20 Funny Responses to ‘Send Me a Pic’

‘Send me a pic’ is an informal way of asking someone to send you one of their pictures. Hence, when someone says to you ‘Send me a pic’, they are asking you to send them a picture of you.

Most times, you may get this request while texting online. If this is the case, then the person wants to know what you look like and keep that in their memory. Perhaps, he or she hasn’t seen what you look like and would love to do that through your picture.

In this article, I will be discussing in detail 20 funny responses to ‘send me a pic’. To know more, keep reading on!

How to Respond to ‘Send Me a Pic’ with Humor

Some of the best funny responses to ‘send me a pic’ include ‘I have a bad camera’, ‘I would, if you were anything but polite’, ‘I’m fully clothed in all my pictures and that’s what you’re getting’, and ‘I’d rather not’.

Having already mentioned one instance where someone may ask for your pics, there is another typical instance. In this other case, someone may ask you to send them a picture, not because they don’t know what you look like, but because they want to keep a tangible memory of you.

The person must’ve figured the best way to hold such a memory is by having your pictures which they can look at and reflect on from time to time.

Below is a highlight of all other funny responses to ‘send me a pic’ in this article. Let’s get right into it.

1. I’d Rather Not

‘I’d rather not’ is a nice line of response to give when someone asks you to ‘send a pic’. This is you bluntly telling the person that you won’t send the pictures they’re requesting from you. 

You can and should only consider this line of response if you know it doesn’t sit well with you to send any pictures to the person. Since the discussion is around funny responses, you can make this response funny by the way you deliver it. 

2. Sounds like We’ll Be Trading, Yours for Mine

‘Sounds like we’ll be trading, yours for mine’ is a funny response to give when someone says to you ‘Send a pic’. This is because it is often unusual for someone to request a trade-by batter when they’re asked for a picture.

However, saying this response proves you to be unique from other people. Likewise, the other person will know for sure that you don’t want to share your pictures with them.

3. A Portrait Should Do

‘A portrait should do’ is a comic response to ‘send a pic’. This is because, with this response, you’re telling the person that you’ll be able to only send them a portrait picture of you.

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Now, the funny part comes in when you know the person wants something different from a portrait but you still choose to mention it as the only option the person has. 

This is even more interesting if you’re a girl and you use this response when a guy asks for your pictures. You’re indirectly making him tone down their expectations of you.

4. I’m Fully Clothed in All My Pictures and That’s What You’re Getting

‘I’m fully clothed in all my pictures and that’s what you’re getting’ is a line of response that shares a striking semblance with the previous one. Here, you’re saying that the person will be only getting pictures or a picture where you’re fully clothed. 

This goes well whether or not you’re a guy or a lady because it portrays a not-often-talked-about naivety that is hysterical. Saying this shows that you’re not sending any pics that show anything other than your face, and shoulders. 

5. I Have One for My Profile Picture and I’m Surprised You Didn’t See That

‘I have one for my profile picture and I’m surprised you didn’t see that’ is a tad funny response you can serve to the person that says to you ‘Send a pic’. You can make use of this response because it lets you address the person who asked you to send him or her a picture. 

Here, you’re addressing the person sarcastically who can crack ribs. You’re saying that you have a picture for your profile picture and you’re even surprised the said person didn’t notice it.

6. I See You Want To Confirm I’m Not Catfishing You. Just So You Know, I’m Kat

‘I see you want to confirm I’m not catfishing you. Just so you know, I’m Kat’ is quite a hilarious lengthy line of response you can use when someone says to you ‘Send a pic’. 

It is a funny response because with it, you’re bringing sarcasm to play and you’re telling the person that since they may think you’re catfishing them, then they know what?… Your name is Kat.

That is ‘Kat’ with a ‘K’ instead of C as in “cat”. This combines sarcasm and puns to create a funny piece of reply. Don’t sleep on it.

7. I See You Are More Than Interested in This Picture, for Someone Who Doesn’t Take Pictures

‘I see you are more than interested in this picture, for someone who doesn’t take pictures’ is quite that subtle funny response to when someone says to you ‘Send a pic’.

With this response, you’re telling the person that you’re surprised at how they’re very focused and that you send them a picture of you when they don’t even take pictures themselves. This is both ironic and funny at the same time.

8. I Can Send More than Just a Pic, a Flower, and Some Love Too

‘I can send more than just a pic, a flower and some love too’ is another interestingly hilarious response you can put up when someone requests that you ‘Send a pic’. 

