30 Best Ways To Respond To Happy Monday 

Have you been trying to figure out what to say when someone wishes you a “Happy Monday”?

Do you believe your reaction to this sentence needs to change? 

This post is for you since it will instruct you on several ways to answer the statement “Happy Monday.” It’s a kind way of wishing someone a good week ahead or encouraging them to make the most of their time that day.

The many reactions to this sentence will be discussed in this article along with some instances.

The finest replies to this expression include “Happy Monday to you too,” “Why, thank you,” and “A great week ahead for you too.” With these straightforward answers, you may react to the speaker immediately and even express your sentiments in return.

Let’s take a look at them.

30 Best Ways To Respond To Happy Monday

Thank You

This is a simple way of appreciating a person for wishing you a happy Monday. With this reply, you’re trying not to take the conversation any further. It is a great way to keep your reply short and simple. It is the best and simplest way to appreciate a person for wishing you well. For instance;

“Happy Monday”

“Thank you. See you later.”

Same To You

Another appropriate answer to “Happy Friday” is “Same to you.” This is due to the fact that it suggests that the speaker needs to own something corresponding to her possession. It’s a brief and snappy response to “Happy Friday.” It implies that you are wishing the other person the same.

“Happy Monday”

“Same to you. I appreciate that”

“Happy Monday”

“Same to you. You look good.”

Happy Monday To You Too

The simplest method to react when someone wishes you a “Happy Monday” is to just say “Happy Monday to you too” back. It is brief and straightforward while also conveying your want to end the conversation.

It simply means that you want the other person anything they wish for you. It is also a quick method to express your gratitude to the person who first wished you well.

“Happy Monday”

“Happy Monday to you too.”

Wish You The Same

The response is the same when you say “Same to you.” “Wish you the same” is a suitable rejoinder to “Happy Monday.”

This is due to the fact that it suggests that the speaker needs to own something corresponding to your possession. It is a brief and snappy response to “Happy Monday.” It implies that you are wishing the other person the same thing.

“Happy Monday”

“Wish you the same. Have a wonderful day”

“Happy Monday.”

“Wish you the same. Please see me later”.

A Marvelous Monday To you Too

This statement is another nice way to respond to “Happy Monday”. This is because it implies that the person has a wonderful and delightful Monday. This shows that you’re going to have a beautiful Monday, so you would like the same to happen to them.

“Happy Monday”

“Oh dear! A marvelous Monday to you too.” 

“Happy Monday”

“A marvelous Monday to you too beautiful.”

Why Thank You

This is a suitable response to express your gratitude to the person. This reply is also a way of saying thank you but with a little flavor of a pleasant surprise. You can use this response when you weren’t expecting any compliments or wishes.

It implies that you’re a bit surprised by what you heard. You can use this statement to show a mild surprise when someone you don’t expect or someone that you often don’t talk to wishes you a happy Monday. 

“Happy Monday”

“Why, thank you. I didn’t know you were so nice.”

I Appreciate It

This is another simple and short response you can give. This response shows how much you are thankful for what the person said.

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It implies that you’re deeply grateful that the person is wishing you well on Monday. It suggests that you are aware and you understand the value of someone wishing you “Happy Monday” and you’re also grateful for it. 

“Happy Monday”

“Oh, I appreciate it. Thank you so much.”

“Happy Monday”

“Thank You for that. I appreciate it.”

Thank You! Happy Monday

This reply is about you replying to a person that wishes you well on Monday by showing how grateful you are and as well wishing the person a “Happy Monday” too.

“Happy Monday”

“Thank you! Happy Monday”

Oh! Thank You. Have A Great Monday too

This reply shows a bit of surprise. It also implies that you appreciate the wish and you wish the person an amazing Monday too. It suggests that you want the person also to have a wonderful Monday. This is a friendly reply to someone that has just wished you a Happy Monday.

“Happy Monday”

“Oh Thank you sir. Have a great Monday too.”

