20 Similar Phrases to ‘Two Cents’ Worth’

Two cents’ worth is an idiomatic expression that is defined as an opinion about something that someone gives which is usually undemanded.

When someone gives an opinion about something, you can simply say that the person gave his two cents.

 However, when someone gives an unsolicited opinion, you can also say that the person gave his two cents’ worth. But how about a situation where you want to use a different phrase from ‘two cents’ worth?’

 Thinking of something different may be a bit tough for you. Then you should look no more, you are the reason why I wrote this article.

It will help you make better decisions when it comes to using phrases similar to ‘two cents’ worth.’

In this article, I shared the 20 best similar phrases to “two cents’ worth.” You should read till the end.

20 Similar Phrases to Two Cents’ Worth

An Opinion

Similar Phrases to Two Cents Worth

‘An Opinion’ is a similar phrase to ‘two cents’ worth.’ This is similar because when someone gives his two cents about a particular situation, it is safe to say that the person gave an opinion.

That person’s opinion could be a suggestion, even if no one asked for it. 

The next time you are in a conversation with someone, you can say you want to give “an opinion” instead of saying you want to give “two cent’s worth.”

Here is an example: 

  • Matthew came late to the meeting, but he did not hesitate to give an opinion on the pressing issue. 

Broad hint

Similar Phrases to Two Cents Worth

‘Broad hint’ sounds like another way to say ‘two cents’ worth’

A broad hint is a way of saying something to someone easy to understand without saying it directly.

That way, you give the person an idea of what you are talking about without telling the person exactly what you mean. With a broad hint, the person would be able to understand what you are saying without thinking too much about it. 


  • Perhaps, if you can give a broad hint, I will have an idea of what you are talking about

Unsolicited advice

‘Unsolicited advice’ is a more unique phrase to say instead of ‘two cents’ worth.’

As it is said, unsolicited advice can sometimes be annoying, especially if you get it from someone you least expect it from.

Someone you respect can indirectly correct you about something you did, it will be of great help to you but the fact that you did not ask for it could make it unsolicited advice. 


  • My uncle is usually fond of giving unsolicited advice, even when it is uncalled for

One’s stand

One of the best phrases to use instead of ‘two cents’ worth’ is ‘One’s stand’

When there is an issue to deal with, it is usually good to know where those around you stand, to know if they support what you say or if they do not.

The only way to find out is to hear them say what their stand is. You can know what their stand is by listening to them talk and also share their opinion. 

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  • Sometimes, you should be patient to hear one’s stand before rounding off the meeting. 

My remark

‘My remark’ sounds cool as a similar phrase to ‘two cents’ worth.’

When someone remarks something, the person comments on a particular situation, not minding if the remark was solicited. 

It is not a bad thing to give a remark about something, but when you do, ensure you do it when you are asked, otherwise it would seem like you are giving an unsolicited remark.

When asked for remarks, it is wise that you give your honest remarks about that thing, that way, the person will be able to count on you to give sincere remarks. 


  • I never knew my remark would mean a lot to you.

One’s thoughts

‘One’s thoughts’ sounds like one of the best phrases to use instead of ‘two cents’ worth.’

When you share your thoughts about something, you only share what you think or what you have in mind about that particular situation.

It is usually good to share your thoughts about some situations because it is difficult for others to have an idea of what you are thinking. The best way to let others know what you are thinking is to share your thoughts. 


  • At least, you should hear what other people’s thoughts are before you conclude. 

A comment

An alternative way to say ‘Two cents’ worth’ is ‘A comment.’

Usually, when you are having a conversation with someone and you notice the person still has more to say, you can ask if the person has other comments to make about that particular situation. 


  • Why not wait, I have a comment to make. 

My counsel

‘My counsel’ is a way to say ‘Two cents’ worth.’ When someone gives his counsel about a situation, it is a way of saying the person advised about that particular situation. 

People usually use the word “counsel” when it comes to advising about a particular situation. It is safe to say you gave counsel to someone if you gave the person advice about the particular situation. 


  • The youths invited me to their meeting, and I had no choice but to give my counsel.

Some tips

‘Some tips’ is a better way to say ‘two cents’ worth’

Giving some tips also means giving some ideas that could make the situation better. It is a good thing to give some tips about a particular situation, especially when you are asked.

That way, you show concern and you make it known to the person that you have something good to offer. 


