20 Best Responses to a Girl Missing a Date?

I never liked it when a potential partner or ‘just’ good friend cancels a date on me and I know you’d certainly feel bad when that happens to you.

It is a different feeling when a girl misses out on an unplanned date, other than when it was planned and duly scheduled.

It is not only frustrating but also a plausible red flag on their reliability rating. Because of this, you might want to drop a couple of lines depicting how you feel when she brings it up.

If you’re short of words, then you’re lucky to find this post because I’ll be walking you through a couple of responses for a girl missing a date. Keep reading on!

10 Polite Responses to a Girl Missing a Date

Even when a girl misses a date with you, you still have the option of playing the “nice guy” card. I’ve tested and I trust it to be a viable way of getting the bonding rolling, even with the initial disappointment.

Therefore, you might want to throw in a couple of any of these polite lines of response whenever a girl misses a date with you.

  • It is fine; I understand you had to take care of an urgent problem
  • No hard feelings in that regard; life happens
  • Don’t worry about me, just don’t let it happen again
  • About the other time, can you please be present when next we fix it up?
  • I don’t know why you weren’t at the venue, but we should reschedule
  • No long talks. How about by this time next week? You have a lot of making up to do for me
  • I wouldn’t get pissed entirely. good a thing you’re gorgeous
  • I’ll act blind to that, your beauty is too flashy
  • Last night could’ve been our best together. Well, we still have my ore nights to explore
  • I understand, but an apology will do. Say, probably over a cup of coffee?
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It Is Fine; I Understand You Had to Take Care of an Urgent Problem

The idea of being soft while replying to the girl who missed a date with you is to keep softening the ground. Probably, she’s a new catch and you want to still have something to do with her despite her shortcomings.

Being toxic at her first shoe of unreliability could be mistaken as a rude attitude from you. So, I will tell you to flow with the tide like I’d do if I were to be in your shoes.

I believe this line of response is a good startup since it is possible that she probably canceled at the last moment because of an urgent matter.

Even if it wasn’t so, you put her in the position of being indebted to you if you show understanding from the on-set.

This way, you contribute to the continuity of your relationship with her and can even bag another date proposal with her.

No Hard Feelings in That Regard; Life Happens

For me, politeness plus positivity wins the race in this regard. I wouldn’t want to sound polite but with a pessimistic feeling attached to it.

To balance it out and obtain my desirable result, I’ll stick to being positive. That’s what this line of response stands for and you’ll be more than lucky to make use of it.

For you to mention that you have no hard feelings shows how loveable you are. I know women love it when you go smooth on them, so I decided to add this response to the list.

Unlike what you may think, I’m not trying to make you look desperate. Rather, I aim to help you create a safe space for the girl to feel comfortable with you. This line of response can do that effortlessly.

Don’t Worry About Me, Just Don’t Let It Happen Again

I’ve discovered that part of what makes a man desirable is his ability to show love and also shun I’ll act at the same time.

It all boils down to being a resourceful man. By saying ‘don’t worry’, you’re assuring the girl of your unyielding interest in her.

This means that just like the last response, it makes her feel less edgy and equally presents you as an accommodating person.

These are part of the qualities women look out for, and if you portray them while replying to them over missing a date with you…she’ll feel indebted to you.

In addition, the last line suggests a hint at another date without being too forward about it. Talk about smooth lines and think of this response.

About the Other Time, Can You Please Be Present When Next We Fix It Up?

The soothing and calm vibe behind this line of response is the reason why it made this list. Do you sense how I creatively incorporated softness in the wording, by featuring the word “please”? That’s the only needed spice to get this response popping.

The response comes as a question, making it an engaging line. Instead of dropping your two cents and leaving the spot, using this line avails you the chance to have a peek into more details of her absence.

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Even if it doesn’t, at least, you’ll get a comprehensive response of either a positive or negative outcome. Whatever the result may be, the most important thing is that you spoke as a man and didn’t dodge a punch.

I Don’t Know Why You Weren’t at the Venue, but We Should Reschedule

Are you looking out for an authoritative response whenever a girl who missed a date brings up the topic? If so, then you have to consider this line as a top tier in that regard.

With this mode of reply, there are no cutting corners. It features no questions, assumptions, or suggestions.

On the contrary, it is a direct statement seeking to reschedule the meeting up which was supposed to happen earlier if she had shown up.

I will tell you why this response is good. I love being intentional and direct; that’s exactly what you’d achieve with this line.

And to think that there’s no room for opposition to your statement shows that you’re in control.

No Long Talks. How About by This Time Next Week? You Have a Lot of Making up to Do to Me

Why not get mindful of your requests? I am about making the whole event work out, so when a girl misses a date, you try to fix it up again. It doesn’t mean desperation in any form but depicts that I desire her.

If you’re on the same page as me, then you should jump on this line of response.

I Wouldn’t Get Pissed Entirely. Good a Thing You’re Gorgeous

No one made a rule against being flirtatious even while replying to a girl who misses a date with you.

