15 Best Ways to Say Looking Forward to Seeing You Soon

Whether it is an official meeting between partners or just a date between two intending lovers…one party may utter the phrase “looking forward to seeing you soon” for a couple of reasons.

You can say this line to mean that you are expectant to meet with the other party without wasting time, or it could mean a pact to arrange another meetup with the same person pending the success of the first one.

Whichever way it goes, the line itself is an overused phrase that makes it unfit for you to use in certain circumstances.

It is a cliche and as such deserves a worthy replacement. Now, what line could fill in the place of this line? That becomes the question you’ll have in your mind.

Well, if you must know, there are other lines which are better to be employed than the regular ones.

And I’ll be discussing the 15 best ways to say looking forward to seeing you soon. Keep reading to find out more!

Best 15 Ways to Say Looking Forward to Seeing You Soon

Finding the best phrases or complete sentences that can fill in for the aforementioned one is not a hard task.

However, care and caution are of great importance in picking these lines because since they mean the same thing in the end, they’re all unique and I find them fit in different scenarios.

On that note, below are 15 worthy replacements for ‘looking forward to seeing you soon’.

  1. I await your return with hope
  2. Looking forward to meeting you in earnest
  3. I’m excited to have your audience
  4. I long to set my eyes on you soonest
  5. I will be waiting for you to reach out to me
  6. My hopes are high on seeing you in the near time
  7. I anticipate your presence quickly
  8. I’m eager to see you soon
  9. I hope to share in your company soon
  10. I’m hopeful we’ll meet again in next to no time
  11. I can’t entertain the thought of not seeing you in any distant time
  12. I am delighted to finally meet you soon
  13. It’s a pleasure to have you around, we’ll see again rather sooner than later
  14. We’ll most definitely cross paths in the near future
  15. I strongly believe we’ll have a good time
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I Await Your Return with Hope

The central message in this line is hope. A good replacement for ‘looking forward to seeing you soon’ has to incorporate the spice of hope or expectancy in its wordings for it to drive the message right.

Well, this particular line does the work perfectly as it reasons that you await the person’s return with hope.

This means you’re positive that you’ll see this person in question in no distant time.

In addition, this line posits that the situation of use would’ve been one which has to do with you being expectant that you’ll get to see the person in question at the end.

Looking forward to meeting you in earnest

As I mentioned in the last line, there’s a need for the presence of hope to be indicated in any statement that would be used instead of ‘looking forward to seeing you soon’, and this one right here also goes with that same precedence.

I achieved that by the inclusion of the word ‘earnest’ in the statement. Here, you’re not only looking forward to seeing the person, but you also aspire to meet and relate with him or her.

The original statement used ‘seeing’ and literally, it doesn’t go beyond that. However, in this line, you can go way beyond just seeing to meeting with the person.

This is where you get to grow fond of the person if it’s a date you’re planning.

I’m Excited to Have Your Audience

This line is perfect for use in an official dialogue between business partners. It also conveys the same message but in a different light.

Here, you’re excited which also means you’re hoping to see the person. It goes beyond that because there’s the use of ‘audience’ instead of ‘meeting’ or ‘seeing’.

In that light, it qualifies as a viable statement to use for a business meeting between a bidding company and a contracting firm.

I long to set my eyes on you soonest

This is for the lovers who would need a more unique and affectionate line to use instead of the regular ‘looking forward to seeing you soon’.

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If you observe well, I did a bit of gothic style of English here and that I know is a romantic way of talking, don’t you think?

I will be waiting for you to reach out

I once used this line for someone who needed a job opportunity from me. At that time, there was an opening and the thing is, the person in question is overqualified for the job.

However, I was excited and hopeful at the same time because I was sure they’d body any workload thrown at them.

So, if you find yourself in a similar scenario, you might want to use this line to suffice the regular one.

My Hopes Are High on Seeing You in Near Time

Did you notice anything? Hope has been a repetitive pattern in all the statements in this list, and this line doesn’t go astray instead it uses it in plain words.

With this line, you have high hopes of seeing the person in the near time which is as good as saying soon.

I’d suggest this line for long-distance lovers who just organized a meetup, probably their first ever.

I Anticipate Your Presence Quickly

After a work briefing, your boss may request you revert to him on time by saying ‘looking forward to seeing you soon’. While that’s fine, you might want to use this line instead if you find yourself in his shoes in any case.

This line suggests that you need the person to come back with a report for the briefing earlier discussed with you, but this time, it has to be quick.

I’m Eager to See You Soon

Ways to Say Looking Forward to Seeing You Soon

Eagerness partially equals hopefulness. It goes on ahead to also mean willingness to do something.

There’s a little reluctance in saying ‘looking forward to seeing you soon’. So, to fill that emptiness and show a more intentional motive, you can use this line to replace the former.

With this line, the person you’re referring to will know you willfully would love to see them, well soon too.

I Hope to Share in Your Company Soon

After just meeting someone, and exchanging pleasantries, the dialogue could be cut by a sudden occurrence. But before you depart, it would be cool to suggest a fateful meet-up with such a person.

Saying the regular line is not bad, but you could be more specific by choosing this line. This shows that you’re concerned about being in the person’s company in the near time to come.

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It also depicts how intentional you can get when you want something. Therefore, this line remains a better contender than the original line in this situation.

I’m Hopeful We’ll Meet Again in next to No Time

‘Meeting in next to no time’ also equals meeting soon. I just stressed it more and added more wording.

However, the line continues the already existing motion of incorporating the spice of hope in the replacement of the original statement.

With this line, you’re also hopeful that you’ll get to relate with the person to whom you’re directing the statement.

In this case, nevertheless, you guys have already met before so the next meeting wouldn’t be a new one, but rather a continuation of the first one.

This means you’re suggesting another meeting, but this time it’ll be if fate wills it to happen.

I Can’t Entertain the Thought of Not Seeing You in any Distant Time

If what you feel at the time of saying ‘looking forward to meeting you soon’ is that of restlessness, you can use this line to replace the former statement.

This is because this line does the fine work of bringing the emotions you feel to the table.

The fact that you mentioned ‘I can’t entertain the thought’ shows all shades of anxiousness and also hope to some extent.

I Am Delighted to Finally Meeting You Soon

Ways to Say Looking Forward to Seeing You Soon

When your supposed arranged meetup with someone takes a positive turn, you can use this line to express how elated you feel than saying ‘looking forward to seeing you’.

The latter statement sounds vague while this line doesn’t.

It’s a pleasure to have you around, we’ll see again rather sooner than later

Part of my favorite spice of this particular line is how formal and pleasant it sounds.

They’re no vague words used unlike the original one and it subtly conveys the message of hope, away from plain understanding.

We’ll Most Definitely Cross Paths In the Near Future

When you posit that you’ll cross paths with someone shortly, it holds the same meaning as simply saying you’ll meet again.

The better part of the former line is that it sounds more intelligent than the latter. Well, this line employs the former line and it comes out well enough. The inclusion of definitely also means strong hope.

I Strongly Believe We’ll Have a Good Time

When you strongly believe in something, it shows you hope positively in it. With this line, you’re hopeful that the meeting with the person which hasn’t happened yet would come out well.


Being a good commander of the English language requires the skill of versatility and improvisation. Without them, you may be stuck with the same words for years without knowing you sound archaic.

To flow with the dynamism of the use of English, you need to find newer ways to do things, and knowing other better ways of saying ‘looking forward to seeing you’ is a good step in that direction.

However, in this article, I managed to collect and discuss a couple of lines that I deem fit to replace the statement and you can consider any of them suitable for your situation.

Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comment box below.

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