20 Savage Comebacks When Someone Calls You a Cringe

Life on its own is a walk of caution, mistakes, and make-ups. So when you try to put yourself out there and make some things happen you might end up getting criticized by people. That would be the situation when someone calls you a cringe. 

On that note, you might want to shut them off. You can do these using cool comebacks, and even if you’re out of options I’ve got you covered. In this article, I will be discussing the 20 savage comebacks for when someone calls you a cringe. Stay locked in!

20 Savage Comebacks for When Someone Calls You a Cringe

Being called a cringe is a blow below your belt, and it is bad if you were given the tag in public. The person who called you that is trying to say you did something embarrassing, that you may have not noticed. It’s all in their head, and you may not even be anything close to cringy.

Nevertheless, the best part of getting derogatory remarks such as being called a cringe is knowing that the person’s words are reflections of what they think.

And I fashioned the comebacks in this post to do the job of claiming your unwavering status. Without further ado, let’s get right into it.

  • You’re as awful as whatever you talk
  • I love your criticism; it gives me hope that you’re not totally dumb
  • I’d rather talk to a retard than you
  • I hope you choke on the trash you’re saying
  • And what again?
  • You were saying?
  • Better as a cringe than a halfwit like you
  • Ever heard of cringe pro max? Oh! That’s definitely you
  • Sadly, you wanted to feel knowledgeable by saying that, but no, you still don’t
  • I’d rather not bath than apologize for what I know nothing about
  • Look who’s calling me cringe, the mighty awful one
  • Is that your mother’s reaction when she pushed you out of her body?
  • You know what they say; it takes one to know one
  • If I am a cringe, then your sense of judgment is lower than my abdomen
  • I bet your wife said that at the sight of your genitals on y’all first night
  • Great introduction from you. You can do better than this
  • I can’t help but think how being a jerk runs in your DNA
  • At least, I’m not the fear-gripping shrimp like you
  • Says the one with the irkiest body/mouth odor
  • Imagine calling me a cringe when you know we’re the same
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You’re as Awful as Whatever You Talk

Comebacks are meant to shove painful realities back into the mind of the person who tries to demean you by calling you bad names. That is what we’ll be doing with this line of response to the person who calls you a cringe.

The person who’s calling you a cringe is doing so to make you feel extremely bad or worse, embarrassed about yourself which is suicidal. But we’re going to disappoint them.

I once found myself in a position where my work was heavily criticized and it was my lowest point in life. I kept looking for a reason to keep moving on despite the name-calling, but I couldn’t until I sat up and gave myself s sermon.

There and then, I decided it is high time I stopped people from violating my emotional balance. And that’s when the gift of comebacks started manifesting. I gave it without holding any back, each time someone tries to downplay me.

If you find yourself in this type of situation, you can use this line of response which doubles as a good comeback to get your revenge.

I Love Your Criticism; It Gives Me Hope That You’re Not Totally Dumb

Vengeance is not always for the Divine, as you can serve it yourself calmly and without violence. With this response, you’re indirectly calling the person dumb but still giving them credit for being able to criticize you.

So you’re telling the person that the only thing that gives you hope that they’re not entirely dumb is that they were able to be your unsolicited critic. What a way to make someone feel less of himself or herself?! 

I’m sure the person will take a bow and give you your flowers for being a legendary savage.

I’d Rather Talk to a Retard than You

Wow, this has to be one of the best comebacks on this list. And this is because you’re placing the person who called you a cringe below a retard. Isn’t that an emotional violation? Well, it is.

If you feel really bad about being called a cringe, and you think the person who put you in that position should also taste what embarrassment and pain feel like, then you have to use this line of response to do just that. No offense meant, but any person who’s regarded as a retard around where you said this will likely choke on laughter. 

I Hope You Choke on the Trash You’re Saying

If you were just trying out new approaches and it came out bad for someone else, which made them call you a cringe, you can kiss them a bye to rot. This is because it is trashy for someone to call you a cringe without even knowing why or how you ended up in the situation in the first place.

So, if you find yourself in that type of circumstance don’t give a thought at feeling bad as you can do away with the person who said that to you by using this line of response. With this, you’re simply telling the person that they’ll choke on the bad stuff they say about you.

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Remember, this comeback is more or less a death wish to the person so if you don’t want to go that far with bashing the person, you can drop it. But for those who don’t give a hoot, it’s your time to shine.

And What Again?

Savage Comebacks When Someone Calls You a Cringe

There’s no better comeback than playing a fool on the person who is trying to make you feel bad. You don’t need to ask how you’ll be able to do that because this line of response is the starter pack.

With this, you’re making the person repeat and that right there is trying to make a fool out of them. The person will probably repeat if they’re ignorant of what you trying to do or they catch the joke and bounce off.

You Were Saying?

Just as I said the last response is a starter pack for comebacks that makes the person who called you a cringe look stupid, this one right here is the continuation. With this, it’s a whole new level of feigning ignorance and rubbing it off on the person who calls you a cringe. 

