20 Best Answers to “Enchante” In English

Have you heard the word Enchante and wondered what it means or how to respond to it? There are many ways to answer Enchante in English.

And with the right answer, you can show that you clearly understood what Enchante means.

What Does Enchante Mean?

Enchante is a French word that means “nice to meet you” or “pleased to meet you.” This word is used by both French and other English speakers.

Though a French word, it has since been used in the English language.

20 Best Answers to Respond to “Enchante” In English

Say likewise, thank you for seeing me, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance; I am glad for this meeting. All these examples are some of the best answers to Enchante.

Enchante As Well

The best way to answer when someone says Enchante is to say Enchante as well. This answer is usually perfect for brief and courteous responses.

They are the best escape in situations where you don’t have to think too much for an answer.

Why this answer is considered the best because it does well to reciprocate the sentiment of the other person as directed your way.

Likewise My Good Friend

If you are looking for an answer that is simple but elegant. This here is the perfect example for you. It means that you are interested in them and returning the gesture they have shown you.

Saying my friend adds more trust and bonding between the both of you.

This response is simply because it’s a sign that the person is pleased to meet you. Whenever you want the other person to remember you next time, this is the best one for you.

It is A Pleasure To Meet You Too

If you are looking for a polite answer then you say, it’s a pleasure to meet you. This will make them feel comfortable with you.

It is almost a direct translation of the word Enchante. This answer is traditional and can be used in a wide variety of scenarios.

Answering this way tells the other person that meeting them was a pleasurable experience for you. Do this with a smile on your face so your intentions will match your words.

Thank you, likewise

When someone says Enchante to you, answer by saying thank you likewise. This is the best way to return the same greeting to the speaker.

Such an answer is perfect for moments when you have to be quick and you do not want to waste time.

This will tell them you are in a hurry and don’t have the time to spare more than a reply. They will understand and catch you some other time.

The best response is those that are direct to the point while acknowledging the salutation from the speaker.

The Pleasure Is All Mine

Saying the pleasure is mine stands among the top best answers for Enchante. This is because the answer tells the speaker that their meeting you is a pleasurable experience.

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Using this answer is perfect when you want to win the speaker over. You can create a lot of trust between the both of you.

An answer such as this expresses your pleasure at meeting the speaker. It portrays you as a pleasant individual.

It is Nice Meeting You

If you want a friendly answer to Enchante, say it’s nice meeting you. Meeting someone new for the first time can be daunting.

You might be confused about the things to say or do. Using the right answers can break the ice easily.

This answer shows them you want to be friendly and casual. They will feel comfortable staying and chatting with you. Having the right people Skills involves knowing what to say at the right time.

I Am Delighted To Make Your Acquaintance 

One best answer to Enchante is saying I am delighted to make your acquaintance. This answer is favorite when you want the speaker or group of people to like you.

Use this when you have to address more than one person at a time.

It shows the speaker that you are delighted with their presence. Doing this puts the speaker or persons you interact with in a calm mood.

Thank You For The Introduction

The best answer when you are meeting new people is to say thank you for the introduction. This answer is commonly used when you have been introduced to someone. It tells the speaker that you are cool with them.

Answers such as this are polite and grateful especially if the person introducing you is present. It creates an atmosphere where everyone, is easily eased into conversation with one another.

Also, appreciating them for the introduction will make you appear confident.

I’m Glad We Could Finally Meet

One best answer for Enchante is saying I am glad we could finally meet. This expresses your desire and interest in seeing the speaker.

It tells them you have been expecting them. When you meet someone who you have talked with but never seen, this answer is perfect for this situation.

This answer shows them that meeting you was the right choice. I tell someone that you are glad to meet them, and they will be comfortable enough to have an easy conversation with you.

Be aware that answers such as this are commonly used before a long conversation.

I Take Great Pleasure In This

Saying I take pleasure in this is the best answer when someone says Enchante. This answer is a way to show the speaker that you are pleased with meeting them.

Use this answer when you are meeting a long-time friend or someone you have been expecting to meet. It’s a way to instill confidence in them.

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This shows them you have great pleasure in meeting them. When this happens, you have shown the speaker that meeting you is going to be a good experience.

