50 Responses To Happy Birthday

There are several ways you can respond to “Happy Birthday” apart from saying “Thank you”. In this article, we would look at different ways you can respond to happy birthday using funny responses, sarcastic responses, cool responses, and sweet responses. 

50 Responses To Happy Birthday

Funny Responses

These responses are hilarious and witty. They can be used mostly for friends or whenever you want to sound funny. See some of them below;

Wow! You didn’t forget this year

This reply implies that the person forgot your birthday last year. It shows that you’re shocked that you were remembered this year.

Thank you so much but I can’t find my gift. Where is it

Responses To Happy Birthday

This is funny because you just finished showing your appreciation to the person and you’re asking for a gift. It shows that you appreciate the wish but you want a gift.

Are you my present today?

This response is also funny as it shows that you’re asking if the person is your gift. This reply shows how much you want your gift.

We all die eventually

This shows that you don’t count birthdays as anything special because peradventure everyone will die. It is funny because you’re seeing your birthday from another perspective.

Who are you again, please

Another funny response to show you cannot recognize the person that just wished you a happy birthday. It simply means you don’t know the person as you should.

I should thank Facebook for making you remember me

You’re saying this because you’re sure the person remembered your birthday due to a reminder from Facebook. You’re saying you should probably say “thank you” to them.

Hmmm, Are you my cake?

This is also funny as you’re asking if the person is your birthday cake. It’s a funny question to ask someone that came to wish you a happy birthday.

There’s no party

Here, you’re telling the person directly that there’ n celebration. This could be because you don’t want to invite the person or because you don’t want to have a party.

Is this the best you can do?

Simply put, you’re not impressed by what the person did. Probably, just wishing you a happy birthday wasn’t enough for you.

I don’t do birthdays

This implies that you don’t celebrate your birthdays. To you, it’s just another day so you’re not interested in the wishes and gifts. This is funny because who doesn’t like birthdays?

I stopped counting last year

This also shows that you no longer appreciate your birthday celebration. It means the last time you did something related to your birthday was last year.

I know you’re here for the cake

Responses To Happy Birthday

Here, you’re teasing the person that they came because of the cake. It could be that you’re aware that the person loves cake a lot.

You better not be here empty-handed

This sounds like a warning. Even though you won’t do anything, you don’t want anyone to come to your birthday without bringing something for you.

I’m expecting two gifts because you didn’t give me a gift last year

This is also funny because you still remember that the person didn’t give you any gifts last year. Not only did you remember but you’re also adding it to this year’s gift.

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I only accept cash on my birthday

Another funny response to happy birthday is this. You’re giving an instruction of you not collecting anything else but cash.

Sarcastic Responses

These responses can be used to mean the opposite of what you’re saying. You can as well use it for your friends and colleagues.

How did you know it was my birthday

Here, you’re saying this to someone that knows your birthday. You’re only putting it this way to sound sarcastic.

I’m getting really old

Responses To Happy Birthday

This doesn’t mean you’ve become old all of a sudden. It’s just a sarcastic way of saying you not getting younger. 

You can start showering me with gifts

Not like you’re expecting tons of gifts but you wouldn’t mind having them.

It’s only going to be happy if I spend it with you

Here, you’re saying you won’t have a happy birthday if you don’t spend your day with that person.

My whole day is fully booked

You’re trying to tell someone that you’re not free that day. It shows you have other plans for the whole day.

Only my presents will make me feel good

It means without your birthday gift you won’t feel good. This is sarcastic because you can feel good with or without your birthday.

Who told you

Here, you express your worry about how the person got to know about your birthday. You want to know the exact person that told them about it.

You didn’t come with a gift. How dare you

This sounds playful. You’re shocked that the person came empty-handed to your birthday. It means you were expecting a birthday gift from them.

Enough wishes. What did you get for me?

Here, you’re telling the person that you’ve heard a lot of wishes. You’re also asking what the person brought for you. It means you’re expecting something.

Cool Responses

These responses are simple and polite. These are calm responses and can be used in formal situations or any serious situation in which you find yourself. It can also be used when you don’t want to sound funny or sarcastic.

Thanks a lot 

This is a cool response as it is a way of thanking someone for their wishes. It is a form of appreciating a person in the simplest way possible.

Thank you

This is a simple and short way of showing your gratitude to a person that wishes you a happy birthday. It is a direct and simplest form of showing appreciation. 

