20 Proper Responses to “Any Luck?”

It can be pretty hard sometimes to reply to “any luck” especially when you are not very sure of yourself. The phrase “any luck” is used when a person is interested in the progress of an activity or research as the case may be.

It shows that the person wants to know if you’re being successful or you’re encountering challenges in the cause of doing it. It is a way of being concerned about a person’s progress or the result of something. 

In this article, we will take a look at 20 proper responses you can give whenever someone tells you or ask you “any luck”.

Some proper responses which you can give are; “Yeah! Just got a hint”, “Nothing at all but I’m not giving up”, and “Come have a look”. These responses show that there’s a little luck, even though it might not be exactly what’s needed.

20 Appropriate Responses to “Any Luck?”

Yeah! Just Got A hint

This reply tells someone that there is a little bit of luck. A hint shows that there is a clue to what you’re searching for, it may not be the whole answer but it is something useful to you and can lead to a full answer to what you’re searching for. It is an acknowledgment that you got something that is beneficial.

  • “Any luck?”
  • “Yeah! Just got a hint. This is going to be great.”
  • “Any luck?”
  • “Yeah! Just got a hint, come closer.”

Nothing at all but I’m not giving up.

This response is simply saying that there is no luck but even if there’s no luck, you won’t stop searching. It is a reply that implies that there is the hope of you finding something, even though at the moment nothing is proving to be useful.

It shows that there isn’t any luck at all but even at that, you want to keep searching and looking till you find one. This response can be used to give a little hope to the person asking.

  • “Any luck?”
  • “Nothing at all but I’m not giving up”

Come and have a look. 

For this response, you can guess that there’s luck. Though, it isn’t clear whether there’s luck or not but it’s just a way of saying, “I’ve got something, come and see if it’s going to be useful”.

You’re inviting the person to take a look at what you’ve been doing. You also ask for the person’s opinion on what you found. This shows that you’re not so sure or confident of what you found, so you need the opinion of someone else. It is not a direct answer to what was asked.

  • “Any luck?”
  • “Come have a look, you’d love this.”
  • “Any luck?”
  • “There’s something here, come have a look.”

I need a little more time

Proper Responses To “Any Luck”

The response shows that there is no luck but to get any, you need more time. It shows that if you are given more time, you might get something that is useful. With this reply, you’re assuring the person that there can be a little luck but you need more time to make that happen.

  • “Any luck”
  • “This is pretty difficult. I need a little more time.”
  • “Any luck?”
  • “I wish. I still need a little more time to do this.”
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Yes! A whole lot

This is a positive answer. Here, you’re not contemplating whether there is or not but you’re giving a straightforward answer.

Not only is this answer straightforward and positive, but it also implies that you got multiple answers to what you’re searching for.

You’re not asking for more time to search or being confused about what you’ve got. It shows you’re sure what you found would be useful.

  • “Any luck”
  • “Yes! A whole lot, you’d be surprised.”
  • “Any luck”
  • “Yes! A whole lot, can’t believe it myself.”

I’ll keep trying but nothing for now

This response also shows that there’s no luck. It also implies that you don’t want to give up yet. It’s a response that tells a person that there’s no luck but you’ll keep putting effort to get something out of it.

It shows that you won’t give up on what you’re searching for till you find something. It’s a way of saying you’ve been doing your best. You can use this response if you want to let the person know that you’ve been searching and as well give an assurance that you won’t stop till you get whatever you’re searching for.

  • “Any luck”
  • “I’ll keep trying but nothing for now. Just be patient.”
  • “Any luck?”
  • “Hmmm, I’ll keep trying but nothing for now.”

Oh! Yeah

This is another positive reply. It is a direct and simple response that shows that you’ve got something. It is not a “maybe” but a positive answer that there is luck. It is another way of answering “yes!” to “any luck?”.

  • “Any luck?”
  • “Oh! Yeah. This is amazing”
  • “Any luck?”
  • “Oh! Yeah. So many options to choose from.”

Sure! As always

You can use this reply when you’re always getting the answers you need. When you’re being asked any luck and you give this reply, you’re simply saying yes.

It is a positive reply and it implies that just like you have always gotten an answer in the past, this present one is no different as you’ve equally gotten an answer or a clue on what to do. For you, there’s always luck.  

  • “Any luck?”
  • “Sure! As always. I told you I’d find something, didn’t I?”
  • “Any luck?”
  • “Sure! As always. I’m a lucky guy.” 

Nothing useful yet

This answer is a negative one. It is a negative statement that shows that probably you’ve been trying for a long time but still haven’t gotten anything up to this present time. Though, there’s little hope that it might happen.

