24 “May the Force Be With You” Responses


The phrase, ‘May the force be with you’, is used by a speaker to wish someone good luck or good will. The Force in this case means good fortune or karma. 

It works in favor of the person being addressed. The phrase was mostly used when individuals parted ways or when they are threatened with danger – like during war or during serious health issues. 

For some people, it holds a religious sentiment to them – that the person they are wishing it to will succeed and be protected from dangers.

Where did it originate from?

The phrase ‘May the force be with you’ was first used in the Star Wars film franchise. In that movie, the force symbolized an omnipresent energy that can control events and could be harnessed by select but gifted individuals. 

It has been used 24 times in the Star Wars live-action films. This iconic phrase was first said by Jan Dodonna – the Rebellion leader – in the 1977 original to the troops he was leading in the Battle of Yavin. 

24 “May the Force be with You” responses

Most people who are not familiar with the Star Wars sequel may not know the correct response to ‘May the force be with you’. 

Imagine you find yourself before an important personality or a group of important personalities who are probably Star War fans, would you want to be at a loss for words? I do not think so.

We have therefore lined up 24 of the most suited – May the force be with you responses that you can use in any situation. Some are traditional replies that you are naturally expected to use while some are also good stand-in responses that can be given. They include:

“And also with you”

May the Force be with You responses

This is the most common or the most traditional response amongst Star Wars fans. It is a great response especially when you are in character. This was the reply that was originally used in the movie, so it is the most popular and practical response. 

It is used both when addressing a single person or not a group of people. If you ask any Star Wars fan what the most expected response to “May the force be with you” is, they will tell you that one of them is ‘And also with you’. So feel free to use it anytime.

“May the force be with us all”

May the Force be with You responses

This is also one of the traditional responses that was used in the movie. However, this response is used to address a group of people. It is also popular amongst Star Wars fans. 

You use it when you are amongst a group of people, but you also want to include yourself in the good wishes.

Using this with certain postures will hit the nail on the head. The posture is just to put you in character which will delight any Star Wars fan you are addressing.

“And with your spirit”

May the Force be with You responses

This response was adopted by religious people. The reply is meant to wish that the person’s spirit receives the good wish too. This is because religious people believe in the spirit realm a lot. 

Thus it is normal to them when someone replies May the force be with you with ‘And with your spirit’. In extension, you could also say, ‘And be with your spirit now and forever’.

You must not be religious anyway to use this response. It is also as much an acceptable response to both religious and non-religious people alike.

“Thank You, and you too”

If you are ever caught in the midst of a Star Wars fan and you are at a loss for words when they say ‘May the force be with you’ to you especially if you know nothing about the series, then the best option is to respond politely. 

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Next time you see a Star Wars fan and you are at a loss for words, you can just reply, ‘Oh Thank you, and you too’. It is not only something said when you are at a loss for what to say. You can also use it if you intend to be casual about the situation.

“Peace be with you”

The best way to take the smile out of the lips of a Star Wars fan is to give them an unexpected but witty response. Peace be with you is a total out of the box response that will surely get them smiling. 

It may appear out of context, but it also suits the occasion if it arises. After all, peace in itself is regarded as a good fortune so it may as well be a return wish of good will.

“See you soon”

May the force be with you was a response that was used to wish warriors well when they were about to embark for battle or a civilian when they were about to go on a trip.

Saying “see you soon” is your way of accepting the wishes and sharing the person’s hope that you will soon return. 

It reinforces the faith and the hope of the people involved. It is another way of saying, ‘We will survive this, and we will see each other again no matter what’. It is a phrase signifying willingness to survive at all costs.

“May the force serve you well too”

May the Force be with You responses

A Star War fan to a Star War fan, this will be the best response. As the force has served you well, you wish them that the force will serve them well too.

Even if you are not a Star Wars fan, saying this will make their day and will make you belong. This will serve its purpose especially when evidence of good fortune is all over you. 

Probably you have overcome a feat that was deemed almost impossible to achieve and using this response you wish that whatever force that helped you in your journey to success should also show up for them.

“And you too. Have a great day!”

Imagine passing through a bevy of Star War fans and someone calls out to you, ‘May the force be with you’, you use this response to properly wish them the same. Then you end it by wishing them a great day. 

Wishing them a good day is just hitting the nail in the head or rather putting the cap in the greeting. It is a good fortune for someone to experience good things in a day. So, let the force bring good things to our doorstep and make our day as memorable as ever.

“I wish you good luck too”

Since it is popularly known that ‘May the force be with you’ is a good way to extend good will to another person, it could be an appropriate response to wish the person luck too. 

Using this response will let the well wisher know that you are very conversant with the back-and-forth slangs of Star Wars fans. Although some people do not believe in luck, you can use it for others who do.

“And to you too my fellow champ!”

Talk about relating well. There is no Star Wars’ fan you will use this response with that will not be that will not be excited when you use this response with them.

You can say it with as much boldness as you can. This will give you a sense of appearing in character and there is nothing a fan loves more than a fellow fan in character.