When you say this with your eyes popping and you have that askance look on your face even after the person has made it clear that you’re a cringe, then just know you’re about to roast that jerk off his shorts.

Better as a Cringe than a Halfwit Like You

A halfwit has no courage, no clues, and is certainly one of the dumbest enthusiastic types of person you’ll ever come across. If you feel too dejected by the person who calls you a cringe, you can let them know who the boss is by labeling them halfwits.

As halfwits, they’ve never been courageous to go after something in their life not to even talk of being embarrassed or unsuccessful.

I’m sure the person you’re saying this to will make an effort to mind their business the next time they try to downplay you. This is because I don’t remember anyone being proud again after being called a halfwit. 

Ever Heard of Cringe Pro Max? Oh! That’s Definitely You

It’s possible that the person who called you a halfwit is even worse than you in being a cringe, especially if it’s coming from an elderly person that should be of great influence on you rather than calling you names. 

If you find yourself in such a situation, you should use this line of response to shade the person. Telling them that that they’re cringe pro max with this line shows that they’re even worse than you when it comes to being cringe.

How embarrassing it is for a role model to resolve to cajole his or her mentees for a little wrongdoing.

It’s Sad That You Wanted to Feel Knowledgeable by Saying That, but No, You Still Don’t

You know how people act all smart and fast just to put others in a bad situation; yeah! That could’ve been the plan for the person who called you a cringe. They must’ve said that to appear intelligent in the eyes of other people, but this does not always pan good for the person who plans in that direction. 

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If you notice that the person who called you a cringe is trying to play this awful card in you, then you should use this line of response to get back at them. With this, you’re announcing to the person that irrespective of their move, they’re still not intelligent.

I’d Rather Not Bath than Apologize for What I Know Nothing About

Telling the person that you’d rather not bathe than discuss with them is just about another comeback that slaps hard. This means that you’ll be forfeiting something as essential as taking your bath, even if that’s what it’ll cost you to discuss with the person. 

I bet the person will start to rethink some of the things they said about you because at this moment they’ll be thinking if they’re not truly trashy like you’ve just told them.

Look Who’s Calling Me a Cringe, the Mighty Awful One

If you completely want to bash the person who calls you a cringe, you can use this line of response. With this line, you’re insinuating that the person is heavy on being awful.

Is That Your Mother’s Reaction When She Pushed You Out of Her Body?

Asking this question to the person who called you a cringe is a good step to bring terror to the door of the person who called you a cringe. I bet the person who called you that would have to think twice before dragging you with names again.

You Know What They Say; It Takes One to Know One

What you’re trying to say with this line is that the person who called you a cringe is also one. This is in line with the saying that suggests that it takes a soldier to identify another, the same with a spy too. 

This is also a slight blow to the person, as you’re roasting them on the same fireplace they set up for you.

If I Am a Cringe, Then Your Sense of Judgment Is Lower Than My Abdomen

Saying that the sense of the person who called you a cringe is very low…lower than your abdomen. This last line is an idiomatic expression which means the person’s sense is absolutely low.

I Bet Your Wife Said That at the Sight of Your Genitals on Y’all First Night

Now, you’re no longer dragging the person who called you a cringe alone but you’re also drawing in people who are very important to the speaker.

With this line, you’ll notice you’re bringing in the person’s wife(if he’s a man) into the scene while also serving him a comeback from that angle.

Great Introduction from You. You Can Do Better Than This

If you mean to disgrace the person who calls you a cringe, you can use this line of response. If you use it, you need to say that the person who called you so is just introducing themselves by using the cringe word on you.

I Can’t Help but Think How Being a Jerk Runs in Your DNA

This response paints you in the light of saying that being a jerk runs in the DNA of the person who calls you a cringe. 

This is a subtle line against the person and it sure delivers.

At Least, I’m Not the Fear-Gripping Shrimp like You

Savage Comebacks When Someone Calls You a Cringe

If the person who calls you a cringe is fearsome, you can use this line of response in taunting them about it. You’re saying that you’re even better than them as you’re courageous while the person is a sack of fear.

Says the One with the Irkiest Body/Mouth Odor

In a bid to get back at the person who called you a cringe, you can use this line to ridicule his or her body odor. This is effective…a good pick indeed.

Imagine Calling Me a Cringe when you know we’re the same

You’ll have people around you cracked up with laughter when you use this line of response in posing as a comeback to the person who calls you a cringe. What you mean is that the person who’s calling you a cringe does that without knowing they’re also a cringe, as you guys are the same thing.


This is where we’ll be drawing the curtain on this post which talks about a couple of replies which you can use to pose as comebacks when someone says you’re a cringe. 

Do well to examine whatever circumstance it is that you’re into before you pick up any one of them for use. We’ll also love for you to let us know what you think about these comebacks in the comment box below.


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