20 Best Replies When Someone Says “Not Too Bad”

When someone says “not so bad”, the person feels good. Though, not perfectly fine but fair enough. This phrase means that something isn’t as bad as expected.

It implies that something is reasonably good. A person feels happy when they remark, “Not too bad.” It means not totally fine, but still acceptable.

This expression indicates that things aren’t as horrible as anticipated. It suggests that the person feels passably good.

When you think about it for a second, you begin to wonder how you’re supposed to reply when you ask someone how are you feeling and the person replies with “not so bad”, what then do you reply afterward?

Don’t bother thinking for too long because this article will give you 20 best replies to that. A few of these replies are;  “That’s good to know”, “Are you sure”, “I’m glad you’re better”.  

20 Best Replies When Someone Says “Not So Bad”


When you give this reply, you’re saying “Ok” to the person. It means you’re satisfied with what the speaker said. It means you’re fine with what the person said, it is very similar to “Ok” and as well can mean “fine”.

It is a simple response that doesn’t take the conversation further. This response serves as your way of saying “Ok” to the other person. It indicates that you are happy with the speaker’s remarks.

It suggests you’re okay with what they stated and it is a straightforward answer that doesn’t advance the topic.

Ok Dear

This response is quite similar to “Alright”. It simply shows your agreement to something or that you’re satisfied with what the speaker said.

The phrase implies that you’re saying this to someone really close to you by using the word “Dear”. This simple and short means that you accept that the person feels quite good.

That’s Good To Know

This statement shows that you’re happy that the person does feel as bad as before. It implies that you’re happy to be aware that the person feels better than “bad”. You’re delighted to know that someone feels not so bad about a certain thing.

This comment expresses your happiness that the person doesn’t feel as miserable as they did previously.

It indicates that you’re pleased to learn that they don’t feel “terrible,” but rather better. It makes you happy to learn that someone doesn’t feel as awful about a particular situation.

Are You Sure?

This reply comes in a form of a question. The question is mostly used to check how sure a person is about what they just said. This question is used to continue a conversation and to check if what the person said was correct.

Here, you’d like the person to prove how confident they are about what was said. If they’re sure they feel “not too bad”, then it’s an opportunity to convince you. 

With this question, you want to know if what someone said is the definite answer. In the form of a question, this response is given. The primary purpose of the inquiry is to check how certain someone is in their previous assertion.

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Using this question, you may probe further into the dialogue and determine whether what was stated was accurate. You want the speaker to demonstrate their level of assurance concerning what they just said.

The possibility to persuade you exists if they are certain that they feel “not too bad.” You want to know if the answer to this question is certain based on what someone stated.

Oh! Great

This is a simple and short answer, it shows that you’re happy about the improvement of the person. It shows that you’re impressed with what the speaker said. It also shows your surprise about what has been said. 

I’m Glad You’re Better

This statement expresses your joy that something good has happened. It implies that you’re excited that the person feels better than the last time you both met.

You’re happy that the person has improved and feels better about a particular incident or situation. This sentence conveys your happiness that something positive has occurred.

It signifies that you’re happy to hear that they’re feeling better than they did when you two last met. You are pleased that the individual has changed and is feeling better about a certain occurrence or circumstance.

It’s Good To See You Again

You can use this reply when you’ve not seen someone for a really long time. You express your joy to know that the person is back and feels quite good. It simply means you’ve missed the person’s presence and it is nice to see the person again.

When you haven’t seen someone for a very long period, you can use this response. You express your happiness upon hearing that the individual is back and doing well. It just indicates you missed having them around and that it was wonderful to see them again.

Oh! I’m So Sorry You Had To Go Through That

This reply is often used when someone just had an ugly experience. it could be that the person went through tough times and struggles because of that.

Using this phrase would show how concerned and deeply moved you are that they faced such an incident. It also shows that you’re not pleased that such a thing happened to the person.

This response is frequently used when someone has just experienced a terrible experience. It’s possible that the individual struggled as a result of difficult circumstances.

By using this statement, you may convey your worry and emotion about their experience. Additionally, it conveys your displeasure that the person experienced such a thing.

You’ll Be Fine

This is a statement of assurance. You’re trying to assure someone that everything would go well. It means “you’ll be ok” or “you’ll be alright”. It’s a good way to end a conversation that you don’t want to take further.  

Just Take It Easy 

This statement is another way of telling someone to be careful. It’s a way of telling the person not to go too hard on themselves. You’re telling the person to be cautious of what they do since they’re not fully ok.

