19 of the Best Responses When Someone Says You Make Them Smile

It gets extremely awkward when a person says something so cute as this one to you. This can give you goosebumps and make you forget how to respond like a human. It is even worse if it’s someone that you like and you are too shy to admit it… but not today.

We have arrived with a list of responses tailored to how you may feel about this comment. With 20 options to pick from, you can’t go wrong.

19 Correct Responses to ‘You Make Me Smile.’

20 Responses To "You make me smile"

  1. It’s my pleasure.
  2. That’s on you.
  3. I feel the same about you.
  4. You don’t take me serious
  5. You make me happy
  6. It’s so sweet to know that.
  7. I love your smile.
  8. I hope to continue.
  9. Don’t get tired of me soon.
  10. Thank you.
  11. I feel appreciated. Thanks.
  12. I meant what I said.
  13. You make me crack up
  14. You make everyone smile.
  15. You are welcome.
  16. You should treat me to dinner then.
  17. I didn’t think that was my fault.
  18. I’m proud of myself
  19. You owe me one.

20 Responses To "You make me smile"

It’s my pleasure.

A person’s acknowledgement of your impact on his or her life must be appreciated as though the person had said ‘thank you’ to you. When a person says you make him or her smile, you can interpret it as ‘thank you for making me smile’.

Saying ‘It’s my pleasure’ should be an easy response for you. The person may proceed to say how he or she feels and you can just smile and listen. In addition, ‘it’s my pleasure’ will not suggest how you feel to the person.

However, that depends on what the person truly means. While this sounds cute and is truly cute, it may just be a comment on how you amaze the person in the negative sense.

For example, a person could say you make me smile during an argument because he or she thinks you are saying something stupid and the person can only smile. In this case, you should probably consider a different response.

That’s on you.

When a person says you make him or her smile, your reaction or what you say in response will matter a lot. However, that depends on what message you think the person is passing and what message you want to send back to the person.

Do you think the person likes you? Do you want the person to think you like him or her back? Or will you like to turn it to a joke?

Say this if you intend to turn the statement into a joke. When you say ‘that’s on you’, you are telling the person that it is not your fault that he or she is smiling. You can say a further joke about it or just laugh. That way, the topic can be changed quickly.

If the statement has been said to you as a sarcastic response trying to ridicule your wit, you can respond with this too.

I feel the same about you.

This is quite romantic so it may just be more awkward if you don’t want the person to think you are in love with him or her.

However, you can say this without appearing too serious about it. If you can do that, it will be easy for the person to change the topic and you won’t feel hurt either.

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If you are sure the person said this because he or she likes you, you can say this and probably mention the things you find amusing about the person. You can even make jokes and look into the person’s eyes. That way, the person will know the romantic feeling is mutual.

You don’t take me serious.

As mentioned earlier, there can be several interpretations when a person says you make him or her smile. It may be because you are funny.

It may be because you are interesting to be with. It may be because you are overly caring for the person. It may also be because the person finds you stupid.

If you think it has a romantic meaning which you are trying to avoid, you can say this. The person will believe you have interpreted it wrongly. While the person may make it clear, there is a chance he or she will not continue talking about romantic feelings.

You make me happy.

By saying you have made him or her smile, the person has paid you a compliment. Indirectly, the person is saying you are fun to hang out with or he or she just enjoys being with you.

It is okay to return the favor by saying a compliment too.  It should be a compliment that has probably the same meaning or is quite similar at least.

By saying the person makes you happy, it is like returning the compliment in an amplified state. It is like saying ‘you are beautiful’ in response to someone who has called you ‘cute’.

This will make him or her smile, irrespective of whether the person has romantic feelings for you or not.

It will be more appreciated if you mention ways in which the person has equally impacted your life or made you truly happy.

It’s so sweet to know that.

Of course, it is extremely sweet to know someone is happy to have you around himself or herself. You can simply say how you feel about hearing the person pay a compliment to you. 

After mentioning how delighted you are to hear the compliment, you can also look at the person and say a compliment too. It will be nice to watch your reaction to the compliment and also show the person that you appreciate him or her too.

I love your smile.

This is a great response which compliments the one that has been said to you. When the person says how you put a smile on his or her face, this response will show that the person is equally appreciated.

