20 “Would You Ever Get With Me” Replies

The dating pool is a network of people who wants to get things ‘kicking in’. Therefore, the politicking involved entails the use of the phrase ‘Would you ever get me?’

This question is one of the most direct phrases that is used to confess one’s feelings to someone and also appeal to their response/reaction.

“Would you ever get with me” meaning

When someone says, “would you ever get with me?” they are asking that you consider getting into a romantic or intimate relationship with them.

The phrase implies a desire for a deeper connection beyond friendship. It’s a way of expressing interest and exploring the possibility of being romantically involved.

It’s therefore essential to communicate openly and honestly about feelings and intentions to ensure both parties are on the same page before proceeding with any relationship.

If someone asks you, “would you ever get with me,” your response should revolve around how you see the person and your current mental state.

I’ll be taking you on 20 ‘Would you ever get me?’ replies. Keep reading to know more!

20 Best Replies for “Would You Ever Get With Me?”

Whenever someone shows an intimate interest in you, you start to see them in a different light. Your view about them accompanied by the change is subject to how you’ve always felt about the person.

Regardless, I’ll advise you to be truthful, kind, and considerate. Shun is rude and plays the ‘big-person’ role.

Some of the best replies to Would you ever get me to include:

  1. Maybe, maybe not. It depends on your choice of deodorant
  2. What would your ex-wife say if you asked her the same question?
  3. Sorry, I don’t date people who are too direct to be appealing
  4. I don’t know, we could ask a soothsayer to know what will happen
  5. I wish I had a clause to make you a part of my life, but unfortunately, I don’t
  6. Sincerely, I would not!
  7. I’m not sure of what I feel for you, but best believe, we could work something out if you’re patient enough
  8. I can’t give you a response just yet
  9. I’m not trying to trip you, but we’re not a good match
  10. With intimacy, I’m not ready to get locked in yet
  11. I’m sorry, but my orientation doesn’t align with yours
  12. Yeah, I would, especially when you do away with your bad attitude
  13. I guess so; what’s not to like about you?
  14. Can you please talk in clearer terms, and this timeless forward?
  15. If my dad approves, then I’ll consider it
  16. Well, It lies in what you’re offering
  17. Would you ever get on with yourself?
  18. I don’t have plans for that, and I don’t want to
  19. Give me a reason why I should
  20. I’ll pass
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Maybe, Maybe Not. It Depends on Your Choice of Deodorant

If you’re of a witty persona, you’ll understand the role of this line as a response when someone asks you ‘Would you ever get me?’ The person’s question is directed to you to find out if you’ll be able to consider them for an intimate relationship.

But in this case, the person is being way too direct and that often comes out as rude. So, you might want to sound a bit sarcastic with your responses. To do that, you’ll need a line of response like this one.

Here, you’re trying to jest the speaker by telling them that your choice of them as a potential intimate partner depends on the type of deodorant they’re making use of.

For starters, who does that? It is an insane response and I’m sure the person will be left with the option to leave you alone.

What Would Your Ex-wife Say if You Asked Her the Same Question?

This is yet another sarcastic response that you can offer to the person who asked you ‘Would you ever get me?’ You’re now asking the person what would be the response of their ex-wife if they asked her the same question.

This response is potent, especially if you’re a girl and a guy is trying to ask you out.

If you’re not feeling any of what the person is saying, probably because he is a married man then you can use this line of response to shun them.

Although this response is not entirely rude, it is indeed a good pick as you can use it to check the excess of the person who asked you the question. He’ll definitely let whatever they told you slide.

Sorry, I Don’t Date People Who Are Too Direct to Be Appealing

This is purely a feminine line of response. It is so because it can be used by a girl to shade more light on how she wants to be treated by a man.

With this response, you’re telling the person that you’d prefer a guy that is not too direct over someone who just walks up to you and starts going on about how they want you to accept them as your intimate partner.

For what it’s worth, this reply allows you to be blunt and equally direct as the speaker…to tell them that you ‘can’t date them’. This sets you aside as an intentional person in the eyes of the speaker, hence, increasing your social value and status.

I Don’t Know, We Could Ask a Soothsayer to Know What Will Happen

Do you want to play around with the person who asks you ‘Would you ever get me?’ If that’s the plan, then you can employ this line of response.

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You’re telling the person that the answer to their question lies not with you, but in the hands of a soothsayer.

How other way do you want to ridicule the person if not like this? I’m sure the person will rethink their move on you after they must’ve heard you talk back at the using this line above as your response.

I Wish I Had a Clause to Make You a Part of My Life, but Unfortunately, I Don’t

Wishes remain horses, and that is a witty response if you tell the speaker that you wished you had a clause that will make them a part of your life. But since this clause does not exist, you can’t take the person up for any serious relationship.

The idea behind this line of response is to reject the speaker without sounding rude or unaccommodating. This will surely do a perfect job, especially if the person is intelligent enough to comprehend the tactics you just used on them.

Sincerely, I Would Not!

