20 Best Replies for ‘Thanks for Asking’

Expecting to be appreciated when you ask after someone or look out for someone is a natural thing. You can expect accolades when you do well to someone but it becomes an ill act if you exploit the thought of it.

However, it is only wise and proper for you to say something in response to when someone says ‘thanks for asking’.

 All you have to do is to reaffirm your good gesture by speaking well of the situation. In this article, I will be discussing in detail the 20 best replies to Thanks for asking. To know more, keep reading on!

How to Respond to Thanks for Asking

Some of the best replies to ‘thanks for asking’ include ‘You deserve my concern, it’s payback’, ‘You don’t have to thank me’, ‘I was just being friendly’ and ‘You mean as much to me’. Others include the following below.

1. I’m Happy to Help

‘I’m happy to help’ is a fine reply you can give to ‘thanks for asking’. When someone says to you this, they mean to appreciate you for showing them concern.

Perhaps, you might have asked the person how they’re doing. There’s usually an amount of joy that exists when you look out for someone, or make someone feel special by checking up on them.

When this happens, they instantly feel seen and loved, prompting them to sing your praises and thank you. This is one of those instances where someone can say ‘thanks for asking’ to you.

Hence, you can reply to them by saying ‘I’m happy to help’. This means you’re delighted to have asked the person how they’re doing.

2. You Are Very Much Welcome

‘You are very much welcome’ is an intense reply you can give when someone says to you ‘Thanks for asking’. With this response, you’re just telling the person how much welcome they are to receiving kind gestures from you.

Telling the person ‘you are very welcome’ also shows that you would do them the same kind gesture over and again.

With this response, you will be also conditioning the person’s mind to accept things from you – be it just gestures, gifts, or money.

3. That Was Nothing

‘That was nothing’ is what you can provide as your response when someone says ‘thanks for asking’ when you feel like it is not a big deal for you to ask how the person is doing.

With this response too, you’re making the person understand that you can show them love and affection without measure because you are capable of doing so.

I’m pretty sure the person you make use of this form will know better than to feel heavily indebted to you.

4. Glad You are Healthy and Fine

‘Glad you are healthy and fine’ is one of the best replies you can give when someone says ‘Thanks for asking’. Perhaps, the person is showing appreciation to you for showing concern to him or her while they needed it.

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From this response, you can see that the issue at hand for which you might’ve asked about the person is health-related.

Here, you are telling the person that you are glad they are healthy and fine. Even after saying this, the person will still feel the need to appreciate you again for being kind.

5. Don’t Bother About That

‘Don’t bother about that’ is a proper reply to use when someone says to you ‘Thanks for asking’. With this response, you’re telling the person that they should not beat themselves up about whatever good gesture you did them by asking how they’re doing.

In another way, saying this response shows that you don’t mind doing whatever you already did that warranted appreciation from the person. If you give off a ‘reserved person’ vibe then you can use it effectively.

6. And I Can Do More if Permitted

‘And I can do more if permitted’ is an assertive line of response that you should use for ‘Thanks for asking’. If you made a good deal of gestures to someone and they felt too touched to appreciate you by saying ‘Thanks for asking’, then you should make use of this response.

With this, you’re telling the person that even though you’ve done something by asking the person about how they’re doing, you can do more than that only if you’re given the chance to do so.

Going by that, this response also acts as an encouragement to the person to reach out to you for more help and assistance.

7. I Mean Well for You, You Know That

‘I mean well for you, you know that’ is a cool reply for ‘thanks for asking’. Here, you’re telling the person that you only mean well for them which is why you asked after their wellbeing and welfare.

Additionally, you can use this response to point out that this particular person in question knows about your intentions which are nothing but good.

8. You Deserve My Concern, It’s Payback

‘You deserve my concern, it’s payback’ can be your preferred line of response when someone says to you ‘Thanks for asking’. Here, you’re telling the person that you didn’t ask after their wellness merely. Instead, you did it because they are worth it.

With this response, you make it clear that you are only giving honor to whom it is due to. From this angle of reasoning, the person you’re directing your response to will understand better

9. I’m delighted you’re Recovering

Best Replies for Thanks for Asking

‘I’m delighted you’re recovering’ is another health-inspired line of response you can put up when someone says to you ‘Thanks for asking’. Using this reply, you can tell the person that amongst all, you are delighted he or she is recovering.

