20 Funny Responses to “What Can I Bring?”

From when a person is born, they are invited to various functions such as a birthday party, wedding, family dinner, and even Christmas parties. When they are babies, they are taken by their parents and their parents give a gift on their behalf.

As they grow older, they then learn that when they are invited to a gathering, they should not come empty-handed. However, most times people are confused about what exactly is proper to bring to a gathering.

If the person who invited you to the gathering is a family or friend, then you may be comfortable enough to ask them if you can bring anything and what they may want. Or you may just bring anything that you assume they want.

Then if the person is someone that you are not close to, you may want to ask them what you could bring. They would appreciate it more if you bring what they need rather than working on assumptions.

If a person then asks you what they can bring, what would be your response? In this article, we will list twenty (20) funny responses you can give to a person who asks you, “What can I bring?”.

Oh thanks for being thoughtful

If you send someone an invite to a party, and they ask you “What can I bring?”, a funny response you can give is “Oh thanks for being thoughtful”. This will bring a smile to their lips.

Everyone likes being recognized for their effort. So if at least one person out of all the people you invited deem it important to bring a gift. You should appreciate them for being thoughtful.


The remark “Nothing” is also another funny response you can say to “What can I bring?” The set of people who would catch the joke are family, friends, and close relatives.

This is because they know that you are aware that due to the home training they have, they will never show up at a person’s doorstep empty-handed.

Some of them will probably ignore your reply and buy a bottle of the finest wine.

Then when you open the door to them, they will hand it over to you and say, “Here goes nothing”.

I’ve got all I need

Regardless of how self-sufficient a host is, they always need every help that they can get. They may not know it or refuse to admit it until they receive it then they will heave a sigh of relief.

Sometimes it’s family that knows that you are always stressed out and confused when planning an event. So telling them “I’ve got all I need” will make them have a good laugh because they know that you don’t.

They will still show up at your doorstep with all the help you need.

Bake your delicious pie

Do you have that one person who has a recipe that is to die for? Maybe they are good at cooking everything or they are famous for making a particular meal perfectly.

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Well, if you do have that one person, you can ask them to “Bake your delicious pie”. They will have a good laugh about it cause everyone loves a good pie every once in a while.

Bring my grandchild

Funny Responses to What Can I Bring

Another funny response you can tell a person who asks you “What can I bring?” is to say, “Bring my grandchild”. This mostly applies to those who already have grandchildren.

Everyone knows that grandparents love their grandchildren even more than they love their own children. It’s a rule of nature. Thus, this will definitely put a smile on their faces.

Positive vibes

At every party, one of the things the host fears the most is that something could go wrong, and this mostly happens when someone comes with negative energy.

If perhaps it has happened to a person before, they would insist that everyone that comes to their party comes with positive vibes and nothing more.

If you say this to a person who is aware of a bad experience you’ve had before, this will make them laugh.

Durr, yourself

Funny Responses to What Can I Bring

It is the worst nightmare of every hostess to spend time and resources organizing a party that no one would attend. They may send their apologies, expensive gifts, or even money.

But it will never make up for their absence at your parties. So when an important person (such as your friends or family) asks you What can I bring? you can insist that they bring themselves as that is the most important part of the party.

A Tesla would do

Talk about exaggeration; replying to a simple question such as “What can I bring? with “A tesla would do” is quite hilarious. This will get the person laughing so hard that they may choke on their drink or roll on the floor.

It is even more ironic when you are aware of the person’s financial status, and you know that they can barely afford a car of theirs not to talk of a Tesla.

If you said this to a person who shares your sense of humor, they would probably bring a toy car as a literal response to your request.

Your happy self would do

There are people who when we are around them, we smile and laugh more often. This is because they are always happy and joyous. They don’t take life too seriously.

When such a person asks you “What can I bring?” and you reply, “Your happy self would do”, it will make them smile. Since they are happy people, they may even tell you something that will make you laugh.

