How to Respond to “Maybe Another Time” (16 Best Responses)

We don’t always get what we want, especially a positive answer to a hang-out or date. Sometimes it’s not entirely negative, for example, a “maybe another time”. The question now becomes what you will say in return.

Depending on the two of you and the situation of things, there are many replies. For example, there are nice replies like “alright, it’s cool” or “as you wish”.

There are silky replies like, “How about now?”, “Any chance I can know when that time is?” And even, “Please?”

Then if you want to do some deep digging, you try some bold replies like “Oh come on. You always say that”, “Is that a no?”, “Guess I’m going alone then” and, “What’s wrong with this time?”

Let’s start this article and learn how to use these replies:

6 Nice Responses to “Maybe Another Time”

  1. Alright, that’s cool
  2. If you say so
  3. It’s fine. I understand
  4. Okay, no problem. You just keep me posted
  5. Ready when you are
  6. As you wish

If it’s not so much of a big deal to you and you want to take your time chasing this person then a nice response is all you need.

You just accept what they have said and leave them with the impression that you are chill and relaxed and you are not totally into them.

Alright that’s cool

Let’s start with a simple one. You can use this reply for anyone and any proposal that was rejected with a maybe.

You can say, “All okay. I got it. No hard feelings”, or you might use it to sound unconcerned, as though it’s not a big problem.

If you say so

You don’t want to show that you are sad that you were turned down? Use this reply. It agrees with them. If they said maybe another time, they mean if you ask me again I might accept or reject.

It’s still not a definite answer so an emotionless if you say so is good. You can make this reply better by adding some things to it.

You can try a term of endearment: “if you say so dear”, something silly: “if you say so, doll”, or a whole phrase: “if you say so. I’ll return to try my luck once again”.

You can also alternate it with, “whatever you say milady”, or m’lord if it’s a guy.

It’s fine. I understand

Another easy reply. There is not much to think there. If they are nice and they feel bad for turning you down, they can tell you when it will be convenient for them so that you can hang out.

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Okay, no problem. You just keep me posted

If you don’t know, to be kept posted is to be kept informed so this reply is telling them not to feel bad that they turned you down but they should do well to inform you when they will be free so you can hang out.

Most people will nod to that bit never because it will seem like they are too interested so it only works right after in a conversation.

Here’s an example:

A: Wanna go shopping later this evening, Jill? Got a ton of cash and I want to treat myself.

B: I am sorry I can’t. Maybe another time I have a lot of work to do.

A: Bummer. Okay then. No problem just keep me posted. I really want to go with you.

B: How about next Tuesday? I am free then and I could really use some fun and relaxation.

A: We can get our nails done.

Ready when you are

You have heard this multiple times. What makes this good is it makes it done like you are waiting to get the next chance, you are patient and you don’t want to rush them.

It says nice guy and while some people will think it an odd response, it is actually a nice response. “till the next time” is another phrase instead.

They are not the most romantic replies but they are replies if that’s good enough for you.

As you wish

How to Respond to “Maybe Another Time”

This is the posh version of “if you say so” except this sounds polite, patient and way better. If you say this and leave they might just smile.

Why? Given that it is on par with the casual, this response could not come across as being as interested as, “alright. Quite cool”.

If you were going for the cool but well-spoken, does-not-mind-much gentleman, go for this. If not, it would be better to use another response to prevent creating a wrong impression.

4 Silly Responses to “Maybe Another Time”

Want to give them a laugh? These responses should be good. They’re also great if you want to try and change their mind and reply.

Before any of you realize it, they are eager to go out with you because who wouldn’t want to be with anyone who makes them laugh? Here are some replies to try:

  1. Please
  2. Any chance I can know when that time is?
  3. How about now?
  4. Oh, I didn’t know you were engaged


How to Respond to “Maybe Another Time”

This reply is very cute. It’s assuming that they said maybe because you didn’t use a magic word. It will also make them laugh and make you come off as funny.

That might get you a “yes” because now there I’ll be no dull moments. Another thing about this reply is that it will give them a chance to reconsider and give another answer or a reason they said maybe in the first place.

Any chance I can know when that time is?

This reply tells them you are unrelenting and it makes sense. If they can’t go now, they will go later as they said so all you need is the time.

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From the reply that they will give you, you can then determine if they are saying maybe for a good reason or if they don’t want to hang out with you. Here’s an example:

A: That new movie will be out this Friday, would you like to come with me?

B: Maybe another time.

A: Any chance I can know when that time is?

B: Listen, Robert, I don’t really like you. I am sorry. Besides, I have a boyfriend.

