10 Things to Bring to A BYOB Party (Number 9 Is My Favorite)

A BYOB party is one where you have to bring your drinks. Mostly, this has to be an alcoholic drink. Sometimes you have to bring drinks that are your favorite or follow the rules of the party.

Such parties are interesting with fun activities and inclusivity all around. Sometimes you want to bring more than just the alcohol, so I have a fantastic list of things that would ensure your guest invites you to the next BYOB party.

10 Cool Things to Bring to A BYOB Party

You can bring things like a gas lighter, paper towels, and cups.

1. Alcohol

When invited to a BYOB party, bring drinks. Alcohol is the spice of the party, ensure you never go there without one.

If you do not want to be bounced at the door, I suggest you buy the best alcohol you can find before going in.

Bringing this to the party is how you gain entrance. It shows that you are on board with the hosts. Also, learn to know the type of alcohol allowed at the party so you don’t bring one that doesn’t match the theme.

Alcohol is the most obvious thing to bring to a BYOB party. As you go there, make sure that you have enough quantity to share with other attendees. This will make you the coolest person at the venue.

2. Mixers

what to bring to a byob party

Mixers are a great thing to bring to a BYOB party. You know there is going to be liquor and other folks who love to chase their drinks.

This dilution helps to make the drinks sweeter and more tolerable. If you are going for mixers, it’s good to choose the right flavors everyone will love you for.

For hard liquor mixers, you can bring soda, tonic water, and fruit juice to make excellent cocktails. It shows the guest that you are invested in having a good time at the party.

You can add your mixers to make a nice punch bowl or simply top individual cups.

Bringing mixers to a BYOB party is something that will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

3. Ice

Coming to a BYOB party with a bag of ice is one of the best things you can do. Ice may be enough to go around at the party for drinks. By bringing additional ice, you have just saved the host.

We can agree how much better drinks taste with ice. They keep your drink cool and refreshing for you to drink.

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What you can do is ask the host for their setup, and confirm if they will have enough ice to go around. What is essential to know is that more ice is always appreciated at any BYOB party.

Bringing a bag of ice will make everyone’s day at the party.

4. Cups

what to bring to a byob party

At a BYOB party, it is important to bring your cups to drink from. The cup can be made from plastic or glasses or styrofoam.

Extras can be brought for friends and other guests if you are feeling generous. The red plastic cups are the classic options, but paper cups or reusable tumblers are the more eco-friendly of the two.

Such parties will be more comfortable when you have your cups to drink from. This prevents sharing of cups with any other person.

5. Bottle Opener

what to bring to a byob party

This is essential to any BYOB party. If there is no bottle or wine opener, the party cannot get started. By bringing your bottle opener, it saves you the stress of having to ask someone else to open your drinks.

Also, it’s safe to have this handy because you do not want to be restricted when drinking. Don’t forget your BYOB party will not kick off when you can’t open your drinks.

A simple opener with other combinations for wine bottles will be necessary and can assist other guests.

6. Snacks

what to bring to a byob party

If you have ever been to a BYOB party, know that hunger can be your enemy. To prevent this from stopping your fun, go prepared with a few snacks.

This is one way you can keep your energy up without overstuffing yourself with huge amounts of food.

Snacks are good because they help keep your mouth busy and sharing with other guests is nice when you do it.

When taking snacks to a BYOB party, bring nothing elaborate, but a bag of chips, some nuts, a platter of cheese, and crackers can be an interesting choice for the party.

Bringing this is not compulsory, but it will help you as the party runs its course. If you are feeling adventurous and generous, you can bring some extra desserts like cupcakes, cookies, and pie to share with everyone.

7. Funnel

what to bring to a byob party

When you are attending a BYOB party, go with a funnel. This strange addition is necessary for the big mixes. This saves spilling of drinks when you are pouring drinks or passing them around.

Plastic funnels are nice because they are light, flexible, and have extended pipes for better flow of liquids. A simple funnel at a BYOB party can come in pretty handy. Your host is going to love you for the thought.

If you are going large and bringing a bear can, ensure you pair them with a nice funnel for easy transfer of fluids.

8. Fire Lighter

what to bring to a byob party

A BYOB party is filled with different people and folks with different habits. When attending one such party, it will be nice to go with your smoke lighter.

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This is necessary if you are a smoker yourself. You can take your smoke breaks without having to think about asking someone else for them.

Simple things like a gas lighter can make a difference at a large party. You can use the opportunity to help those who need to take a smoke break. Thereby making new friends at the BYOB party.

