How to Respond to “Just Saying” (Best 18 Responses)

You have probably heard the phrase, “just saying” and mostly in movies. Yes people say it in day-to-day conversations but do you know what it means? No?

That’s why today we will be learning about the phrase just saying, and not just the meaning but how to respond to it in any situation. Are you ready?

“Just Saying” Meaning

“Just saying”, or “I am just saying”, is used by people when they are saying something that others might not find savory or that others don’t want to listen to. Maybe you have a friend who wants to sneak out to a party.

You can warn them by reminding them of the rules for anyone who gets caught and add just saying to mean that you are just looking out for them.

You can also use just saying when you want to state your opinion on a matter.

For example, if a friend asks what you think of his painting or the cake he baked, you can use this to give some constructive criticism without sounding like a hater.

Now some people find “just saying” rude but it depends on the context and who you are talking to.

If they are okay with hearing the truth, adding just saying at the end will make it sound like you are correcting them and they may not like that.

They will think you are proud and you are trying to be smart with them. For phrases like this, it’s best you use them with people you are close to and very familiar with to avoid being called names.

11 Best angry responses to “just saying”

angry responses to "just saying"

  1. Yeah yeah
  2. Of course, you are
  3. Don’t be such a k*lljoy
  4. Well don’t say
  5. You are always saying something
  6. I didn’t ask your opinion you know
  7. You are so square
  8. You are such a goody-goody two shoes
  9. I know, I know
  10. I don’t want to hear it
  11. And what do you know

Most times people who are told “just saying” don’t want to hear the truth or whatever the other person said.

It feels like you are attacking them or at least you so there are a few replies you can use to snap at them and let them know that you are not happy with them talking to you.

Yeah yeah

This reply is sarcastic. It agrees with the person who is talking to them. What the reply really means is that you have heard them so they should please leave you alone”.

If you are trying to get someone to know you are not in the mood for their sermonizing, this reply is a simple way to communicate that without many words.

Of course you are

This is another sarcastic reply. When they say that they are JUST saying, they mean that “I don’t want to be one to point out the fact that you are making a big mistake but you definitely are.”

The reply is then mocking their stance because you feel in a way they are not bold enough to criticize without pretending not to.

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Don’t be such a k*lljoy

If you really don’t care what they are saying then you can use this reply. It is sort of dismissive to say that even if you are wrong, you don’t care and they are just trying to spoil your fun.

It’s giving off cool bad girl vibes who have that one good friend, something straight out of a movie but it is a good reply.

Well don’t say

It’s a short witty reply you can snap at someone who is getting on your nerves for criticizing your actions.

It is witty because it still uses the word “say” which is in the phrase they used. You can also use it to taunt them for being so good if you are not very angry.

You are always saying something

Have they made it a habit to rub the truth in your face, and remind you of the mistakes you are making?

This reply is perfect for telling them that they are forming a nasty habit, one that you hate.

They may not realize but then you can continue from there and give them a talk so they know to stay out of people’s business and stop being so concerned about what they are doing right or wrong.

I didn’t ask your opinion you know

angry responses to "just saying"

I like how this reply attacks them directly even though they attacked you indirectly. It will teach them to keep their mouths shut and their head in their own business.

It will be a bit rude if they are very close to you and just looking out for you, but anything other than that, they deserve this publicly said so they can turn red with embarrassment.

You are so square

Great learning moment here! Being square means being old-fashioned and go be very dull and unadventurous. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they are right, they are just boring and like to play it safe all the time.

Square people will use the phrase “just saying” to dissuade you from any fun, wrong thing you are going to or are about to do. Use this reply on them.

They will get to think a little and decide what kind of person they want to be or try to figure out what square means if they don’t know.

You are such a goody-goody two shoes

Now, this is if they are just being so law-abiding and obedient and it gets on your nerves. They would want you to be like them and stay out of trouble so you can use this to tell them off.

