20 of the Best Responses to “You’re Making Me Blush”

Has a girl ever told you that you made her blush? What did you say in response to that? As guys, we often find it cute when girls blush and it’s even sweeter if we are the reason a girl is blushing.

The ability to impress girls depends on a lot of things so we have to be proud of ourselves when we succeed at times.

You may be hearing this statement again soon so you may want to be prepared for the next time you make a girl blush.

Below are 20 different ways to respond when a girl says you are making her blush. 

20 Great Responses to “You’re making me blush”

  1. Am I?
  2. You’re making me happy.
  3. I didn’t do anything special
  4. I was being sarcastic
  5. Sounds like you have a thing for me.
  6. But I’m saying the truth here.
  7. That isn’t entirely my fault.
  8. How dare me do that to Lady Gaga?
  9. You look even better when you blush.
  10. Forgive me for putting you in such a state.
  11. It feels like an achievement.
  12. I’m going to tell my kids about it… and maybe yours too
  13. I meant what I said
  14. That was meant to be a joke
  15. Alright. Let’s be serious
  16. Mission successful!
  17. I didn’t think you’d take it so serious
  18. That wasn’t the goal
  19. LOL. Don’t take me serious
  20. It’s what I do. Now, you owe me.

Responses to “You’re making me blush”

Am I?

This rhetorical question has no special effect but it is something you can say. You can turn the entire situation around and begin flirting with her.

First, you have to note that you have succeeded in making her blush. That has to be recorded as the first goal.

Sometimes, it is easy to make a girl blush but not for every guy. A girl may blush at every word that a certain guy says while she may wear a frown when other guys say the same thing.

The fact that you have been able to make her smile means she may like you. This makes flirting even easier to do.

  • “You’re making me blush”.
  • “Am I?”

Responses to “You’re making me blush”

You’re making me happy.

Girls often blush to a compliment but they could probably blush you anything. You know what you said or did that is making your girl blush.

You should treat this statement as a compliment. When she admits that she’s blushing because of you, you have succeeded in putting a smile on her face.

 You can also respond to it with a compliment. This is something you can say whether you are interested in the girl or not. However, if you will say this, you should be prepared to flirt a little.

This response implies that while you may have succeeded in putting a smile on her face, she actually makes you happy. This would probably make her blush further.

  • “You’re making me blush”.
  • “You’re making me happy”

I didn’t do anything special

When you are trying to win a girl over, flattering her for the first time is usually the hardest task. Once you have been able to achieve that, you can proceed to have a normal conversation.

You should use every joke and flirty remark to start a meaningful conversation. It is always advised to switch from funny to serious, then back to funny again.

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While you are spending a nice time with her, you are getting to know her and she’s getting to know you, and neither of you is tired because you are enjoying the moment together.

When you point out that you didn’t do anything special, you are indirectly telling her that she may be blushing for other reasons in her head.

  • “You’re making me blush”.
  • “Really? I didn’t do anything special”

I was being sarcastic

This is going to be a real heartbreaking statement but it may just be one of the best you can think of.

Rather than being taken as an insult, it has a high chance of being taken as a joke. She will not just switch from her hearty smile and laughter to angry.

She will probably act like she feels hurt and nudge you repeatedly. She could also be able to tell that you were not being sarcastic.

Then you can joke about it and say you wonder why she got so excited when she knew your comments weren’t true.

However, you don’t have to continue the cage for so long so she doesn’t start to believe you mean what you’re saying.

  • “You’re making me blush”.
  • “I was being sarcastic. Ha-ha”

Sounds like you have a thing for me.

It really does sound like she has a thing for me if I am able to make her blush. While this may not be true in every case, you can still say it and mean it.

She will probably deny it quickly or pretend as though she doesn’t know what you mean by ‘a thing’.

When she asks what you mean by what you just said, you can say you will keep it a secret and the world doesn’t have to know. Make sure this remains a joke so you don’t get her to creep out.

  • “You’re making me blush”
  • “Sounds like you have a thing for me”

But I’m saying the truth here.

Oftentimes, people blush because they think another person is exaggerating. Sometimes, the person may even be saying untrue things just to make the girl smile.

In this case, her comment about you making her blush may not be meant. She may obviously not even be blushing.

Whether she feels this way or not, you can respond with this statement. You can further say the things you said earlier and keep a half-serious look on your face.

Saying this would feel like the maximum exaggeration of all you have said earlier. 

Knowing you truly feel so beautifully about her, she will be even more flattered and flustered.

  • “You’re making me blush”.
  • “But I’m saying the truth here.”

That isn’t entirely my fault.