I didn’t make any of such rules, so I’ll encourage you to shoot your shots regardless of the initial outcome. That resilient spirit is not necessary but it is called for.

On that note, I created this response to represent all shades of flirts. I wrote off the feeling of being pissed by affirming how gorgeous the girl is. You can join me in this campaign of being sweet in all conditions.

I’ll Act Blind to That, Your Beauty Is Too Flashy

Responses to a Girl Missing a Date

Similarly to the previous response; this line also seeks to flirt and woo without paying much attention to the inability of the girl to show up for the date.

For what it’s worth, you might want to see it as a harmless act of carelessness.

Last Night could’ve been Our Best Together. Well, We Still Have More Nights to Explore

I love it when a guy is positive and stoic at the same time. This line of response features these two virtues and it is quite a response for when a girl misses a date with you.

I Understand, but an Apology Will Do. Say, Probably Over a Cup of Coffee?

There’s nothing wrong with demanding an apology from the girl, you deserve one. However, you could do that with a lower tone which depicts politeness. Suggesting a coffee hangout as a good apology setting shows how intentional you are.

Best 10 Comeback Replies to a Girl Missing a Date

Since I’d love to play the nice guy card when a girl missed a date, I also know when to rebuff any form of unreliability on the part of the girl. Therefore, you should be in the know of any good comeback responses which you can serve when you experience such an event. These replies include.

  • I doubted you’re a cold tease, well you just proved me right
  • Am I supposed to reply happily after what you did?
  • I always knew you weren’t reliable
  • I feel bad but I don’t care
  • The fact that you had to wait till the last minute before mentioning this, shows how insensitive you are
  • You weren’t even late, but absent. If unfaithfulness was a person, it would be you
  • Did I feel bad? Yes. Was it because you missed the date? No. My cat fell sick
  • Aside from being unaccountable, what other bad attitude do you have?
  • I have to give to you; you’re quite a catch but not for me
  • If apologies were to be a river, you should bring it in-depth
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I Doubted you’re a Cold Tease, Well You Just Proved Me Right

I love the idea of being upfront and direct with everything I do. I believe that’s a trait that a lot of guys should cultivate as it helps them become more intentional.

If you’re to throw in comebacks when a girl misses a date with you, then you should do that with confidence. This line of response avails you the chance to do that properly.

Am I Supposed to Reply Happily After What You Did?

You’re free to air how awful you feel about her absence from the proposed date, besides, that’s exactly what I would’ve also done. Speaking up shows you don’t condone such attitudes and wouldn’t take it lightly.

I Always Knew You Weren’t Reliable

Do you already have the hunch that the girl is not to be trusted? If so, then you can use this response to express it in the most relatable way possible.

I Feel Bad but I Don’t Care

Responses to a Girl Missing a Date

The only time you start to feel extremely bad about an unsuccessful date with a girl is when you overthink it. To avoid such emotional frivolity, you can throw in this response to clear off any of such feelings.

The Fact That You Had to Wait Till the Last Minute before Mentioning This, Shows How Insensitive You Are

I don’t have or know of any rule that forbids comebacks from being all shades of trolls. In that regard, you might as well include this line in your exclusive menu of responses to a girl missing a date.

You Weren’t Even Late, but Absent. If Unfaithfulness Was a Person, It Would Be You

For a girl to miss a date, is a screaming red flag that you shouldn’t overlook as it can result in something more disastrous in the future.

Therefore, it is pertinent that you start pointing things out in the early “talking” stage. With this response, she’ll realize you’re considering all of these facts and events.

Did I Feel Bad? Yes. Was It Because You Missed the Date? No. My Cat Fell Sick

If I girl misses out on a date with you, you can use this line of response to wave aside the emotional grudge that may have built up as a result of the occurrence.

Aside From Being Unaccountable, What Other Bad Attitude Do You Have?

This rhetoric is a good reply strategy that you can employ when a girl misses a date with you. I wouldn’t leave this one out because I used it once and it proved to be a good line. Not only does it put the girl in the position of apologizing, but it also makes her feel indebted to you.

I Have to Give to you; you’re Quite a Catch but Not for Me

Do you want to play the “joker” card with the girl who missed a date with you? If so, then I think you should embrace this line of the response with everything in your being.

It does the perfect job of telling her that she’s fine but you don’t find her desirable. Besides, comebacks were not meant to be all chill and cool, you have to bring in the heat sometimes.

If Apologies Were to Be a River, You Should Bring It In-Depth

I’ll be within my right to ask for an apology from a girl who cancels out on a date at the last minute, and you shouldn’t shy away from doing that too. With this response, you’re on the path to getting your grand apology from the girl.


A canceled date looks more considerate than an unattended one. Hence, when a girl misses out on a date with you, you’re in your right to have a say about it. It makes more sense if she brings up the discussion, so you might want to have something to say.

I have done justice in curating the finest of responses for a girl missing a date and I believe it clears any looming doubt or shortage of words.

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