How to Politely Say “Nice Legs”

When it comes to the lower limbs, not everyone is blessed with a graceful and sensual pair. The few times we see anyone with a perfect set, we would always be in awe. I know I have been. And that leads to compliments.

The thing is, that’s where it gets tricky because you don’t want to seem like you are asking someone out or ogling them when you are just admiring them.

Here’s how to say someone has a nice pair of legs without sounding creepy.

189 Ways to Politely Say “Nice Legs”

  1. Where can I get legs like that? Yours look perfect.
  2. On your legs, everything will look nice. They are lovely.
  3. Your legs will make people jealous.
  4. You have a nice set of legs. They make you look beautiful
  5. You look so great today. Your legs are the bomb.
  6. Those heels really highlight your legs
  7. Your legs are remarkable
  8. Stunning set of legs you have got.
  9. I wish I had legs like that, they are so attractive
  10. I would choose your set of legs any day
  11. Who wouldn’t want legs like this.
  12. Nice gams, they complete you perfectly
  13. What a fine pair of legs. Are you an athlete?
  14. You have the ideal pair of thin, evenly-toned legs that every lady dreams of having.
  15. Do you use anything for your legs, they are breathtaking
  16. I think you show your legs off more often, they are so beautiful, they deserve to be seen
  17. Your pretty legs really accentuate your figure
  18. I wish I had a pair of wonderful legs like yours. I would be way happier
  19. It’s rare to find legs as pretty as yours.
  20. All that workout make your legs look awesome.
  21. Your legs are very well-shaped. They are perfect.
  22. You are really rocking those pantyhose. A wonderful way to style this dress. And such lovely legs.
  23. Nice calves. You must take very good care of yourself.
  24. These skirts show off your legs nicely.
  25. Try wearing skirts more often, no point hiding such pretty legs.
  26. You look great in those heels. They make your legs look amazing.
  27. Those cowboy boots suit your style and really make your legs look great.
  28. Wonderful tan. Makes your legs look snazzy.
  29. Hey you have an athlete’s legs. They would be so jealous.
  30. You will easily pull off any costume with those pretty pair of legs
  31. I wish you could make my legs as stunning as yours.
  32. Your legs remind me of those fine slender chopsticks. They are very pretty
  33. No one could ever win a race against you. Not with those fine runners
  34. I think you should go modeling for whatever shows you off your fine legs.
  35. You have such long slender legs
  36. Your long legs really bring out the beauty of these dresses
  37. You must take very good care of your legs. They are gorgeous
  38. Unlike many people you actually have lovely legs because you take such good care of them instead of complaining
  39. I would almost think your legs belong to a mannequin
  40. Your legs remind me of a work of art
  41. You have the best-tanned legs I have ever seen
  42. Your knees are pretty, they not dark at all
  43. You should see yourself walk, your perfect legs make you look like a model
  44. Never to someone unless they are cool with it
  45. Nice muscular legs. You must be a runner or a mountain climber
  46. Girls would kill for legs like yours
  47. You have such skinny thighs. I think I will need your workout plans
  48. Your legs make those shoes look great
  49. Your legs will others who want them envious
  50. You have got the pair of legs every girl wants: evenly toned and skinny
  51. Leggings make your legs look awesome. You should wear them more
  52. Anything will look good on your legs. They are pretty.
  53. What store can get legs like that? Yours appear flawless.
  54. I would give anything for those legs.
  55. Your legs look wonderful, do you use anything for them?
  56. I believe you should expose your legs more frequently because they are stunning and should be seen.
  57. I believe you ought to be a model, just between us. You are capable of doing it. I mean look at those legs.
  58. You look great in that pantyhose. An amazing way to wear this outfit. And such beautiful legs.
  59. Lovely calves. You must look after yourself very well.
  60. Everything I see your legs, I think of summer
  61. Your legs look so smooth. You must take shaving them really seriously
  62. Did you exercise your legs to become so perfect or were born like this?
  63. Your legs will make people stare
  64. You should be a leg model. And if that’s not a thing you should start it.
  65. You have flawless legs
  66. Your legs would look great on the cover of Vogue
  67. These skirts make legs seem good.
  68. Wear skirts more regularly; there’s no need to cover up those lovely legs.
  69. In those heels, you look fantastic. Your legs look wonderful thanks to them.
  70. Your style is perfect for those cowboy boots, and your legs look fantastic in them.
  71. Your fantastic tan enhances the beauty of your legs.
  72. You have very lovely legs. They enhance your beauty.
  73. You look fantastic today.
  74. Your legs look really good in those heels.
  75. Your legs are impressive.
  76. What a beautiful set of legs you have.
  77. Your legs are incredibly gorgeous; I wish I had them.
  78. Any day, I’d pick your pair of legs.
  79. Who wouldn’t desire such legs?
  80. Nice gams, they really make you stand out from other people.
  81. Hey, you have the legs of an athlete. They’d be so envious.
  82. With those lovely legs, you can wear any costume with ease.
  83. I hope you’ll be able to make my legs look as good as yours.
  84. Your legs remind me of a figurine. Absolutely precious!
  85. No one could ever defeat you in a race. Not with those good legs that scream “I’m a great athlete”
  86. I believe you ought to start modeling for publications that can highlight your lovely legs.
  87. Your legs are so long and thin.
  88. Your long legs really highlight how lovely these clothes are.
  89. Your legs need to be well-cared-for. They are stunning.
