40 Exams Is Over Quotes

Many can testify of the good feelings associated with the completion of any examinations. Whether it’s a feeling of happiness, elation, weary, or tiredness, I have some very wonderful quotes for such a time.


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40 Exams Is Over Quotes

40 Exams Is Over Quotes

1. I can celebrate because my exams are over

I feel very connected to this quote because the end of every exam calls for a celebration. After all the nerves and jittery, celebrating the success of your exams put you in a good mood and hope for future results.

2. No nightmare can last the daylight

This quote speaks of the horrid nightmare that comes with exam tension. By finishing your exams and declaring such quotes, you will overcome them. It tells the story of your exams and how glad you are it is over.

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3. Every pain is temporary, and every gain last forever

This quote likens your exams to being in pain, both physically and mentally. This pain usually lasts in the moment of exams and becomes gains once you are done. It also proclaims your expectation of passing your exams.

4. Exams are like storms of the seas, they only last a while

If you have witnessed a storm, you can tell two things about them. First, they are utterly terrifying, and second; they don’t last forever. Exams are just like storms, big, menacing, and endless, but they also end quickly too.

5. Exams are over, and a new level activated

Every exam you write tests your ability to recall and understand. No matter your expected outcome, you are not defined by your exams, rather you unlock a new level of mastery. It makes writing every exam worth it. 

6. You know why I am excited, my exams are over.

It is very easy to become happy and filled with pride once your exams are over. Once you look backward and see how far you have come through, the obstacles passed, and days you had to pull through. This quote is perfect for that feeling.

7. Guess what I just stepped over, my exams

The aftermath of most exams is to move to another level higher or certify expertise or graduation. Finishing an exam means you have stopped over a level, opening doors of new opportunities for you. Here lies the perfect quote for your feelings.

8. Exams are over, new challenge accepted

Finishing exams and overcoming their challenges can leave you feeling pumped up and in high spirits. This is accompanied by feelings of successful results and confidence in accepting the next stage of your progress. Aiming for excellence always.

9. It’s time to party because my exams are over

Fun times are always put on hold during examination periods. I know people who cease all social activities weeks before examinations. Once the exams are over, there is a declaration of party-going, fun-loving adventures, and merry times. This is for the party people.

10. Exams are over its time to move again

Time has a way of being different during periods of examinations, some days seem the longest and the whole period seems to pass in a blur. When your pen is laid to rest you feel the move of normal time again.

11. Exams are stressful, now it’s over hope we pass

I hope this can be a jingle, it will be a great nursery rhyme. The expectation is to pass any exams you have written. When it’s over it’s very common to feel hopeful about them. This quote expresses that desire.

12. The benefit of hard work is reaping its rewards

Exams are hard and consume a lot of time, and energy spent on preparation and execution. It takes discipline and hard work to accomplish them successfully. If you have dedicated your hard time for an exam, your reward is the next item on your list.

13. Say hello to the latest graduate in town

It’s always exciting to get on that stage and become a graduate. The moment is always filled with pride and joy for all participants. Mostly, the joy is derived from finally conquering the pressures of exams.

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14. My price just went up, and my exams are done

Graduating leaves you feeling like a million bucks. After all the sweaty hours reading, writing, and cramming, you have finally become a professional title. This quote lets the world know you are now free to practice your craft.

15. True freedom is when our exams are over. 

Periods of exams have a way of making a person feel weighty and burdened. The constant rumblings of thoughts and unfinished tasks create a mental prison of activities. The time immediately after an exam is done is associated with feelings of elation and freedom.

16. Attention everyone, my life is now mine

This is a public announcement you can now send in your messages and requests. The time of exams feels like a twenty-four-hour do-no-not-disturb mode. By declaring to everyone who cares about your situation, they know you are now accessible. It’s often associated with a feeling of control over your affairs.

17. I can breathe again I am done with my exams

Who doesn’t love a breath of fresh air? Once you accomplish a feat like exams, it’s very common to see yourself feeling light and cheery. No anxious breath, or tight timetables, your daily routine just becomes one great fresh air.

18. Every trail you face you conquer forever

I think of exams as fiery paths filled with molten lava. And once you succeed by finishing them you put such a path behind you forever. No more uncertainty, just a strong confidence of having been tested and found true.

This quote is powerful and deserving for anyone who wraps up their exams. Keep it close to your heart.