It implies that there is a chance that you can get lucky even though you did not get any luck at all. It means you’ve not gotten anything but there’s a possibility of it happening in the future. 

  • “Any luck”
  • “Nothing useful yet. Check back later.”
  • “Any luck”
  • “Nothing useful yet. I don’t know what’s wrong.”
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 Not yet but soon

This is similar to the previous response. This response doesn’t only mean it would happen in the future but that it would happen in the nearest future. it means you’ll get what you’re looking for in a short time after now or your answer will come not too long from this moment.

It is a response that shows your confidence that something positive will happen or you’ll achieve something positive in a short while.

  • “Any luck”
  • “Not yet but soon. Check back in a few minutes.”
  • “Any luck”
  • “Not yet but soon. It shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes.”

It doesn’t look like they’ll be

This is a negative reply and it shows that there’s no luck at all. This response implies that apart from the fact that there’s no luck, there is no chance of getting any. So here, there is no hope and this could be a result of a mistake being made somewhere.

  • “Any luck?”
  • “It doesn’t look like they’ll be. Something is wrong somewhere.”
  • “Any luck?”
  • “It doesn’t look like they’ll be. This is so weird.”

 No! I might need some help

This response is also negative and it is as well an appeal. You’re trying to tell the person that there’s no luck and you’d need helping hands if a positive outcome is expected. It means that you can’t do it alone, since you’ve not gotten any luck when you did it alone. 

  • “Any luck?”
  • “No! I might need some help. Please can you get John?”
  • “Any luck?”
  • “No! I might need some help. Do you mind helping me out here?”

 What do you have?

Here, you’re not saying yes or no. You’re requesting the person’s opinion on what you’re working on. It can also be a way of asking about a person’s opinion on the task that is being given to you. It implies that you would like to compare the person’s opinion with yours.  

  • “Any luck?”
  • “What do you have? It might be useful.”
  • “Any luck?”
  • “What do you have? Come on let’s see what you’ve got.”

I was hoping to hear from you

Proper Responses To “Any Luck”

This reply just like the previous one isn’t a yes or a no. it only implies that you need to hear the person’s opinion. It could be that you want to hear from the person first before you start. 

  • “Any luck”
  • 400;”>“I was hoping to hear from you. I haven’t seen a single clue.”

Not sure what we have yet

This response shows that you’ve been coming across so many options but you’ve not decided on any. It implies that you’re confused and indecisive. Probably you’ve seen a lot of options but you’re not sure of which to pick at the moment.  

  • “Any luck?”
  • “Not sure of what we have yet. It’s pretty confusing.”
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Check this out

Proper Responses To “Any Luck”

This response implies that you’ve seen an answer or a clue to what you’re searching for but you need your partner to take a look at it. It also implies that you would like to hear what the person has to say about what you found.

It is a positive response that you got something but it needs affirmation from someone else. It is also a way of sharing your view with the person

  • “Any luck?”
  • “Check this out and tell me what you think.”
  • “Any luck?”
  • “Check this out. I feel it needs a little …”

Not yet

This is a negative answer but at the same time means you can still find something later. It is just a way of saying there’s nothing right now but there will be. 

  • “Any luck”
  • “Not yet. I’ve been searching.”

Hopefully, soon

It implies that in the nearest future, there will be luck. Here, there is no negative answer but an answer that gives expectation. You’re trying to tell someone to expect luck pretty soon. The person should be optimistic and expect luck any moment from now. 

  • “Any luck?”
  • “Hopefully soon something will pop up.”

Look what we found here

Proper Responses To “Any Luck”

The response shows that you’ve found something which is most likely useful. This response is quite positive because there’s confidence that you found something.

It is also a way of inviting someone else to view what you’ve been doing. The reply is a way of asking for someone’s opinion on what you got.

  • “Any luck?”
  • “Look what we found here. Not bad right.”

Will this help?

Here also, you are not confident about what you have. You are not sure if what you have will be useful or not. It’s another way of seeking a person’s view about something.

You want to be sure that what you found is of great use. This reply tells a person that you’ve not made a decision and whether an opinion or reply is given to you would determine if what you found would be helpful or not. 

  • “Any luck?”
  • “Will this help? Please let me know once you’re done.”


Responding to a question like “any luck” can be difficult sometimes, especially when you’ve not made a proper decision or when you need another person’s view on it before you make your conclusion.

It could even be worse when you don’t seem to get any clue or hint on what you’re searching for.

You don’t need to brainstorm to get replies or to how to respond when you’re being asked “any luck”, this article has explored some proper responses which you can give any time, any day, all you need to do is know which situation you’re dealing with at the moment. 

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