20 Best Replies to “Que Haces”

Did someone say “que haces” to you and you’re probably in utter confusion about what to say? It gets even funny and rather disgusting if you don’t know anything about Spanish.

We’ve all been there…a situation where you’re full of words but still unsure of which to say. Que haces is one of those phrases that prove the sexiness and dynamism of the Spanish language.

This is because the phrase can be used in a lot of different scenarios and it still suits perfectly.

When someone says that to you, it can either come as an informal salutation or a pleasantry phrase. Other times it could just be the person’s way of saying “what’s up” to you.

However, the best translation would be “what are you doing?” or “what’re you up to?”.

In this article, I’ll be mentioning up to 20 best replies to que haces. Keep reading on to find out more!

20 Great Replies to Que Haces

I am a very person, so telling my problems to people could be a hard task, since I don’t fancy it.

If someone says “que haces” to me intending to know how I’m faring, then I’m the type to just say “fine” and leave before another question lands.

If you’re my type of person, then you need to be frugal while responding to que haces.

On that note, my collection of replies features concise lines, and also lengthy and explanation-based replies.

You can pick any one of these replies as it cuts across basic and regular daily activities. These responses include.

  1. What’s up or which wave? = Que Onda?
  2. I’m well. You? = Yo Bien, Y Tu?
  3. Hello, nothing, just here reading a book = Hola! Nada aqui leyendo un libro
  4. Thinking out aloud = Pesando en Voz Alta
  5. Hello, nice to see you. I’m on my way out for work = Hola! Un gusto yesterday de salida para el trabajo
  6. Hello, nothing, just walking = Hola, nada, solo caminando
  7. I’m busy or I’m working hard = Che Guapo or che guapa
  8. Nothing = Nada
  9. Waiting for you to talk to me, sweetheart = Esperando que me habus, amorsito
  10. I’m just reading about the news = Solo estoy leyendo sobre las noticia
  11. I’m just thinking about my life = Solo estoy pesando en mi vida
  12. Nothing much, just there = No mucho, solo ahi
  13. I’m waiting for my cab to arrive = Estoy Esperando a que ileque mi taxi
  14. Just compiling my budget for the month = Compilando mi presupuesto del me
  15. Nothing much, I’m just surfing the internet = No mucho, solo estoy navefando por internet
  16. I’m shooting my next content video = Estoy filmando mi proximo video de contenido
  17. Waiting for you to give me something to do = Esperando que me des algo que hacer
  18. I’m just waking up, dummy = Me estoy despertando tonto
  19. I wouldn’t say, life is fast right now = Yo no diria, la Vida es Rapida en este momento
  20. Just fine. Thanks for asking = Muy Bien. Gracias por preguntar
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What’s up or Which Wave? = Que Onda?

I love it when I’m not so conventional and that’s exactly what I’d love you to do with this line of response.

Unlike most traditional Spanish speakers, this line is an informal way of replying to anyone who says ‘que haces’ to you.

Just like the regular flexibility used in replying to English-based questions or salutations, you can employ the same tactic while replying to a Spanish question or salutation.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with saying “what’s up” when someone says ‘que haces’ to you.

It is a rather cool way of responding if you’re not cut out for the long talks or explanations that some people expect when they say ‘que haces’ to others.

In the same vein, I think this line of response is rather frugal and makes you sound a bit funky with your tone.

Therefore, if you’re someone who likes sounding funky, you might want to jump on this one. Frugal speakers like me are also welcome to make use of this line too.

I’m well. You? = Yo Bien, Y Tu?

This is one line of response that is not only frugal but also carries a lot of information in a small line.

If you want to tell the person about your health status without going into the details, you can use this line to convey your message.

Usually, anyone who says ‘que haces’ to you, is expecting you to give them some kind of information about your well-being. So, it is only wise for you to reply with a sentence like the one above.

It depicts that you’re in good health condition…not only that, you also try to show concern to the person by throwing back the same question to him or her. But this time, you went the shortcut by just asking “you”

The Spanish translation of this response is a good pick for you, had it been your wish to flex your Spanish-speaking abilities.

The line can be easily memorized and doesn’t require much phonetic or accentual strength or proficiency from you.

Hello, Nothing, Just Here Reading a Book = Hola! Nada Aqui Leyendo Un Libro

Replies to Que Haces

The very first time of hearing the phrase ‘que haces’, I quickly sought the meaning from a Spanish-speaking friend.

And the dude’s response was, “just tell the person what you’re doing at the moment”. It rang in my ear and traveled to my brain at the same time.

However, my affinity with books proved supportive at that time, so it became my default response to the person who had asked me ‘que haces’.

Well, this happened a long time ago but I had to recall it for the sake of this post.

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If you’re a bookworm and you barely step out of the house without a book in your backpack or purse, or you don’t spend an hour flipping a page even at home then you can use this as your response.

If you observe closely, you’ll see that there’s a spice of politeness in the response which is evident with the salutary opening word.

Thinking out Aloud = Pesando en Voz Alta

If someone asked you ‘que haces’ during one of those blank moments, you can use this line to answer them quickly.

The thing with this line is that it allows the person the chance to ask you more questions and possibly get to know the cause of your thoughts.

Perhaps, he or she met you in a bad state, with a long face and swollen eyes…and they want to know why you look so disturbed.

On the other hand, you can use this line to reply if you want someone to talk to and empty the sadness in your heart.

Hello, Nice to See You. I’m on My Way Out for Work = Hola! Un Gusto Yesterday de Salida Para El Trabajo

Were you asked the ‘que haces’ question on your way out of your apartment? If that’s the case, don’t worry about what to reply with.

