Hope You Had A Great Weekend Responses

Do you have a hard time responding to the question, “Hope you had a great weekend?”

Every once in a while, your coworkers or bosses may approach you and start up a conversation with you to be courteous or pass the occasionally tedious work hours.

To start a discussion, they will therefore ask questions such as “How was your weekend?”

Only you know how your weekend was, but we’ve put together a list of answers to the question “How was your weekend?” so everyone can know the best ways to give a response.

This article lists 28 of the most interesting answers to the question, “How was your weekend?”

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28 Responses to “Hope you had a great weekend?”

Underneath are 28 “I hope you had a great weekend” responses you can use in various cases:

  1. Oh yeah, I did! How about you? 
  2. Certainly! I enjoyed a restful weekend.
  3. Yeah! Jane made my weekend satisfying. 
  4. Definitely! Attending the picnic was my highlight of the weekend.
  5. Absolutely! I had the opportunity to relax.
  6. Yep, although the weekend usually passes too quickly.
  7. Nothing so special. It was just like a normal weekend.
  8. Though the weekend was wonderful, it was over before I realized it. A great weekend, did you too?
  9. The weather was ideal for being indoors, so I found it enjoyable.
  10. I completed a lot of my to-do list over the weekend, and I’m relieved to have those duties completed!
  11. Absolutely not! Over the course of the weekend, I could still feel the effects of the previous week’s tension.
  12. Can we not talk about it, please? 
  13. I finally got to attend the concert for which I had long-held tickets. Excellent, what a show!
  14. Even though I didn’t get as much done as I had intended, I’m still happy with what I managed to achieve.
  15. Oh yeah! I became an aunt over the weekend. It felt divine. 
  16. I tried something different, and I am proud I did. This is to say, I had a productive weekend.
  17. It was somewhat emotional for me. I attended a reunion where I met my high schoolmates after so many years. 
  18. Even though we had to concentrate on domestic duties, it is great to return home to a tidy and welcoming environment at the end of the day.
  19. The fact that I could make up for my absence with my children during the entire week made it excellent.
  20. Certainly not! I lost my pet, and I feel guilty for not being there for him before now. 
  21. My weekend was splendid. Thank you for always looking out for me. 
  22. Nah! I spent my weekend in the hospital. 
  23. Hell no! It was just so boring. 
  24. Throughout the weekend, I experienced a string of disappointing events.
  25. Oh yeah! I was able to go shopping with my fiance.
  26. Definitely! I had time to make my favorite dish and not eat junk as I do on weekdays. 
  27. Indeed, it was. My side business saw its first transaction.
  28. I partied so hard and felt refreshed afterward.
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Oh Yeah, I Did! How About You?

Hope You Had A Great Weekend Responses

This is a simple response you can use to affirm that you had a great weekend. If per adventure, you do not intend to go into a detailed explanation about how you spent your weekend, you can use this response.

By returning the question, you shift the attention from you to the person who asked the question. It also shows that you are interested in their welfare.

Certainly! I Enjoyed A Restful Weekend

You’d want to respond by pointing out that you took the entire weekend off from work. It is a huge highlight of your weekend, particularly if your main goal was to unwind after a stressful week.

Yeah! Jane Made My Weekend Satisfying

Hope You Had A Great Weekend Responses

If a friend graced your weekend with their presence, you can simply infuse it in your response. You can do this by simply mentioning their name and explaining what role they played in your weekend.

You should use this response when talking to someone who is familiar with the person you are referring to. Otherwise, ensure that you clarify who the person is.

For instance, when you say, “Yeah! Jane made my weekend satisfying.” You should explain who Jane is. You can simply say, “Jane is my close friend.” “We’ve been together way back in high school.”

Definitely! I Attended A Picnic, Which Was My Highlight For The Weekend

If attending a picnic with your friends, family, or colleagues was the best part of your weekend, you can use this response. It enables you to specify what particular activity made your weekend great.

Absolutely! I Had The Opportunity To Relax

Hope You Had A Great Weekend Responses

Weekdays may be somewhat tedious, and the only time you’ve got to set aside to get some deep sleep is the weekend. You should talk about it in your response.

Although some people just want to respond by saying, “Yes, my weekend was great.” without having to specify about it.

