20 “What’s in It for Me” Best Responses

Agreements form a strong bond between individuals, and depending on the terms and conditions…the persons involved are free to question the standard of the talks.

So, when someone asks you ‘What’s in it for me?’, they’re enquiring what they stand to gain if they did a particular thing with you and/or for you. Don’t get things twisted, especially when you feel like their statement is coming off as rude.

Since I’ve enlightened you on the plausible meaning or motive behind the statement, you’re now left with the option of choosing a suitable response.

However, I can help you fix that as I’ll be discussing 20 ‘what’s in it for me’ responses in this article. To know more, keep reading on!

20 Best “What’s In It for Me” Responses

Finding the most suitable responses for someone who says to you ‘What’s in it for me?’ is not a hard task. However, you can make the most out of it by looking at the reason and circumstance of the statement.

That way, you find the best way to put it when someone is trying to enquire about what they’ll gain from associating with you or going into business with you.

Some of the best replies to ‘What’s in it for me?’ include; “what’re you expecting?”, “you’ll be in favor of great deals in the market”, and “nothing material, just honor, and prestige”.

Without further ado, let’s get right into the meat of this post starting with a highlight of the best responses and a quick extensive breakdown of them.

  1. Loads of love, and course, chocolate
  2. Nothing material, just honor, and prestige
  3. A change in taste would convince you
  4. What are you expecting?
  5. Anything good, healthy, and interesting
  6. Whatever you plan to invest, in two folds
  7. So this is you requesting a cost-benefit breakdown from me
  8. 3 times what you are willing to risk
  9. You’ll have the opportunity to not only lead but also inspire others
  10. You’ll attain greater heights in ROI
  11. I see you’re an impactor; well this opportunity is set to give you a platform
  12. You’ll be open to the choice of being a better version of yourself
  13. Intellectual capacity is a big flex, and this is your chance to get that
  14. You’ll be in favor of great deals in the market
  15. Your venture will have a more modern outlook as against old-fashioned competitors
  16. There’s a supportive community available to absorb you in and treat you well
  17. You will be getting the orientation to balance out your social life and your work
  18. Purpose! You’ll get the drive and also the chance to drive your life
  19. It will open you to sophisticated opportunities to network and meet people of interest
  20. Peace of mind; knowing your funds are in good hands

1. Loads of Love, and Course, Chocolate

This is the first response on this list of replies for ‘What’s in it for me?’ The thing with this response is that it seeks to address the situation when the questioner is coming from the angle of someone who’s asking what they’ll gain if they enter into a relationship with you.

Perhaps, you’re a guy and you got the statement as a response when you ask a girl out, and you’re wondering what your next response should be.

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You don’t have to think about it so much because you can use this response to let her know what’s in it for her if she agrees to date you.

Here, you’re citing things like love and chocolate as the benefits on the desk. However, this response sounds a bit sarcastic as you’re highlighting “getting chocolate” as a major benefit.

This would be you banking on the girl’s love for chocolate to hit on her.

2. Nothing Material, Just Honor and Prestige

We started with some intimate stuff, but this line says a different thing. Instead, it comes with a storyline that’s trying to address someone who’s asking what their reward would be if they performed a task or duty.

It could be that the proposal you brought to them doesn’t look satisfying materially; so they’re asking what they stand to gain aside from some dollar paper bills.

You’re then telling them that they’ll not be getting anything materialistic, instead, they’ll be enjoying years of bliss centered on honor and prestige.

3. A Change in Taste Would Convince You

The beauty of making proposals to people is the ability to use your strength (or the strength of your product) to pitch.

When someone whom you’ve just sold the idea of your business as a potential investor asks you what they stand to gain from promoting your venture, you should utilize the credibility of your product to serve them a response.

With this line of response, you’re telling the person that you won’t say much to avoid coming off as exaggerative.

Rather, you leave the decision-making process to the person. This is something they’ll have to do since you’ve indulged them to give it a trial.

4. What Are You Expecting?

This line of response is another strategy you can use to get out of the position of appearing clueless when someone asks you ‘What’s in it for me’.

By simply asking the questioner to state their expectations when they ask you the question, you give yourself time to evaluate and conclude.

In most cases, the person will hint at something which you can build on if your idea aligns with theirs. In other cases, they don’t.

If that happens, you must’ve used the time they wasted in vain thoughts to come up with a suitable response. You can as well pick a follow-up response from any of the related replies on this list too.

5. Anything Good, Healthy, and Interesting

Being specific has its benefits, and like solid acts, they come very handy if you apply caution with them accordingly. So, I’m talking about the idea of being spontaneous, concise, and positive.

That’s the major line of this response which highlights 3 different positive outcomes if the person who asked you ‘What’s in it for me’.

I’m sure the person will buy this idea because the offer surely sounds and looks tempting to start with. That makes this line a viable line of response that you can make use of.

