20 Best Responses to “I Am Flattered”

“I am flattered” is a very common phrase people use. But most people don’t know what it means and as a result, use it wrongly.

When people say I’m flattered, it’s usually in response to a compliment or to something they consider nice. People can also say it when they don’t reciprocate a romantic feeling for you.

So, the response people usually say is “you’re welcome,” as they’d respond when someone says, “thank you.”

However, you can be creative with your response, and if you find yourself stuck for better ways to reply when someone says, “I’m flattered,” then you’re in the right place.

In this article, I’ll be taking you through the best responses to “I’m flattered.” First, however, I’ll explain what it means.

What Exactly Does “I Am Flattered” Mean?

“I’m flattered” means you’re happy about what someone has said to you or done for you. It could be a compliment or a treat, and you’re appreciating them for that.

Also, people say “I’m flattered”  when they think it was nice and thoughtful for someone to do what they did or say what they said.

For instance, someone can say, “I’m flattered that you thought of adding me to your group.”

In addition, as a form of appreciation, most people may accompany the phrase with “thank you” or something similar.

Furthermore, people use this phrase when they don’t reciprocate the same feelings people have towards them, or they aren’t interested in a particular thing.

For instance, if someone confesses their feelings to you and you don’t feel the same way, you can reply with “I’m flattered,” then go ahead to say you don’t have the same feelings for them.

So, here, you use “I’m flattered” to politely let the person down instead of outrightly saying that you’re not interested.

20 Best Responses to “I Am Flattered

There are different ways to respond to “I’m flattered.” Usually, the best responses would depend on the conversation taking place or what had led to the conversation.

For instance, if you have done something nice to someone and they reply with I’m flattered, you can always reply with a statement that acknowledges their appreciation. Examples are: you’re welcome, anytime, sure, anything for you.

However, when someone uses “I’m flattered” to politely turn down your request, you can give responses such as: okay, it’s alright, are you sure?

Below are the 20 best responses to “I’m flattered.”

  1. You are welcome
  2. Anytime
  3. It’s nothing
  4. It’s alright
  5. Sure, anything for you
  6. That’s okay
  7. I’m glad you love it
  8. I’m glad it made you happy
  9. You deserve it
  10. You are worth it
  11. The pleasure is mine
  12. I know I can always count on you
  13. Okay
  14. No problem
  15. No worries
  16. Thanks for letting me know
  17. Are you sure?
  18. We can always give it a try
  19. Fine
  20. Thanks for being sincere

You Are Welcome

“You’re welcome” is the most common response people give when someone says “I am flattered.”

It shows that you acknowledge their appreciation, and you’re glad that you could do what you did.

It’s a simple reply that ends the conversation, and you can use it when you’re not ready for more talks.

Usually, someone who feels flattered may show some excitement. So, if you’re not ready to dwell on their excitement, you can simply say, “you’re welcome.”

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You can always smile while giving this response to genuinely show that you’re happy you could help.


“Anytime” is another great way of responding to “I’m flattered.” It’s a response that shows that you’re glad you did what you did and you’ll always be ready to do more.

Also, this is a response you use with someone you know and have helped in the past. It guarantees them that you love making them happy.

For instance, when someone says, “I’m flattered you did this, this is so lovely,” you can respond with anytime to show it’s something you can do again.

It’s Nothing

Responses to I Am Flattered

This is another response you can give when someone says “I’m flattered.”

Just like the above situations, when you’ve done something nice for someone or you compliment their appearance or achievement, they can respond with “I’m flattered.”

So, when you use this response it shows that you acknowledge their thanks and also shows that what you’ve done is not a big deal for you.

Also, if the person shows too much excitement, you can give this reply with a dismissive tone to let the whole drama end.

You want them to know that since it’s no big deal for you, they shouldn’t make it one.

It’s Alright

“It’s alright,” tells the person that you’ve received their appreciation. Just like, “you’re welcome,” it’s a good response to use when you’re not ready to linger on the conversation.

In addition, you can give this reply when someone politely turns down your request with “I’m flattered.” Here, this response shows that you’re okay with whatever decision they take.

For instance, if you tell someone you’d love them to join your team, they could reply with, “I’m flattered that you think I’m good enough for your team, but I’m afraid I won’t be available.”

Here, you can reply with, “it’s alright” to show that you’re okay and you understand their decision.

Sure, Anything for You

Now, this is a reply you use with someone who means a lot to you. It could be your crush or your lover, you can give this response to show them that it isn’t a big deal and you’d always do more for them.

With this response, you’re telling her that you can always do more for her. In addition, you can use this response to woo your crush.

When you give this kind of reply, they’d know that you’re into them, and who knows, they might be into you too.

That’s okay

This is another simple way of replying to “I’m flattered.” It can work when the person is appreciating what you’ve done to let them know that it’s no big deal to you.

You can also use it with a dismissive tone to bring the conversation to an end quickly. In addition, you can also use this response to acknowledge someone’s decision after you’ve requested something.

