20 Other Ways to Say “Sounds Like Fun”

The English Language is a dynamic language and I discovered that it gets boring when you employ the same set of words or phrases over and again.

The beauty of being a good wielder of English is in being creative. That’s the case of the phrase ‘sounds like fun’, which if not addressed and replaced becomes a cliché over time.

If you don’t live by this simple ethic that I discovered you’ll be shocked at how outdated and mundane your English speaking and writing prowess becomes.

I believe it would be in your best interest to get acquainted with the best phrasal or wordy replacements for the sounds like fun.

I will be saving you the stress of research in this post, as I uncover a couple of other things to say instead of ‘sounds like fun’. Stay in tune with me!

20 Alternatives to Say “Sounds like Fun”

When someone says sounds like fun, it hints at the excitement, a pleased spirit, and a knack for enjoying life.

You’ll agree with me that ‘sounds like fun’ is laced with all shades of positivity, so whatever other ways to say it should also reflect the same energy and vibe.

On that note, below is my collection of 20 best other ways to say sounds like fun. So, you might want to consider and pick any of them as your most favored piece of line.

  1. I find this funny
  2. This should be fun
  3. No doubt, it will be exciting
  4. Your idea seems fun
  5. Sounds pretty good
  6. Has a nice ring to it
  7. I don’t have a problem with it
  8. I have a nudge it will be enjoyable
  9. It sure does look cool
  10. Great idea you’ve got there
  11. I have a feeling this will be intriguing
  12. Sounds interesting, don’t you think?
  13. It sure looks pleasant
  14. A cheerful idea you’ve got
  15. Would certainly be epic
  16. That would be a bang-up
  17. It seems delightful
  18. I can imagine it being endearing
  19. Sounds fun-filled
  20. This should be interesting

I Find This Funny

The agreement and cohesion that exists when you say sound like fun is also lived through the statement ‘i find this funny’.

While it looks like a different message, it is not, rather the only obvious distinction is that you’re personalizing it by saying ‘i find this funny’ more than just saying sounds like fun.

I would pick this line over sounds like fun because it sets me aside as an intentional person. Intentional, in the sense of what I want and how I perceive things. In that regard, I’d suggest you also pick this line of statement as a viable alternative over just saying sounds like fun.

This Should Be Fun

If I’m looking for other ways, perhaps phrasal or wordy replacement of sounds like fun, then I should be on the lookout for lines that support and promote positivity.

Well, that’s what I was able to achieve with this particular line which incorporates positivity or rather optimism in expectantly of the presumed fun activity.

If you observe closely, you’ll notice that this line consolidates with the hopeful vibe. Saying ‘this should be fun means that you’re optimistic that there will be something fun-like that will come out from the whole process.

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If sounding hopeful is what you’re all about then you can add this line to your menu of replacements for ‘sounds like fun’.

No Doubt, It Will Be Exciting

Just like the previous substitute phrase for sounds like fun, you can also bank on this line of statement to deliver the same result that you aim to gain by saying sounds like fun.

The first two words seek to write off any form of negativity concerning the presumed fun activity.

Following that, the line moves ahead to affirm that the experience would be an exciting one. For what it’s worth, I can assure you that this line of one of the best replacements for saying sounds like fun.

Your Idea Seems Fun

If someone says something or makes a suggestion that involves a fun-filled activity, you can use this line instead of blatantly saying sounds like fun.

By saying sounds like fun, you’re just being average with your response and not being entirely spectacular with it.

However, with this line of the statement, you stand a chance of correcting that entire loop and getting creative with how you reply to the person who had just made the suggestions.

Say he or she opined on the best way of spending your summer holidays and you want to reply, you can choose to say ‘your idea seems fun’ over saying ‘sounds like fun’.

What you achieve with that is commending the person for their thoughtful contribution, rather than responding averagely.

On that note, this line is more like a way of recognizing the person’s intellectual abilities for producing a fun result.

Sounds Pretty Good

While I try to upscale the energy in the replacements of saying sounds like fun, I wouldn’t write off the fact that you can come off as average with the other ways you can utter ‘sounds like fun’.

In the instance where someone narrates the possible outcome of a certain party while hyping all the expectant dance and booze.

You can tone down the energy around the person’s elating storyline by simply replying ‘sounds pretty good’. The inclusion of the word “pretty” shows how average you want the response to come out.

If the person is observant with the use of certain words to tone down emotions, he or she will know when to withdraw or better still cut down on how posh the painting story is.

Because of this, I’d prefer picking this line over saying ‘sounds like fun’, which may not do the perfect job of toning down the vibe.

Has a Nice Ring to It

Other Ways to Say Sounds like Fun

If you’re looking for a cool yet scarce phrase that you can use to replace ‘sounds like fun’, then you shouldn’t overlook this idiomatic expression.

Ordinarily, when someone says something has a nice ring to it, it means that the ending of such an experience is expected to come out good and favorable.