This response also goes to length to show that you asked the person about how they’re doing because of a health situation. Using this response in that case is intelligible.

10.  You Are a Good Soul, You’re worth it

‘You are a good soul, you’re worth it’ is an impressive reply to ‘Thanks for asking’ which you shouldn’t look over. This is because you’re taking your time to praise and say beautiful things about the person you’re replying to.

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With this sweet talking, you’re telling the person that they have a good soul and because is worth every amount of good gesture you show them like asking how they’re faring.

11.  Are You Sure Everything Is Fine?

‘Are you sure everything is fine?’ is undoubtedly a fine pick for a reply when someone says to you ‘Thanks for asking’. This is a question-like response and it is so because it has you asking the other person if everything is fine with him or her.

Hopefully, the person assures you that they are fine. Other than that, they may relate to your problem and you two can find a way forward.

12.  Yeah, Have a Good One

‘Have a good one’ makes for a good reply to ‘Thanks for asking’. This is because you will be using this response to bid the person farewell.

Perhaps, you don’t want to extend the conversation with the person past what it is already.

If that’s the case, you can use this response to wish the person good luck and a good one. I’m sure the person is going to be even happier that you still want them to continue succeeding.

13.  The Pleasure Is All Mine

‘The pleasure is all mine’ is a formal resounding reply you can give when someone says to you ‘Thanks for asking’. With this response, you’re telling the person that you are glad to help, assist, or even just ask how they are doing.

14.  You Don’t Have To Thank Me

‘You don’t have to thank me’ will be you telling the person that you don’t want them to thank? This is a common way to respond to appreciation for people who are selfless and conserved.

This means that anything they do is done out of love for humanity and so they’re not expecting or seeking any form of praise. If you are anything like these types of people, then this response fits you well if you make use of it.

15.  I’ll be More Punctual Next Time

Best Replies for Thanks for Asking

‘I’ll be more punctual next time’ is a funny response to ‘Thanks for asking’. Here, you’re saying that you are going to be more punctual next time you’re going to ask the person how they are doing. In a way, this response comes out as funny because it features sarcasm which is telling the person you will be earlier than the other time in checking up on them.

16.  I’ll check up on you later

‘I’ll check up on you later’ is that response to ‘Thanks for asking’ which you can always use. With this response, you can cut short any conversation that may be brooding when someone says to you ‘Thanks for asking’. If you’re not up for it, then don’t aid it. Just throw in this line and get along with other things you’re doing.

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17.  Stay Safe and Well

‘Stay safe and well’ is a reply to ‘Thanks for asking’ that seeks to reaffirm health and wholeness to the person. Here, you’re sending a message of safety and wellness to the person who said ‘Thanks for asking’. I’m pretty sure that the person will be more than happy to hear this from you.

18.  It Is My Duty, Regardless

‘It is my duty, regardless’ is that reply you can use if you feel that you owe it to the person to check up and ask about their wellbeing. If that’s the case, you can make use of it to put things better in perspective, by telling the person that regardless of how they see it, it is your duty.

19.  You Mean as Much to Me

‘You mean as much to me’ is a reply to ‘Thanks for asking’ that borders on how important the person is, which is why you make efforts or even go to lengths to ask about their wellbeing and welfare.

With this reply, you make it clear to the person that you are not doing any kind gesture to the person out of obligation but because you deem the person important enough to you to play such a role in the person’s life. By saying this reply, the person will know that you hold them in high regard, which is possibly why you can ask about how they are doing.

20.  I Was Just Being Friendly

‘I was just being friendly’ is what you can say when a person says ‘Thanks for asking’. With this response, you’re making clear to the person that all you were trying to do was be a friendly and relatable person by asking for their welfare and goodness.

If you are not already friends with the person, they may see this reply as a declaration of interest from you to be friends with them. While this is not a bad reaction to your reply, it is another way it can impact your relationship with the person you’re directing this response to.

Final Words

With the right words and remarks, you can reiterate your commitment to being a force to reckon with in the life of somebody. This is the case when someone says to you ‘Thanks for asking’ and you wish to reply to them – which is on its own a good way to go. Hence, your replies have to reflect the fine gesture you showed initially by reaching out to the person. However, it can also amplify the gesture in one way or the other.

This article concerns itself with these motives, and thus far, it does not come short of expectations. It features about 20 of the best replies for ‘Thanks for asking’. All you should do is find one that sits well with you and make use of it appropriately. Peace!  

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