Best Ways to Politely Ask for Money From Your Uncle (Including your Aunt, Dad, Boss, Boyfriend)

Many people find it difficult to ask for money or any sort of help. However, it does not have to be so hard, does it?

Do you give to people? This article is not here to lecture you on morals but on facts. Some attitudes can make you refuse to do some things that you would be otherwise willing to do. The same applies when you are seeking help.

The first important thing to keep in mind is your uncle’s money is not yours so he has the right to refuse.

Since he worked for his money and owns it, you have to be careful, tactical, and polite in requesting financial assistance.

Some relationships even allow you to make casual requests for money that get attended to. It’s not always the case.

This article suggests tactics for requesting money from your Uncle, Aunt, Dad, Boyfriend, Friend, and Debtor

9 Ways to Politely Ask For Money From Your Uncle

How to Politely Ask for Money

When requesting money from anyone, your approach always depends on how important it is for you to get the money, how urgent you need to get the money, and how many options you have.

  • Try to be upfront
  • Pay him a visit
  • Ask nicely
  • State the purpose of your request.
  • Be prepared to be rejected.
  • Offer assistance in exchange for money.
  • State how you plan to pay back.
  • Be honest.
  • Be appreciative

Try to be upfront

When you have to request money from a person, including your uncle, you may need to remember that you are not owed and no one is obligated to always give money to you every time you ask.

Also, your uncle may just be quite generous but you also have to keep in mind that he can’t always expect you to request money.

Before the money gets very urgent, you may want to make the request so he gets prepared to give it to you. That way, you will feel less like a burden.

Being upfront alone does not mean you will get the money so you have to watch the way you approach him.

Pay him a visit

If it is an important request, you may have to pay your uncle a visit. While this may not seem very necessary, it can be interpreted to mean a lot.

Paying your uncle a visit may show him that you truly need what you are asking for. However, you should not make the moment awkward by making him feel forced.

Since you are asking upfront, you have to make him understand that it is not very urgent but you have a deadline to get the money ready.

Ask nicely

Be polite in your words. You don’t have to go straight to the point. As mentioned earlier, it’s his money and not yours. You have no right to make demands. Keep that in mind and let him know that.

In your words, let him know you respect him. Let him know you need the money and that you have no right to make him give it to you. Show him that you will be grateful if you get the money from him.

Depending on how close you are to him, you can use sweet words. You may also let him know if you don’t have any other options.

However, if you have another option, tell him you will appreciate whatever amount he can help you with.

State the purpose of your request

As long as your request is important, you have to make it appear important. Casual requests will be treated differently from important ones.

However, it is not enough to simply say you need some money for important things. You have to state why it is important to get the money.

Tell him the purpose the money would serve. If you don’t think your purpose is important enough, then getting the money may not be necessary after all.

Make him understand why you want the money to serve the purpose. That way, he will understand how important it is and may agree to help out.

Be prepared to be rejected

When you are making your request, you don’t have to expect it to be given to you. You may have stated your purpose but that does not compel anyone to do your bidding.

When you say why you need the money, your uncle may not find it important so he may refuse to give the money.

Asides from that, he may not have the money you are requesting so you have to be prepared to be rejected.

By being prepared, it means you have to give a polite reaction and a polite response and think of an alternative way to get the money you need.

Offer assistance in exchange for money

A way to make your uncle more interested in giving you the money is to offer something in return. You can ask if there is any way you can help him out to get some money from him.

This is a crucial part of your request, especially if you have no plans to pay back.

While this part can make your uncle give it to you willingly without making you work for him, he may still be unable to give you the money. As mentioned earlier, you have to be ready for rejection.

State how you plan to pay back

Nothing stops you from offering to help your uncle and still offering to pay back. As long as your request is important to you, this should not be a problem.

If your request is not so important, you could just ask another person then.

State how you plan to get the money from another source and pay back. That way, your uncle can be more confident in giving the money to you.

