20 Similar Phrases to “Apple of My Eye”

Apple of my eye is an idiomatic expression because it does not literally mean that there is an apple in a person’s eye.

When someone wants to show that they love a person more than another, they use the expression Apple of my eye.

The expression Apple of my eye also indicates that someone is very important to you or that you’ve grown extremely fond of them.

Having seen that the Apple of my eye means someone who is precious but that it is commonly used, are there other ways that a person can still express that someone is precious to him/her?

In this article, we will mention twenty (20) similar phrases to the Apple of my eye that you can use in place of the idiom.

20 Synonyms to “Apple of My Eye”

  1. Angel of my heart
  2. Beloved of my life
  3. My dearest one and only
  4. My one true love
  5. My sole heart’s desire
  6. My love
  7. My only treasure trove
  8. My rare jewel
  9. My Pride and Joy
  10. Moon of my life.
  11. My Sun and Star
  12. My Sugarplum
  13. Light of my life
  14. My most cherished one
  15. The only good thing in my life.
  16. My heartbeat
  17. My most prized possession.
  18. My only obsession
  19. Closest diamond to my heart
  20. My highly esteemed lover.

Angel of my heart

The statement Angel of my heart can be used in exchange for Apple of my eye. It can be used interchangeably with the latter phrase because it is also used to describe a person who is special to someone.

It can be said in different ways such as “Angel in my heart” and “Angel with my heart”. They are all used when a person wants to describe someone who has given them strength and that they can confide in.

The phrase Angel of my heart can also be used to communicate to a person that you really care for and love them. The Angel symbolizes innocence and lovability.

Beloved of my life

Beloved of my life can also be considered as a similar phrase to Apple of my eye. It is used by people who are in a romantic relationship and who have a strong love for each other.

It is also used to describe someone special who is dear to your heart. Just like the Apple of my eye, a person who is the beloved of your life is showered with deep and extraordinary love.

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They are cherished, admired, and dear to you.

My dearest one and only

The expression My dearest one and only is self-explanatory and a succinct way of describing a person who is very dear to you. It can be used genuinely or otherwise.

When it is genuine, it shows that the person is extremely important to you and that you have a special kind of relationship with the person.

You can call someone My dearest one and only when you are very fond of them and they are unique to you.

My one true love

Similar Phrases to Apple of My Eye

Another similar phrase to the statement Apple of my eyes is My one true love. The statement My one true love is a way to describe someone that you have a passionate and unique bond with.

The expression, My one true love is used mostly by couples to show how endeared they are to each other. When love is true, it means that it is healthy, authentic, and genuine.

This means that if you’ve found it with someone that person is your one true love. True love is also built on the foundation of understanding, security, and respect.

My sole heart’s desire

The statement My sole heart’s desire is synonymous with the Apple of my eye. It is used to describe someone or something that you want very much and hope to get without fail.

A thing or a person is someone’s sole heart’s desire if they’re everything a person has secretly dreamt or visualized about. They are possibilities that are achievable and within reach.

My love

While the statement Apple of my eye is used generally to refer to anyone who is special to you, the phrase My love refers to a person one values because they have a special relationship with them.

Thus, when using the phrase My love, one is very particular about the person he/she is talking about and is in an intimate relationship with the person.

My only treasure trove

When a person uses the expression My only treasure trove, it means that the person that they are referring to is an embodiment of many beautiful things hence it’s similarity to the phrase Apple of my eye.

For the expression to be correctly used, the person must be valuable to you and contain many characteristics that are useful to you. It could be a relative or someone very close to you.

My rare jewel

It is commonly known that a rare jewel is incredibly hard to find. It is hidden in the most unexpected places and requires a certain level of diligence to be uncovered.

Another thing to note about rare jewels is that they are scarce, i.e. they are limited in quantity which makes them very valuable. When a person is referred to as a rare jewel, they’re special and quite valuable to the speaker.

My Pride and Joy

The term Pride and Joy is another similar phrase to Apple of my eye. It is used when someone wants to talk about something or someone that he/she is proud of.

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The presence of that special person or thing makes the speaker really happy and gives him/her great pleasure. He/she takes pride in the person or thing and likes to show it off.