The truth is not everyone will be like them so they need to be reminded. It’s not as savage as the reply above and it would even sound like a joke if you say it nicely.

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It would still tell them to leave you alone without hurting their feelings.

I know, I know

It is said that when you repeat an answer or a phrase it means you are impatient with whoever you are talking to. Well, impatience can be caused by anger and a reply that is inspired by anger.

Generally aside from trying to remind them of something they might have forgotten, you can use this phrase to remind them of the truth and the consequences of their actions.

With this reply, you are telling them that you are also aware of what they are telling you.

They should understand immediately that you want to be alone from the tone you would deliver the response.

I don’t want to hear it

This reply is basically all you have been trying to say from the very beginning. This one just puts it bluntly.

Sometimes it’s not you trying to shy away from the truth, maybe you are thinking of your actions and trying to find the course to handle things and someone is just going a mile a minute about what they think is right.

This reply will definitely shut them up and send them away.

And what do you know?

This is the last reply for the angry replies although this sounds more like you are looking at them. It is saying that you don’t care about what they are saying whether they are right or wrong and they should leave you be.

It’s not the friendliest response but for those who are cocky and go about correcting people, it should get them out of your hair.

7 Best Pacifying Responses to “Just Saying”

pacifying responses to "just saying"

Let’s say the person who told you this was really looking out for you. They are friends who really care about you and just wanted to make sure that you are not doing anything you would regret.

In that case, you might not know what to snap at them or be mean to them. Here are few responses that you can use:

  1. You are right
  2. I have been thinking about that too
  3. And I understand
  4. You don’t have to tell me twice
  5. Yes and thank you
  6. I hear you. I hear you loud and clear
  7. I know you are just looking out for me

You are right

That is if they are. If they are bringing it up, they are just trying to help you so telling them that they are right is telling them that you realize what they are saying is true and you are willing to follow as they said.

Now while it may look like you are just giving a pat on the back, you are actually presenting yourself as smart enough to not make any mistake they are warning you off. It’s a win for both sides.

I have been thinking about that too

When it’s about making a decision, you would have a lot of options to go through to make sure that at the end, your decision will be to your advantage.

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In this case, anything that they tell you and end with just saying is not really their opinion, they are trying to help you make a good decision too.

This reply tells them that you had it all in mind. You can also say, “it’s been on my mind for a while” if you don’t want to use the reply above.

And I understand

You know when there is a huge fight and trying to pacify the two sides because trying to point out who is right and wrong in the heated moments won’t work?

It’s the same with this reply. If the person speaking to you is getting agitated and annoyed by what you are doing, you stand a chance to get into trouble so you have to appease them by telling them you understand. It’s saying, “yes. I know and you are absolutely right”.

You don’t have to tell me twice

If you realize that what they are saying is right, this reply means that you will take action along the lines of their words because it’s the smart thing to do.

Once again, you make them happy and they will be too grateful that you are willing to take correction rather than remind you of your mistakes.

Yes, and thank you

pacifying responses to "just saying"

Appreciation is never out of place to someone who is being a real friend. Generally, they would add “just saying” so that if you turn on them, they won’t take full blame for their words.

It’s like running away from bearing the responsibility of their own words. When you use the reply though, it tells them that you know they are right and you appreciate them for their help.

Not too many people would be honest with you but since they chose to be honest with you, it is something to be thankful to them for.

I hear you. I hear you loud and clear

This is not really something that you say when you are angry. You are saying it so they will stop talking.

It can be said sarcastically but then you know they are right and you should really fix whatever they are JUST talking about.

It might pacify them a bit and then they would leave you alone but they will come back because you didn’t tell them off.

I know you are just looking out for me

Another way to say thank you. While they might be worried that they would offend you and get on your bad side, you can surprise them with this reply.

Only people who really care about you would take their time to point where you might be going wrong so they can help you in any way they can.

This time, it’s through advice and warning and this reply says thank you for that.

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