If my walk in the park has a nice ring to it, it indicates that I had a fun time while taking a walk in the park, perhaps with my dog or cat.

Hence, you’ll look more versed in your use of English if you throw in this line instead of saying the usual ‘sounds like fun’. Plus, it also sends out a message of versatility to whoever hears you talk or say it in place of the latter line which seems like a cliché already.

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Additionally, since a ring is perceived as a beautiful piece of jewelry, especially for the ladies it’ll be safe to assume that using this line adds more precision to how you perceive the fun activity.

I Don’t Have a Problem with It

Some time ago, I was invited to a listening party for a distant friend’s new song premiere. According to the invite, the event was slated to start around 9 pm the day, and when I held up with deadlines for particular work-related stuff.

While talking to a colleague at work about it, he asked if I’ll be attending since the event looks well organized and interesting. Well, instead of saying ‘it sounds like fun, I’ll consider attending’, I said ‘i don’t have a problem with it’ instead.

Therefore, I just remembered to feature the same line in this article because it acted like the closing argument statement during the conversation with my colleague.

Are you looking for such a substitute statement for a phrase like ‘sounds like fun’? If so, then you can count on this line to do the job.

I Have a Nudge It Will Be Enjoyable

When you have a nudge about something, it means you have a feeling about it. On that note, I can replace sounds like fun with having a nudge that it’ll be enjoyable.

And I think you can do the same thing too. This is a better way of saying sounds like fun while being innovative with your words right there.

It Sure Does Look Cool

You can as well say this line of statement as a replacement for ‘sounds like fun’. For someone to look cool means it would be interesting to test out.

It could be a first-time walk on the beach or like I’d prefer, a deluxe skincare routine because I’m about glowing and growing.

Great Idea you’ve got there

It would be a good change of wording for you to use this line instead of sounding like fun. This is because here, you’re giving accolades and praises to the originator of whatever it is that brought about the statement, while ‘sounds like fun’ sounds too mundane and unintentional.

With this line, you’re more deliberate on respecting or showing solidarity to the person who might’ve warranted such utterance from you.

Who knows? It could’ve been just news on the upcoming school prom or the next business plan for the firm. Whatever it may be, saying this line sounds more authentic than just screaming sounds like fun.

I Have a Feeling This Will Be Intriguing

Just in the case of having a nudge, this line is another piece that hints at you having a premeditated sentiment that whatever the person mentioned to you would be fun.

But in this case, intriguing is used instead as it comprises not just the fun but also the exploration and discovery of new realities. For something to be intriguing means it goes way deeper than the fun part.

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Sounds Interesting, Don’t You Think?

There’s also a place for using a question as a replacement for sounds like fun in this list. This particular line accomplishes this task without stress and is simple too to get to mind.

It Sure Looks Pleasant

I can sense a vibe of positivity in this line of the statement. Saying ‘sure’ looks pleasant, and emphasis on sure shows just how confident you are that the event would be pleasant or fun so to say.

Cheerful Idea you’ve got

Anything fun is also cheerful, don’t you think? Well, that’s how I perceive it and that qualifies this line of statement as a viable replacement for sounds like fun.

Aside from that, it also adds giving appraisals to its band of surprises. With this line, you’re also acknowledging the ingenuity in the thought of the person you told sounds like fun (which is now replaced with something else).

Would Certainly Be Epic

Other Ways to Say Sounds like Fun

Yes, it would be also epic for you to use this statement in the place of saying sounds like fun. It screams originality and outright love for whatever idea, event, or thought for which you replied with ‘sounds like fun’.

That Would Be a Bang-up

A bang-up is something outrageous, laced with so much excitement and fun that you can’t contain in one piece.

The stressing of excitement on bang-up is a determining factor that makes its inclusion in this list worthwhile. Therefore, you can use this particular line instead of ‘sounds like fun’.

It Seems Delightful

Something that is fun should be a delightful event or thing. This makes this line a good substitute for the phrase ‘sounds like fun’.

I Can Imagine It Being Endearing

This replacement for ‘sounds like fun’ makes use of mental strength to convey this same message.

The use of the word ‘imagine’ fully confirms the infusion of mental pictures as a channel for coming that something would be fun, which was replaced with endearing.

Sounds Fun-Filled

A fun-filled event is strikingly the same as a fun event. So this line is the best closely-related line to the original one, yet it does things differently while maintaining the main aesthetic of the phrasal message.

This Should Be Interesting

I find this line in particular very optimistic than some of its counterparts in this list. Saying ‘this should be interesting’ means you have a conviction that there’ll be something interesting about the event.


The dynamic trait of the English Language makes it a good candidate for getting creative in your ways of writing or speaking.

As such, you should be in the know of how to switch from one word to another while they mean the same thing instead of using one every time, making it lose its spice.

This is what I was able to achieve through this article, and that is providing phrasal alternatives of the phrase ‘sounds like fun’.

You can pick from my collection, but according to the scenario where it fits best for the best result.

Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts on the topic in the comment section below.

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