  90. Unlike many others, you genuinely have beautiful legs thanks to the great care you give them.
  91. Your legs almost make me believe you are a mannequin.
  92. I feel like your legs are a piece of art.
  93. I’ve never seen legs that are better-tanned than yours.
  94. Your knees are lovely and look very smooth.
  95. Your legs are dainty.
  96. If I had legs like those, I’d show them out.
  97. You have a lovely set of legs, I must say.
  98. I see grace in your legs.
  99. Your lengthy legs are adorable.
  100. I believe your legs are fantastic.
  101. You love how toned your legs are.
  102. Beautiful legs You must work out a lot.
  103. Your calves are fantastic.
  104. Your legs truly complete your body’s ideal form.
  105. Your legs remind me of a well-sculpted piece
  106. From your hips to your toes, you are model material
  107. Your legs go well with anything you wear. Clothing or footwear.
  108. Your legs are exceptional. You should have a place in the Guinness book of records for the most marvelous legs
  109. Your legs deserve to be seen
  110. It’s because of you dresses with slits were created
  111. Top ten most attractive legs. Your legs are at number one
  112. You have the most beautiful legs I have seen
  113. Your legs are to die for
  114. That’s a nice pair of legs you have got there
  115. Your legs remind me of elegance
  116. Your long legs are so cute
  117. I think you have a swell pair of legs
  118. You love how firm and muscular your legs look
  119. Lovely legs. You must really train a lot
  120. Your legs really complete the perfect structure of your physique
  121. Your legs seem like they were expertly molded.
  122. I am sure people took a look at legs and decided to start slitting dresses just so you can show them off
  123. The most gorgeous legs, in order. Your legs are first-place
  124. Your legs look so smooth. You must take shaving them really seriously
  125. Did you exercise your legs to become so perfect or were born like this?
  126. Your legs will make people stare
  127. You should be a leg model. And if that’s not a thing you should start it.
  128. You have flawless legs
  129. Your legs would look great on the cover of Vogue
  130. Everything I see your legs, I think of summer
  131. You have barbie legs
  132. You should wear heels more often you will blow everyone’s minds
  133. You have killer legs
  134. Tell me the secret to having such lovely legs
  135. Your attractive legs wonderfully highlight your physique.
  136. Lovely legs are uncommon. You are really fortunate to have two wonderful ones.
  137. What a gorgeous set of legs. Are you a sportsperson?
  138. Your legs look amazing thanks to all of your exercise.
  139. Your legs have excellent shape. They are flawless.
  140. Do you take care of your incredible legs in any way?
  141. You have such well-developed leg muscles.
  142. Your legs will stand out in the crowd
  143. You have legs like barbie.
  144. You should wear heels more frequently; it will wow everyone.
  145. You have amazing legs.
  146. What is your secret to having such beautiful legs?
  147. My legs are not half as attractive as yours.
  148. Your leg muscles are incredibly strong.
  149. In the crowd, your legs will be noticeable.
  150. I wish my legs looked as good as yours.
  151. Anyone who wants their legs will be envious of yours.
  152. You have the ideal pair of thin, evenly-toned legs that every lady dreams of having.
  153. Shorts are great for showing off your legs. You should wear them more often.
  154. Those are a fantastic set of legs you’ve got there.
  155. Your legs have an elegant appearance.
  156. You have captivating legs.
  157. Your legs are eye-catching
  158. Your legs are very well shaped
  159. Those heels really highlight your legs
  160. I can’t say I have seen prettier legs
  161. Where did you get legs like that?
  162. Your legs remind me of a cat’s
  163. Nice thighs. It’s a struggle to maintain thin thighs.
  164. Your legs are striking.
  165. Your legs have excellent shape.
  166. You look fantastic in those tights. It’s a smart way to style that camo and flaunt your legs.
  167. Gorgeous calves. You must take excellent care of yourself.
  168. Your legs look stellar with these skirts.
  169. Your legs look really good in those heels.
  170. I doubt that I’ve ever seen legs this splendid.
  171. Your legs are like a cat’s legs.
  172. Lovely thighs. Building quadriceps is challenging.
  173. Those heels definitely make your legs stand out.
  174. I doubt I’ve ever seen legs with more beauty
  175. It will be impossible to find legs this good anywhere else
  176. Your legs are glamorous
  177. Beautiful legs are rare. You are incredibly lucky to have two fantastic ones.
  178. What an aesthetic pair of legs. Are you active in sports?
  179. Your legs are in fantastic shape. They have no flaws.
  180. Do you in any way take care of your superb legs to get them looking the way they do?
  181. Just between us, I think you ought to be a model. You are able to accomplish it. Look at those legs, for example.
  182. You should watch how you move because you have model-quality legs.
  183. Your legs aren’t just long, they are muscular. You must be a mountain climber or a runner.
  184. For legs like yours, girls would kill.
  185. Your thighs are really thin. I feel like I’ll need your workout schedules.
  186. With your legs, those shoes look fantastic.
  187. Your legs are amazing.
  188. Your legs remind me of a gazelle’s: long and graceful.
  189. You possess the most gorgeous legs I’ve ever seen.
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And those are just one of the many ways you can tell anyone that they have pretty legs. If any of these seem too directed at women, you can tweak them for men.

No one says they don’t like compliments. If you have any more, drop them in the comments section below and I will be sure to check them out later. Cheers!

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