19. I declare good times my exams are over

The end of exams is usually followed by a period of good times that are memorable. This is a shout-out to your friends, family, and fellow examiner that you are a go for the good times. If you are looking, to get the ball rolling, hers is a good classic quote.

20. I feel lighter than a feather no more pen to paper

No more exams mean no more pens dancing on paper. No more halls and quiet silence of raging minds. The day becomes less burdensome when you know that no heavy task looms ahead of you. Your thoughts are ours and yours alone. Your alignment with such quotes expresses your state of mind. 

21. The race is over once you cross the finish line

The examination period often feels like a race. Every participant is trying to cross the finish line after so much preparation.

The thought of victory keeps your engine running, and you power through every hurdle to reach the finish line. The race ends once you cross the finish line, and your finished exams are a finished race. Celebrate your victory.

22. The sky’s my limit, my exams are over

Have you ever felt a deep sense of fulfillment and hope for better things? This happens when you have completed a task such as your exams. It’s an important part of your life to acknowledge this key achievement to know the next direction which is best for you. A finished exam opens limitless opportunities.

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23. A new opportunity opens when one ends

The end of one thing is the birth of something new and fresh. No matter the despair you feel during your exams it always turns out better once it’s over. Every new opportunity presents itself if you look closely and the end of an exam is an example of such.

24. A finished exam is a mountain conquered

Mountains are challenging to climb so are every exam out there. You need endurance, stamina, patience, and lots of preparation to conquer one. If you go after every exam like a mountain, you become conqueror when they are over. No feeling beats this in the world. 

25. Every game played has an end, exams are no different

If you play games growing up, you will be familiar with the boss level or final stage. This stage is where you prove that you really deserve all the little wins. Once your exams are over, you have reached the final level of your game. Victory is when you win.

26. The test of a person is seen during exams.

Real character is built during tough times. The measure of a man’s worth can be referred to as how much he has endured in life. The test of iron is fire, so also exams test your resolve and see the real substance you are made of. 

27. Exams are over, and a new me has emerged

Expectations are always a part of life. They bring new feelings to us and let us know we can become better at any phase of life. Is expected that every exam sets you up for a new stage of life. Once our exams are over your new self emerges. Embrace them with courage.

28. Sound the alarm and tell the world my exams are over

This generation after an exam continues days after it. it is common to find oneself wanting to share the joy and relief associated with finishing an exam. It’s like a party invitation to all who care that your exams are over. 

29. Exams may drain, but once over builds character

Staying still and writing a paper for hours can drain an individual of vigor and energy. Strong will and determination keep you sharp and focused. The result of finishing your exams diligently builds your character, and this is visible to everyone. 

30. The quest for knowledge does not end with exams.

Life is a never-ending quest and exams are proof of success in these little quests for knowledge. Though your exams may be over, your quest for knowledge isn’t, because there are more things to know every day.

31. Straight out of my exams

This right here is a declaration. You are letting everyone who deserves to know that your exams are done. This way folks around you can congratulate and celebrate your success with you.

32. My exam result cannot define me

A positive affirmation stating you are not bound or restricted by your examination outcome. It makes you easily put away the stress and tension of exams and focus on new things.

33. I feel like a star my exams are done

Stars are successful people, and when you finish your exams, you are a star too. This quote helps to transmute your feeling of victory, letting you take the center stage in your affairs. Exams are tough, and stars overcome every exam.

34. Exams are temporary your future is permanent

Exams can have you feeling stuck in a spot. This happens to almost everyone, and this quote pays homage to that feeling. It’s a reminder that things ahead of you are what need your focus and your finished exams are tied with the past forever.

35. I am tough now because my exams made me so.

Changes are constantly happening to everyone. As you finish your exams, understand that you are now tougher, smarter, and more experienced than before.

36. You are a survivalist because you saw the end.

Reaching the finish line of a task puts you in the elite club of life and society. Finishing your exams is also meant to put you in this club. So you deserve congratulations.

37. See me rolling my exams are over

This is a call out to anyone and everyone who cares about the present state of joy and happiness you feel as you celebrate your finished exams. 

38. The world becomes bigger as exams get over

A reminder that every exam conquered sets you onto a path bigger than where you have been. 

39. You feel prideful when you conquer any challenge

It’s okay to feel some sense of pride over a finished exam. And trust me, it’s worth it.

40. I can’t read anymore my exams are over.

This literally tells of the exhaustion and strain everyone faces during an exam.


Wrapping Up

All our 40 quotes are relatable and have been compiled to speak what you feel. I hope they do you justice. Cheers. 

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