20 Best “How Are Ya Now” Responses

The phrase ‘How are ya now?’ is a casual greeting that is often used in some parts of Canada, particularly in provinces like Newfoundland and Labrador.

The phrase is informal and can be used amongst neighbors, passers-by, and even coworkers.

The response to this greeting will depend on the context of the conversation and your relationship with the person you’re speaking to.

Like the full English correspondent ‘How are you’, the person who asked you the question wants to know how you’re faring. They’re concerned and want to know about your well-being.

In this article, we’ll be discussing all there is to know about ‘How are ya now’, and the various responses you can use when asked by someone.

20 Best “How Are Ya Now” Responses

As I mentioned earlier on, the responses to ‘How are ya now’ depends on the context it was used and also whom it was used for.

In this regard, you can as well sound informal with your response when someone says to you “How are ya now”, as this also shows you’re giving them the same energy that they’re bringing towards you.

Some of the best replies to “How are ya now” include; ‘Great! What about you?’, ‘I’m not even kidding; life’s been good’, and ‘I’m doing pretty good’.

Without wasting more time, let’s get right into the meat of this post.  First off, we’ll be looking at the highlight of likely responses to the phrase ‘How are ya now’. You can see them below…

  1. Good and you?
  2. I’m very much fine
  3. I’m not even kidding; life’s been good
  4. Not so bad after all
  5. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been losing my mind
  6. Great! What about you?
  7. Are you sure you want to know?
  8. I might even pass out before answering that
  9. I’m barely living, for real
  10. I’m well, thanks for asking
  11. I appreciate your concern, and I’m good anyways
  12. Sincerely, I’ve been down for some days now
  13. I’m doing pretty well
  14. I’m feeling fantastic, thanks for asking
  15. All things considered, I’m super good
  16. I’m hanging in there, how about you?
  17. Frankly, I need a hug. Don’t you feel the same?
  18. It’s been one hell of a day, no doubts
  19. I guess I’m fine, no drama yet
  20. Awwwn, you actually care about me. I’m just fine; trust you’re good

1. Good and You?

This is the commonest response to the question ‘How are ya now?’. This is not because it suits to be a response, but because it is a Canadian thing to say ‘Good n u?’ when someone tries to express their concern about your well-being by posing the question of ‘How are ya now?’ to you.

Therefore, you can make use of this line of response as your reply when someone says to you ‘How are ya now?’

It does not only serve as a response, but it also shows the person that you’re extending the same energy they’re bringing to you towards them.

This is more like you paying them with their currency.

2. I’m Very Much Fine

Anyone who says to you ‘How are ya now?’ is expecting to get your reaction on how you’re doing, whether or not it is health-wise, financially, or just your overall social status and well-being.

If you’re not a person of many words, you can choose this response as your go-to reply to the person.

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Saying ‘I’m very much fine’ portrays a positivist outlook from you to the person who asked you the question. So, if you’re about keeping it real and true, you can make use of this line of response to convey your reply when someone asks you ‘How are ya now?’.

3. I’m Not Even Kidding; Life’s Been Good

Are you having it cool with life? If so, then you need to come out clean with it when someone asks you ‘How are ya now?’. The point of being sincere and positive is to relieve the questioner of any tension they may have about you.

Perhaps, the person is worried about your welfare prompting them to ask you the question. If that is the case, then you can use this line of response right here to reply.

What more can this line be than just an assurance that you have things under control with your life? ‘Life’s good’ for you make mean a lot of things, from financial freedom, and healthy living to even good relationships with people.

Therefore, without any clause that subjects you to be explicit with the details of your welfare, you can simply choose this line when someone asks you ‘How are ya now?’.

4. Not So Bad After All

If you noticed, there’s a strain of urgency that lives in the tone when someone says to you ‘How are ya now?’. This urgency is what makes for the inclusion of this particular response to this list of replies.

If you’re to answer someone and give an account of how you’re faring ‘now, then you have to talk judging from how you’re doing at the moment the question comes up.

In light of that, you can make use of this line of response to pose a reply to the person. Here, you’re not going into the details as you’re just giving them feedback based on what energy you’re unto at the time the question comes on.

No more than that, and certainly nothing less too.

5. I’m Not Going to Lie; I’ve Been Losing My Mind

Life’s not an easy-peasy journey no matter a person’s position in either the economic, social, or cultural ladder, not forgetting religiosity.

With that said, there’s every tendency that you’re at that stage of your life where you don’t know the best step to take, or you doubt the one step you’ve taken. Confusion sets in…

With all of these issues coming down on you, someone who cares about you can say to you ‘How are ya now?’ Trust me, your composure while conveying your plight says a lot about how reserved you are.

In that regard, you can slightly be expressive with what you’re going through by using the above line of response as your reply if someone asks about your well-being.

6. Great! What about You?

We have the sole right to determine what becomes of us and our agenda in life even when things are not falling into place.

So, when someone walks up to the park and asks you ‘How are ya now?’, and you don’t want to dwell in the pain of not having things figured out…you can turn the table over on them.

