20 Best Answers to “You Rock!”

You rock is one of the best statements used to compliment someone. This can come after you have completed something successfully or they are trying to show encouragement.

When someone says this to you, you are required to reply with a comment of your own. Some of the best answers are those that complement the speaker too.

This is because being thankful and appreciative of compliments increases your chances of getting more.

In this article, I have written 20 of the best answers you can find when someone says you rock.

20 Best Answers to “You Rock”

Say, thank you, you rock too, you are the best, thanks for your kind words.

1. Thank you, you’re rocking pretty hard yourself

Best Answers to You Rock

When someone says you rock, you can answer by saying they rock pretty hard themselves. You get to also show gratitude with this reply.

It is simple, easy, and very relatable because it is you repeating the same salutations to them.

This reply is among the best because it equates the same value to the other person. It’s a way to show them you see and appreciate them too.

2. Wow, that means a lot coming from you

One best reply to “you rock” is saying “Wow, that means a lot coming from you.” You are amazed at their compliment and this reply conveys that to the other person.

If you value the commendation of a person, you look forward to their praises.

When this happens, this is the best answer in such a situation. You are telling them you appreciate them for telling you that you rock.

Words like this are very morale-boosting, they give you confidence and allow you to do better.

3. It is A Lovely Compliment Thank You For It

Compliments like you rock are great. They are used between persons who value each other or have been impressed by their actions.

Showing how much grateful you are for the compliment guarantees you will get more compliments on the line.

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This answer tells the speaker that you are thankful for their compliment and you recognize it. It also shows that you admire the effort they have taken to tell you that you rock.

Statements such as this are used to describe an individual who has achieved something great.

4. It’s Rock and Roll Forever, Baby

Best Answers to You Rock

This one is for the rock babies and fans. It is an answer that is perfect when someone says you rock.

Rock and Roll lovers can show their affiliation this way. Saying it’s rock and roll forever baby, tells anyone within earshot that you are a rock and roll fan.

When you answer with this response, you are telling them your love for all things rock and roll.

It is a way to say that rock and roll will live on forever and you identify with this other person. It is a common phrase that is popular among rock and roll circles.

5. Thank You For Your Support

When you want the best answer for your rock, say thank you for your support. This is one way you show them you recognize their support.

It is almost rude or improper when you don’t acknowledge the support someone shows you.

With this answer, you will goad them into showing more support for you. This is because people appreciate when their efforts are recognized.

It shows you are aware of yourself and will want to engage them in the future. I love this answer because it’s brief and doesn’t sound complicated.

6. I Do The Best I Can Do

Sometimes you want to remain humble. This can be properly done with the right answer when someone says you rock. Saying I do the best I can is a humble response anyone can use anytime and place.

It shows the other person who you do not allow the praises or support to get to your head. You are showing humility and this is a virtue that is admired by many people

Use this answer when you want to gain more support while being humble about it.

7. You Are Far Too Kind, Thank You Very Much

If you ever find yourself thinking about the best answer when someone says you rock, simply say this right here.

Saying you are far too kind is an appreciative statement. It shows them that their words have affected you personally.

Also, saying thank you is the best way to get someone to be more interested in you. If you show more gratitude to your supporters, they will increase their support for your cause.

Learn to use this answer at the right moment and you will soon become everyone’s favorite.

8. Please Don’t Make Me Blush More Than This

When you get a blush from compliments, it can be a little embarrassing. You may become confused about the right thing to say at the moment.

The best answer in such a situation is saying Please don’t make me blush more than this. This answer is a plea from you because the compliments are turning you red.

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Answering this way might let them leave you off the hook. It shows them you feel embarrassed by such compliments.

They will take this as a sign that you have acknowledged their support. This type of response is common between persons you are close to.

9. I Am Flattered By This Compliment From You, Thank You

One good answer for you rock is saying that you are flattered by their compliment. It is a way to tell them that their comment has gotten to your head and you are grateful for it.

Compliments can be nice to have especially when you have put in your effort at accomplishing a task.

Saying you are flattered is a nice way to reply to most compliments, especially those you like. It also shows them you acknowledge their compliment.

10. Yes, I Am A Rockstar, And That’s How You Roll

Sometimes, you want to boast and brag about your wins or achievements. You know you deserve all the praise and support.