You can further the flattery with this addition. After making her blush with superb comments about her looks, voice, and everything, you can stand by your word.

As mentioned earlier, they love compliments and they are flattered by them. However, they don’t believe you are being entirely honest.

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They expect some parts to be exaggerated and some of the comments may just be a way of making them smile.

When you say it isn’t entirely your fault, emphasize that you are only saying what you see in front of you. She will feel truly flattered to hear that.

  • “You’re making me blush”
  • “That isn’t entirely my fault. I’m sure your mirror says the same.”

How dare I do that to Lady Gaga?

As mentioned earlier, making a joke can be one of the best ways to proceed with flirting. This response takes her comment, as though it were negative. However, she will clearly see the joke in your statement.

By saying this, you are telling her that you would never dare to make her blush

  • “You’re making me blush”
  • “How dare I do that to Lady Gaga?”

You look even better when you blush.

You can tell her that the only reason you make her blush is that you want to see her smile and she looks better that way.

This would feel like adding more flattery to the situation. However, she would still feel like your goal is simply to flatter her and none of your comments about her looks is actually true.

  • “You’re making me blush”
  • “You look even better when you blush”

Forgive me for putting you in such a state.

 While she smiles and blushes, you can say a joke and make her burst out in laughter. This response is one good way to do it.

You are directly implying that she should forgive you for making her blush. She may also play along with the joke by accepting your apology.

You can drift from this right into a serious chat or you could just say another joke. You can say ‘strong and independent women should never be made to blush’.

  • “You’re making me blush”
  • “Forgive me for putting you in such a state”

It feels like an achievement.

It really does feel like an achievement when we successfully get a girl flattered, especially if it is the girl we are truly interested in. However, we don’t say it’s an achievement. We just play tough like we always do.

Your girl will not expect you to say this so she will find this funny. You can exaggerate it by appearing so dramatic and acting as you’ve truly achieved something you are proud of.

Then you can slowly start a serious conversation with her.

  • “You’re making me blush”
  • “It feels like an achievement! I knew I’d make it in life.”

I’m going to tell my kids about it… and maybe yours too

When your girl says you are making her blush, you can act like you are surprised by it, then you can make this statement. It will sound too ridiculous to be believed but it will definitely crack her up to hear you say this.

This response implies that you consider the moment a great achievement. Also, you are implying that you both may have kids together. Just so she gets that part, you can add it as shown in the example below;

  • “You’re making me blush”
  • “That isn’t entirely my fault”
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I meant what I said

Maintaining your stand can take flattery a long way. You don’t have to keep saying different things about how beautiful she looks or how great she sounds or how crazy you feel about her.

When you are not simply exaggerating, it is easier to say the same thing over and over again.

While it may seem to you that you are repeating the statement excessively, it will convince her that you are saying exactly how you feel about her.

  • “You’re making me blush”
  • “I meant what I said. I get nervous whenever you are around”

That was meant to be a joke

You can break her heart with this comment for a second. She won’t be expecting to hear this so you can expect one of two reactions from her. She may burst out in laughter or she may act hurt.

If she laughs, continue with the joke for a few seconds before saying you truly meant what you said. If she acts hurt, you can play with her feelings a little before admitting that you meant all you said 

  • “You’re making me blush”
  • “That was meant to be a joke.”

Alright. Let’s be serious

This is something you can say if you have been joking or flirting but you have something serious to discuss. 

  • “You’re making me blush”
  • “Alright. Let’s be serious.”

Mission successful!

Saying this implies that your goal was to make her blush and she just confessed that you were successful. She will find this funny.

  • “You’re making me blush”
  • “Mission successful!”

I didn’t think you’d take it so serious

This implies that you have been joking. She will find this even funny before acting hurt. After so many jokes, whatever you say when you get serious will be fully accepted as the truth. 

  • “You’re making me blush”
  • “I didn’t think you’d take it so seriously.”

That wasn’t the goal

You can say this to get the person even more flattered. With this, you are implying that the person is truly beautiful and you’re not saying it just to make her blush.

  • “You’re making me blush”
  • “That wasn’t the goal. Tell me how you glow so much.”

LOL. Don’t take me serious

This is going to be extremely heartbreaking. You’ll be laughing while she’s shocked and hurt. You can make jokes out of her expression before admitting that you were serious with all the compliments you said.

  • “You’re making me blush”
  • “LOL. Don’t take me seriously.”

It’s what I do. Now, you owe me.

This implies that you don’t have special feelings but it is not necessarily true. This will make her laugh. You can say this if you don’t want the situation to get awkward. After this, you can easily move to a different conversation.

  • “You’re making me blush”
  • “It’s what I do. Now, you owe me.”

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