You can simply tell the person that you’re heading out for work. Funnily enough, this does not have to be the true intention for your outing, but you don’t have to always let people into your personal life.

This response will also help you get on along quickly without entertaining any further queries from the person because they’ll have to assume you’re in a hurry already.

While this might look like a rude way of dismissing someone, don’t worry about that because I’ve got you covered.

Do you see the salutary word “hello” and the next line that follows it? Those two elements are just the right stuff you need to sound nice, accommodating, and polite.

Hello, Nothing, Just Walking = Hola, Nada, Solo Caminando

I’ve had a lot of people ask me what I’m doing at the moment, especially over a phone call.

They’re probably hearing the sound of traffic and birds chirping in the background and they’re wondering what in the world you’re doing.

In most cases, I’m either out for my usual mental walk to clear off some pieces of baggage Or I’m indoors getting some projects done.

So, I’ll normally reply by telling the person that I’m taking a walk. Who knows?

You might also be someone who likes to take a walk, probably with your pet since I don’t have any. In such a case, you can reply with this line.

I’m Busy or I’m Working Hard = Che Guapo R Che Guapa

Are you busy? Do you want to continue with that? If so, I don’t see a reason why you should go the extra mile to reply to ‘que haces’ when you have the above lines to use.

Nothing = Nada

Frugality in speech is an underrated virtue, and you should add it to your list of soft skills to learn. To that effect, this is a good frugal response to ‘que haces’.

Waiting for You to Talk to Me, Sweetheart = Esperando Que Me Habus, Amorsito

Replies to Que Haces

This response sounds funny, right? Well, that’s its use in this list. You can use it to bounce off any intruding talkative who might disturb your life with questions.

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You can pull this off by showing a grimy face, with a sinister grin while saying it to the person.

I’m Just Reading About the News = Solo Estoy Leyendo Sobre Las Noticia

If you were reading the news when someone says ‘que haces’ to you, you can use this line to let them know that it is what you’re hooked on.

No need for cutting corners, since the majority of people don’t start their day without listening to the news.

I’m Just Thinking About My Life = Solo Estoy Pesando en MI Vida

Your life is yours to live and any person who wants to interfere rudely should be shoved aside.

To do that, you need a good response like this one. With this line, you’ve established you’re thinking, and it’s about your life…meaning no interference.

Nothing Much, Just There = No Mucho, Solo Ahi

This is an additional line of response for all my frugal talkers in the building. You don’t want to miss this dialogue quencher of a response if you’re looking for a reply to ‘que haces’.

I’m Waiting for My Cab to Arrive = Estoy Esperando a Que Ileque MI Taxi

Some people can be very noobish with their questions. When someone asks you ‘que haces’ at a train station or bus stop; you should reply with this rather sarcastic response.

They would realize how dumb their question was when you finally board the bus and leave.

Just Compiling My Budget for the Month = Compilando MI Presupuesto Del Me

You might have it hard for you while sorting out your bills for the month.

And since some people are quick to notice slight changes on your face, someone might ask you que haces’ due to the distressed look. You can simply use the line above to explain your plight.

Nothing Much, I’m Just Surfing the Internet = No Mucho, Solo Estoy Navefando Por Internet

The internet is now a global arena and many people are hooked on it.

I guess you’re also a candidate because that’s how you found this page and article, so you could use the above response to reply when you’re asked ‘que haces’.

I’m Shooting My Next Content Video = Estoy Filmando MI Proximo Video de Contenido

I’m sure you’ve heard about content creation somehow and somewhere…well that’s the new wave on the internet these days.

It gets fun if you’re also a content creator, as you can use this line to show you’re busy with “work”. Content creation is a creative line of work and you need focus and keen attention to thrive in the area.

Waiting for You to Give Me Something to Do = Esperando Que Me Des Algo Que Hacer

Do you want to sound a bit funky with your response? If so, then you can use this line of response to bring the energy to the table.

Telling the person that you’re waiting for them to give you something to do is a sarcastic way of responding and it is a funny one.

I’m Just Waking up, Dummy = Me Estoy Despertando Tonto

This line is another sarcastic line of response to anyone who says ‘que haces’ to you

While it may sound sassy, you should try to employ accommodating body language to ensure that it doesn’t hit hard on the person at the receiving end.

I Wouldn’t Say, Life Is Fast Right Now = Yo No Diria, la Vida ES Rapida en Este Momento

The fact remains that life is fast and you have to be in sync with it to thrive during the bad times. Perhaps, someone asked you ‘que haces’ after they saw you in a bad state.

If so, you can use this line of response to clear them off the notion that you’re disturbed.

Just fine. Thanks for Asking = Muy Bien. Gracias Por Preguntar

I love this line of response a lot, and that’s because of the inclusion of an appreciative phrase at the end.

This means that you’re not only fine, but you’re always grateful that the person cared to check up on you.


Being short of words in form of replies when someone says something to you is not a bad thing.

It is normal that you’re not some jerk with replies as it would be better if you remain silent and calculate what to say.

However, when it comes to the case of not knowing what to say when someone says ‘que haces’ to you…I  believe that you’re no longer held back on that as I’ve done a proper evaluation of the best replies for that Spanish phrase.

This article featured up to 20 replies to Que Haces and I’m sure you’ll find a good one to go along with since I had to make them so relatable for anyone reading it.

However, I’d love to know your thoughts on these replies in the comment section. You might as well bring in your questions…it’s an interactive space we have here.

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