Would You Ever Get With Me Replies

A simple no would appear snobbish if you were to offer that as your response when someone says to you ‘Would you ever get me?’ How then is the best way to say “no” without having it come off as derogatory or rude?

Well, you can achieve that by simply turning in the above line of statement as your response when someone tries to talk you into an intimate affair with them.

This response sets one single standard which is not up for debate, and that would be the fact that you don’t like the idea of getting things kicking with the person that asked you the question.

I’m not Sure of What I Feel for You, but I Best Believe, We Could Work Something Out if You’re Patient Enough

Other times, you can choose to be indifferent when someone asks you ‘Would you ever get me?’ The point is to avoid saying “yes” or “no” and also give a response at the same time. The best way to achieve that is to use this line of response.

Here, you’re telling the person that you’re not sure of your feelings for them, but you’re confident that you two can work something out.

If you’re keen enough, you’ll notice that this response evades a positive or negative answer but dwells on shedding light on how you feel about the person.

I Can’t Give You a Response Just Yet

Do you feel like you still need more time to process what you can offer as your response in this case? If yes, then you should make this line of response your go-to line for the person.

With this, you’re being intentional with yourself and equally with the person you’re responding to. Your response shows that you need time to think, and I’m sure it requires no further explanation from you to the person.

The person will have to deal with the fact that you don’t want to reply to them instantly and save you the drama of saying what you don’t mean.

I’m Not Trying to Trip You, but We’re Not a Good Match

Since you’re trying to give a suitable response to someone who asked you to roll with them intimately, you also have to give perspective to your response. This saves you from a lot of problems like misjudgment and misunderstanding.

In that respect, you can make use of this line of response to make your response solid. With this response, you’re telling the person that you’re not trying to make them feel bad but you don’t think you two are a good match. Granted, the person will have to see a reason for the fact that you don’t want to settle with them.

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With Intimacy, I’m Not Ready to Get Locked in Yet

If you feel like you’re not ready to engage in any relationships or intimacy at this point in your life, you can make that known to the person who asks you ‘Would you ever get me?’

If you’re tongue-tied, you can make use of this line of response to make the person understand. The response comes in simple and plain language so you don’t have any other business explaining yourself to the person who asked you to get on with them.

I’m sorry, but My Orientation Doesn’t Align With Yours

You can even choose to go into a little detail on why you can’t date the person who asked you to get on with them. With this response, you’re giving your reason for a difference in orientation.

This would mean that you’re refraining from the person because you two share different views and opinions about issues, perhaps, religion, politics, and thereabout.

Yeah, I Would, Especially When You Do Away With Your Bad Attitude

This is yet another witty response you can give the person who asked you to get on with them. You’re simply telling the person that you would’ve done their bidding if they do away with their awful attitude.

You’ll be surprised to find out that this response is sarcastic, especially if the person’s bad character revolves around something like an addiction they can’t stop.

I guess so; what’s not to like About You?

Here, you’re saying yes to the person without saying “yes”. Further, you’re telling the person that there’s nothing not to like about them.

Perhaps, the person is a lovely soul and acts as such. This line doubles as both a response and a compliment too.

Can You Please Talk in Clearer Terms, and This Time Less Forward?

You can choose to make the person look foolish if you don’t buy the idea of getting on with him or her. Simply, you can tell them to talk in clearer terms, while pretending not to understand what they said or meant.

If My Dad Approves, Then I’ll Consider It

You’ll be using this line if you’re a playful person and wants to first pull the legs of the questioner, before giving him or her a befitting response. Here, you’re shifting the rights to your response from being on you to being on your dad.

Well, It Depends on What You’re Offering

Would You Ever Get With Me Replies

Terms and conditions exist not only in businesses but also applies in relationships. So when someone tells you to get on with them, you’re at right to ask them what they’re offering. To do that, you can utilize this line of response to your advantage.

Would You Ever Get On With Yourself?

Rhetorical questions are gems on your lips whenever you wish to evade replying to a question you find disturbing and inappropriate for you. In light of that, you can use this response when someone asks you to get on with them, and you don’t like the idea.

I Don’t Have Plans for That, and I Don’t Want To 

Do you want to put off the questionnaire without minding your tone or choice of words? If yes, you need to buy into this line of response.

Give Me a Reason Why I Should?

You’ll be in your every right to ask the person to tell you why you should ever get on with them. It shows you’re intelligent, intentional, and calculative. Eventually, their response will determine your next line of action.

I’ll Pass

You don’t fancy the idea of getting on with anyone, or just the questioner? You can skip that by using this response.


Choosing an intimate partner is one decision that needs to be done with keenness. The reason lies in the fact that you’ll be sharing every bit of your life with this person and any mistakes will invite regrets after.

This post centers on the best replies you can offer when someone asks you ‘Would you ever get me?’

However, I curated my replies from different perspectives and ideologies, as a seasoned member of the dating pool. I’m sure these responses are cut out well and will do well if you’re to employ any of them if the need arises.

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