They do this in a bid to avoid giving people the impression that they can’t wait for the weekends so as to rest from work. However, you don’t have to pretend just so you are not tagged “lazy.”

Nothing So Special. It Was Just Like A Normal Weekday

There would be little or no difference between your weekend and weekday if you still had a bunch of work to take home. It is okay to admit that there was nothing spectacular about your weekend.

Though The Weekend Was Wonderful, It Was Over Before I Realized It. A Great Weekend, Did You Too?

Hope You Had A Great Weekend Responses

This remark might be used to express that your weekend was indeed fantastic and you even needed more time to have fun.

The Weather Was Ideal For Being Indoors, So I Found It Enjoyable

You can simply refer to whether, if it was conducive for you and played a major part in making you get a kick out of your weekend.

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I Completed A Lot On My To-do List Over The Weekend, And I’m Relieved To Have Those Duties Completed!

This response obviously says “yes,” you had a great weekend. However, it is giving credit to accomplishing your set goals. Hence, if the best part of your weekend was being able to finish up your set task, you can talk about it in your response.

Absolutely Not! Over The Course Of The Weekend, I Could Still Feel The Effects Of The Previous Week’s Tension

Hope You Had A Great Weekend Responses

Perhaps you were so eager for the weekend that you could engage in a few leisure activities. Over time, the tension from this week’s activities prevented you from engaging in them. Simply say so.

This tells that despite having plans for the weekend, you were unable to carry them out due to fatigue.

Can We Not Talk About It, Please?

Some experiences are better kept quiet in order to avoid stirring up emotional feelings. You can use this response if you had a bad experience over the weekend and would rather not talk about it.

It conveys to the person you are speaking with that your weekend wasn’t filled with pleasant recollections and you don’t want to talk about it.

I Finally Got To Attend The Concert For Which I Had Long-held Tickets. Excellent, What A Show!

Hope You Had A Great Weekend Responses

If going to a much-anticipated show was the highlight of your weekend, you can elaborate on that. The fact that you enjoyed yourself after a hard and exhausting week indicates that you had a nice weekend.

You might choose to advance by in-depth discussing the actions that stood out for you in the performance. This will help them understand the fun of it all.

Even Though I Didn’t Get As Much Done As I Had Intended, I’m Still Happy With What I Managed To Achieve

We don’t always succeed in fulfilling our goals. However, if we give it the upper hand, we lower our rate of productivity.

It is more appropriate to be grateful for what little we have accomplished because doing so will inspire us to pursue better and more lucrative endeavors, just as we desire.

Lamenting over the things we weren’t able to accomplish could also offer the listener a different impression of us. This is due to the reason that at that time they are no longer seeing justifications from your perspective, but rather from theirs.

They might assume that your lack of motivation was the main cause of your failure to complete the task at hand. It is something quite different, though. Just be thankful for what you are able to achieve at the moment.

Oh Yeah! I Became An Aunt Over The Weekend. It Felt Divine

Not just aunts can respond in this way. You can certainly replace it if you just became an uncle, grandma, or grandfather for the first time over the weekend. Describe the joy that a new baby’s arrival brought to your family and how divine it felt.

I Tried Something Different, And I Am Proud I Did

This is to say, you had a productive weekend.

Anything can contribute to improving someone’s weekend. Everything is subject to individual preferences and wishes. It’s worth discussing if yours was to attempt something new and you were successful in doing so.

It Was Somewhat Emotional For Me. I Attended A Reunion Where I Met My High School Mates After So Many Years

Hope You Had A Great Weekend Responses

You can include it in your response if, over the weekend, you were able to reconnect with some of your old schoolmates after a long separation.

The meeting with them could also become an emotional experience for you. This is due to the fact that you may have fond memories of the earlier times when you were close to them; however, those times are long gone and everyone is an adult. Including this in your response won’t show that you are vulnerable.

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Even Though We Had To Concentrate On Domestic Duties, It Is Great To Return Home To A Tidy And Welcoming Environment At The End Of The Day

You might be forced to believe that you had a stressful weekend if you spent your entire weekend cleaning up your home. However, weighing the advantages helps you see that it was worth the time spent.