I really appreciate it

Another cool response is this one. It shows that you appreciate the wishes sincerely. 

Thank you so much

It shows that you very much appreciate what the person tells you. It expresses deep gratitude to a person. 

Thanks! I’m honored

You’re thankful that you were given special respect or treatment on your birthday. It’s a feeling of gratitude to someone for treating you in a certain way on your birthday.

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Thank you for coming

It’s a way of expressing your gratitude to someone for coming for your birthday. You’re simply appreciating someone for showing up for your birthday.

I’m so happy you came. Thanks

This is almost the same as the previous one. It’s a way of expressing your joy that someone came for your birthday. It’s a good way of saying thank you after someone has visited you. 

That’s kind of you. Thank you

When you say this to someone on your birthday, it means that you appreciate what that person has done. You’re as well saying that it was thoughtful and nice of someone to wish you a happy birthday.

Thanks, you’ve been a wonderful part of my life

When you say this, you’re appreciating someone for being a good part of your life. It shows that the person has made a good impact on you. This is a way of thanking someone for contributing positively to your life. It demonstrates that the individual has positively affected you.

I’m so lucky to have friends like you

This shows that you acknowledge that you’re very fortunate to have friends like them. It shows that you’re privileged to have friends like them around you.  

Thank you. I’m glad you remembered

This show that you appreciate the fact that someone remembered your birthday. You’re happy that someone thought of you on your birthday.

Thanks. You all made my day

The expression shows that the person has been a good impact on your day. it shows that someone did something very positive on your birthday.

I feel loved today

Responses To Happy Birthday

It shows that you enjoyed your day. it means that what someone did for you made you feel cherished. It shows that the action was an affectionate one.

You are invited to my party

Saying this means they’ll be a party and you’re telling the person to be there. It means the person is welcome to celebrate with you on your birthday. By saying this, you’re inviting them to a party and inviting them to attend. It implies that you would like them to join you in celebrating your birthday.

Thank you for the lovely messages

Saying this means that the messages you receive were really beautiful. It means the messages were adorable and you appreciate them.

Your card meant a lot to me

This statement means you received a card from a specific person. It implies that you really value the card or that it was really important to you. It suggests that you sincerely appreciate the card or that it had a special place in your heart.

That gift was perfect. Thank you

This statement also means that you received a gift from someone. You appreciate the gift as it was the best gift of all.

Your message made me smile

This statement implies that a message was received. Not only did you receive the message but it also put a smile on your face as well as made you happy.

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Sweet Responses

These responses are mostly used to show affection to another person. It is mostly used for a loved one or a partner or someone you cherish so much.

That’s sweet of you to say. 

It means that the happy birthday that was said meant a lot to you. It shows that you cherish it a lot.

That’s why I love you

It means the reason you cherish that person is because of the love they always show to you, especially on your birthday. It implies that you value that person because of their affection for you, especially on your birthday.

You always make me smile

Responses To Happy Birthday

This statement implies that it’s not only on your birthday the person has made you smile. It shows that the person consistently makes you smile whether it’s your birthday or not.

This expression suggests that the person has made you smile on more than just your birthday. It also demonstrates that the individual constantly raises your mood, whether or not it is your birthday.

Thank you for making this the best birthday of my life

It means that someone has done something that this particular birthday better than every other one. This means that this birthday is better than others because of what someone did for you.

It indicates that someone has outperformed himself on this specific birthday. It indicates that due to anything someone did for you, this birthday is better than others.

You’re such a darling. Look at all those flowers

Calling someone a sweet name like darling means that the person is really close to your heart. It implies that you love flowers and the person gave you lovely flowers.

This is so sweet. You’re going to make me cry

It shows that someone has done something on your birthday that touched your heart. The person’s gesture made you teary because it was so adorable and lovely.

I cherish you so much

This statement means that the person means so much to you. It means that you adore the person so much. This expression conveys how important the other person is to you. It indicates how much you adore that individual.

You’re the best birthday present 

When you say to someone, that there’s no need to get you a present because he is the best present. It shows that you acknowledge the person to be someone really special to you.


We have outlined different ways in which you can respond when you’re being wished happy birthday on your day. This response can come in form of an appreciation, it can be a witty one, it can be romantic, can sound playful, and it can just be simple and polite.

These are all appropriate for responding to happy birthday but be careful not to use a sweet response meant for a close friend for your boss at the office, well except if you have a close relationship with your boss.

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