To do this, you can employ this line of response. The sentence starts with an affirmative response to the person and also affords you the chance to overturn the situation towards them.

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Therefore, if you’re someone who doesn’t talk much or you just don’t want to go into any details, you can employ this line of response.

7. Are You Sure You Want to Know?

Sometimes, when people ask us to come clean to them with how we feel about a situation, they end up feeling bad if we go to the ends to make sure we picture everything there is to talk about. They now feel that we’re nagging or we complain too much about something fixable.

Instead of putting yourself in that position, you can make use of this question-like response to the person who asks you ‘How are ya now?’.

The point is to inquire the person if they’re ready to listen to you, perhaps, as you vent out your problems to them.

If the person shows an indifferent reaction to your question, consider it a dead end with them and just leave the spot after you’re done analyzing their reaction and asking them your piece.

8. I Might Even Pass Out Before Answering That

When you have a lot on your mind that you can’t even sum up, you feel like you’ll pass out at any time. That’ll also be the same feeling you’ll get when you’re faced with answering when someone asks you ‘How are ya now?’

Being weighed down by the thought of your problems can make you dumbfounded.

If it does, you can still come out with a cool response without sounding redundantly emotional. To achieve that, you need to make use of a line of response like this one to make your point known.

9. I’m Barely Living, for Real

With the uneasiness of life, a lot of people still strive to thrive. If you find yourself in this upheaval, and someone asks you ‘How are ya now?, you can reply to them by being a bit explicit.

This will be a good thing if you want to take it off your chest. Telling the person that you’re barely alive lets them understand the level you are with whatever it is that’s going on with your life.

10. I’m Well, Thanks for Asking

Just as you give positive, negative, and indifferent reactions or responses when someone asks you about your welfare with ‘How are ya now?’; you should also endeavor to appreciate them for asking.

Being appreciative makes you stand out among your peer, and even adds more value to your social portfolio. The person at the receiving end will know that you truly regard their concern.

11. I Appreciate Your Concern, and I’m Good Anyways

Still in the vein of being grateful to people who care about you; you can employ this line of response whenever someone asks you ‘How are ya now?’.

The main reason for the question is to evaluate your current status; mentally, physically, emotionally, and otherwise. When you show appreciation, it means you’re intact mentally, and that accounts for why you recognized the person’s question as a show of concern.

12.  Sincerely, I’ve Been down for Some Days Now

Even as I’d indulge you to say less when someone asks you ‘How are ya now?’; I’ll also make an exception for you. This exception stands if the person that asked the person is somewhat close to you.

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That’ll explain their concern and also allows you to give room to vulnerability but in a reasonable dose.

13. I’m Doing Pretty Well

How Are Ya Now Responses

This is yet another energy-filled response you can give when someone asks you ‘How are ya now?’ The point with this response is that it paints a crystal clear mental picture of someone who’s doing well for themselves.

Although the inclusion of the word ‘pretty’ tones down the intensity, it also keeps it in check of being an exaggeration on your part as the orator.

14. I’m Feeling Fantastic, Thanks for Asking

This line of response combines a subtle, sleek piece of response and also a clause for appreciation. It is a good one if you’re looking to make your response snappy and on point, all in the scheme of moving along after replying.

15. All Things Considered, I’m Super Good

This response will be you summarizing all the influx of feelings as being ‘super good’. This would be yet another response that lets you achieve more by saying less.

16. I’m hanging in there, How About You?

Someone that is ‘hanging in there’ is facing turbulence but wouldn’t allow it to quench their survival.  If you realize that you’re in this stage of life, you can make use of this line of response to get that done.

In the same vein, you’re asking the person how they’re also feeling; which is a good thing to do in the spirit of reciprocation.

17. Frankly, I Need a Hug. Don’t You Feel the Same?

You don’t have to be ashamed of how you feel deeply. Hence, if all you want to get relieved of your tension is to get a big hug from someone then you shouldn’t hold back that important detail. And you can do that using the above line as your response.

18. It’s Been One Hell of a Day, No Doubts

Were you still having a bad day at the moment when someone asked you ‘How are ya now? If that’s so, you can confess to that as your response when someone asks you ‘How are ya now?’. The above line is a good pick for you to get that done.

19. I guess I’m Fine, No Drama Yet

How Are Ya Now Responses

You can as well add this particular line of response to your menu of replies to ‘How are ya now?’ This line of response portrays you being indifferent about the question when it comes to an informal greeting from someone.

20. Awwwn, You Actually Care About Me. I’m Just Fine; Trust You’re Good

This response sounds a lot feminine, so my female readers should pay close attention to this one, especially if the question is coming from a guy.

As a lady, with this line, you’ll be able to be a bit dramatic with your response and try to act slightly pick-me girlish.

This will make you appear intentional as against every other person.


This is the end of this cool piece of reading that exposits on the various responses which can be used in reaction when someone says to you ‘How are ya now?’

In the course of this article, I highlighted and discussed 20 responses with respect to the subject matter. This means you have multiple choices lined up for you, as all you have to do is to pick your desirable line for your desired reaction or outcome.

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