  • I would appreciate it if you give me some tips, I am about to embark on a journey

Contrary opinion

You can use ‘contrary opinion’ as a similar phrase to ‘two cents’ worth’

If one has a contrary opinion, it means the person has a whole different opinion from what was being discussed. 

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When at a meeting or talking to people, it is important you get different opinions from people so you would have a better understanding of that particular situation. 


  • Hold on, before you make a final decision, I have a contrary opinion

Wise one up

A unique synonym for ‘two cents’ worth’ is ‘wise one up’

To wise one up is a way to make someone more aware of a particular thing.

You may be having a conversation with someone and the person wants to hear what you have to say because you are knowledgeable in that field, the person will ask you to wise him up. 


  • It is important to wise one up when you realize the person has no experience in what he is about to do.

A suggestion

A similar phrase to ‘two cents’ worth’ is ‘A suggestion.’

It is okay to give suggestions when needed, or when you are in a conversation with your peers and they need a suggestion from you, you should share your thoughts with them. 


  • The committee told me they needed a suggestion from me, I had to tell them what I knew. 

Show the ropes

‘Show the ropes’ is a better way to say ‘two cents’ worth.’

When you are giving someone advice on how to do something, you are also showing the person the ropes. Showing someone the ropes means guiding someone on how to do something so the person can do it the right way. 

Example sentence: 

  • I want to work with Grace, I believe he will show me the ropes.

One’s view

‘One’s view’ is another unique way to say ‘two cents’ worth.’

Your two cents is also your view about a particular situation. When you tell someone that you want to share your two cents, it can be interpreted as you want to share your view. This is a nice synonym that you can use.


  • At least there should be a time when one’s views can be heard about a particular situation during the meeting.  

An observation

‘An observation’ is another way to say ‘two cents’ worth.’

It is common to get someone’s observation about an issue probably because you want to hear from other people as well, when the person shares his observation, it is similar to when the person shares his two cents’ worth. 


  • Kindly hold on, I have an observation I think you need to hear.

One’s criticism

‘One’s criticism’ sounds cool as a similar way to say ‘two cents’ worth.’

When you share an opinion about something, it can be viewed as you sharing your criticism about that particular thing.

It is good you know what others think about you or what you are doing by making it open to criticism. Even though someone’s criticism could make you feel like a fish out of water, you should still welcome it. 


  • It is good you listen to people, at least you get to hear the criticisms that people have. 
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A statement

‘A statement’ is a better phrase to say instead of ‘two cents’ worth.’

In this context, a statement is something that is said and it could either be a formal statement or an informal statement.

When you are talking to someone, it is important to listen to what the person has to say because you never know how that statement can be of help to you. 


  • Maybe you need to pay attention to the statement I made. If you paid attention you would not have made any mistake. 

An utterance

Instead of saying ‘Two cents’ worth’ you can say ‘An utterance.’

An utterance is a statement made by someone, it could either be a positive or negative utterance or a reaction to a particular situation. Oftentimes, you need to listen to people, especially if it is someone you respect. 

When you listen to what people have to say you tend to learn a lot. One person has to talk while the other person listens, this is another reason why you need to stay quiet sometimes so you can hear what the other person is saying. 


  • Did you notice that her utterance was interrupted by the severe cough she had?

One’s Pronouncement

A better way to say ‘Two cents’ worth’ is ‘One’s pronouncement.’

Pronunciation is an authoritative statement made by someone who is highly respected in a particular organization.

 For example, a Bishop is highly respected in the Catholic church, when the Bishop makes a pronouncement about a particular issue, people pay attention because he is a man of authority. 

The Bishop’s pronouncement stands and is respected by the church because of the authority he holds. 


  • Nothing has been said yet about the new development in the church, but I think it is wise to wait for the Bishop’s pronouncement.

An assertion

‘An assertion’ is another way to say ‘Two cents’ worth’

An assertion is a confident statement of fact, usually said by someone sure of what he is saying to express facts about a particular situation or to make his points clear when he talks.

Someone can assert that something is true as long as the person is sure about what he is saying. 


  • Sorry, you have no evidence to back up your assertion.

Final Verdict

When someone shares an opinion about something, it is right for you to say that the person shared his ‘two cents’ worth.’ That way, the person has shared what he thinks about that situation, or what the person thinks is the right thing to do.  

In this article, I shared different well-researched similar phrases to ‘two cents’ worth.’ The similarities I shared are easy to understand and use. It is important for you to know the right one to use when you want to use it.

Each one can be used depending on the context and  It is up to you to decide which one you want to use in any situation you find yourself in. 


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