Simply saying you will pay back will not convince him so you should tell him your plans to raise the money.

Be honest

Honesty is very important in virtually all situations. To get money from your Uncle, this is not the top on the list of important things to note but It becomes the most important when it has to be verified.

While your uncle may not check whether you are being honest or not, he must not figure out that you are being deceptive in any way.

In every word you say in your request, you have to make sure your story adds up. Do not exaggerate anything or change any part just to get his pity.

Your honesty may not give you higher chances of winning but if you lie and get caught, your chances can be brought down to zero.

Be appreciative

Gratitude is beautiful. Some people do not think they have to be thanked but others believe it is necessary.

When you thank your uncle for helping you with some money this time, you may have a higher chance of receiving more favors, although other factors will be considered in the transaction.

You don’t have to wait to receive the money before you show appreciation. If you have received any form of help from your Uncle, you can thank him for it before making your new request.

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After your request, you can also thank him for listening or thank him in advance.

What to say: [I know how hard it is to get money these days. You have a lot of responsibilities and it is wrong to disturb you. I need some money and I don’t have enough on me.

It’s for a textbook I need in college. I could help you out on the field for a month just to pay back this money. I could offer whatever help you need…]

How To Politely Ask For Money From Your Aunt  

How to Politely Ask for Money

  • Be upfront.
  • Check up on her
  • Show up unannounced
  • Get her a gift
  • Say compliments
  • Jest with her
  • Mention the money you need
  • State why she has to be the one you’re asking
  • Offer to work for the money
  • State that it’s a loan
  • Keep your request/story firm

Ask early

You get to know if she will or won’t give you so you can find alternatives before it’s too late.

There isn’t a huge difference when you have to request money from your aunt. However, some people find their aunts difficult to deal with.

This is not always the case. If you are close to your aunt, you may find it easier and this long process may be unnecessary.

Whether you are close to your aunt or not, informing her about your need upfront is important.

Instead of ambushing her with your urgent need for money, you should inform her days or weeks earlier so she can prepare some money for you.

People tend to be more difficult when they don’t have a lot to offer you so this prepares her for the moment you have to collect the money.

Check up on her

If your aunt is the difficult type, you may not want to talk over the phone. First, you have to weigh how important your request is. Secondly, you have to think of the best way to make it known to your aunt.

The suggested way to make her understand the importance of what you came for by paying her a visit. You can give her a call first and ask to visit her.

She may ask why, then you can say you have to tell her something that can’t be discussed over the phone.

You can also choose to take it slow by not telling her on your first or second visit.

Show up unannounced

Better still, you can show up without warning her. She may not react well to that. You can simply tell her you wouldn’t have shown up unannounced if you didn’t have a very important issue to discuss.

This should calm her and she will give listening ears.

Get her a gift

Women appreciate gifts. Your aunt should too. She will probably see it as a bribe after you make your request but she would still feel really good accepting a gift from you.

Just make sure you are getting her a gift she likes. That may require you to ask around.

Say compliments

All women love to be complimented. You don’t have to be honest but you have to keep your story firm. If you are talking about the neat house, make it all about the neat house.

Talk about her beautiful dress. She must be wearing one or she would know you are up to something.

Jest with her

Try including jests before making your request. Whether your request is silly or not, you can just go silly in your conversation. Tease her with sweet words. Women like sweet words.

There is a high chance she would do your bidding if you call her sweet names. It would also be quite easy for her to say no if she doesn’t have enough to spare.

However, you may want to be careful with your jests if she’s not someone you often speak to.

Mention the money you need

This is where you state the exact reason you showed up. You should show the exact purpose you need the money to serve.

You should state why that purpose is so important to you. You should state why that purpose is so urgent that it had to happen at that moment.

As mentioned earlier, you have to weigh how important your request is so you can make the right approach.

If your request is not important enough or may not be understood by your aunt, you should use a gentler approach.