Other uses for the gas lighter include setting up a grill for a barbecue or lighting fireworks and candles amongst other things. You can see a small gas lighter can become very useful at any BYOB party.

9. Proteins

what to bring to a byob party

The best guests are those that come bearing gifts, and a BYOB is no different. Take some proteins for a barbecue grill or roast pit on your way to that BYOB party.

This gesture will be very much appreciated by the hosts. A good instinct is knowing that there can never be too much meat at a fun BYOB party.

It’s important to know the theme of the party and there will opportunity to grill some proteins you have brought. Pick from sausages, chicken wings and breasts, beef slices, and anything for an easy roast.

Find time to ask the hosts if there will be a grill or roast pit available. This will ensure you are bringing something that they are actually in need of.

10. Paper Towels

what to bring to a byob party

For outdoor BYOB parties, it is important to come with paper towels or napkins to clean up spills and messes.

This is essential because you cannot avoid getting drinks spilled on surfaces. Paper towels will help keep a tidy place and hygienic for you.

You can easily clean cups, surfaces, and chairs and dry any liquid spills. You can share your napkins with other guests who might require them.

What is BYOB Etiquette (Let’s Talk About It)?

The guidelines for any good BYOB party depend on some variables, namely location, type of events, and host preferences. You have to inquire about all these factors before planning for the party.

When you have all these sorted out, you become ready for the party. You must follow the guidelines of any host so that you are not prevented from having a good time. I am sure you do not want to be rejected for wearing the wrong color for the theme.

However, there are cases where you won’t be given too many details about the party. Do not worry, because I have you covered. I have listed out the best guidelines that you need for a BYOB party.

1. You Are Expected to Follow the host’s instructions

The host is the most important member of the party. What they say goes and you should adhere to the rules of the party.

The host will specify what type of alcohol is allowed or mixers to bring. They will also inform you if there will be food or other snacks available.

Follow their requests, and you can find time to ask questions. Most parties have a theme, for colors and appearance, so it will help you find this out yourself.

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2. Try to Label Your Alcohol

At a BYOB party is essential that you place a label on your alcohol so it is easily identified as yours. This will prevent any other person from drinking yours by mistake.

Also, this is necessary so that you don’t end up drinking another person’s drink.

For a much safer way, put them where you can easily reach them so that you do not avoid mixing them with others.

3. Be Generous And Larger Than Life

The theme of any good BYOB party is to be generous with the drinks you bring. Have the heart to share your drinks with other people at the party.

If you intend on drinking much, then ensure that you come very prepared for the party.

A generous guest is happy and other people will find you cool.

4. Watch Your Alcohol Limit (Know When To Stop)

When attending a BYOB party. You must know your alcohol limit. Always drink responsibly when you are out to party. Do not exceed the safe limit and always have a watchful eye out for your friends.

By keeping your drinking within a safe range, you are avoiding unsafe or uncomfortable situations from happening.

5. Bring Appropriate Mixers

If you are bringing liquor or spirits, it is good that you always bring mixers that can blend well. The best mixers are those that pair well with the alcohol type you have brought.

Examples include mixing vodka with tonic, soda, and cranberry juice.

6. Avoid Pressuring Others To Drink

Do not force other people to drink at such parties. Not everyone drinks and you should learn to respect the boundaries of other people. It is wrong to pressure anyone into drinking, so only drink with those that are into it.

7. Clean Up After Yourself

One good etiquette of a BYOB party is cleaning up after yourself. This should be done after you are done. Properly dispose of your cups, bottles, paper towels, etc.

Also, clean up messes and spills of any kind. This shows good behavior on your part.

8. Show Appreciation

When you are done with the party, it is important to say thank you to your host for the invite. This gesture will be welcomed by them and create a longer friendship. It also portrays you as emotionally mature with an interesting personality.

Wrapping Things On BYOB Parties

BYOB parties rock because you are allowed the luxury of bringing your brand of alcohol to the party. This is great because you are not forced to drink something you dislike or approve of.

It is well known that we all have our preferences regarding our choices of alcohol, and BYOB parties allow permit you the freedom.

When attending such parties, there are other items you should bring to make the experience a great and enjoyable one.

These items are often small and important too. In this article, I have listed all the top ten things that you will need when attending a BYOB party.

You can bring one or more of these to the location if you need to but do not go without the most important ones. Asking the host about what to expect is a good way to get the right information on what to bring and do.

On a final note, adhere to the guidelines listed by the host because this is bound to make your experience more comfortable.

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