You can say further compliments or make a joke so the moment doesn’t get awkward when neither of you is saying anything more.

I hope to continue.

Saying this will feel very romantic. If you don’t intend to pass a romantic message, you should probably say anything but this.

The person has shown how he or she feels about you and your presence. Saying you hope to continue shows that you appreciate the compliment.

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It shows you appreciate the person and you care about the moment you both share together. It also shows that you care about how the person feels.

This will further put a smile on the person’s face. He or she may even find it hard to think of a response.

Don’t get tired of me soon.

This beautiful response is not only going to pass a romantic message but will also be found funny.

If the person had intended to show you that he or she likes you romantically, this response will be appropriate to show that you care about being with the person. It will show that you care about the person’s reactions to your presence.

Saying this will make the person believe that you like him or her too. While this is actually a funny response, the person will focus on your reaction to his or her romantic message. Therefore, it will be found more romantic than funny. You may get a smile as a response.

Thank you

This will sound dismissive if you make yourself sound like it. It is okay so say thank you since the comment about your impact is more like a compliment. It is an indirect way of saying you are appreciated, therefore you can respond by appreciating the compliment.

To avoid sounding like someone who did not really care about the response, you should either say a compliment back or say how much it means to you to hear the person say that to you.

Simply saying thank you and nothing else would seem like you only responded because you felt the need to and not because you care about the person’s comment.

I feel appreciated. Thanks.

This is simply another way to show appreciation for the compliment. The difference between this and simply saying ‘thank you’ is that this one is longer. A long response will make the person feel better than responding with one or two words.

You can agree that responses like ‘okay’, ‘taken’, etc., can feel very annoying especially if your comment or message was very long or if you expected some feedback.

While this means the same as saying ‘thank you’, ‘thank you’ is a statement that can be quickly made while the speaker walks away. However, when you say something like ‘I feel appreciated. Thanks a lot’, you will be showing the person your true feelings and it will hardly be misunderstood.

You can even make it better by adding extra compliments after saying this.

I meant what I said.

This is probably not what you expected but someone is probably looking for this. This is not a response to a romantic statement. It is much more about disputing a person’s wrong conclusion about you.

A person can laugh or say you make him or her laugh for several reasons. One of them can be simply because he or she thinks you are joking about something.

When this statement comes in the middle of an argument or after you make an arguable statement, you can simply make it clear that you meant what you said and you weren’t joking.

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If the person has a different reason for saying you make him or her smile, the response will let you know.

You crack me up.

This is similar to saying a compliment back but it may not be understood. When you say this, it will seem like you are joking with what the person has just said.

If a person says you make him or her smile as a romantic compliment, this response may seem like you are joking. However, if you are not, you can simply say you find him or her funny and you should be the one saying the compliment to the person.

If the comment was made to insult your wit or to mean that you are only joking, you can respond with this statement and mention that you meant what you said.

You make everyone smile.

This is like taking the compliment that has been thrown at you, inflating it, and throwing it back at the person. When a person says you make him or her smile, the person is telling you that you have great wits, you are caring, or your presence is appreciated.

By saying that the person makes everyone smile, you are telling the person that he or she is appreciated by everyone. You can even say that you envy the person or you are glad to have the person as your friend.

You are welcome.

This is another funny one. You can even be dramatic when saying this by bowing your head.

If the person meant it romantically, your reaction would probably make the person laugh or he or she would say more. You can also address the compliment that has been said to you by saying how much you appreciate the person too.

You should treat me to dinner then.

This may actually happen. Don’t expect it to. This response may be found funny but it may seem like you are neglecting the person’s feelings too if you joke too much about it.

After the joke, say a compliment back to the person.

I didn’t think that was my fault.

This response is funny. Just make sure you are not sounding too serious. Wear a smile as though you are actually flattered by what the person has said.

The person will appreciate the expression on your face so you should make sure it shows you are flattered.

I’m proud of myself.

This should make him or her smile as long as you are not sounding dismissive. You should look at the person and smile like you are paying attention. The person will find your response funny.

However, if you say this and seem like you are ignoring, the person will feel rather hurt.

You owe me one.

Here’s another funny response to consider. As mentioned earlier, acting carefree after a joke in this situation will feel like you don’t car about the person.

However, when you pay attention and react freely, the person will be happy to hear you and respond.

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