You have to make her see the importance of the money you are requesting. Also, your excuse has to match your energy. It has to be enough for you to request to visit or even show up without calling first.

State why she had to be the one you are asking

Does this sound like you are forcing her? Don’t make it sound like that. You have to be careful with your tone and your words.

Do not say this like she is obligated to give the money to you. In fact, you should point out that you have no right to request money.

State that you wouldn’t have asked if it weren’t important. Even if she doesn’t say this to you, you should consider that she may want to know why you didn’t think of asking anyone else. If there is a reason for that, tell it to her.

State that you would have gone to someone else if you had someone else to ask. State why you can’t go to others.

State why you can’t raise the money yourself. This won’t make your request appear like it’s her duty. Rather, it would show that you are depending on her at the moment.

Offer to work for the money

While it is highly unlikely for your Aunt to request something in return, you should still offer to work for the money. Offer to give her some assistance she may need.

She will most likely reject your offer to work for her but it will show that you are desperate for the money. It would seem to her like she would be saving your life by giving the money to you.

She may just want to hear you show appreciation and that is what you must do when she agrees to help with the money you are asking for.

State that it’s a loan

Unless you don’t plan to pay back, tell her it’s a loan. Promising to pay back may be needless if she is already willing to give the money to you.

However, giving her hope that she will get her money back will be important.

While she may be willing to give you the money after seeing your desperation, she may not have the money you are requesting so this promise would matter.

Also, this promise may still be doubted. This is why you may have to make your plans clear and understood.

You should tell her if you have a source of income that will help you save up the money and pay back. You can state that you will pay back in installments.

You can state that you are expecting some money later. State the date the money will get to you and the date you will refund the money. This should encourage her to lend you the money.

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Keep your request/story firm

This is not just about your aunt. When a person does not have a lot of money to spare or even enough to manage, he/she may be doubtful of the stories you tell when requesting for a loan.

Your aunt may be able to see through you so telling lies won’t be an option if you are not perfectly good at it.

Telling lies may shut you out forever and you may be unable to tell a story that she would believe. If you have to lie, make sure you sound and act as honest as possible.

Keep your story as simple as possible and make sure every part adds up.

When she asks questions, listening closely, she’s trying to see where you are telling lies. This is why you have to be honest or, at least, keep your lies reasonable.

What to say; [I need some money to get a textbook in school. The lecturers won’t let us in classes if we don’t have it and I can’t afford it at the moment.

I have tried to do some work but I haven’t been able to raise enough. Everyone else seems busy and clogged with responsibilities and I thought you were my only option… I just got a new job so I can pay you back in two months; that is June [Go on and on about how you need it and how she’s the only option]

How To Politely Ask For Money From Your Dad

How to Politely Ask for Money 

  • Go back in time
  • Appreciate him
  • Appear honest
  • State the purpose of the money
  • Use nice words
  • Be grateful

Go back in time

He is your father. That is a fact and it’s alone to put a burden on him. Before you make a request, you have to consider how important it is.

If it is not very important, you should be careful and reluctant in how you approach him.

If your request is necessary, you should tell him before it becomes urgent. Some he still has to provide for your basic needs, you should give him enough time to prepare your request for you.

Appreciate him

Part of going back in time is citing the beautiful things he has done for you in the past and appreciating him for everything.

Show that you recognize all of his efforts and you are grateful for everything. That will make him feel closer to you and he will want to listen to you.

Appear honest

You should not lie to get things from your father. That does not show politeness in any way. You should understand the burden he carries daily, taking care of you and the rest of the family.

You should show that you recognize his efforts by asking for things that are only important unless your father is the generous version of Elon Musk.

If he discovers you are lying, he may be reluctant to tend to your future requests. If you dare to be lying, then you must not be discovered

State the purpose of the money

When asking for money from your dad, you should make him understand that you don’t see him as a mere money dispenser. You shouldn’t just ask for money like it’s yours.

