20 Best Ways To Respond To “You’re A Star”

Imagine winning a gold medal in a sprinting event and then you begin to radiate like a real star. Got ya!!. It’s amazing, right? The feeling of being seen as a star.

In this article, I’ll be sharing 20 of the best responses to “You’re a star” comment. So I’d advise you to read till the end of this piece.

Firstly, what does “You’re a star” mean? When someone says you’re a star, it means that you’re a big ball shape creation burning in the night sky. Just kidding!

When someone says you’re a star, they mean you’re very popular or known in a particular field, industry, aspect or place. You must have done something that made you stand out, like being the first movie actor from your area. 

Second, when someone says you’re a star, they mean you’re really good at what you do. They mean that many others do what you do but you happen to do it better and so you’re seen as a star in that field. 

Third, when someone says you’re a star, they mean that you’re meant for greatness and that they believe in your potentials. This can be very encouraging for someone who’s learning to be an excellent content writer or a great movie actor. 

Words are more than languages or letters coming together to make a sentence. Words have the power to keep a man going even in his rough days.

Now, let’s talk about 20 of the best responses to “You’re a star”.

20 Best Ways To Respond To “You’re A Star”

“Thank you”

Best Ways To Respond To You're A Star

The Word “Thank you ” sounds old,common or old-fashioned but sometimes old onions are as good as the new ones. It’s a statement of genuine gratitude to someone for making such a comment. 

There are similar words like “thanks” or “thanks a bunch” but they seem to take out the truthfulness of our originality that the word “Thank you” means. It’s like striking love into someone’s heart like an arrow, direct and effective. 

I’d say also that “Thank you” sounds more heartfelt than “Thanks” or “thanks a bunch”. So when someone says you’re a star, you can just say ” Thank you”

“It’s so good to hear that from you”

For instance, you’re having a rough time trying to write a good article and you’re making a lot of mistakes, probably spelling words wrongly and you’re so frustrated and your fiance walks in and sees you so disjointed.

And what he says first is “You’re a star”. How relieving that will sound!. It’ll literally take the stress off of you. 

Or take for instance, people around your neighborhood have been mocking you after flopping in a drama play in church and your partner looks at you and with a broad smile says “You’re a star”.

Imagine how that will feel. It’s like drinking a cup of cold water after coming out from a hot day. 

In both cases or cases similar to these, the right words to use in response will be “It’s so good to hear that from you”

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“It’s so lovely coming from you”

Best Ways To Respond To You're A Star

Just imagine winning a race match in school and your schoolmates come congratulating you for your big win. Then, your crush meets you and says “Congratulations! You’re a star”. Oh how romantic!!. You’ll feel like blowing up like an explosive, right?

This may not be the case for you, but when someone says” You’re a star”, one of the best responses is “It’s so lovely to hear that from you”. 

“You’re the best”

Another cute way of responding to someone who says “You’re a star” is ” You’re the best”. Say this and you’re sure to bring a smile out of the person’s face like a spell.

“And you’re my World”

Best Ways To Respond To You're A Star

Awwww! How romantic this response is! Trust me when I say this statement has the ability to make someone’s cheek pink for an hour. 

Just imagine you’re on a date with your fiance or husband and he looks at you lovingly and says “You’re a star” and instead of blushing straightaway, you reciprocate quickly with “And you’re my world”.

That could well be the only thing that he’ll think about throughout the day. 

So, when someone who perhaps is in an intimate relationship with you says that you’re a star, one of the best responses will be “And you’re my world”

“I adore you”

Oh the beauty of words!. It can turn someone’s mood from bad to good and it can take someone from under the world to be on top of it . And how lovely a response like “I adore you” to a “You’re a star” comment is. 

This person you’re saying this to could be your lover or partner, husband or wife or even your mum or dad.

When you say that you adore someone, it means you treasure the person like a diamond or gold, maybe twenty pieces of gold and nothing more. Just joking!. 

When you say you adore someone,it also means that the person is a part of you that you cannot do or live without.

“You deserve a kiss”

This would be most appropriate if you’re married to the person. Let’s say it’s your birthday and your husband gives you a surprise gift and then says “You’re a star”.

A beautiful way to respond will be to say “You deserve a kiss” and a kiss he’d get. I don’t think we’d need the details of what happens after that. 

“I love you”

Well, this response can be used for your friend or relative. Maybe, you just received a beautiful gift on Valentine’s day and your lover says “You light up my World… You’re a star”.

The best response in this case will be “I love you”. This means you value, respect, acknowledge and cherish the person.