 I Hope You Have A Happy Monday Too

A response like this implies that you expect the person to have an amazing Monday just like you’re having right now.

It means you’re already having a nice Monday and all you wish for the person is to have a nice Monday too. It is a friendly reply to a person that means you wish the person as well a happy Monday. 

“Happy Monday”

“I hope you have a happy Monday too. Enjoy your day”

I’ll Do That, Thanks

When you use this statement to reply to “Happy Monday”, you’re assuring the person that you’ll indeed have a happy Monday. You’re telling the person that without any doubt, you’re going to have a wonderful day.

“Happy Monday”

“I’ll do that, thanks so much for your wish.”

“Happy Monday”

“I’ll do that, see you later.”

Thanks, And You

This is an effective method to wish the speaker a “Happy Monday” in return. It conveys your want for them to take pleasure on Monday just as much as you do. This expression simply conveys that you wish the other person well in return for their pleasant remarks to you. 

“Happy Monday”

“Thanks, and you darling”

“Happy Monday”

“Thanks, and you. Have a nice day.” 

A Great Week Ahead For You Too

This response shows that you’re having a great week and you would like the person to have a great week too.

Here, you’re not only wishing the person well for the Monday alone, but you’re also wishing the person well for the rest of the week. This means that you want the whole week to go well for the person.

Thank You. Happy Monday

This response suggests a form of thankfulness to the person. It is nice and shows that you wish the person back “Happy Monday”.

This is a polite expression that you can use when you want to acknowledge this compliment. It is a nice way of expressing your gratitude to a person that has wished you well. 

Thank You Dear

Best Ways To Respond To Happy Monday 

Saying “Thank you dear” implies that you recognize the person as someone important. It means you see the person as someone that means a lot to you. This reply shows that you’re saying it to someone you care so much for.

It is another way of showing your expression of appreciation to a person that has wished you well. This is usually a casual response and it is mostly used for friends, family, colleagues, or partners.

And To You!

It is similar to saying “You too!”. It is used to answer a good wish and in this case, the good wish is “Happy Monday.” You can use this reply to end a conversation or to stop it from going any further. “And to you” means that may a “Happy Monday” happen to the person as well. 

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“Happy Friday”

“And to you! Thanks”

Thanks A Lot

It’s really easy to apply this response, especially if you wish to receive compliments from others. It includes any encouraging remark and is not limited to “Happy Monday.” You can use it to express gratitude for someone’s kind wishes.

It is typically employed in casual settings and sets up a friendly atmosphere. When you’re attempting to express gratitude for anything someone did for you, this expression is nice to utilize. Observe the examples below;

“Happy Monday”

“Thanks a lot. Happy Monday dear”

“Happy Monday”

“Thanks a lot. You’re so nice.”


Since it may be used informally among friends and coworkers, this remark is considered informal. It is a means of expressing your gratitude for the speaker’s good comments. If you don’t want to say “thank you” out loud, you might say “cheers” instead.

“Happy Monday”

“Thank you. Cheers.”

Have A Great Week Ahead

Best Ways To Respond To Happy Monday 

Saying “Have a great week ahead” as a reply to “Happy Monday” shows that you wish the person an eventful week. It means the rest of the week should go well go the person. This means that you hope that the person’s week will be good and nice too.

This statement also suggests that you’re telling the person to enjoy all the other days of the week just as he is enjoying Monday. Here, you’re wishing the person an enjoyable week and having fun. It simply implies that there’s a coming week.

“Happy Monday”

“Have a great week ahead. See you on Friday.”

“Happy Monday”

 “Have a great week ahead. Cheers”

Wish You A Nice Week 

This is simply you wishing the person a good week. This phrase means that you should have a good and nice day all day of the week or the rest of the week. It can be used both formally and informally.

You’re telling the person to enjoy all the days of the week and that includes having a “Happy Monday”. You’re wishing that the person has a good time throughout the week.

“Happy Monday”

“Wish you a nice week. Friday will be here soon.” 