Understand that the money is his and he should decide how to spend his money. If you need money for something important, say what it is. He may have things to pay for.

By saying what you need, he may weigh which is more important and tend to your request. If it’s casual, nothing stops you from being honest with what you need the money for.

Use nice words

Be as polite as possible. You may want to acknowledge your dad’s efforts in taking care of you and show appreciation before stating your request.

If you are close to your dad, you can tease him with sweet names. That gives you more chances of getting your request.

Be grateful

Even though your dad is obligated to provide for you while you are young, your gratitude will go a long way in making him want to do more for you.

Thank him for the financial assistance he has rendered in the past. Thank him for providing for the family. You should also show appreciation when he gives you your request.

By showing gratitude, you get the chance to ask for a favor at a later time.

What to say: [Good morning, Dad. How was your night? You look like you slept well… I wanted to thank you for how far you’ve gone in supporting my education, despite the burden of providing for everyone.

I can’t imagine taking all of these responsibilities. I am grateful…… and I need your help with some money now. The Lecturers won’t let us in classes without getting a textbook. I don’t need it till we resume. It’s in a month. I just thought of telling you now…]

How To Politely Ask For Money From Your Boss

How to Politely Ask for Money 

  • Go to him
  • Keep your story straightforward
  • Say what you need the money for.
  • Suggest a method he/she can trust to get back his/her money from you.
  • Thank him

Go to him

Whatever you do at your place of work, keep your job in mind. You have to make sure you are as official as possible.

If you ever have to ask for a loan from your boss, you should not do it on a phone unless it is a remote job.

You should walk up to him at your place of work before making your request.

Keep your story straightforward

Lying to your boss for any reason is wrong unless it’s not affecting anyone and you never get caught. Keep your story straightforward if you have to lie. You should consider your job before making your decisions.

If you have to borrow some money from your boss, it has to be a very important reason. If it is not a reason you can give to your boss, then it’s probably not important enough to get indebted for.

As long as it is important, you should have no problem telling the truth to your boss about what you need the money for. You should be honest in everything you say

Say what you need the money for

You can’t just go and demand money from your boss unless you are owed your salary. If not, you need to give a good reason to demand an upfront payment.

Since your reason is good enough, say it to your boss. As mentioned earlier, you have to be honest with what you are saying. If you are discovered to be lying, you may be putting your job on the line.

Suggest a method he/she can trust to get back his/her money from you

Your boss will not just give you money. There is probably an employer like that around the world but you should never expect your boss to do so.

When you are stating your plans to pay back, make sure it is one that can be effectively controlled by your employer.

You may be asking for money that cannot be paid back with your one-month salary. Suggesting a regular deduction from your salary is a good idea. It would be in your boss’s control.

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Thank him

When your boss agrees to give the money to you, you should show gratitude. Be grateful for it and know that it is not your right to demand loans.

After showing gratitude, you should make sure you fulfill your promises so you can be trusted when next you need help with anything.

What to say: [Good morning, sir. I was wondering if I could get a loan from the company. I can’t think of anywhere else to get it and I need it to get my sister out of her dilemma.

I believe I can pay back the money in six months. You can take fifty percent of my salary monthly. That way you can handle it yourself. The money should be paid off in three months.

I will be very grateful if I can receive this help from you]

How To Politely Ask For Money From Your Boyfriend

How to Politely Ask for Money 

  • Tell him before it’s urgent
  • Use pet names
  • State why you need the money
  • Give him a deadline
  • Don’t be forceful
  • If it’s casual, ask if he has money to spare

Be upfront

Instead of treating your boyfriend like your parent who is obligated to provide for you, you may want to show some respect.

While requesting money, you don’t want to sound like you are demanding something you are entitled to. The best way to avoid this misunderstanding is to ask before it becomes urgent.

Use sweet words

Since it is your boyfriend, you should have no problem teasing him and calling him sweet names. Use the usual pet names you address him with and chip in new ones.

