20 Best Similar Phrases to the “Cat Is Out of the Bag”

What comes to your mind when you hear someone say that the cat is out of the bag? While a lot of people will translate the meaning of this phrase based literally; it doesn’t count as the main meaning.

However, the phrase denotes that a piece of certain hidden information, deal, or arrangement has been revealed.

You might probably be thinking about the need for similar phrases to this line. The thing is that the line is an unclear statement, which calls for a plausible substitute.

In this article, I’ll be discussing a couple of phrases that mean the same thing as when you say ‘the cat is out of the bag’. Keep reading on for more!

20 Best Similar Phrases to the Cat Is Out of the Bag

Finding a suitable line that shares the same meaning as ‘the cat is out of the bag’ is not a hard task to accomplish.

However, the problem lies in getting a phrase that also has the same contextual relevance as the main phrase.

To that end, I have put together some phrases which fall in the above category and also match up to the criteria needed to qualify it as a good substitute for ‘the cat is out of the bag if need be.

Without much ado, let’s get into the best 20 similar phrases to the cat is out of the bag.

  1. The truth has seen the light
  2. Someone spilled the beans
  3. The cover has been blown
  4. The secret is out
  5. Every living thing already knows
  6. It’s no longer under wraps
  7. It’s now common knowledge
  8. That ship has sailed
  9. The truth just slipped
  10. Someone let it slip
  11. It’s no longer confidential
  12. The scales fell off already
  13. The turtle’s inside has been revealed
  14. It’s no more a grail
  15. The beans have been spilled
  16. Words are out already
  17. The horses left the stables
  18. The deed has been confessed
  19. The info has been leaked
  20. The game has been given away

The Truth Has Seen the Light

I’d say this line comes up as a better pick over the main phrase which is ‘the cat is out of the bag, and this is because of how simplistic it is.

Laced with common and relatable words, this phrase sends the same message as the main line. It does more than the main line by giving out more information on the nature of “what” got out.

Here, it is said that what got out is the “truth”. This makes this phrase a more definitive one than the main line. This is because we don’t know the closest meaning of the “cat” which is out of the bag.

But with this line, things get clearer and you can see for a fact that it entails the truth has been revealed when you use this line instead of the main phrase.

Notwithstanding, they mean the same thing and also share similar contextual relevance but differ in the depth of the message it conveys.

Someone Spilled the Beans

The beauty of the English language is that you get to try out a couple of lines of statements before you eventually settle for one.

I came up with his phrase right here after I’ve exhausted a couple of other times trying to picture it as a viable replacement to ‘the cat is out of the bag’.

When someone says the “beans have been spilled” it means that something has been revealed. This is more like the main phrase for which we’re looking for its similar lines, however, this is different.

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The best part of this line is that it also provides you with more info as to how the beans got spilled or how the cat left the bag.

Unlike nursing the thought that you might have made a mistake with your calculations or movements led to the exposure; this line suggests that someone did it and it’s not your fault.

If the situation were to be an office setting or any other secret organizational structure, then it means there’s a “mole” in the system allegedly leaking out information that is considered classified.

The Cover Has Been Blown

Picture an undercover agent of an elite police department, who becomes a member of a top-ranked criminal syndicate just to extract information from them before a raid is conducted by the police.

If this said person’s identity were to be discovered before the targeted raid, then the cat is out of the bag. It means he’s been really “seen” and his cover has been blown.

Funnily enough, it didn’t even cross my mind but I just remembered that men of the force who go undercover for any operation often use this line to convey the information concerning their abrupt revelation as moles.

On that note, this line becomes a relatable line that you can use in place of ‘the cat is out of the bag’. For what it’s worth, this line incorporates a certain level of technicality to the detail you’re trying to convey.

The Secret Is Out

Best Similar Phrases to the Cat Is Out of the Bag

If we’re to rank the similar phrases in this list based on the qualities of clarity and conciseness, then I won’t think twice before placing this particular phrase in the top position.

This is because you can’t take away the fact that it is a wholesome line, that points directly to the essence of its message without confusing anyone.

Just as the ‘cat is out of the bag’, the secret is also out of the bag. It may be a secret laced with truth, or it could be just classified information that is not held by the moral barriers of what or what not is right.

The main essence is to pass the message that whatever the secret is…it is now a public matter.

If you’d notice something else in this phrase, I’m sure it would be the tone of urgency that it contains. This would help further tell of how bad the situation has gotten.

Perhaps, the “secret” is classified information about a military operation and its leak to the public would put the military’s plans into jeopardy, hence, the need to curb it before things get worse.

Every Living Thing Already Knows

If you’re looking for an environment-friendly line that means the same thing as ‘the cat is out of the bag, then there you have it with this phrase right here.

This phrase is similar to the main one in the areas which I mentioned earlier on, but it does another thing…it reduces tension.

Let’s imagine the fall of a wealthy family into shambles…one that is yet to be publicized.