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Here, you’re telling the person that you’re not only going to send them a picture, you’re also going to send some flowers too.

This makes for a nice cutout pick-up line, which is where its comic element comes in. If you’re a guy and you’re sending this to a girl, it will prompt her to laugh hysterically upon seeing the message.

9. I Would if You Were Anything but Polite

‘I would if you were anything but polite’ is a somewhat comeback line that can serve as a reply to when someone says to you ‘Send a pic’. It is good because it addresses something the person who requested the picture may have ignored. 

However, its comic element comes in when you say this response in public to the person and not while texting. People around upon hearing this will cackle and chuckle around.

10. I’ll Do That Whenever My Cat Is Not Feeling like Chasing a Rat

‘I’ll do that whenever my cat is not feeling like a rat’ is a funny way to decline when someone asks you to ‘Send a pic’. It is so because you’ll be using amusingly odd situations to lay your conditions for sending the pics.

Here, you’re insinuating that you’ll only send the picture when your cat stops feeling the urge to chase a rat when it sees one.

This is not an easy or possible situation because cats are always after rats. The person will know you’re kidding with them and smile or laugh at that.

11. I Will Send You What I Think I Look Like

‘I will send you what I think I look like’ is an amusing line of response to ‘Send a pic’. It is so because with this you’re telling the person that you’ll send them what you think you like. This shows you lack self-image but in a funny way.

12.  For Our Conversation, You Should Be Asking for the Business Draft and Not My Pic

‘For our conversation, you should be asking for the business draft and not my pic’ is a pretty long reply to ‘Send a pic’ but it’s a funny way to point the person in the right direction of your dialogue with them.

13.  I Took a Beautiful Shot Recently, It Wasn’t a Pic but a Deer Hunt

‘I took a beautiful shot recently, it wasn’t a pic but a deer hunt’ is another funny response to ‘Send a pic’ which you shouldn’t neglect so fast. With this, you’re telling the person you don’t have a picture for them but in a way that is quite funny and cunning.

14.  Pardon, but I’m Not Gen-Z So I Don’t Know What a Pic Is

‘Pardon, but I’m not Gen-Z so I don’t know what a pic is’ can serve as a hilarious response to ‘Send a pic’. This is because with this you’re insinuating that you don’t know what a ‘pic’ is, in this 21st century. 

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15.  Don’t Ask More than That, You Won’t Get It

‘Don’t ask more than that, you won’t get it’ is a smart response to ‘Send a pic’ which you can use. With this, you’re making it clear you won’t send anything other than the picture the person asked for.

16.  I Want To Believe You Have a Good Eye for Appraising Pictures

‘I want to believe you have a good eye for appraising pictures’ is a fine reply that can put a smile on someone’s face when you say it to the person who asks you to ‘Send a pic’.

17.  You Don’t Need That, You Need a Fine Spa Treat and Some Music to Dance To

‘You don’t need that, you need a fine spa treat and some music to dance to’ is another funky reply to when someone says to you ‘Send a pic’. This line shows you’re suggesting that pictures are not what the person needs rather it is a spa appointment. 

Preferably, you can use this response as a guy to woo a girl who asked for your picture.

18.  I Have a Bad Camera

‘I have a bad camera’ is the usual funny way of saying “no” when someone asks you to ‘Send a pic’. I’ve used this a couple of times, alongside the line that I am not photogenic.

19.  Alright, Give Me 2 Days to Find the Perfect Piece

‘Alright, give me 2 days to find the perfect piece’ is undoubtedly a funny way of saying that you don’t want to send the person a picture. It’ll be outrageous to say you need 2 days to find a picture to send to the person.

20.  Easy on Being Too Forward, You’re Not on the Freeway Drive

‘Easy on being too forward, you’re not a freeway drive’ is a hilarious piece you can throw in as your response when someone requests you ‘Send a pic’. 

This is because, with this line, you’re feeling the person to go easy on being assertive, especially if it’s a guy. I’m pretty sure he’ll understand how funny this is because the freeway is the usual choice of lane to take by criminals and you’re saying he’s not about to steal your heart.

Final Words

When a person requests that you ‘Send a pic’, it is unwise to keep mute. This makes it important you have something to say, preferably something as reflective as a funny response.

To give you substance on that, I’ve provided you with resounding funny responses to ‘Send a pic’ in this article. Do well to use them appropriately.


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