefore, you might want to be looking out for lots of comebacks in this post. So, here we go with the replies.

  1. No, you zip it
  2. I’m sorry but I don’t give a hoot
  3. Sadly, you can only stress your tongue and mouth. Nothing much
  4. Yours stink more
  5. Come again, I can’t hear your dumb statement
  6. I would’ve asked for your help to do that but you already look helpless
  7. You talk as if there’s anything you would do if I don’t
  8. You’ll only make it in life when you start minding your own business
  9. I’d love to see you make me
  10. Your ears can bleed for all I care
  11. So you can start saying trash as usual? Not today
  12. Give yourself that as an advice
  13. I don’t remember asking for your baseless thoughts
  14. You’ve been a yank all these while; you should take today as a holiday
  15. Leaders lead by example
  16. I take it that I’m too smart for your understanding
  17. Zip what actually? Your pants? You should do that yourself
  18. No! you can cry because I won’t
  19. I’m starting to think you dislike learning new things
  20. It seems you need to rest your dull brains
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No, You Zip It

How about we turn the tables on the person who said you should ‘zip it’? I’d so much love to see the look on their face when you use this line of response to fire back at the person who rudely said you should shut up.

This is a reply which incorporates the rule of paying people in their currency or coin.

You can respond in this manner by pointing your fingers at the person who told you to ‘zip it’. This way, you portray yourself as being confident enough to confront any bad words which someone said to you.

The person you’re replying to will have no other choice than to acknowledge that you’re not out to take any inappropriate commands from them.

So, choosing this and that would be a wise decision to take.

I’m Sorry but I Don’t Give a Hoot

In reality, nobody at all cares about how bad your day is going. Even if they do, they can do little or nothing to change the situation.

The person who says you should sip it is showing frustration and intolerance to what you might be saying.

The thing is…you don’t care what they think because once you start doing that, there’s a chance you would be dancing to any tune they play for you.

On that note, you should be bold to let them know you don’t care and you can get into that using this line of response right here.

In case you’re not in the know, “not giving a hoot” means you do not care whatsoever they may think or believe.

You just have to get on with your life and leave them to deal with yourself. This response also says a lot about you not giving in to manipulations from other people.

Sadly, You Can Only Stress Your Tongue and Mouth. Nothing Much

In the real sense of things, the person who tells you to zip it when you have no intentions of doing so is practically stressing themselves.

You can leverage that to serve them a well-deserved response that conveys the message to them.

This line of response would also turn out to be a big blow to the person who said you should ‘zip it’ because it also means that they’re just wasting their time by being rude to you.

This is because you won’t even be adhering to anything they’re saying since they tend to present it in a rather rude manner.

Yours Stink More

Are you looking for how best to get the person who said you should zip it to get their mouth shut? I bet you just found yourself the perfect line to send them back to their houses with their face in their hands.

If you tell the person that their mouth stinks, I’m sure he or she will have to rethink before they say something else.

Subsequently, they’ll have to verify if their mouth is stinking before they utter another word. What you just did with this line of response is to water down whatever ego they think they have.

Once you succeed in doing that, you become less concerned about being hurt or insulted by their word.

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The best part of this line of response is that you don’t have to think twice before saying it. If there were people around you guys when you say this line, I’m sure there’ll be an uproar of laughter geared toward the person.

Come Again, I Can’t Hear Your Dumb Statement

If you don’t see it as I do…it is lame to tell someone to zip it when you can politely tell them to keep quiet for some time.

So, when you get this sassy command from a person, you can make a fool of them by using this line of response.

The first technique I employed in this line is to create a feigned ignorance over not hearing what they said earlier.

With this, you’ll get the person to repeat themselves and eventually sound stupid. To crown it all, this line further goes on to debase the person’s statement as a “dumb statement”.

All of these make up a nice comeback line for someone who tells you to zip it. You can also throw in a bit of body language by placing your hands on your ear to signify that you can’t hear them.

That would burst any further boils that the person already has.

I would’ve asked for Your Help to Do That but You Already Look Helpless

When I told you I’ll be featuring lots of comebacks in this post, I wasn’t pulling your legs. Here is another line of response that does that function with ease.

Trust me, you won’t have to beat a single sweat before you do this, as this line is completely memorizable and you don’t have to worry about unclear words.