The best answer to your rock when you are in this mood is saying yes, I am a rock star, and I roll that way.

It sure feels good to brag about your wins. This shows them you are confident in yourself and your skills.

Telling them that’s how you roll is a sign that you will continue to succeed and have more wins. Boasting about your wins is not always a bad thing, celebrate yourself more often.

11. I Am Going Keep Rocking On, Thumbs UP

The best answer when someone says you rock is saying I am going to keep rocking on. When someone says you rock, you should always have the best answer for them.

This is because when you are shown support and love, it’s okay to reciprocate with a kind reply.

Answering this way shows you are excited about what you have achieved. Also, it tells them you appreciate them for taking out time to say hello to you.

12. Thank You, You Are The Best 

Replying with a compliment is one way to respond to someone who says you rock. You respond by saying thank you; you are the best. They will feel loved and appreciate your support of them.

This will significantly boost their confidence in themselves, which makes them value you more.

Showing gratitude always guarantees continuous support from the other person. Use this answer with strangers or persons who are fans of yours.

13. I Appreciate You, Keep On Rocking Too

This answer is like the previous one. Here you are thankful for their support and you also tell them to keep on rocking. This will enable you to remain on good terms with them while showing them support.

Everyone loves a good thank you from someone, especially from a close friend. When you answer this way, you keep it real with the other person. Use it with fans and strangers alike, who have told you that you rock.

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14. Thank You A Bunch, Its Honor To Be Appreciated

When someone says that you rock, a befitting answer is saying thanks to a bunch, it’s an honor to be appreciated.

When we receive support, we should show how grateful we are for it. This is the perfect answer to show how them you care.

This shows them their words mean a lot to you and they will be compelled to do more for you.

Feeling honorable about such a comment shows the pride you feel. If you are complemented by someone, it’s best to choose a response that suits the context.

15. You Are A Kind Person, Thank You For The kind words.

Saying you are a kind person, and thank you for your kind words is an answer that is suitable for such statements.

This reply is a direct way to tell the other person that you immensely appreciate their support. Your rock is used to show massive appreciation for the skills or achievements of another person.

This shows that you recognize the effort they have shown you. Use this answer to tell anyone who cares about you. It will increase the bonds and trust between the both of you.

16. I know I Do, It’s In The Blood

When someone says you rock, the best answer is saying I know I do, it’s in the blood. This comment is boastful. It is used when you want to showcase your prowess and showmanship.

Such an answer is also a way you tell them you have confidence in your ability and skills.

This answer shows them you have trust in your abilities and you have a strong sense of self. It can also appear aggressive depending on the context in which it was used.

17. Of Course I Am The Rock Of Rockstars

Saying of course I am the rock of rock stars is an answer that is suitable when someone says you rock.

This reply lies in between being boastful and trying to be humorous. Humor is essential because it lessens tension and increases the bond between people.

When you use such an answer, understand the context and the best possible way to say this without trying to sound arrogant and sarcastic.

It shows the other person that you have a sense of humor while trusting in your abilities.

18. Yes, You Can Say That Again

The best answer when someone says you rock sometimes lies in the situation’s context. One reply can be interpreted in various ways if the right intention is not stipulated.

Say yes, you can say that again when someone says you rock. This means that you are happy about the compliment and will want it again.

This shows that you are okay with the compliment and also accept it. The other person will show more support in the future.

19. Thanks, I Will Keep Rocking On

When you say thanks, I will keep rocking on. This answer is one of the best ways to show that you understand their compliment. An answer like this tells them you are determined to continue winning or upgrading your skills.

This reply shows you are appreciating their comment and will keep doing what you do best. The way you answer the other person will tell them how much you value their compliment. If they feel appreciated they will do more.

20. Thank You, Let’s Get Our Rock On

One of the best answers to your rock is saying thank you, let us get our Rock on. This response has a high-interest rate. It means that you are elated about the compliment and have an interest in having more fun afterward.

This reply shows the other person you are ready to keep rocking on and that you are grateful for their compliment.

Wrapping Things Up

The saying you rock is often used positively. The best answers for such compliments have been well described in this post.

I have written the best answers for such compliments and you should employ them in the right context.

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