20 Best Response To “Hey Big Head” 

Is it always hard for you to respond whenever someone calls you bighead?

Some people like to use this phrase to tease others while some people merely see it as a joke.

Whichever it is for you, this article will provide 20 best responses you can give when you’re being called bighead. Check out these; “Oh! hey”, “Lol. You’re funny”, “What’s up”. 

Your response to the person is determined by the relationship you share. For instance; A girl can call a guy “hey bighead and the guy can reply with “hey babe”.

This shows that they have a romantic relationship and she’s calling him that just to flirt with him. Meanwhile, another girl can call him “hey bighead” and he would reply with “Don’t call me that”.

These are all responses but in a different tones to different people. Check out more of these responses as you read.

20 Best Response To “Hey Big Head”

Oh! Hey

This reply shows a bit of surprise. It could be that the person that called you “bighead” is not very close to you.

This could cause you to show an expression of surprise when you hear this. This is usually used to greet a friend and can as well be used in showing surprise at something.

This response demonstrates some surprise. It’s possible that the individual who called you a “bighead” is not particularly close to you. When you hear this, you could react with astonishment.

This is often used to welcome a buddy and may also be used to express amazement about something.

Who Could You Be?

This is a question of “who are you”. Probably the person calling you “bighead” is trying to act familiar with you, meanwhile, you don’t even know the person or you can’t recognize the face.

This is another response that shows surprise because you’re not even sure who that person is. “Who are you?” is the question at hand. Most likely, the person calling you “bighead” is attempting to make small talk when you don’t even know them or can’t place their face.

Another answer that expresses astonishment is this one—you’re not even sure who they are.

Are You Referring To Me?

This is another question to show your surprise at the name “bighead”. Here, you’re asking if the comment was directed to you or someone else. It’s a question of “who are you talking to” or “who are you calling bighead”.

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This shows that you probably have little or no relationship with the person, so you’re not sure if the name bighead was being directed toward you. Or, “Am I the person you’re talking to?”

This is another question to express your surprise at the term “bighead”. You are inquiring as to who the comment was intended for in this instance. It depends on “who you’re talking to” or “who you’re calling bighead.”

This implies that you probably have little to no contact with the individual and are unsure if the term “bighead” was intended to refer to you specifically.

What’s Up

This is a friendly response that shows that you have a good relationship with the speaker. It shows that you and the speaker are friends. This is a different way of saying “How are you doing” or “What’s happening with you”.

This is a friendly greeting used in asking a person how they are or what they’re doing. It’s also a way of asking what is wrong or why the person is worried.

Hi There.

This is an informal greeting. It can as well be used to show surprise when someone calls you bighead. It’s also a way of saying “hey” or “hello”. This is a very casual way of saying hello to someone. It is a common greeting and can be used to express surprise in a polite way. 

I’m Not A Big Head Because I’m Smart

“Bighead” is mostly used for someone that isn’t really smart or someone who is always acting stupid. Here, “bighead” is an insult, not a compliment.

Someone is trying to tell you that you’re not smart and the best way to reply is by telling the person back that you’re smart and not a big head. With this statement, you’re proving to the person that you’re not as stupid as they think.

Bighead is typically used to describe someone who isn’t very smart or who frequently acts foolish. Here, calling someone a “bighead” is not flattering.

The greatest method to respond to someone who is attempting to convince you that you lack intelligence is by reassuring them that you are intelligent and not overconfident.

By making this claim, you are demonstrating to the other person that you are not as foolish as they believe.

My Head Isn’t Even Big

Best Response To Hey BigHead

With this statement, you’re implying that your head is not big at all. It means that your head isn’t over sized, so you don’t have a big head. This statement means you’re not part of those that have an enormous-sized head.

You’re saying that your head isn’t that huge with this sentence. This claim indicates that you do not belong to the group of people with really large heads. 

At Least It’s Smaller Than Yours

This is a funny comment as it implies that the person’s head is bigger than yours. Instead of feeling bad about the statement, you’re referring it back to the speaker I a way that sounds more polite.

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When you say this, you would leave the person thinking if what you said is actually true. This is a hilarious remark since it indicates that the other person has a larger skull than you have.

You’re returning the comment to the speaker in a way that sounds more courteous rather than feeling awful about it. By saying this, the other person could question whether what you stated is indeed true.