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This statement is advice to do things carefully. Another method to warn someone to exercise caution is to say something like this. It serves as a warning not to be too hard on oneself.

You’re warning them to use caution since they may not be entirely alright. This message serves as counsel to proceed cautiously.

 Always Be Careful

This is a warning statement. You’re warning the person against next time. This means you want the person to always take care of you or always do things carefully.  You’re telling the person to always keep an eye out and be alert.

You should give serious attention to a particular thing. The sentence above is a warning. The individual is being warned not to do it again. This implies that you want them to be careful or take precautions at all times. The person is being advised to constantly be vigilant and watchful.

I’ve Always Known You To Be Strong

Best Replies When Someone Says Not So Bad

This statement shows that you have always been a strong person and this time won’t be different. You’re trying to tell someone that he is strong enough to get through this. This shows that the person is strong enough to overcome this.

This assertion demonstrates that you are a strong individual and that you will continue to be so in the future. You’re attempting to convince him that he has the inner strength to survive this. This demonstrates the person’s resilience in facing this challenge.

Thank Goodness

The phrase is a way of expressing your joy that the person is not as bad as before. You’re glad that someone doesn’t look or feel as bad as they used to. It’s a phrase that shows that you’re happy about someone’s present condition.

The expression conveys your happiness that the person has improved. It makes you happy when someone no longer seems or feels as terrible. It’s a way to express happiness over someone’s current circumstance.

I Was So Worried

This statement shows that when the person was not feeling well, you were not at peace. It means you were troubled and disturbed about the person’s well-being. It shows that you were very concerned about the person.

This comment suggests that while the individual was not feeling well, you were not at ease. It denotes your concern and alarm for the person’s well-being. It demonstrates how deeply concerned you were about the individual.

I’m Really Happy You’re Getting Better

This expression shows that you’re excited about the person’s improvement. You’re pleased and delighted that someone is better than they used to be. You’re showing how thrilled you are about the person’s well-being.

This gesture conveys your excitement about the person’s progress. You’re happy and excited when someone improves from their previous state. You’re expressing how pleased you are for their well-being.

 I Can See That

Best Replies When Someone Says Not So Bad

This statement means that it’s obvious that the person is not too bad. It’s clear that the person is quite good as you can see yourself. It is evident and noticeable that the person feels good.

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Clearly, the individual in question is not awful, according to this remark. Since you can see for yourself, it is obvious that the individual is highly competent. The person’s positive mood is obvious and perceptible.

What Would I Have Done If Something Very Bad Had Happened

It is a show of concern for the well-being of a person. It shows that it wouldn’t have been funny for you if something had gone wrong with the person. Probably, this person is someone dear to you or someone you care a lot for.

It is an expression of worry for someone’s well-being. It demonstrates that if there had been a problem with the individual, it wouldn’t have been amusing to you. This individual is probably someone you hold close to your heart or someone you care deeply about.

That’s Good News

Probably, you’ve been waiting to hear this and now finally you heard it. You’ve been waiting to see the person get better. Seeing the person better than before is good news for you. It’s a positive thing to know that someone feels alright. 

You Look Better Anyways

Best Replies When Someone Says Not So Bad

Here, you’re judging the person’s well-being by the person’s looks. You’re telling the person that their face shows that they don’t feel too bad. It shows that your appearance is pleasing and better looking.

This means that you feel better, and that is why you look better. Here, your assessment of someone’s health is based only on how they appear.

You are informing the individual that their expression indicates they are not feeling too bad. It demonstrates how attractive and better-looking you are. This implies that when you feel better, you also look better.

You’ll Get Through This You’re Really Strong

It gives reassurance that the person would overcome a certain thing. It means you’re going to pass through whatever it is with ease. It means you’re going to come out of it or finish really strong.

It also implies that you believe that the person is strong so even though things are tough he’ll come out strong. It provides certainty that the person will succeed in overcoming a particular obstacle. It implies that you will breeze right through whatever it is.

It implies that you’ll either come out on top or finish strongly. Additionally, it suggests that you have faith in the person’s ability to persevere under difficult circumstances.


This article has examined some phrases that can help you respond to “not so bad” when someone says it to you.

The expression is used to say something is quite good, so this reply is going to help you respond effectively and in a better way than you normally would have done.

This response will help you answer more successfully and effectively than you would have otherwise since the term is used to indicate that something is pretty good.

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