Moon of my life

The term Moon of my love was made popular in the movie Game of Thrones by two lovers – Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo of the Dothraki clan. It is also considered a similar phrase to Apple of my eye.

A person who addresses another as the moon of his/her life is attempting to show that the other person is especially loved by him/her. It is mostly used by couples who are in love.

My Sun and Star

This expression My Sun and Star was also made popular in the movie Games of Thrones as was used by the same couple. Daenerys Targaryen used it to address her husband and lover Khal Drogo.

Most people have now adopted the term and use it to address someone who they consider really special to them. It is a similar phrase to Apple of my eye because they are both used to address important people.

My Sugarplum

Sugarplum symbolizes sweetness and is used as a term of endearment. It qualifies as a phrase similar to Apple of My Eye because they are both used to address an important and special person,

As sugarplum is useful in many ways so is the person being referred to. He/she is valuable in many ways to the speaker. Sugarplum as an endearment can be used interchangeably with darling and sweetheart.

Light of my life

The expression Light of my life is another similar phrase to Apple of my eye. It is used to describe a person who makes someone very happy and who is very much loved by them.

When someone is important to you or if you consider them to be special, you can refer to them as the apple of your eyes or the light of your life depending on how creative you want to be with your appraisal.

My most cherished one

Another similar phrase to Apple of my life is the statement My most cherished one. It is mostly used by partners to show care and affection to each other.

When a person is your most cherished one then it means that you intentionally choose to protect and care for the person. It is a practice that one learns and cultivates throughout their lives.

The only good thing in my life

Similar Phrases to Apple of My Eye

There’s always that stage in life when a person has things going wrong for them. At that point in life, it would seem as if the universe has plotted to make things difficult for them.

In that situation, you may have something or someone who is constant and brings lots of positive vibes and happiness. Such a person can then describe the person as the only good thing in his or her life.

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My heartbeat

As humans, we all know that we need our hearts to beat for us to stay alive. This means that your heart is a valuable and important part of your body. It can be used to liken a person you cannot do without.

Another thing to note about heartbeats is that the hearts of two people synchronize when they are in love i.e. their hearts beat at the same time.

When you call a person your heartbeat, it shows that the person is important to you, hence its similarity with the phrase Apple of my eye.

My most prized possession

The word possession when used in the wrong circumstances can be considered offensive. However, when it is used in similarity to Apple of my eye it means a person that you cherish or value more than anything else.

Only a person who understands that you mean no insult when you use the word possession will be flattered by it, but let it be noted that prized possession is one thing that you can’t do without.

My only obsession

Obsession can be a good thing when it is used in similarity to the Apple of my eye. When a person is obsessed with something or someone, his/her mind is preoccupied with it, and he/she has a strong desire to protect that person or thing.

However, obsession that is not controlled can quickly become a disorder in which the person’s desire to protect or possess becomes overwhelming and such a person will not accept any form of rejection or failure.

An obsessive disorder could then lead to injury or even death of the victim(s).

Closest diamond to my heart

Diamond signifies a precious stone – hard and extremely valuable. When you give a person the gift of a diamond, you are communicating to them that you will always love them.

The expression Closest diamond to my heart is a similar phrase to Apple of my eye because it is used between lovers or couples who consider the other person special and highly important.

Aside from lovers and couples, the phrase can also be used to describe a person who is highly valued and admired by others.

My highly esteemed lover

Similar Phrases to Apple of My Eye

Lover is used in a loose sense to mean persons who are in a sexual relationship with each other. The relationship may not be serious; however, there are couples/lovers who have a valid and serious relationship.

When a person is highly esteemed by another, that person is regarded favorably or highly. The person is admired by the other person and is respected because of the value they bring.

The expression My highly esteemed lover can suitably be a similar phrase to the term Apple of My Eye. It can be used by couples to describe the partner they consider valuable and important.

As we have come to the end of similar phrases, it must be noted that the essence of using the expression “Apple of my life”, or other expressions is to show a significant connection between you and another person.

This relationship is not merely romantic but shows respect and trust between the two individuals. That person is very special to you probably because they’ve brought happiness and joy to your life.

The person is also special where they’ve touched your life in a positive way. These similar phrases we’ve listed in this article will help you creatively tell someone that they mean the world to you.

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