A: Oh. I understand. Thank you.

How about now?

This reply is just as silly as “please”. It means you take the role too literally and ask a few seconds later just the way a child who really wants something will ask incessantly. It is funny.

They might give you the same response but you will make them laugh (if they don’t think it is annoying) and you might just be able to get a different positive reply from them.

When you get it, say a very excited and continuous thank you. Start well, finish well.

Oh, I didn’t know you were engaged

This reply is hilarious. You see, aside from meaning to be betrothed to someone, being engaged also means being busy.

If you say this reply to someone who doesn’t get it they will be speechless. If they are engaged they would say they are and then you can ask if their significant other would mind. It’s a little fun.

If they are not engaged, they might blush and then with no other important reason end up accepting your offer.

If they do understand, they might continue the wordplay. It’s a win on every said, well unless you get turned down in the end.

6 Bold Responses to “Maybe Another Time”

How to Respond to “Maybe Another Time”

  1. Oh, come on. You always say that
  2. What’s wrong with this time?
  3. I will see if any other amazing person is free. Nope, just you
  4. Is that a no?
  5. Guess I’m going alone then
  6. That’s a bit cold

If you really don’t want to let this person go and you want to question their reply, you can use these replies.

They are a good way to know why they said maybe and they don’t sound pushy or confrontational at all. Great, right?

Let’s check them out:

Oh come on. You always say that

It is a bold reply. If someone has turned down one too many dates, you can use this to question them without being pushy.

It’s all also to make them give the reason they do and you can work on it if possible. For example:

A: Wanna go see a movie Friday night?

B: Umm, maybe another time. Sorry.

A: Oh come on, you always say that

B: Well I can’t help that I am so exhausted after work. I will be asleep before we get to the cinema.

A: I see.

What’s wrong with this time?

This reply is pushy in one way and funny in the other. Since they reply “maybe another time”, we assume that they have a problem with the time, and it will be more convenient at another time so this is a joke.

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This time may not be convenient for them because they are busy or they are tired or they have other plans other than work.

This reply will make them tell you their true reasons and from there you can decide how to ask them or when to ask them.

I will see if any other amazing person is free. Nope, just you

This reply is a compliment. It is saying that you want to hang out with them because you think they are cool, fun, amazing people, and no one else will do like they do. They will be happy if they understand.

The other part of this reply sounds like you would only go out with them but what you are really trying to say is that they should reconsider because you think they are amazing and it will be fun. Great, right?

Is that a no?

I would award you a look if you use this reply on me but again it is a chance to reconsider. If they are firm on their answer they will say no, if they are not you can try to sweeten the deal and see if they change their mind.

Another thing about this reply is that while it will seem pushy, saying it the right way will make them think if they want to be saying no. Here’s an example:

A: I have two tickets to Disneyland. Wanna come with?

B: Maybe another time.

A: Is that a no? I mean we could do something else if that’s fine by you.

B: well if you put it that way…

Guess I’m going alone then

The pity reply. You want to use this reply on people who will easily feel guilty. It might make them change their mind, especially if they can help it.

To others, they might just laugh at you and move on so you will have to okay your cards right after that.

Here are two examples:

A: Would you like dinner at the Ritz next Thursday?

B: Maybe another time Jeff

A: Sigh. Guess I am going alone then.

B: Oh. I didn’t mean to

A: The lonely life of a bachelor.

B: Wait. I will go. What time is it?

And then,

A: Would you like dinner at the Ritz next Thursday?

B: Maybe another time Jeff

A: Sigh. Guess I am going alone then.

B: Have fun!

A: But it won’t be fun without you

B: I am sorry but I have a night shift on Thursday.

A: Oh.

This reply is really bold because you take the risk of appearing lonely with nothing to do with your life then pester someone else to be a part of it. If you pull this off, you deserve an award.

That’s a bit cold

How to Respond to “Maybe Another Time”

If you feel they are giving off weird vibes by not being nice, this reply can make them speak up. If they said “maybe another time”, it might be sarcastic.

This reply will make them realize you wouldn’t be pushed off easily and they might tell you, “I am sorry I am just having a bad day”, or “I’m not in a good mood” and then give you a real reason why they said Maybe.

In fact, with this reply, they might end up accepting it if you say it and follow it up right.


Wonderful replies right? Make sure that whatever reply you choose doesn’t offend whoever you are asking to hang out with you because it can turn the odds of that maybe into a permanent maybe not.

Have fun trying these replies and drop yours below if you have any more replies.

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