Don’t Call Me That

This is not a friendly response. It could be that you don’t have a good relationship with the person calling you a big head. This response shows that you’re not really happy with the name and would like it to stop.

It shows that you’re not cool with it and you’re not on good terms with the speaker. The reaction is not cordial. You and the individual who is calling you a big head could not get along well.

Your comment demonstrates that you don’t like the name very much and want it to be changed. This demonstrates that you don’t like it and that you don’t get along with the speaker.

 Uhm! Hey You 

This is another surprise response. It means you didn’t expect the person to call you bighead. 

 Hey Babe

This response is mostly used among romantic partners. It shows that the speaker is trying to flirt with the other. Here, “bighead” doesn’t come as an insult but as a form of “compliment” or a cool way of addressing someone you have feelings for.

The person won’t see “big head” as an insult but rather as a joke. Most romantic partners will respond in this way.

The attempt to flirt with the other by the speaker is evident. In this context, the term “bighead” isn’t meant as a slight but rather as a  way to refer to someone you like. “Big head” won’t be perceived as an insult but rather as a joke by the person.

 That’s Not Nice Of You

The statement shows that you’re not pleased with the person calling you “bighead”. It shows that the person isn’t being kind with their words. You’re trying to let the person know that you don’t appreciate the comment.

It’s clear from the statement that you don’t like being referred to as a “bighead” by that individual. It manifests the fact that the speaker isn’t using nice language. You’re attempting to communicate to the other individual that you find the remark offensive.

Hey! I Missed You

This phrase can also be used for someone you care for. You don’t mind the person calling you “bighead”, as this simply shows that you’ve not had the person around for some time.

It shows that the person has been absent for some time. You may also use this while referring to a loved one.

You don’t mind if someone refers to you as a “bighead” since it just lets them know that you haven’t seen them in a while. It indicates that the individual has been away for some time.

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 At Least I’m Smarter

This shows that you’re not as dumb as a bighead. Bigheaded people are known to be dull. But in this case, you’re telling the speaker that you’re way smarter than that.

It shows that you know what you’re doing and you shouldn’t be compared to someone like that. It shows that you’re an intelligent person and shouldn’t be compared to a dummy.

Your ability to do this demonstrates that you are not a bighead. Dullness is a reputation held by big-headed persons. You are letting the speaker know that you are smarter than that in this instance, though.

You shouldn’t be compared to someone like that since it demonstrates that you are an expert in your field. You shouldn’t be likened to a dunce since it demonstrates your intelligence.

 Hey! Small Head

This is a funny comment, it can be used for someone you’re very familiar with. This is just you calling the person the opposite of what you’re being called. It shows sarcasm and does not have any serious meaning attached to it.

This is a hilarious remark that may be said about someone you know well. It is humorous and devoid of any serious significance.

 You Really Need To Stop

This statement is used when you’re not pleased with the person calling you a bighead. It shows you’re not happy with such words and you would like the person to stop calling you that.

The phrase implies that the person has been calling you bighead for a while and you’re telling the person the need for them to stop. When someone calls you a bighead, you might use this expression to express your displeasure.

It conveys that you don’t appreciate being called that and that you want the individual to stop. The expression means that you are telling the individual they need to stop calling you a bighead because they have been doing it for a time.

 I Love It Like That

It could be that you naturally have a big head. When you reply with this statement, it shows that you’re proud of how you are. It means even though your head is big, you still like it that way.

It’s possible that you were born with a huge head. This response demonstrates your pride in who you are by demonstrating it. It indicates that, despite the size of your head, you don’t mind it that way.

 Me? Have You Looked In The Mirror?

Best Response To Hey BigHead

This implies that the speaker is the one with the big head and not you. It’s a way of telling the person to look at his head and yours and tell the difference.

This indicates that, rather than you, the speaker is the one with the large head. It’s a manner of instructing the other person to compare their heads and notice the differences.

 Hey! How Are You Doing?

This is a casual response. It’s just a way of asking someone about their well-being. You’re simply asking if the person is alright. It’s just a way of knowing how the person has been coping.

 Lol! You’re So Funny

This is often used when you’re familiar with the person. It shows that you see the word “bighead” as a funny statement. You’re trying to say that the person is funny by calling you a bighead.


We’ve looked at different responses to “hey bighead”. We also got to know that people respond in different ways to this phrase as it all depends on the relationship. You should know how and who to use this phrase for before you use it.


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