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 Instead of the popular ‘and also with you’ as originated from the church, you can use ‘always’. This is a more appropriate and good reply for those who are not religious in any way but would like to relate with the Star Wars movie. It is quite a concise and easier response than the rest. 


Just like every Gen-Z, chatting with other people in this millennia are mostly in abbreviations. In case you see a text from someone stating – MTFBWY do not be confused, it simply means the popular phrase, ‘May the force be with you’.

Don’t go asking, ‘What does it mean?’ Simply reply with – MTFBWY2 – and any true Star Wars would know that you mean ‘May the force be with you too’. 

“May the Force be your ally”

Here we are with another awesome response. An individual who helps and supports another in a difficult situation is an ally.

Therefore, this reply wishes someone that the force stays with them forever and continually brings them good luck even as they embark on a journey of no return or face an impending danger.

“Goodbye, my friend. May the force be with you too”

This is a farewell response. Since most Star War fans are familiar with the scene where the phrase – May the force be with you – was used, they could very well tell you that it was in a parting moment where Jan Dodonna addressed the troops. 

This response can be emotional because you do not know what lays ahead and there is a low probability that the person may return alive. If this statement ends with a hug, it could make the viewer to cry

“And the force is strong with us all”

Even if you are not a Star Wars fan, you could use this appropriate response to address a group of people you are a part of. It communicates hope to the people being addressed although it may likely be at a costume party since you all are not the real Star Wars.

“May the fourth be with you”

Pun intended, the phrase – May the force be with you – became more popular because of the July 4th celebrations. The force in the phrase sounded so much like fourth hence the adaptation.

Next time someone says to you, may the force be with you, at a time close to the July 4th celebrations, you may use this response as your reply

“And all solo with you”

This is another great and simple response to use. Remember, the aim of these responses is to blend in as much as possible with Star Wars fans while being in character at the same time.

So the next time you hear – May the force be with you – this response can definitely come to your rescue.

“Thanks a lot!”

Ever been at a loss for words? That’s what happens when you are caught unawares by a Star Wars’ fan who insists on wishing the force on you. Now you may not know what to say, do not panic. 

This response can come to your rescue. “Errm, thanks a lot” is way much better than ignoring the person bearing the wish. It may pass you off as rude unless that was your intention in the first place.

“Oh, happy Star Wars Day to you too”

Just like “Merry Christmas” on a Christmas morning, ‘May the force be with you is used mostly on a Star Wars’ Day.

If you appear to be in a Star Wars Day celebration be aware that this response can easily come to your rescue especially if you do not know anything about Star Wars or you are not a fan.

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“Aww I appreciate it. That’s sweet of you”

You can use this response to express gratitude to someone for wishing you well on a Star Wars’ Day. This is a simple, kind, and gracious response. In fact, it is a universal response to any good wish. 

Besides, it takes only a nice person to walk up to a total stranger and wish them well. Reciprocating with this response is a normal and also nice thing to do.

“Since the 3rd abandoned me yesterday, I will make do with the wish. Thanks”

Quite the witty response. If your intention is to cause the well wisher to smile or better yet laugh, then you have found your response right here. The obvious response will be a shocked expression, once the understanding sets in, they will surely laugh. 

If you have been trying to adopt a great comeback that will get people peeing in their pants with laughter, then you can try this reply.

“Nope, thank you. I hate the number four”

This response may appear rude or funny depending on your body language or body posture at that moment.

If your facial expression appears serious and unsmiling, what that will communicate to the other person is that you are probably in a bad mood and not interested in relating with them. 

On the other hand, if you intend to be sarcastic in a good way, you can use this response whilst smiling or putting up a straight face while speaking as gently as possible. Your body language should also be accepting and not repealing. 

“It is always with me”

This response shows that you are aware of the good fortune that follows you. Just like the former response, your facial expression and body language while saying it could go a long way to communicate your meaning to your well-wisher. 

If you adopt an unpleasant expression, what this communicates is that you are not only aware of the good fortune that follows you, but you also do not need a random person reminding you of that as well. 

This comes off as rude. Meanwhile, putting on a smile and using this response as gently as possible shows that you are grateful for the good will but that you are aware of the good fortune that follows you.

“Still do not let your guard down!”

It is a normal assumption that just because good fortune follows you, it is okay to let your guard down. After all, everything will work itself out.

Now, if you are as worried just as I am about the error in this thinking then you can use this response as a friendly reminder to them that it is okay to keep your guard up and be careful whilst enjoying good fortune.

“Just two days more and the sixth will be with you”

This is another beautifully crafted comic response. The sole impression this reply will pass to your well-wisher is that you are a funny person and that you mean well. It will elicit a smile or better yet a laughter from your well-wisher. 

Besides, in some parts of the world, the sixth is a popular day for a certain celebration. So if not, why not? You can use this response to even make more friends as people will consider you more approachable and funny.


Having come to an end of our best 24 ‘May the force be with you’ responses, you can see that there is no excuse to be at a loss for words if you ever find yourself in the midst of or before Star Wars fans.

So, whether you are a Star War fan or not you can study these responses so that you use them anytime you hear the phrase, ‘May the force be with you’.

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