I Wish You Well This Week

This shows that you’re wishing the person a pleasant time during the week. This statement is an expression that shows a desire for someone’s well-being that week.

It means that you hope the person does well or succeeds in all he does that week. It is a way of saying that you wish all is well with the person this week. You want the person to have a productive Monday and week.

The word “well” in the statement could also refer to a person’s health. It could mean that you’re wishing the person good health this week. 

“Happy Monday”

“I wish you well this week. Thanks”

“Happy Monday”

“Thanks very much, I wish you well this week.”

My Pleasure

“My pleasure” is another cool way to say “thank you” when someone tells you “Happy Monday”. It is very polite and emphatic. It is mostly used for formal conversation. You’re simply telling the person that you’re happy about Monday.

“Happy Monday”

“My pleasure”

Yeah! Thanks

This remark hints at a feeling of gratitude for the other person’s wish. It is considerate to return the “Happy Monday” greeting with this reply as it is very short and simple.

You can nicely acknowledge this praise by using this phrase. It’s a good way to show someone your appreciation for their good wishes. This reply is also one of those you can use when you don’t want to take the conversation further.

“Happy Monday”

“Yeah thanks. It’s good to see you”.

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Have A Great Monday Too

This reaction conveys that you’re enjoying your Monday and that you want the other person to enjoy theirs as well. In this case, your good wishes are limited to Monday. This expresses your desire for the person’s entire day to be successful.

“Happy Monday”

“That’s kind of you. Have a great Monday too.”

Oh! Thank You. Hope You Enjoyed your weekend.

Here, you’re appreciating the person for the wishes and you’re as well asking if the person had a nice time during the weekend. This response is often used for a person that you wish “Happy Friday” the previous week.

Now, it’s a new week and the person comes to you and says “Happy Monday”, it would be nice to respond with this phrase as it tells the person how caring you are. Replying first with “Thank you” and then ending it by asking about the person’s weekend is a show of love and care.

It is also a way of checking up on someone. Probably, the person told you about his or her plan for the weekend. This might be a good way to ask about the weekend.

“Happy Monday”

“Oh! Thank you dear. Hope you enjoyed your weekend. 

Hope You Had A Great Weekend

Here, you’re responding to “Happy Monday” by inquiring as to how their weekend was. This reaction is frequently given to someone you wished “Happy Friday” to the week prior. It is similar to “Hope you enjoyed your weekend”. 

It would be wonderful to react with this remark when someone wishes you a “Happy Monday” at the beginning of the week since it shows them how kind you are by asking about their weekend.

To demonstrate affection and concern, you can start your response by saying “Thank you,” and then inquire how their weekend was.

It may also be used to keep tabs on someone when the individual most likely informed you of their weekend plans. This might be an effective method to inquire about someone’s weekend.

It’s So Sad the Weekend Is Over

With this response, you’re expressing your regret that the weekend is over and you’ve started a new week. It implies that you had fun during the weekend but it all had to come to an end because Monday is here already. This reply simply shows that you’re not pleased with Monday. 

Welcome Back To Work

Best Ways To Respond To Happy Monday 

Here, you’re greeting a person that has been away from work for a long time and now returns on a Monday. It’s a friendly and casual way of greeting someone when they arrived at work after a long time.

I Can’t Wait For It To Be Over

This reply can be used when you usually have a busy Monday. It shows that you can’t wait to be done with Monday’s activities. This reply is most used by friends and colleagues as using it for your boss may send the wrong message. This simply shows that Monday isn’t one of your favorite days.

Yeah! It is. Happy Monday To Us All

You can use this reply when you want to generalize your reply. Probably, you want to wish everyone in the office instead of that person alone. You’re sending the wishes to everyone around including yourself.


In this post, we’ve outlined a variety of responses you might use if someone wishes you a “Happy Monday.” Some of them can be used officially, that is, for business objectives or at workplaces, while others can be used more casually, that is, for social purposes.

While some responses can just be a person repeating a compliment or pleasant remark, others may be an expression of appreciation and to show concern, and love.

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