20 Funny Responses to “What’s for Dinner?”

You might have been getting frustrated when asked what’s for dinner a lot.

This can get on anyone’s nerves. It is okay to feel this way. After all, making dinner isn’t a job assigned to anyone from birth.

If you have been looking for some funny responses, then you have come to the right place.

This article has listed 20 of the best funny responses you can find.

20 Funny Responses to “What’s for Dinner?”

“Dinner is whatever you make of it” is a funny response to what’s for dinner and you shouldn’t hesitate to say that when the question arises.

You can also respond with statements like “dinner will be ready when you are”, “I too would love to know the answer”, or “isn’t that the question that haunts us all?” whenever someone asks you what’s for dinner.

1.  I am on the menu; do you still want to eat?

This response is a funny one. It says that you have put yourself on the menu for dinner.

It’s a response that will take anyone by surprise, especially when they least expect it. Use it when you have been frustrated with having to answer what’s for dinner all day.

This kind of response shows that dinner has just become a little more exotic or complicated.

They will have no choice but to plaster a wide grin across their face when you reply to them with this statement.

2. it’s a new recipe I worked on called the meaty surprise

When someone asks “what’s for dinner?”, and you want a funny reply, you can say “it’s a new recipe I worked on called the meaty surprise.”

This tells them they are expecting some food with meat or as much meat as the main course.

They will have to wait for you to serve dinner to see the surprise that you have for them. A response like this is bound to elicit some laughs from whoever has asked what’s for dinner.

3. Why don’t you tell me Mr. Dinner man

If someone constantly asks what’s for dinner, a funny response is saying, “why don’t you tell me, Mr. Dinner man?”

Saying this is a funny reply that takes a wisecrack at their impatient attitude towards your cooking.

It shows them they can also bring dinner ideas, instead of always waiting on someone to do this for them.

Here, you also refer to them as Mr. Dinner, which is a laughable comical nickname.

4. Something’s cooking, something cooking

Sometimes you are not in the mood to reveal your recipe or what you have for dinner.

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A funny response that helps dodge this question is saying something is cooking. If you reply this way, you have them in the ropes.

They will have no choice but to laugh and wait for you to serve them the surprise.

This teaches them to be patient with their cooking humorously.

5. I was thinking of cooking up a storm

When someone asks what’s for dinner and you want a funny reply that goes out with a bang.

You say I was thinking of cooking up a storm. Saying this is a funny reply that will get the other person laughing straight into their bellies.

A reply like this will have them wondering what kind of meal you are preparing.

It also dissuades them from persistently asking you what for dinner

6. Whatever you want, as long as you are cooking it

If you ever get bogged down by what’s for dinner questions, what a funny reply to put you on top for once.

Say whatever you want as long as you are cooking. This is funny because you have just told them, they will have to prepare this for themselves.

This is a solid response, especially when you have no intentions of cooking dinner. They will get the joke when they see an empty pot.

7. Anything you like, let’s order, and you are paying

When you want someone else to handle dinner, a funny response is saying they should order anything from their pockets.

This is funny because they won’t be expecting you to turn the tables swiftly in their direction.

They will have no choice but to look for an alternative means or follow your suggestions by ordering some food.

8. Your favorite leftover from last week’s dinner

Eating one week’s leftovers doesn’t sound nice, and when you reply this way, it’s a clue you need some break from cooking.

A response such as this tells them, you are not ready for any cooking duty and they should sort themselves out.

It’s funny, because they know no such leftovers exist, and you are only messing with them.

9. who needs food when you’ve got my love

A funny response when someone asks what’s for dinner is saying, who needs food when they have your love?

This is a funny response because we know how important food is in sustaining us. Can love ever sustain us that way?

This reply is usually employed when you want to be coy and dismissive of their inquiry.

10. Today’s menu is a serving of your best dishes. An empty plate and cup

If you want a funny response to what’s for dinner, that doesn’t look too forward.

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Say today’s menu is serving their best dishes, a plate, and an empty cup.

This is funny because you have them going in the beginning, only to disappoint them in the end.

It will tell them to stop asking you such kinds of questions in the future.

11. Dinner will be great, if only I had started making it

A funny response to what’s for dinner is saying dinner will be great if only you cooked at all.

This is hilarious because you have successfully pulled their legs out from under them.

Any hope they had of eating dinner has been completely thrashed by such a response.

A response like this is suitable when you want to comically inform them that there is no dinner.

12. There’s is no dinner tonight, we are eating the rich

If you are at a party and you want some funny responses to this question.

Say there is no dinner, we are eating the rich tonight. Anytime you respond this way, you will cause a whole room of people to burst out laughing.

This response is one of the best funny ones on the list. I’d keep it close if I were you.

13. I have decided to only eat what I kill. You should try it too

This response takes them back to the cave times when man ate what they killed.

Telling them you only eat what you kill, throws them off-guard in a funny way.

They will laugh at how silly it sounds and almost believe you for a second. It’s also a funny way of saying you didn’t cook dinner.

14. Nothing but pain and worry

Some dark humor is you saying nothing but pain and worry when someone asks what you are cooking.

This dark response is effective when you are tired of people asking you such questions. It tells them you have no interest in cooking dinner.

This teaches them to fend for themselves and not depend on you for dinner. I am sure no one is going to be psyched about eating pain and worry.

15. You tell me, my options are some sofa and rainwater to wash it down.

When you want a funny response to this question you say, dinner is eating the sofa and drinking some rainwater.

This sounds ridiculous because it is. No one is going to eat the sofa. When they realize what you said, they will laugh at the joke.

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This response is also a sarcastic one. It informs the other person, you are not in the mood to prepare dinner.

16. I will have whatever you are having

Another funny and sarcastic response when someone asks what’s for dinner is saying, you will have whatever they are having.

I like this response best because it’s witty and isn’t any mouthful. It will be funny because they won’t expect you to talk this way.

This response is a classic. It’s a way to pass the responsibility of dinner to whoever asks about it. Since they show concern, it’s fitting they attend dinner.

17. Wouldn’t you love to know?

Responding by saying, wouldn’t you love to know is a funny way of refusing to answer their questions about dinner.

If you are not feeling up to it, or you want them to sort themselves out, you should respond in this manner.

It tells them you have other interests apart from dinner. Their options will involve them searching for the answers themselves.

18. I don’t know what’s for dinner. But I know who’s not going to make it

One response that remains funny and classical is this mentioned here.

It’s a funny way of telling them, you have no plans about dinner and will not make it. They will laugh at your reply because of its witty nature.

This is another way of humorously rejecting any plans of making dinner.

It shows the other person, they have to make other dinner plans.

19. Why don’t we eat out tonight, but bills on you

Sometimes you are not up for making dinner yourself. You will prefer to eat out or order some takeout.

This response is a funny way of getting this message to the other person. They will have no choice but to put dinner plans on them.

It’s okay for other people to handle dinner when you can.

20. Dinner, why not some buffet service on a rooftop in Paris

This is a funny response that’s dripping with sarcasm and bound to get a room of people laughing.

It shows you have no idea about dinner, but also have some wild suggestions of your own.

Here you are making the idea of dinner sounds magnanimous.

Parting Words

With these funny responses at your disposal, I hope you now have the right reply whenever you are asked what’s for dinner.

It’s important to keep your tone light and friendly when using funny comebacks. This is necessary so that the right message is passed at all times.

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