Your date; would finally wish to see him

We all have friends who have interesting love lives. They may be the type that doesn’t believe in having one date for a long period of time. Imagine how interesting it will be when they finally fall in love.

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When inviting them to a party, you could insist that they finally bring the lucky man/woman. This will make them laugh because deep in their gut, they knew you’d ask.

Whatever represents your favorite color

There are different types of parties that a person organizes amongst friends. The most common is called a color-themed party. This is where every person is assigned or picks a color.

They are to bring food items or gifts in that color for everyone. This is a funny response because there is a probability that you are speaking to a person who does not have a favorite color.

Whatever will knock me off

There are people who have cool friends that they go to clubs and parties with. Amongst themselves, they know that if they are having a bad day, a drink or two will give them temporary rest.

Thus, a person may invite his or her friends over probably because they are having a bad day. When they are then asked, “What can I bring?”, they respond with, “Whatever will knock me off”.

Ten Fingers

A person’s complete hands have ten fingers unless in the cases of rare diseases. This means that when you ask a person to bring their ten fingers, you are implying that you need an extra hand.

However, it is the way that it is said that will make it humorous. If the person you are speaking with knows that you need help, they will laugh when you reply with ten fingers because they expect you would prefer extra hands over gifts.

This set of people must know you really well to catch the sense of humor.

My godson/goddaughter

Are you a godparent and you are hosting a party? When the parents of your godson/goddaughter, ask you “What can we bring?”, you can simply reply with, “My godson or my goddaughter

They will have a good laugh because you did not even ask about them nor did you request anything special just your grandchildren. This will also make them happy and special.

A ton load of money

Funny Responses to What Can I Bring

Another funny response you can give to the question, “What can I bring?” is “A ton load of money”. This will make the recipient have a good laugh because apparently, you must be joking to make such a request.

The person you are telling this must be a close friend or a family member who knows that you joke a lot and can understand the humor in the reply. Another person may interpret it the wrong way.

Tickets to Paris

Straight to the city of love…

Who wouldn’t want a free trip to Paris? Or an all-expense paid trip to the city of love? There are times when you will be expressing your need for a vacation to your friends and family.

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Then when you are organizing a gathering or a party, and one of them asks “What can I bring?”, you can jokingly say, “Well it’s high time I got that ticket to Paris, don’t you think?

A jersey, signed by Ronaldinho

When a person asks you if they can bring you anything to a gathering that you are hosting, it is because they sincerely wish to contribute in some sort of way to the party.

The appropriate thing to do is ask them to bring something easily attainable and within their reach. However, when you are aiming to be funny that flies out the window.

Asking for a specially signed jersey is quite unattainable and will make the person laugh at the absurdity of the request. This is why you must use this joke with a person who understands you perfectly.

Peace of mind

If peace of mind could be bottled up and sold, it would be very expensive because that is what everyone wishes to have. Most people have problems to solve every day and most times it is tiring.

If perhaps you’ve had a lot to handle for the few days prior to the gathering, you could take a deep breath and with a sigh say, “Peace of mind” as a response to “What can I bring?

A gold medal

Medals are known to be awards given to a person who has achieved something or won a competition. So, it’s quite bizarre when a person requests for a gold medal to be brought to a gathering or party.

When you ask a person to bring a gold medal to a gathering or party, they would definitely ask you, “What for?”, you can further respond, “For best host/hostess in the world cause you guys will have an amazing time you at my party.

Some quiet would do

The response “Some quiet would do” is a joke common amongst parents, guardians, and children caregivers. This is because children are known to be noisy and very energetic.

Staying around them would easily tire an average person. This means that the only thing you can ask or wish for is some alone time to recollect your thoughts.

Thus, when a person who knows your situation asks you what they can bring to your party, you can tell them, “Some quiet and time alone from the children would do.

You don’t have to fear about maintaining your sense of humor when you are hosting a party. This is because the stress of organizing everything is capable of making a person cranky.

But with the above-listed responses, you can keep the tide flowing and the responses smooth. The good thing is that you can use each one or a combination of two responses.

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