Start the conversation with this before saying what you need.

State why you need the money

While your boyfriend may not ask why you need the money, you should state your reason. If it is necessary, he may try to raise the money if he doesn’t have it at the moment.

If it is unimportant, he may give it to you to make you happy.

Give him a deadline

Stating how urgent you need the money can sound like you are demanding but not if it is not urgent. This simply means giving him a deadline for the money.

You should probably tell him two weeks earlier than the deadline. However, if the money is actually urgent, just let him know.

Don’t be forceful

If the money is urgent, you may be sounding forceful when stating the urgency. Make sure your request sounds like a request.

If it’s casual, ask if he has money to spare

 If it’s casual, just ask if the money is available. Make sure to let him know that it’s not urgent or important so he doesn’t have to bother if he doesn’t have the money.

If it’s important, don’t give him this option.

What to say; [What’s up, dearest? Do you have some money to spare? I need to make my hair and I can’t afford it now.

My stylist will be traveling in two weeks and I will like to make my hair before she does,.. but it’s not very important. If you don’t have the money, I won’t bother you. I just would love to…]

How To Politely Ask For Money From Your Friend

How To Politely Ask For Money From Your Friend    

  • Start with compliments
  • Complain about the purpose of the money
  • Ask if he/she has money to spare
  • Show him/her your plans to pay back
  • Be grateful

Start with compliments

If you need to borrow from your friend, you should know he/she is not obligated to give it to you. However, it is very easy to cajole a friend into doing your will.

Complain about the purpose of the money.

Give your reason for wanting to borrow the morning and complain about it so the importance of the money becomes clear.

A friend should be able to tell you if you are borrowing for the wrong reasons. If your reasons are important, however, he/she should be able to help.

Ask if he/she has money to spare

Friends can feel obligated to help one another but you don’t want someone to feel burdened by you. Therefore, you should ask if your friend is willing to give.

Show him/her your plans to pay back

While it’s easy to cajole a friend into giving you money, you don’t want to betray the trust he/she has in you.

You should state how you plan to raise money to pay back.

Be grateful

It’s a friend. You can be playful but there are times when you should get serious. Be grateful for the assistance and show it expressively.

What to say: ]Hi, Mark. Do you have some money to spare? I need to get some goods but I  don’t have enough money ready. I will give the money back to you next month. I will be converting my shares then so the money will be available.]

How To Politely Ask For Money owed

How To Politely Ask For Money owed  

  • Be straightforward
  • Ask if the money is available
  • Ask when the money will be available
  • State what you need your money for.
  • State how urgently you need to get your money back.

Be straightforward

When you owe a person, you should not wait to be asked before you begin to pay back. Therefore, if you are owed, you can just be straightforward with the person and ask for your money.

Ask if the money is available

If you are trying to be polite, this is the option for you. You are giving the person a chance to say no. This will serve as a reminder that he/she owes you.

Also, the money may be available so you could be getting your money immediately.

Ask when the money will be available

This is even more polite. Instead of asking if the money is available, ask when the money will be available. You would be indirectly giving him/her some time to raise the money.

You are also giving the person the chance to say how much time is needed to provide the money.

State what you need your money for

You may be unsure of how to ask for your money. This is normal, especially if it is someone you are close to. However, giving an excuse can make it easier.

When you are asking for your money, you can say what you need it for. You may even avoid asking for money. Just complain about some money that you need to sort out something.

This may remind the person that he/she owes you and should pay you back.

State how urgently you need to get your money back

When you say what you need your money for, you should add how urgent it is for you to get the money.

This will put some pressure on the person and he/she will give you a date.

What to say: [Good day. I just wanted to remind you about the money. Is it available?… When will it be available?… I really need to pay my house rent and that is all I have. My rent will be due in two months.

Please, take care to get my money ready before the end of the month. My landlord can be crazy.]

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