Because the ultimate benefit – returning to a spotless and pleasant atmosphere at the end of the day – is what counts. If you can relate, you can respond by talking about it.

The Fact That I Could Make Up For My Absence With My Children During The Entire Week Made It Excellent

Hope You Had A Great Weekend Responses

Because of your busy schedule, you might want to project that you never have time for your kids during the weekdays.

Although you might still choose to work on weekends, since you made a conscious effort to set aside time for your children, it merits discussion.

Inform the individual to whom you are responding that spending the weekend with your children was your top priority, and that made it great!

Certainly Not! I Lost My Pet, And I Feel Guilty For Not Being There For Him Before Now

It is never pleasant to lose a pet. The more depressing aspect is witnessing it die because of your endlessly hectic schedule. If this applies to you, just be honest about it.

My Weekend Was Splendid. Thank You For Always Looking Out For Me

Hope You Had A Great Weekend Responses

It is a fair gesture to greet a coworker after not seeing them during the weekend. However, if they consistently go out of their way to inquire about how your weekend was, it can indicate that they are concerned about your well-being.

So, after informing them about your weekend, you can just be grateful for their constant watchfulness. This gives them the impression that you appreciate their constant thoughtfulness.

Nah! I Spent My Weekend In The Hospital

If your weekend was spent in the hospital, you can use this response. It’s likely that you went to the hospital because you had some undiagnosed symptoms that, after a series of tests, were discovered to be dangerous.

You were therefore forced to remain in the sick bay or make frequent trips to the hospital. Additionally, it’s possible that you spent your weekend attending to a relative, friend, or coworker who was hospitalized.

If necessary, just say that you spent the weekend in the hospital, giving a brief explanation.

Hell No! It Was Just So Boring

Due to a lack of companionship, not many people want the weekend to come around. Since doing so keeps them more productive, they prefer reporting to work or school every day without missing a day. Simply acknowledge if nothing held your attention during the weekend.

Throughout The Weekend, I Experienced A String Of Disappointing Events

If you participated in a number of activities over the weekend and experienced one setback after another, you can choose to discuss it. especially when you are conversing with someone close. Most often, being truthful results in blessings we didn’t anticipate.

Oh Yeah! I Was Able To Go Shopping With My Fiance

If you’ve had plans to go shopping with your fiancé or fiancée for a while, but time has always been an issue, whenever you manage to achieve it, most likely on a weekend. It’s definitely worth discussing.

Definitely! I Had Time To Make My Favorite Dish And Not Eat Junk Like I Do On Weekdays

After extended periods of resolving to feed on junk food due to a busy schedule, it sure will be exciting when you finally get to create your favorite cuisine for yourself. It’s worth a response if you managed to accomplish this over the weekend.

Indeed, It Was. My Side Business Saw Its First Transaction

If over the weekend you were able to make your first sale from your side business, it sure is worth talking about.

Yeah! I Partied So Hard And Felt Refreshed Afterwards

As was previously established, a person’s weekend is made memorable by a variety of activities. Because of this, it’s OK to mention that partying all through the weekend, made a great weekend for you after a demanding week at work.

Yep, Although The Weekend Usually Passes Too Quickly

Have you ever heard the saying, “Time flies when you’re having so much fun”? In essence, it indicates that you’re having so much fun that your brain is unable to keep track of time, causing you to perceive time as passing more slowly than it actually is.

At 8:00 AM, you begin playing video games. After an hour of playing, you look at the clock and see that it is 12:30 PM. Although your brain doesn’t realize how much time has passed until you check the time, because you were having fun, it only seemed like an hour.

Similar events occur while you sleep because you lose track of time and all of your senses, which is why 7 hours of sleep feels like 14.

On the other hand, throughout the workweek, time passes more slowly because you are so bored that all you can think about is the passing of time. As a result, you keep an eye on the time. You can only concentrate on it.

Your workday begins at 8:00 AM. After an hour of labor, you check the time and see that it is now 8:30 AM.

Additionally, because weekends are three days shorter than weekdays, they seem to fly by.

You can plainly respond by acknowledging how much you wish there could be an extended weekend.


There you have it! 30 responses to the question ‘Hope you had a great weekend?’ I believe you are not knowledgeable of what to say when you are asked such a question in any setting.

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