For instance, if someone turns down your request with, “I’m flattered, but I can’t take that offer,” you can say, “it’s okay” to show that you’re comfortable with their reply.

I’m Glad You Love It

Responses to I Am Flattered

Now, this is a more open reply you can use when someone says I’m flattered.

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It’s a good reply you can use with a friend, a loved one, a colleague, or an acquaintance to show your happiness over making them happy.

When you give this response, it shows that you share in their excitement, and you can always go on and on talking.

I’m Glad It Made You Happy

Here’s another way to let someone know that you’re happy doing what you did for them.

When someone says, “I’m flattered” over a compliment you gave or over something you did, “I’m glad it made you happy” shows you share in their happiness.

Also, it’s a good way of showing someone that you care about them because they’d see the intention was to make them happy.

You Deserve It

Responses to I Am Flattered

This is another good response to use when someone says, “I’m flattered.” You can use this response when they appreciate you for what you did for them.

If it’s a friend or a loved one, you can tell them they deserve it because they mean a lot to you. With this reply, they’d know that you value them.

Also, as a boss, if you do something nice for your employee and they reply with, “I’m flattered,” you can use this response to let them know they deserved what you did for them.

In addition, it’ll teach them to place more value on themselves.

You Are Worth It

This is another reply that tells your friend, family, or lover that they deserve what they got.

When you tell them they’re worth it, they’d understand that they mean a lot to you to have gotten what you gave.

In addition, as a boss, you can tell the people under you that they’re worth what they got to make them feel proud of themselves.

The Pleasure Is Mine

This is another response to use when someone appreciates you for what you did.

“The pleasure is mine” shows you’re glad that you did what you did to make them feel flattered. It’s a reply that can work for anyone to let them know you’ve received their thanks.

I Know I Can Always Count on You

Here, this reply shows that they’ve accepted the proposal you gave. When you propose to someone, to either join your team or head a department; you’d have done that because you trusted their ability.

So, if the person responds with, “I’m flattered, you think I’m worthy of this,” you can reply with, “I know I can always count on you.”

This response shows that you’ve always seen their hard work, and you know that they’re good.


This is also a reply you use when you’re fine with the response someone gives.

When you offer someone a job or tell someone you’re interested in them, and they reject the offer, you can say “okay” as a response.

However, this response doesn’t always show that you’re happy with their response. For example, if they say, “I’m flattered you feel this way, but it’s not the same for me,”

You can say “okay” if you don’t want to convince them, or if you feel they’d never change their mind. You’re only saying “okay” because there’s nothing else you can do.

No problem

“No problem” is another kind of response that shows that you accept their reply.

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Whether they’re appreciating you for what you’ve done or politely rejecting your offer, this response would work appropriately.

You can use “no problem” when they’re appreciating what you’ve done to quickly end the conversation and to let them know that it’s no big deal to you.

No Worries

“No worries” is just like “no problem.” It tells them that you’re okay with their response.

If you did something for someone and they say they’re flattered that you could do that, you can use this reply to show you accept their appreciation. It’s particularly helpful when you don’t want to talk much.

Also, if someone turns down your request, you can use this response to show you’ve no problem with that.

Thanks for Letting Me Know

Now, this is a reply to use when someone turns down your offer. For instance, you offer someone a position in your office, and they say: “I’m flattered you reached out to me, but I can’t take you up on your offer.”

You can thank them for letting you know, so you can look for an alternative.

Also, when you tell someone you love them and they say they don’t feel the same way, you can also thank them for letting you know.

Are You Sure?

If someone tells you how flattered they are, but they can’t accept your proposal, ask them if they’re sure to get them to think again.

This is the kind of response you use to try to get them to change their mind.

We Can Always Give It a Try

Responses to I Am Flattered

Here, you’re also trying to convince someone who isn’t interested in what you’re offering to change their mind.

If you think they’re worth it, you can always say to that person who says no to a relationship with you to give it a try.

Also, you can tell someone who turns down working with you to give it a try if you think they’re worth it, especially if you think you can work around their excuse.


This is another reply that shows you accept the reply they give you. It’s just like “okay,” as you may give the response not because you’re fine with their response.

It’s a simple way to end a conversation when someone turns down your offer.

Thanks for Being Sincere

You can thank someone for being sincere when they let you know that they don’t feel the same way about you. It’s not everyone that’d say their real feelings when someone shows interest in them.

Some may not give a direct answer because they don’t want to hurt the person. And some may do so or even confess love just because of their selfish reasons.

So, when someone politely declines your offer with “I’m flattered,” let them know you’re grateful that they’re being sincere.

End Note

The way you respond to “I’m flattered” will depend on the context in which it is used. “I’m flattered” can be used to show bewilderment and appreciation for something someone says or does.

You can also use this phrase to respectively reject an offer or a proposal.

Therefore, your response could show that you acknowledge their appreciation or their rejection.

You can also try to convince them when they reject your proposal.

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