18 of the Best Ways to Respond to “Best Regards”

When someone says “best regards” at the end of an email, text message, or even after a conversation, it means they are trying to wish you well in your endeavor.

This means that, beyond passing a message, they want you to feel relaxed and free with them.

Your friend could say best regards; a professional or an email you subscribe to can add it to their text, depending on how relational they want to be with you.

However, you ought to discern from their writing or text their intent and, if possible, give a response that is simple and one that they can also relate to.

That is what this post tries to avail to you. In this article, you will learn how to respond to “best regards.”

18 of the Best Responses to “Best Regards”

When a person says ‘best regards’, usually after a conversation or text, it shows their warm wishes or respect towards you.

Furthermore, it could be a greeting and, on the other hand, can be used to show friendliness.

Your reply to someone who gives you their best regards shouldn’t be far from the context in which it is used.

You can respond by saying the following replies which I’m about to discuss in this post.

Underneath are 18 ways to respond to “Best regards.”

  1. Best Regards
  2. Thanks A Lot
  3. Alright. Thanks
  4. I Am Delighted You Care
  5. Thank You For Thinking About Me
  6. Smile(s)
  7. Okay
  8. I Appreciate You
  9. I Acknowledge Your Kind Gesture
  10. I Am Grateful
  11. I Thank You For Your Great Wishes
  12. I Am Delighted To Get Your Message
  13. Oh Thanks!
  14. What Do You Mean?
  15. Same Here
  16. Oh, You Got The News Already? Thank You
  17. I Know You Will Always Wish Me Well
  18. I Wish You Success Too

Best Regards

How to Respond to Best Regards

Although it sounds like a repetition of what the addresser says to you, it also implies that you want to relate similarly with the person who gives you their best regards.

You can also respond by saying “Best regards” in a situation where you are not clear about the speaker’s or writer’s intent.

In a situation where you are not so sure about the best response to give someone who writes to you or says “best regards,” you can simply say “best regards.”

Thanks A Lot

You can say “thanks a lot” as a response when someone tells you their best regards.

This is most applicable when, from all indications, the person who says to you ‘best regard’ wishes you success in your endeavors.

Also, in a situation where someone who tells you their best regards might have said a prayer for you or wished that you progress in what you are about to venture into or what you are investing in.

Saying thank you as a response to “best regards” shows that you are grateful for the addressee’s mindfulness towards you.

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Alright. Thanks

Just in case, after reading a text or having a conversation, you were not happy about the text or the way your conversation with someone ended, and they said ‘Best regards’ at the end, you could simply say, ‘Alright. Thanks’.

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This is to show that you are not in a happy mood and that you do not want to look like a snob.

So, you simply say, ‘Alright Thanks,’ so you don’t keep their reply hanging. You can also add to ‘Best regards’- ‘alright’.

It is appreciated when you do not want to say too much or complicate things between you and someone.

I Am Delighted You Care

When someone gives you their best regards and you perceive that it is from a genuine heart after looking closely into their intentions, you can show your appreciation to them for their care by expressing your delight.

In another situation, when someone offers their best regards to you in a friendly manner, in a bid to place yourself in a position that shows that you are delighted about their concern, your response can be “I am delighted you care.”

Thank You For Thinking About Me

This response can be said when you want to express your appreciation after a call or text message.

Not everyone who knows you may have good thoughts about you or even wish you well.

If someone you know closely or do not know intimately wishes you well in your endeavor, it means they are thoughtful.

In that case, you shouldn’t take their mindfulness for granted and should not hold back your gratitude towards you, but rather reply with their best regards with “Thank you for being thoughtful of me”.

This response sounds encouraging and shows you have been observing.


You must not give a full response or say something terrific after someone wishes or says best regards to you.

You can simply smile or even type “smiles” if you are replying to a text with “best regards.” This response depicts your state of emotions.

Your smile shows a receptive disposition to someone who tells you “best regards,” and that could be a green light for them to lay the foundation for the friendship they’ve wanted to build all along.


You can simply say “okay” when someone tells you ‘best regards.’ It sounds a little bit cold, especially if you are not smiling.

The sender who wishes you well may assume that you are not so excited about him or her.

However, you can respond to “Best wishes” by saying okay to show that you do not clearly understand the intent of the sender or that you need to process the information that is tagged with the message shared.