If you ever need to talk to groups of people, you are in a meeting with, this answer is the best one for them.

Finally, Its Feels Great To Put A Face To The Name

One best answer to Enchante is saying finally feels great to put a face to the name. Sometimes there are people who we only know through calls and emails. We only know them but haven’t met them physically.

This answer shows them you find finally meeting them a pleasurable experience. It’s a way to ensure that they speak confidently with you.

This will improve the dimension of the relationship between the both of you.

Thank you. I feel the same way

A simple answer to Enchante is saying thank you. I feel the same way. This answer is a quick response. It is used especially in moments when you need to be quick and polite. It is an answer that returns the same sentiment shared by the speaker.

It appreciates them, while also similarly answering them. The best answer is those that you do not have to overthink.

Let it flow naturally and it becomes easy to have a conversation with them. It is important to break the ice effectively when you meet people who you want to converse with.

I Have heard So Much About You

Meeting someone you have only heard about can make you nervous. The best answer in such a situation is saying I have heard so much about you. Answering this way will give you an edge when you converse with them.

It shows them you have been expecting to meet them for a long time. This answer is enthusiastic and expresses a desire to know the speaker.

When they feel how much interest in having them, they will have to return the sentiment.

I Am Looking Forward To Getting To Know You

When someone says Enchante to you, it means that they want to know you or have some kind of interest in you. Answer by saying I am looking forward to getting to know you.

This answer is friendly and has the right amount of enthusiasm to get the speaker interested in you.

An answer such as this show that you want to know the speaker. If they see how much interest you have in them, their trust and bond will significantly increase.

This helps make any conversation between the both of you excellent.

It’s Lovely To Meet A Friendly Face

An answer that sounds jovial is saying it’s lovely to meet a friendly face. This kind of reply is best suited when you want to make a lively conversation with the speaker.

If you answer this way, the speaker will feel thrilled to meet you.

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Its shows the speaker that you are thrilled to see them. The speaker will see that you are getting comfortable sharing interests.

The best answers are those that make the other person comfortable. This will easily make your conversation with anyone pleasant and easy.

It’s Nice For You To Make Your Acquaintance

A formal answer is needed sometimes when you meet someone new. This makes you appear professional and well-articulated.

Say, it’s nice to make your acquaintance with the other speaker. They will understand the formal settings of the conversation and act accordingly.

It shows them this is a more formal answer that expresses your pleasure at meeting the speaker.

Formal meetings with other people should have conversed in formal language and tone, this tells the speaker about the serious nature of the meetings.

I Have Been Looking Forward To Meeting You

Sometimes you feel the anticipation of meeting someone or a group of people. When someone says Enchante, you reply by saying “I have been looking forward to meeting you.”

Saying this shows you that you have been waiting for them for a while.

An answer such as this puts them in a mood that is receptive and welcoming. During meetings with other people, the attention you give is what you will receive.

A smile and positive outlook will make any meeting outcome go your way.

The Pleasure Is All Mine To Keep

If someone says Enchante and you like the idea of meeting the person. Say the pleasure is all mine to keep. This answer expresses your pleasure in meeting the speaker.

When someone notices you are pleased to meet them, they become increasingly interested in you.

This answer tells the other person who you feel the same way they do. Use this answer with friends, co-workers, and strangers alike.

It is effective in creating a lasting bond with the other person. Good conversation too is another benefit of using this answer.

I have been waiting for this opportunity

Sometimes we have booked an appointment with someone and have been expecting the opportunity. An answer that is worthy of such an encounter is saying I have been waiting for this opportunity.

This shows the other person who you are eager to meet them. It is a friendly and casual answer that expresses your pleasure at finally meeting the person.

From the moment of contact, such a reply will make the conversation follow smoothly.

I Am Thrilled To Meet You

The best answer for Enchante is saying I am thrilled to meet you. This expresses a happy and genuine desire that the speaker will see and recognize as friendliness

When meeting someone, it’s important to convey your words and gestures with an attitude of positivity.

This shows the speaker that the time spent with you is not a waste. They will converse with you with rapt attention.

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