15 Polite Ways To Say “Just To Let You Know”

Just to let you know is often used to share information or ideas that are meaningful to a person or group of people. Information such as this may be confidential or for the public depending on who it is and the nature of the information. 

There are polite ways you can share such sensitive matters without raising eyebrows or at the risk of sounding impolite. 

If you are searching for those polite replacements for saying “just to let you know”, then you have come to the right place. 

15 polite ways to say “just to let you know”

1. This is a friendly heads-up

A polite way to say just to let you know is saying this is a friendly reminder. Using this phrase implies you are about to tell them something they ought to know about.

But you should understand that the tone and way this sounds to the other person doesn’t carry urgency. It’s mainly used to represent a casual way of telling someone something. It’s polite enough and friendly enough for strangers too.

In most cases, a friendly heads-up means the person will need that information in the future because the information hasn’t happened yet.

For example, saying ‘ just a friendly heads up on today’s weather, you may want a jacket. Here you are telling the other person who you know based on the forecast that the weather may be wet. 

2. I wanted to inform you

One polite way you can relate information that may be sensitive or confidential is by saying I wanted to inform you. This carries more context than saying just to let you know.

Some Information is sensitive and not meant for everyone. How you tell it too matters and that’s where the choice of words, intonation, and reading the moment becomes important.

By saying I wanted to inform you, they will get the context that you are about to share a piece of confidential information with them. It implies firmly but politely. 

3. I have some info for you

If you want to say just to let you know politely, you can say I have some info for you. This is a direct way to tell them that the information you have isn’t much but its value is high.

By saying this you are also telling them the information is particular to them and no one else. This kind of information is usually beneficial to the person you are telling.

Using this statement also increases the curiosity of the other person, making them anxious and eager for the information.

When using this phrase, ensure that the information you carry is of great value and importance, and let it be something that the other person doesn’t know yet. Do not use it if it’s general knowledge or you aren’t sure about the source. 

4. Wanted to bring your attention to this

This is a polite response that’s a perfect replacement for just letting you know. It tells the other person that they have to attend to the matter with serious urgency.

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Sometimes it’s used to bring their point of view to focus on something they haven’t been able to see before. In other situations, this statement is used to bring them into a loop of an unfolding event, or changes.

It doesn’t sound rude and they will easily understand what you are saying to them. Use this to politely buttress a piece of crucial information that is developing. 

5. Thought this will concern you 

Another polite way of saying just to let you know is saying this will concern you. When you say statements like this, it’s a sign that the information you have is personal to them.

In other scenarios, it may be beneficial to both of you, and you can politely let them in on it. This will bring them to trust you more for not holding out on them.

It’s often used with close family members, lovers, and friends. Also, if you have access to information, the other party hasn’t noticed this is a good way of telling them. 

6. I think you should be aware that

When you are aiming to sound polite while strongly exposing information to the other person, this is a good replacement to adopt. It’s possible the other party has little knowledge of the information but hasn’t realized certain progress or changes.

This way you are showing them that the information you have brought is hot, recent, and from a verified source. The tone and context should be well thought out before leading a charge on exposing someone to new information. Doing it properly should be the target when sharing information that’s important.

7. I should mention this to you

This polite replacement for just to let you know is perfect for many situations. It comes across to the other person as a side note or something you almost forgot.

There is no sense of urgency with a statement like this. It’s like giving them a reminder to do something they would have otherwise done at a later hour.

When you tell someone something that was told to you by another person, told from the internet, or updated on something, this is how you should go about it.

8. Thought you should be briefed

A good way you can say just let him know politely is by saying he thought you should be briefed. This is often used in professional circles where time is precious and too many details cannot be discussed except those that take priority.

When using such a statement, you are showing the other person that the information you have is the most important and straight-to-the-point aspect of it.

It’s okay to use when you are keeping the other party regularly abreast with the information they ought to be reminded of frequently. You should use this when you have to report on tasks or duties often at work or similar environment. 