I Appreciate You

A proper response to someone who says “best regards” is to show your gratitude to them.

It is not cheap for someone to send you a text message or call you, especially if they do it consistently with so much care and with a pure heart.

So, express your thanks to someone who gives you “best regards” by saying that you appreciate them. You can go on and on to mention that you always feel great when they speak with you.

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I Acknowledge Your Kind Gesture

How to Respond to Best Regards

When someone treats you nicely with a pure heart, whether they call, seek to know your well-being, or keep in touch through text messages, you shouldn’t fail to acknowledge what they do because it is a rare quality.

After having a long conversation about your next plan of action or the plans you are currently working on, it is possible that they can share helpful tips on how you can do better.

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I Am Grateful

Instead of saying “thank you” as a response to “best regards,” you can simply say, “I am grateful.”

Although saying “thank you” in appreciation makes so much sense, when you respond by saying, “I am grateful,” it becomes more obvious that your response sometimes comes with a sense that you have not shut the door on friendship.

Also, it sounds more personal.

I Thank You For Your Great Wishes

To respond to “best regards” appropriately, you may need to settle for a reply within the context of your conversation with someone who tells you best regards.

Apart from saying “best regards” to create a relationship with someone, it is possible that someone tells you “best regards” after you share an opportunity you are making attempts to get or a job application you want to submit.

In that case, they can say “best regards” instead of “good luck” or “I wish you the very best as you step out.” Your response to that should be a show of thanks.

I Am Delighted To Get Your Message

How to Respond to Best Regards

It feels super exciting to receive a message with its contents ending with “best regards” from someone.

Your response could be “I am delighted to get your message” if the content of the message is a pleasant one or if it brings clarity to a situation that almost got you confused.

Your response, depicting a joyous state, could also be because you haven’t heard from someone who says “best regards” after a long conversation in a while.

Oh Thanks!

This response to “best regards” is most suitable when you are not so conscious or need some time to digest the content of the message passed to you.

Sometimes, this response could show that you are surprised to hear such words from the person who said them.

In this case, your facial expression will complement this response.

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What Do You Mean?

It is possible for someone to say to you “best regards” in a bid to conclude a conversation you two are having. In that case, you shouldn’t let it slide, except if you feel otherwise.

However, if you need more clarity on what they mean by saying “best regards” in the middle of a conversation, in as much as it is advisable to say this confidently, it is important to say it with respect to gain clarity.

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So, you won’t remain in the dark as to what conclusion to agree with instead of ending your conversation with “best regards.”

Same Here

In order to get over the sense of not responding to someone who says “best regards,” your reply can be the same here.

Aside from establishing a relationship of similitude between you and them, it signifies that you feel the same way that they do.

This could as well be a good basis for establishing a good relationship with the person who gives you their best regards.

So, simply say “same here” instead of getting confused about what to say and what it will imply to them.

Oh, You Got The News Already? Thank You

It is possible that you were given admission or got a scholarship and the news has been going around without your knowledge.

In that case, you can meet someone who has heard the news about your new scholarship, admission, job opportunity, or any exciting news at all and who tells you “best regards.”

You can give a response of, “Oh, you just received the new?” to express your shock and response. If the person is right before you, you can add a smile to it while responding.

Also, you can add ‘from where did you get the information?’

I Know You Will Always Wish Me Well

It is possible to know someone who doesn’t have your interests at heart, but when you have built a level of friendship with someone and you always have their support, you can trust those kinds of people anytime, anywhere.

If such friends tell you “best regards,” your response can be, “I know you will always wish me well.”

This is because you know the kind of person they are and their intentions toward you are less likely to be ulterior.

I Wish You Success Too

This response is most suitable for someone with whom you are writing the same exams or undergoing a program.

It is possible that before you go in for the examination or interview, they will say, “Best regards.”

Instead of taking time to decipher the most accurate reply to their good wish, you can simply reciprocate a good wish to them by saying, “I wish you success too.”

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Best regards is one of those words that can be used formally and informally, and its response must also be dependent on the situation or setting in which it is said.

However, to respond with “best regard,” the relationship between the speaker and addressee should be acknowledged in order to get a suitable response.

You can as well consider giving a response in line with the addressee’s tone. It will enable you to give the best possible response. I trust you got a new idea from this article.

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