The members of this said family will be on their toes on how to pride themselves in public without getting out news or hints that they’re no more in their glory days.

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If their status finally gets known, and you’re in the position to let them know about it, then you can use this line to do so without inciting a heavy atmosphere around the house.

All I’m trying to say is that this phrase calms the intensity of the pressure which would’ve ensued if one hears about the revelation of his or her secret.

It’s No Longer Under Wraps

An egg wrapped with foil remains a mystery until it is revealed. And when it gets revealed, it ceases to be a mystery and as such…no longer under wraps.

The same goes for when you say ‘the cat is out of the bag’. It means that the content of the wrapped package has been finally revealed to be an egg.

It’s no longer under wraps is another intelligent line that is similar to the main phrase. Because of that, you can easily use it as a replacement for the main one as it meets all of its criteria.

It’s Now Common Knowledge

What would you make out of something that’s common knowledge? You can answer this question in your mind if you wish to.

Other than that, I’ll move on to tell you that whatever that’s considered common knowledge is not a secret. It’s not a secret that humans procreate because it’s not a secret.

Nevertheless, this phrase asserts that whatever it was that hasn’t been revealed is “now” common knowledge.

That Ship Has Sailed

Idioms have a way of communicating a message, but with shades of confusion thrown here and there. That’d be exactly what this phrase does.

A sailed ship is more an event that has been done, but in this context, the “ship” that sailed refers to the secret or information that has been revealed.

The Truth Just Slipped

This might as well be another phrase that employs conciseness in its mode of passing the message. Saying that the truth has slipped means that the truth has been revealed, but it was done so mistakenly.

The mistaken revelation is one angle to this phrase that is different from that of the main phrase. This line posits that the “cat” didn’t leave the bag intentionally, but it did so as a result of a mistake.

You can use this line instead of the main one, not because it is similar but because it offers a new perspective on the issue at hand.

Therefore, if your circumstance shares a similarity with the perspective of this line, you’re free to use it.

Someone Let It Slip

Earlier on, I mentioned a phrase on this list that performs the function of pointing accusing fingers at someone for being responsible for “letting the cat out of the bag”. In the same vein, this line of phrase does the same thing.

It tries to clear the air of any thought that suggests that the reason why the secret was revealed is because of a mistake on your part.

It’s No Longer Confidential

Best Similar Phrases to the Cat Is Out of the Bag

If something is no longer confidential, then it is now transparent and as such, in the minds of people. Literally, if the cat is out of the bag, it is nono longer concealed than the person who put it there thinks.

The Scales Fell off Already

One of the protective gear that fishes need for survival in the water is their scales. It hides their immediate body from any element that may pose a threat to their body. When the scales fall off, the fish’s body is revealed.

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If this were to be applied in this circumstance, it means that information which got out is now fragile since it is no longer a secret.

The Turtle’s Inside Has Been Revealed

Seeing the inside of a turtle is hard. That’s one of the uniqueness of the animal and it’s top secret. If you manage to see what it looks like inside there, that means its secret has been revealed. And this is similar to the main line.

It’s No More a Grail

A grail is a secret that is hard to discover. So when this secrecy stops being a grail, it means that it has been revealed, and that’s the same message that the main phrase is trying to convey, hence their similarity.

The Beans Has Been Spilled

This line goes straight into the bone of the content without pointing accusing fingers at anybody or even positing that it was a mistake that led to the abrupt revelation of the secret.

Words Are Out Already

When ‘words are out’ about something, it means that whatever secrecy that is accompanied by it is no longer effective as it must’ve been revealed alongside the main content.

The Horses Left the Stables

Stables are built to house horses, just like the mind and mouth is meant to accommodate secrets. Suffice it to say the secret is likened to horses, and the horses left the stables.

It means that the secret (truth or not) is out of its own house (mind and mouth). Hence, it has been revealed just like the main phrase means.

The Deed Has Been Confessed

When you confess something, probably a lie or deceptive action, you’ve let the cat out of the bag. Confession here refers to the act of revealing the content of the secret which might’ve been under wraps for some time.

The Info Has Been Leaked

This phrase remains a good pick if you’re on the search for a simple line that can replace ‘the cat is out of the bag’.

I came up with this phrase using relatable words and as such, its contextual relevance is the same as the main phrase.

On a broader view, this line can be used in an official setting as it conveys the message.

The Game Has Been Given Away

When a game is given away, it means the truth has been revealed. Now, does it not sound like ‘the cat is out of the bag’?

However, the use of this particular phrase as against the main one is that it sounds sporty and street-like. This makes it a better option than the main one in terms of unofficial dealings.

Wrapping Up

It is very often to hear someone say ‘the cat is out of the bag’. Sadly, not many people know what this line implies, hence, the need for alternative phrases to buttress the point that the line is trying to convey.

I’ve accomplished the feat of bringing these alternative phrases to your knowledge through this article.

And I’m convinced you got value in this post. If so, kindly let us know what you think about it in the comment box below.

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