20 Best Replies To A Trick And Treat Request 

Have you ever been asked “Trick or treat”? 

Is it difficult for you to give reply to this?

The phrase “Trick or Treat” is a request for sweets or candies. It’s a common Halloween joke that implies anyone who doesn’t hand out candy will be the target of a prank.

Children are usually the ones that do this, as they have to put on costumes and move from door to door in their neighborhood asking “Trick or Treat, refusing to give a candy means a trick will be played on you.

This article is going to give 20 best replies you can give to a “Trick or Treat” request. These replies should go along with you giving out candy to the kids.

Though the socially acceptable response is to give the kids candy you can act friendly before doing that.

You can simply reply to this by saying “Happy Halloween”, or you can appreciate their costume by saying “Your costume looks great”, you can as well act scared “oh! You scared me” or simply give a “Thank you” reply. 

This reply will show that you’re a friendly person and would also show that you appreciate their costumes. After giving this reply, you can offer the children a bowl of candy to pick from or else they’ll play a trick on you. 

20 Best Replies To A Trick And Treat Request 

Happy Halloween

Since the “Trick or Treat” request is usually carried out during Halloween, it wouldn’t be bad to wish the kids a Happy Halloween.

By wishing them a Happy Halloween, you’re simply telling them to enjoy their day and also have fun. You’re telling them to have an enjoyable Halloween regardless of how their day would turn out.

Your Costume Looks Great

This reply shows that you really like the person’s costume. It is a compliment about what the person is putting on.

Complimenting their costumes shows that you admire the person’s effort to put up a scary look. This compliment will make the kids feel good about what they’re wearing. It also shows that you’re a nice and friendly person. This would be a nice time to give out candy.

Thank You

When you say “Thank you”, you’re appreciating the kids for stopping by. It means that you’re thankful that they’re making you part of their Halloween practice this year. 

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Oh! You Scared me

You can act scared by using this reply. This reply tells the kids that their costumes are really scary.

Though you may not really be scared because you know that they’re just kids trying to act weird in a scary costume but you can “pretend” to be scared to give the children a show.

Telling them that you are scared could make them laugh, this is because the aim of putting on the costume was to look scary, what’s the point of Halloween if the costume isn’t scary to people?

Oh My Goodness! What A Nice Costume

This statement is another fantastic way of complimenting the children’s costumes. Probably, you were not expecting something as nice as that.

It is a way of showing that you admire their costume. It also shows how excited and surprised you are about their costume.

Wow! Great Costume You Have There

Best Replies To A Trick And Treat Request 

Wouldn’t it be nice to have several compliments for the kids’ costumes? This reply is also a nice way to appreciate a nice costume. It shows that you’re impressed by what you’re seeing. It is a great way to tell the kids to expect candy from you.

I Really Like Your Costume… Bye

This reply is not only a compliment on the costume but also shows that the person is leaving. After telling the kids how much you like their costumes, you can give them candy and then bid them farewell.

This statement shows how friendly you are towards them. Meanwhile, if you tell them how mice their costumes are without giving them sweets or candy, a trick will still be played on you. So after complimenting them, ensure you do the needful.

Here You Go Buddy

This is a reply that shows that you’re about to give out something. Calling the kid “Buddy” shows that you see them as friends”.

This statement keeps the conversation in a casual and light tone, as it shows that you’re being friendly with them. The reply implies that you want to give out something to them and in this case, you’re giving out candy and sweets.

Hey! You Can Dig in

You can use this reply after you just got a bowl of sweets for the children. It’s a way of saying, “you can take as much as you want”. When you tell them to dig in, means that you want them to take some of the sweets.

It shows that you want them to take the sweets immediately. This is an awesome reply to Trick or Treat as it is the main reason why the children came to your door.

When you use this reply, it shows that you’ve accepted their Halloween request for candy and this means that you won’t be tricked.

Have Some Treat

A treat is an option that is less nutritious and here we can say that candy and sweets are treats. It means you want the person to enjoy the sweets which you brought. It shows that you would like the person to take some.

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There Are Some Candy In That Bowl. See You Next Year.

This statement obviously means that you’re about to give them some candy. You’re telling them that there is some candy in a particular bowl and that they should help themselves with it.

You’re giving them the freedom to do a particular thing. It shows that you’re a person that is easy to relate with. The last part of the statement shows that you expect to see them another time which is next year.