6. Whatever You Plan to Invest, but in Two Folds

Here, the only benefits up for grabs for the person who asked you the question would be 2 times whatever it is they invest. Indirectly, you’re telling the person that there’s nothing for him or her until they put something on the line…preferably, money.

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The baseline remains that the person will get ‘2 folds’ of whatever amount she invests. Perhaps, you run an investment company and a potential client asked you the question.

7. So, This Is You Requesting a Cost-Benefit Breakdown from Me

When pitching for a loan for a project or just to win a contract, you make everything open for consideration from your audience…preferably, investors. Unfortunately, many inventors leave out the details of the ‘cost benefit’ out of the picture.

It sounds crazy, but they do so because the data on that section can be discouraging in most cases. So, when the person asks you the question, you can let them understand you know what you’re doing by paraphrasing their question.

This portrays you as a confident person; one of the best traits of a great salesperson.

8. 3 Times of What You Are Willing to Risk

Just like in the case of reaping in ‘2 folds’ of what the person invests…this reply is asserting that the person will be getting 3 times whatever they’re ready to risk.

From the tone of the line, you can deduce already that it is likely coming from a bet between two different people over a particular event or person.

What’s in It for Me Responses

Therefore, you’re telling the person that what’s in it for them is ‘3 times what they’re willing to risk, in either a bet or investment.

9. You’ll Have the Opportunity to Not Only Lead but Also Inspire Others

Now, we’re drifting a little as this line doesn’t augment the previous line of response. Here, the response is served in a situation where the questioner is asking what doing good community service going to add to his or her life.

Instead of centering on the plausible material benefits, you’re saying that the opportunity is a chance for the person to lead, and also inspire other people. This is an honest response that they’ll buy into.

10. You’ll Attain Greater Heights in ROI

If your arrangement with the questioner is that of business, then you should not allow this line of response to evade you.

You’re telling the person that they stand to gain greater heights in return on investment (ROI) if they considered your offer or proposal.

11. I See You’re an Impactor; Well This Opportunity Is Set to Give You a Platform

Some people love to add value to others, in one way or another. If you have any opportunity for this type of person to do something, you can relate it to them.

Eventually, if the person asks you what’s in it for them, you can kindly use this response for them.

12. You’ll Be Open to the Choice of Being a Better Version of Yourself

I noticed that nobody loathes self-development, except a mentally unstable person. In light of that, you can use this line to wash down on the person who questions you on what they stand to gain.

13. Intellectual Capacity Is a Big Flex, and This Is Your Chance to Get That

This line should be your convincing argument when someone asks you ‘What’s in it for me’. The point is to let the person understand that having a sound intellect is a big property to hold.

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Since your proposal comes with that, there are no doubts they’ll buy into it.

14. You’ll Be In favor of Great Deals in the Market

Here, you’re promising a favorable market spot to the person who’s asking you what they stand to gain. This would be an alluring offer and they’ll love it.

15. Your Venture Will Have a More Modern Outlook as Against Old-Fashioned Competitors

You can keep up with the response by simply asserting a positive outcome to the person who asks ‘What’s in it for me’.

With this line, you’re assuring them that their venture or business will have a better look, with a modern outlook and style to top it all.

16. There’s a Supportive Community Available to Absorb You in and Treat You Well

With this response, you’re assuring the person that there’s a systematic community ready to take them in if they buy into your idea or pitch.

17. You Will Be Getting the Orientation to Balance out Your Social Life and Your Work

I know a lot of people who battle with self-discipline; I was even once a victim and the only way I deal with mine is by remembering that I’ll take responsibility for both my actions and inactions too.

This line posits that you get tips on how to form a balance between school and social life.

18. Purpose! You’ll Get the Drive and Also the Chance to Actually Drive Your Life

All your response to the person who asks you ‘what’s in it for me’ lies in one word ‘purpose’. The abovementioned response mentions financial freedom as the aftermath of the process.

19. It Will Open You to Sophisticated Opportunities to Network and Meet People of Interest

With this line of response, you’re promising the person who asked you the question that they’ll meet people of importance.

Maybe you invited the person to a party and need the coolest way to talk the person in.  it was just an exciting

20.  Peace of Mind; Knowing Your Funds Are in Good Hands

It is just an exciting thing when you realize that you’ve got the rest of your mind. Since being financially well-to-do is a prerequisite for a good life, you’ll feel even more deep peace of mind if you realize your funds are n good hands…Not in the sense of a bank but an investment scheme.

What’s in It for Me Responses

Hence, you’re telling the questioner that they’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing their funds is safe…in your hands of course.

Wrapping Things Up

This is the ending of this article, which exposits on the best replies you can give when someone asks you ‘what’s in it for me’.

The replies in this post are cut out from different perspectives and scenarios, so you should only go with one that completely matches or slightly goes for what we want to convey.

In case of any questions or suggestions, don’t forget to make use of the comment box below.

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