How to Respond to “Sounds Good?” | 30 Best Responses

I guess you’ve been in a discussion with someone and probably got the response ‘sounds good’ after you might’ve said something positive.

Well, the idiom or phrase means approval or appraisal or it can even be the person’s way of giving unsolicited value to you.

Because of the meaning behind this phrase, it sort of feels like the conversation has come to a wrap just after the person you’re speaking with declares ‘sounds good’.

However, that’s not always the case, as there’s still room for you to throw in a response. That’s where it gets sketchy as you may not know what else to say.

In this post, I will be discussing an extended list of responses for sounds good. Since the phrase hints at positivity, it is only wise if most of the replies are also the same, so expect more of them.

30 Great Responses to Sounds Good

If you’re looking for deluxe replies to sound good, then I believe you’re at the right spot. I curated these replies from the finest well of thoughts, so you should be rest assured to get the results you desire.

The following are the 30 best responses to sounds good.

  1. I know, right?
  2. Thanks for the acceptance
  3. Really, I’m so happy right now
  4. I thought as much
  5. Just as I initially reasoned
  6. You do have good taste in things
  7. Good thing I wasn’t the only one who thought I like that
  8. I knew you would like it
  9. Is that all you have to say?
  10. I bet you can trust me now
  11. I’m happy I could please you
  12. Great initiative, right?
  13. What more info do you need?
  14. Thanks for the relentless support
  15. I’m glad I tried
  16. What more can I do?
  17. If you’re impressed, then I’m fulfilled
  18. Then we should forge ahead with the plans
  19. I appreciate working with you
  20. It’s my pleasure
  21. I’m glad I could help
  22. I knew you needed that
  23. I’m a genius, you need to give it to me
  24. Now you get it
  25. You made the right choice
  26. That calls for celebration, don’t you think?
  27. I never doubted it does
  28. Gold doesn’t hide
  29. Glad to hear that
  30. Glad I can help

I Know, Right?

This response does one thing… it affirms the acceptance of the phrase ‘sounds good’. When someone says sounds good and you reply with this line, it indicates that you agree with whatever they have said.

Replying with this line is also ideal because it avails you the chance of getting a further response from the person who first uttered the phrase. With this comes more clarity and information if need be.

Thanks for the Acceptance

You can opt-in to show appreciation to the person who says to you sounds good. Perhaps, he or she said that after hearing about your latest conquest on the corporate ladder and thought saying the phrase would be his or her little way of remarking on your good works.

It could even be a project proposal that you’ve just presented that got such a beautiful remark.

By using the above line as a response, you are possibly showing your gratitude over how your intellectual property was remarked highly.

I’m So Happy Right Now

How about you get a little emotional after getting the phrase sounds good from someone? It could be your boss, a friend, or even an acquaintance.

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The idea of using this line of response is just so you can express how you feel deep down without mincing words. It is also a good response for expressing yourself because it comes in plain and simple words which are relatable.

I Thought as Much

Have you thought that the person who said sounds good would come up with such a statement? If so, you can use this line of statement to let them know that they just sort of confirmed your suspicion.

Also, it is a response that sets you aside as someone who is brainy and can conceive things too quickly than expected.

Just as I Initially Reasoned

This response shares a kind of similarity with the previous one. The only difference is the usage of different wordings in both of them.

It also hints at you have thought about the person’s reaction to saying ‘sounds good’ even before they said that.

You Do Have Good Taste in Things

I have an attitude of addressing people based on what or how they appreciate things. How I relate with someone who loves poetry won’t be the same as someone who just wants to know if their Levi Strauss Jeans fit well while wearing a sanitary pad.

So, when I break the news that you can wear Levi jeans with your sanitary pad but you’ll have to pick cowboy-cut jeans and avoid skin-tight jeans, the person may react by saying sounds good.

If this scenario applies to yours, then you can implement the same strategy.

Good Thing I Wasn’t the Only One Who Thought I Like That

Who knows, you may even be sharing the same idea or school of thought with the person who made the ‘sounds good’ comment.

If that’s the case, then you can use this line to show that you also had the same mental picture as him or her, and you’re delighted you’re not the only person with such a mindset.

I Knew You Would Like It

I like it when I do a job well for anyone, stemming from my clients to friends or even family. And each time I bring my one-in-a-million thought to the table for deliberation, I get remarks like ‘this sounds good’ and I’d likely reply with the above response.

Is That All You Have to Say?

How to Respond to Sounds Good

Are you expecting to hear more from the person who only said sounds good? If so, you can use this line of response to posing a question with the hope of getting a desirable answer.

Once you ask the question, there’s a chance the person will come up with a befitting answer or better still, further clarification on the issue at hand.

I Bet You Can Trust Me Now

If someone who has been having trust issues with you finally agrees with you over something, you can attempt to know your status with him or her concerning trust by throwing this question at them just after they have said ‘sounds good’.

