20 Best Replies to “Guilty As Charged”

When someone throws guilty as charged in your face, you may wonder the best way to respond to this. This article has 20 replies that are best suited to times like this.

Our list consists of well-written replies that have been well-explained. This will help you gain more insight into their proper application because context is everything.

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What Do “I Am Guilty As Charged” Mean?

When someone says guilty as charged, it means they are admitting to something they have done or know about. It’s a confession from them stating something they know about or done in a more lighthearted manner. 

It can also be used in law when they have passed judgment on a case. It means that whatever the speaker has been accused of; they have been found guilty.

What to Reply to “Guilty As Charged”

Say, that’s a surprise, wow, that’s a shocker, I always knew it, anything more I should know.

1. Well At Least You’re Honest

When someone says guilty as charged, the best reply is saying well, at least you’re honest. This reply is you acknowledging their admission of guilt.

Anyone who can admit their guilt has a higher chance of being forgiven for something. This reply is commonly used when the speaker has a chance of being pardoned or given a lesser judgment.

It shows the speaker that their honesty is noted and they may have saved themselves by the admission of guilt.

This reply tells the speaker that more admission from them might do them well. Here, you acknowledge their admission of guilt but also find a positive outcome for their honesty.

2. I Knew In My Gut I Was Right

Sometimes your sixth sense gets a tingly feeling about something or someone. When you present the facts and the speaker says guilty as charged, say I knew in my gut I was right.

This reply is one of the best because you can boast about your keen deductive abilities. It can also boost the confidence others have in you.

This reply shows the speaker that you have been unto them for a while and your suspicions were true.

It is a light-hearted way to acknowledge the admission of guilt from the speaker while displaying the confidence you have in yourself.

3. Don’t Worry, Your Secret Is Safe With Me

When someone has admitted their guilt or displayed honesty in a matter. Keeping this secret is important to them.

Reply by saying don’t worry your secret’s safe with me if you want them to trust you more. This way you present yourself as a friend to them.

This reply tells the speaker that you are a trustworthy person and they can share more things with you.

It acknowledges their willingness to admit their guilt while reassuring them their secrets will be safe with you.

4. You Are Not Alone

A reply that best informs the speaker you are not accusing them of anything but merely stating a fact is saying you are not alone.

This reply is a way for you to inform them you understand their guilt because you share the same experience with them.

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It shows the speaker that you acknowledge their admission of guilt because you have a shared similar experience. It tells them you can be trusted which will create a deeper bond within the both of you.

5. I Can’t Blame You For That

A better reply to the guilty as charged is saying I can’t blame you for that. This reply takes away any form of blame from the speaker.

Here, you do not appear as an accuser, rather you are compassionate with them. It is a way for you to tell the speaker you understand the reasons for their actions.

It shows them you are okay with their admission of guilt, and you find their reasons understandable. Use this reply when you have the intention of building trust with the speaker. They will not see you as an accuser.

6. I Won’t Tell Anyone

For someone to admit their guilt, it means they see you as someone who can keep a secret. And replying this way is the best assurance they can get that you won’t go about spilling their business.

Using this answer can lead them to share more important information with you. Say I won’t tell anyone with a friendly and accommodating gesture.

This reply shows the speaker they can entrust you with their information. They will have no fear of judgment from you when you reply this way. It reassures the speaker that their information is the same as yours.

7. We’ve All Been There

One best reply to guilty as charged is saying we’ve all been there. It is a calm reply that tells the speaker that you can relate to what they have admitted.

It takes courage for someone to admit guilt and replies like this will allow them to feel safe with you.

This reply shows them you can be trusted with something delicate because you have experienced something similar.

It is easier to spill secrets when the atmosphere is calm and comfortable. With this reply, you acknowledge the admission of guilt while pointing out you have experienced something similar.

8. I Won’t Hold It Against You

When someone says guilty as charged, you can reply by saying I won’t hold it against you. It means that they will get no judgment from you.

Doing this will bring them out of their shell to open up more. Words like this have the power to increase the trust between you and the speaker.

It tells them you won’t condemn or judge them for what they have admitted to. This reply shows them you have heard them out and you don’t have any form of judgment or condemnation for them.

9. It Happens To The Best Of Us

If the speaker is feeling down or sad because of their admission of guilt, this reply can cheer them up. It will make you appear more human in their eyes because they will feel no judgment coming from you.