The message is straight…the person can’t help you because they are helpless.

You’re asserting that you could’ve requested their help with ‘zipping it’, but that wouldn’t be necessary since they are not capable to help you in any way.

This has to be one of the hardest comeback lines on this list, don’t you think so?

You talk as if there’s anything you would do if I Don’t

Provided the person that says you should zip it isn’t going to break any bone in your body, there’s no need to shun from being as verbal as you want.

You can say this defense line when you’re told to ‘zip it’. This response indicates that the speaker can’t even control anything that concerns you, so their command to make you shut up is baseless.

When you’re bold enough to refute their statement, you seem to add a type of confidence to your social portfolio.

This way you tend to scare the person from uttering demeaning words to you because you didn’t have of it the first time they tried to pull such a string on you.

You’ll only Make It in Life When You Start Minding Your Own Business

It is funny how this line of response comes in as both a savage response and also a piece of advice to the person who tells you to ‘zip it’.

Perhaps, the situation in which the statement was said does not concern the speaker in any way, but they choose to lend their uncalled voice in the scenario by rudely telling you to shut up.

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Since it is already here as I placed it, you’re free to admonish the person instead of only giving him or her a savage vibe, after all, you’re a nice person.

I’d Love to See You Make Me

Best Replies for Zip It

Thinking of sounding cocky and right at the same time with your response? I’ve got you covered.

This response throws a direct challenge to the person who tells you to ‘zip it’. It gets messy if this person doesn’t have any capacity to make you do so, hence making it a mockery of their all-around capacity.

Your Ears Can Bleed for All I Care

You can extend the cocky which you assume to reply to the speaker with this line of response. This is because it shows that you don’t care about what the person chooses to listen to.

So You Can Start Saying Trash as Usual? Not Today

You can further give the speaker a reason to shut up by reminding them that they’re prone to say trash each time they’re given the time to speak. So, it’d be better if you continue talking while they listen.

Give Yourself That as an Advice

Most times, people say hurtful things to others when they actually need those words but in the form of advice.

You can bring this to the knowledge of the speaker by telling him or her to lend themselves the phrase as advice instead of throwing it at you.

I Don’t Remember Asking For Your Baseless Thoughts

Did the person tell you to ‘zip it’ out of the blue? If so, you can use this line to rebuke them even before they take a breath after saying that to you.

You’ve been a Yank all these while; you should take Today as Holiday

I understand that sometimes jerks need rest, but, unfortunately, most of them don’t know about that. Probably, the person who told you to ‘zip it’ is a jerk and you need to inform them to take some rest already.

Leaders Lead by Example

I’m sure you know what paying someone with their coin means. Well, that’s what you’ll be doing with this line of response.

By telling the person to lead by example, you’re indirectly telling them to first ‘zip it’ before you attempt it. What a way to tell someone to shut up!

I Take It That I’m too smart for Your Understanding

It could be the person who insists that you ‘zip it’ doesn’t understand what you’re saying. In that case, you can explain to them just how much of a dummy they are using this line or response.

Zip What Actually? Your Pants? You Should Do That Yourself

This is another line in which you’re to feign ignorance over whatever the speaker said you should do.

The reply cites their pant as what needs to be zipped and not your mouth as they have thought. Trust me; you’ll look smart with this.

No! You Can Cry Because I Won’t

Best Replies for Zip It

Sometimes, all you need to say as a response in this case is a big blatant “NO”. Just get right into it and move along.

I’m Starting to Think You Dislike Learning New Things

There’s a chance that the speaker is delusional and tends to shy away from the truth, hence, telling you to zip it.

You mustn’t let such an insult stay, so you can debase their statement using this line of response.

It Seems You Need to Rest Your Dull Brains

This is inarguably the last response in this list, but it doesn’t stop it from ranking among the top lines.

By suggesting that the speaker needs to rest his or her brain, you’re poking a needle in their balloon of pride and I’m sure that will burst.


Well, there you have it….20 best ways to respond to zip it. I can imagine the look on the face of the speaker when you use any of the replies in this list to respond to them.

This is because they’ll have to battle for breath since your reply would be an instant savage.

I want to believe I’ve satisfied your curiosity about this subject matter. If so, kindly let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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