For them to utter the phrase means they are in the affirmative of your idea and you should use this response to get to talk more.

I’m Happy I Could Please You

I know how hard it is to please humans so when I do get to please one, I make every effort to take joy in it.

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Let’s picture a scenario where you presented your life plan after college to your parents and they’re delighted over it while uttering the phrase ‘sounds good’… you can reply with the aforementioned response to convey how fulfilled you feel.

Great Initiative, Right?

Sometimes, you need to make efforts to grade your intellectual properties when someone commends them by saying ‘sounds good’. That way, it helps build your image and gives you more confidence for other exploits.

What More Info Do You Need?

You should be intentional when replying to anyone who says to you ‘sounds good’. This particular response is crucial in extracting further explanation from the person who had remarked.

Asking questions where necessary is a great skill that will help you get closer to achieving even more from the project to which someone remarked sounds good.

Thanks for the Relentless Support

While I cross my Ts, I make it a ritual to also dot my Is. This idiomatic expression has nothing to do with the letters T and I but has more significance on your response strategy to someone who says ‘sounds good’ regarding any piece of information you gave them.

However, with this line of response, you’re showing thankfulness to the orator for supporting your cause and commending your thoughts.

I’m Glad I Tried

You may get the ‘sounds good’ remark after you’ve said something of pertinence regarding an issue. Perhaps, you offered a solution to a daring problem and were told that your idea sounds good. To complement the gesture, you can say this line of response.

What More Can I Do?

This is the only rhetorical question on this list and to think that it is the only one appearing here shows that it has its place marked as a viable response when someone says sounds good.

Asking the question of what more you can do shows just how committed you are to be more positive than you’ve already been.

If you’re Impressed, Then I’m Fulfilled

How to Respond to Sounds Good

To elaborate on just how fulfilled you are, you can use this line which places your fulfillment on the same scale as getting someone impressed with your optimism which probably sounds good.

Then We Should Forge Ahead With the Plans

When someone approves a plan of yours by saying ‘sounds good’, you can start making arrangements for the next step by using this line of response.

I Appreciate Working with You

During my latter years in high school and early time in college, I had the chance to work as a remote worker and while the universality of the internet wasn’t as strong as nowadays, I still thrived.

During one of my jobs, I impressed a client so well that he didn’t have a choice but saying “this strategy ‘sounds good’, I love it”. And to this remark, I said the above line as a response.

It’s My Pleasure

The gentleman card is one personality trait I love wielding a lot and it keeps bringing good fortunes my way. Instead of cracking up an expensive response when someone marks the remark, you can simply go with this line.

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I’m Glad I Could Help

There’s no better happiness than edifying oneself because I know what a lack of self-image does to people. This response helps you achieve that without drama.

I Knew You Needed That

If you just said something soothing to a grieving person, they could reply with ‘sounds good’. In the same vein, you can use this line to reciprocate the gesture and state why you saw the need to be positive with them.

I’m a Genius, You Need to Give It to Me

When no one tries to give you the accolades you deserve, don’t forget to give them to yourself. And this line is one sure way of doing that calmly, as it doubles as a response when someone says your idea sounds good.

Now You Get It

The person who just said sounds good to you might’ve been lost in thoughts but is reassured by your words. In that case, it means their remark shows approval of your positive gesture and you can reciprocate it using this line.

You Made the Right Choice

Are you a salesman and a customer just said sounds good after you’ve mentioned all the strengths of the car they later purchased? You can reply to the person with this line.

That Calls for Celebration, Don’t You Think?

After breaking the news of your successful call to the bar or any other career breakthrough, your parents or spouse can remark by saying sounds good. And in that spirit of elation, you can suggest this line of response and see how it goes.

I Never Doubted It Does

Did you have a strong conviction that the plan you brought to fruition which brought about the remark sounds good was going to turn out that way?

If that’s the case, you should use this line as a response just after getting the commendation you deserve.

Gold Doesn’t Hide

Nothing interests people like hidden talent and ideas. So when you bring one of them to light, you’re sure to get appraised for it as some people may say sounds good to you. In that respect, you can employ this reply when they do.

Glad to Hear That

Are you excited to hear someone commend your idea with ‘sounds good’? If that’s the feeling, you can use this line of response to express your feelings.

Glad I Can Help

After helping out with the solution of a lingering problem with your ideas, you may be told that your suggestion sounds good by anyone who finds it interesting. If that’s the case, you can reply by telling them you’re glad to have helped.


Positivity is the central message for anyone who says to you ‘sounds good’. It means the person approves and is equally happy with your contribution towards the sustenance of a particular goal or cause.

This means that you should also be in tune with optimism if you want to direct a response to them.

This article has covered a large scale of responses that fit into the above description of what ‘sounds good’ actually means.

These replies cut across many endeavors and instances so you should be intentional when picking any one of them for usage.

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