Love is also a mutual feeling. Make sure you’re close to the person you’re saying this to. Giving this response to your general manager or CEO might sound pretty awkward.

“You’re the best”

We’ve talked about responses like “Thank you” , “I love you” , ” I adore you” and “You’re my world”. Let me explain what “You’re the best” means. What is inferred when someone says that to you?  

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This means that the person has done something heartfelt or very important, like your laundry or taking your kids to school because you were too ill to do that. It’s a statement of gratitude for being valuable.

So when someone tells you that “You’re a star”, he or she must have helped you fulfill a need and the best response to give in this case is “You’re the best”. 

This statement doesn’t really have limits. You could say this to your boss, your student or a new friend you met on your way to the mall. It can be used generally irrespective of the person’s relationship with you

“I’m blessed to have you”

This means that their presence in your life is divine. This means that the person is God sent. This could also mean that apart from receiving the statement “You’re a star”, this person has been a source of hope, strength or inspiration to you. 

This person could be your mum,dad, pastor or teacher. “I’m blessed to have you” is such a beautiful way to respond to this kind of comment. 

“You’re a gift to me”

This is very similar to the previous response. This means that the person means the world to you and you probably don’t deserve the love and attention given to you. 

This could be a friend who has stood by you through the toughest or roughest seasons of your life. It could be your wife or a good friend of yours. 

“I cannot live a single day without you”

So heartwarming! This means that the person is so important to your existence or a major part of your being.

This could be your wife if you’re a guy or your husband if you’re a woman. Just watch how she or he will throw their arms around you after making such a lovely statement.

“You’re so sweet with words”

Another lovely response will be “You’re so sweet”. This will be  best suitable if you’re in a romantic relationship with that person.

Maybe you just received a gift during dinner with a card that says “You’re a star” or your husband gave you breakfast in bed, gives you a peck and says “Good morning honey. Did I tell you that you’re a star?”

Your response could be “You’re so sweet”.  Isn’t it sweet to receive breakfast in bed or read a card that makes you feel like a star?  You can give him a warm hug or a kiss too. This is just a tip which you could try. Please don’t blow this. Let’s move to the next point

“You deserve a medal”

Wait, Just wait a minute. Before you try to say this, make sure you have a golden or silver medal near you!. Again, just kidding.

This particular statement also shows that the person is valuable to you so much that you feel like giving him a reward like a medal.

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“How kind of you “

The thing is, kindness isn’t just in actions. Your words can carry kindness as well.

For instance, you are telling an acquaintance about your successes in high school and your life as a writer who has won many awards even at that stage, and he/she just says “Wow. You’re a star”. One beautiful way of responding will be “How kind of you”

“Did I ever tell you that you’re the most wonderful thing to me?”

Again, romantic! Beauty isn’t tied to physical attributes but in deeds like being loving, supportive or available. 

When someone tells you that you’re a star and that person happens to be an important part of you or brings out a smile out of you everytime or gives you a sense of peace and security, the proper response in this case will be “You’re the most beautiful thing that has happened to me”. Doesn’t it sound beautiful?

“Thank you very much”

This is very similar to “Thank you” but it shows how grateful you are as in how deep your gratitude is . 

If you’re thinking of choosing between “Thank you” , “Thanks” , “Thanks a bunch” and “Thank you very much” , the last will be more suitable

“I’m really grateful “

You just won the twelfth edition of “The Voice Nigeria” and your model comes to you, congratulating you and telling you that you’re a star. How honorable that is!

After saying “Thank you very much, Sir” or “Thank you very much, ma’am”, the best word to accompany it will be “I’m really grateful”. It shows that you’ve received their reverence for you and you sincerely appreciate that.

“Oh really? I’m so glad to hear that”

Well this doesn’t mean that you don’t believe what they’ve said but it shows how happy you are to hear it from them. It is synonymous to saying that you’re happy to hear from him or her. 

This isn’t commonly used like “Thank you ” or “You’re the best” but is as effective.

When someone says “You’re a star”, you can use this statement instead of the aforementioned. Now let’s go to number 20 of our 20 best responses to “You’re a star”

“You’re amazing”

Best Ways To Respond To You're A Star

Yes, the final response in our 20 best responses to “You’re a star” is “You’re amazing”. This is such a great way of responding to the comment, “You’re a star”.

It means that you are blown away, surprised or amazed by these words or that they make you have goosebumps running down your skin.  How amazing is the response “amazing”.


There are lots of other responses, of course, but these are some of the best responses. Do well to try any of these.

So when someone next says “You’re a star”, you shouldn’t be out of words. Use any of these responses and you’ll have the person smiling back at you, happy that he said that to you. 


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