This reply makes them feel included and not ostracized, because it’s a mistake anyone can make.

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It tells the speaker that no one is perfect and their admission of guilt doesn’t make them different. It means they are human because they can make mistakes.

Such a reply shows the speaker that even the most accomplished people can make mistakes.

10. I’m Not One To Judge

Saying I am not one to judge is the top ten best reply when someone says guilty as charged. This reply is perfect when you want to create trust between you and the speaker.

They will share more details and information with you once they don’t feel judged by you.

This tells them you will not harm or make them feel different for admitting their guilt. Its shows you are a trusted confident and reliable person. Use this reply to show them you will not pass judgment on them.

11. No Harm No Foul

Sometimes you want a reply that will be neutral or sound casual. This is because you may not want any misunderstanding between you and the speaker.

A reply such as this is perfect in such a situation. Saying no harm no foul means that the speaker has done nothing wrong and shouldn’t have to worry.

It tells them their admission of guilt has not resulted in any form of harm or danger to anyone. This will put them at ease and they will become more grateful to you.

12. It Takes A Big Person To Admit That

When someone has admitted their guilt and you want to sound encouraging, use this statement here. By saying it takes a big person to admit that, you have significantly boosted the confidence of the other person.

They will no longer feel the pressure or weight of the guilt they have been carrying.

This reply shows the speaker that their admission of guilt makes them bigger and more mature people.

It tells them they are courageous and this will make them confident in their abilities. A reply such as this brings positive energy in an otherwise bleak situation.

13. I Appreciate Your Honesty

Admission of guilt from anyone is a sign of honesty in most circumstances. Replying by saying I appreciate your honesty is how you acknowledge their admission of guilt while praising their honesty.

This will give them the confidence to share more details with you. Such a reply gives hope to the speaker.

It shows them you are someone who has value for their honesty. It will boost morale between the speaker and you leading to more positive conversations.

14. Everyone Makes Mistakes

One good reply when someone says guilty as charged is saying everyone makes mistakes. It is a way to acknowledge their admission of guilt while comforting them.

This reply tells them they are only human and is normal to make mistakes.

If you reply this way, the speaker will relate with you on a much closer level. Once this happens, you will have a smoother conversation.

15. It’s All Good

A reply that is assuring to the speaker is saying it’s all good. This statement is one of assurance, it tells the speaker that they have nothing to worry about.

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Their admission of guilt will not get into any problems. This will make them have more trust in you and anything you have to say.

It shows the speaker that you are on their side. This will give them hope knowing that you will not judge them for admitting their guilts. By replying this way, any fear they may have will be gone.

16. No Need To Apologize 

Sometimes when people admit their guilt, it is also an apology because they feel sorry and ashamed. To remove such an idea from their head, use this reply here.

Say no need to apologize to the speaker, it shows them there is nothing to worry about. It shows them they don’t have to apologize for admitting their guilt.

Anyone who hears this from you will feel comfortable sharing more information with you. This makes this reply very important.

17. I Won’t Judge You

If you want to ensure your conversation with the speaker goes smoothly use this reply here. Start by saying I won’t judge you. It will make you appear trustworthy and have a more honest conversation.

I show the speaker that they will get no judgment from you. They will open up to you easily because they don’t feel threatened by your demeanor.

By replying this way, you have shown you mean no harm and that you want an honest conversation.

18. Let Us Just Move On

A good reply that works as a conflict resolution is saying let us just move on. Here you have acknowledged the admission of guilt and held nothing against them.

This is used when you do not want to pursue any kind of follow-up following their confession. The speaker will be grateful for your compassion.

It shows them you will put everything behind both of you and move on without grudges and malice. Your desire to move past your admitted guilt will be reflected in this response.

19. We All Have Our Moments

A reply that tells the speaker that you can relate to their experience is saying we all have our moments. This reply is how you get the speaker to understand that they have committed no crime.

It shows the speaker that everyone has moments of weakness and they don’t need to beat themselves up.

20. I’m Glad You Owned Up TO This

When you want to commend the speaker for their admission of guilt, say I’m glad you owned up to this. This reply tells the speaker you are happy you told them the truth. When this happens, you will gain their complete trust.


After going through our 20 replies, I hope you have seen something that suits you best. It’s necessary to understand the context where you use this reply.

The good news is that each response has been arranged so well you can use it over a wide range.

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