You wish to or you’d love to see them next year. This statement implies that you don’t mind giving out sweets do them during Halloween and you wouldn’t mind doing it again in the coming year. 

What are you supposed to be?

Best Replies To A Trick And Treat Request 

This reply is humorous. It shows that you don’t recognize the costume. Probably, the kid dressed up in a way that the costume made you confused.

You’re not sure of what the kid looks like, it looks like a ghost and at the same time a zombie. It is a question that enquires whether you want to know what the person is or you want to know what the kid’s costume represents.

It simply means you’re not sure of what the person is and you need to know so as not to make the mistake of calling someone what they’re not.

You Scared The Hell Out Of Me. Have Some Candy

When you use this statement, you’re simply telling the kid that their costume made you very scared. Halloween aims to put on scary costumes and also look scary, so telling a kid that “you scared the hell out of me” show that they did a good job at picking their costume.

This is another way of saying the costume is an amazing one and their aim was achieved. The second part of the statement shows that you’re prepared for Halloween.

It implies that due to being impressed with the scary costume, you reserved some candy for the kids. It sets up a casual and friendly atmosphere and also you won’t be tricked.

Uhm, What Are You? A Pirate Or A Clown Or A Zombie

This is also another way of saying you’re not sure of what the kid is wearing. But in this case, you have three options in mind. You’re not sure if the kid is representing a pirate or a clown or a zombie.

Probably, the kid messed up the costume and is looking like three different persons. After replying with this statement, it is expected that the kid tells you one out of the three what he or she is or he tells you what he is trying to represent. This is a friendly way of asking what type of costume the person is putting on.

Oh I’m Sorry, I’m Out Of Candy

This reply is rare but also possible. It is a negative statement that shows that you have no candy left. It shows that you’ve been giving out candy all night and no nothing is left.

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This statement first starts with an apology, meaning that it wasn’t your intention for you not to have any candy to give out.

This statement is also a way of teasing the children but when you want to tease them with this, you would need to also say something positive like, “I was only joking, come and have all this candy”. 

Got Lots Of Candy For You

Best Replies To A Trick And Treat Request 

Who wouldn’t like this statement? This reply is simply telling the kids that you’re prepared for them. It shows that you knew they would come and so you kept so much candy for them.

This reply will surely make the kids excited because it shows that you know their reason for coming to knock on your door. This is a way to show that you love what they’re doing or that you’re in support of it. This reply shows that you’re ready for Halloween.

You’re Just A Kid In Costume And You Look So Scary

Best Replies To A Trick And Treat Request 

This is another way of acknowledging that the kid looks scary in his costume. The only difference is that here, you’re trying to make it known that you know it’s a kid that’s wearing the costume and that the kid looks really scary.

It is a nice way of telling the kids that you didn’t expect them to look that scary and you’re also letting them know that you’re aware they’re just kids trying to look scary. 

Awesome Costume Kids. I Love Them All

This reply is a different way to appreciate the kids’ costumes. It shows that you’re happy and excited about their costume. It shows that you really love the costumes.

Probably the costumes remind you of what you did as a kid or you weren’t expecting something as nice as that from a kid. It shows how impressed you are with what they’re wearing.

It shows that you like not just one of the costumes but all of them put together. This reply will also make the kids happy, they’d love the fact that someone appreciates and likes what they’re wearing even though it’s scary.  

See Y’all Next Year

This is a parting statement. This reply can be used after you have appreciated their costume and have also given them some candy. You can bid them farewell by saying this.

This reply shows that you want to see them next year. It also implies that you don’t mind doing all you did this year for another year. It shows you’re happy about the Halloween practice and you would love to do it once again next year.

It is a positive statement that assures the kids that they’re free to come next year because you’ll be ready to appreciate their costumes and give them lots of candy just like you did this year.  

These Are Really Nice Kids. Have More Candy.

This is another cool reply that you can use to show that you appreciate the kids’ costumes. Here, to show that you actually like the costumes, you want them to have as many candies as possible.

This statement implies that you’ve given them candy before, but because of how impressed you are about everything you want them to have more candy. This also means that you have as many candies as they wish to have.


Trick or treat is a request made by children in costumes as they move from door to door during Halloween. Another way to say “give me sweets or I’ll trick you” is using this expression.

It often ends with the children getting as many candies as they want. This article has explored the 20 best replies you can give to a “Trick or Treat request”. These replies can be a way of appreciating their costumes or offering more candy to them.

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