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9. I just want to notify you

If you want to politely notify someone you can, simply tell them you want to notify them of something. This is a direct way of grabbing their attention from anything else.

There is a high chance that they will give you a complete listening ear. Statements like this usually mean that the information you are sharing is immediate and action is needed to be taken accordingly.

When things happen and urgent decisions must be made, it’s important to notify the correct authority with such information. Here, I have listed out the perfect way to share your information in a courteous manner. 

10. This is a subtle reminder for you 

There are proper ways you can deliver or share information with figures of authority without being rude and impolite. The statement mentioned here is used when you want to share information without looking disrespectful or crossing boundaries.

By doing this, you can inform without sounding or looking out of place. Situations where you were asked to deliver a message or remind someone who is above your station something, require a bit of finesse and good manners. Using this statement have you covered, mostly. 

11. Just so you this is headed your way

A polite replacement to just to let you know is saying just, so you this is headed your way. When something is headed in a direction, it means that information is about to reach there soon.

If you have such information in advance about something. You can politely warn the other party by telling them so. Starting your statement this way will put them on alert and they will take this as an advanced warning to be careful.

Sharing time-sensitive information is a big deal because many important things could be at stake. When doing this make sure you employ your own discretion. 

12. You should be updated about this

You can politely inform someone about a developing situation by telling them this statement mentioned here. Statements like this show the other person that you are willing and capable of keeping them updated with the latest information.

When you communicate this way, you are sharing information that has the potential to be something different every time you tell it to them.

Soccer scores, stocks, projects, and many other things fit this category, mostly sharing the ability to change constantly. If you are updating someone’s information, ensure that you always bring the freshest to the table. 

13. Just wanted to share this with you

A polite replacement to let you know is saying just wanted to share this with you. Important information is shared all the time, and sharing it the right way is also as important.

When you want to use this statement, understand it’s suitable for moments when you want to share ideas or information with another person.

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This will let them come down to your level and give you a proper listening ear. In situations like this, it’s crucial you deliver your information or half-baked ideas in a convincing manner.

Avoid half-truths or information that doesn’t have any original source. Preventing this is easy, simply ensure that you verify and prove everything you are about to share, doing valuable research helps you understand the ideas you are to share. 

14. I want to gently tell you 

One polite way to tell someone just to let you know is by saying I want to gently tell you. This is best suited for situations where you want to encourage a person to do something for you or themselves.

You want to avoid sounding pushy or too forceful when telling them this information. It’s important you go slow and gently. By gently saying this statement mentioned here, the other person will feel relaxed and swallow what you are sharing with them.

Sometimes when telling them something that is triggering to them, caution should be employed in all cases. Do not sound confrontational or judge as this will change the dynamic of what you are asking them to do. 

15. I am sharing this with you

If you want to politely tell someone something or share valuable information, you can start by saying this to them. This way they can remain in the loop of things and also rely on the information that you are sharing with them.

When sharing information, it often means that other persons are also aware of the information and it is not a secret. This should be considered when using this kind of statement.

This is because you don’t want to share some confidential information in a way that makes it sound non-confidential.

If you want it to be private, then you should avoid using such terms. If you are also interested in making the information, you have to go viral you can say you sharing it with those involved. 

Wrapping Up

There are polite ways that you can share, inform, educate, highlight, reveal, and expose information, ideas, point of view, and knowledge to a person or group of persons. You will want to do this politely because there are many benefits to doing this yourself. 

First, you can calmly tell them what you have for them without sounding confrontational, rude, doubtful, or untruthful.

If you want to make sense of or build trust with those you are sharing information with, ensure your delivery method is up to par. Anything subpar is confrontational or untrue.

This article has carefully created a list of 15 ways you can politely share information by saying something else instead of just letting you know.

Every point we have mentioned in this post is suited for special situations, and also applies to many scenarios too. I hope you find them useful.

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