15 Best Responses To “I Want To Eat You Up”

Your response to “I want to eat you up” can be the difference between something going your way or going completely out of control. 

Such statements have better responses and there are ways to go about it, and I will show you in this article.

With our carefully researched and carefully written responses, you will be left fully packed with an array of replies and even find the creativity to come up with some of your own. 

With that said, I want to eat you up is an intimate statement that should be used in the proper context and by the right person. 

Do not let people whom you have no connection with, use them with you. It’s commonly perceived as flirtatious with an even more intimate intention laced behind those words. 

Used widely by those who are hopeless flirts, it stirs up mushy feelings for those in a relationship. If you have ever worried about giving the best response then worry no more, we got you covered.

15 Best Responses To I Want To Eat You Up

  1. Come eat me, Darlin
  2. I am all yours
  3. Bring the icing for this cake
  4. Careful what you wish for darling
  5. Didi you bring your eating spoon
  6. Eat my fist 
  7. How hungry are you, babe
  8. Are you ready for this?
  9. Name the time and place
  10. In Your Dreams
  11. You have not got the digestive system for me
  12. Try some burgers first
  13. Watch your mouth
  14. How badly do you want it

1. Come eat me, Darlin

First on the list is this response. It’s a direct comeback to anyone who wishes to be eaten up. It’s consent between persons that shows interest. 

If you are not sure of how you feel about them, then this response isn’t for you. Answering this way gives them an inkling that you are at least in alignment with their thoughts. Also, if you are getting adventurous with your lover, then this is the best route to take. It’s a clear, simple response. 

2. I am all yours

One of my best responses is this. It’s powerful and enchanting even. Foreplay and romance between partners or lovers reach a heightened point with a quick response such as this. 

Saying I am all yours means you are ready to be eaten up without reservations. 

Good flirting between persons usually starts and ends with responses and statements like this. So go all out in your responses as you see fit.

3. Bring the icing for this cake

Things are really going to get hot with a response such as this. If you want to appear wild, adventurous, and daring to your partner or lover, this is the best response for you. Who doesn’t love cake? We all love it especially with a little icing to compliment the wonderful flavors.

This passes a message telling them to bring their A-game, and disappointment will be tolerated. Perfect responses for parties, fun games, and role-playing. I like this response because it really drives home understanding in a fun and wild way.

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4. I know you want to baby

One of the best responses to I want to eat you up is telling them you know they want to. This is good when you are uncertain of how you feel about their advances. Sometimes friends or potential lovers may attempt to woo you, and with a response like this, you show confidence in your choices.

It’s an acknowledgment of their statement by you with no promises from you. Here you are not required to make any commitment, rather you are keeping an open mind to it all. It’s perfect for also keeping your boundaries amongst people. 

5. Careful what you wish for darling

This response is both a warning and a flirtation wrapped in a bubbly package. Wishes come true but sometimes they aren’t what you wish for them to be. If someone says they want to eat you, a note of warning can be relayed with such a response.

If it’s a plaything or joke among friends, then this also works as a healthy flirting between individuals whether they are together. Here, you are not giving consent rather you are merely stating a fact while showing indifference to the statement. It is used to rebuff anyone with intentions you are not subscribing to.

6. Did you bring your eating spoon?

A good witty response to this request is to ask if they bring their instrument for eating. If someone shows an interest in eating the least they can do is provide the cutlery for the act. This response is perfect when you are being witty or just feel like making a joke of such a statement.

In addition, it can also be used as a plaything between two lovers or friends. Jokes are good and witty comebacks are better so, use this to give into those great and witty comebacks.

7. Eat my fist first

A wonderful response is saying eat my fist first. This is a clear statement that shows you are not interested in being eaten up. No one wants to eat another person’s fist, especially someone they consider attractive or have a crush on.

If someone you do not have a mutual likeness with shares their intentions of eating you, this response is right in the park for them.

They will get the crystal message that you are not meant to be trifled with and cease making such statements in your direction. A reply with intention is all you need to get the record straight with anyone.

8. How hungry are you, babe

When someone wants to eat you up, I believe it’s because you are edible and can satisfy a pang of hunger. In a relationship/partnership where play is a thing. This response is perfect for such situations. It shows that you agree with what is on the ground and a reply about how hungry they are is exciting for your partner.

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This reply is also a great way to dive into a situation where you want to break the ice of conversation. 

9. Are you ready for this?

A delicious meal should be prepared before eating, and this response here speaks to that effect. This direct question as an answer allows you to gauge the reaction of the individual. You also get an insight to judge if they are joking about their statement or not.

The reply on your part shows that you are ready for whatever they bring, and you need them to confirm too. There is no fun when you totally misread a situation, and this response will put things on track and the right perspective for you. If they are not ready or joking, you will get an answer by asking them a question yourself. 

10. Name the time and place

Anyone who wants to eat you up is going to be impressed with such a reply. It is wildly appropriate when you will get eaten. This is like a date because you have the intention to see it through, a time and place are the sealing deal.

I like this response because it helps to keep the flirting going and energies charged up in the right amount. Do not use such a reply if you have doubts about your date. If you have been asked by your crush or partner, then this is a good reply. 

11. In your dreams 

I love to eat in my dream but I hate the disappointment of waking up and realizing it wasn’t real. This response is like such a situation when you do not find the statement attractive or comfortable, a quick retort like this does instant justice.

You will notice them visibly withdraw from you and never make such a remark in your presence. Sometimes it can be used for individuals who have no chance of being your lovers or partners. This ensures they get rid of such an idea while strongly telling them you are not available to be eaten up. 

12. You have not got the digestive system for this

No one wants to eat something that can’t be digested in their stomach or intestinal tracts. If someone whose company you find appealing wants to eat you up, this response will transmit your disgust for such a person.

Some people can’t read the signs, and it’s up to you to enlighten them with your choices. Since their digestive system isn’t fit for you, they will abstain from making such advances toward you. This reply can be used aggressively, playfully, and as a mild deterrent, especially for someone you consider a friend. 

13. Try some burgers first

Hunger could be the main reason why someone may want to eat you up and also because you look too edible. Jokes aside, telling them to try eating some burger is a witty, sarcastic comeback you can employ in such a situation.

If you are in a public space and need some points, then this answer is right for you. When you make a joke or sarcastic statement as a reply, it dissuades anyone from further statements directed towards you.

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And who knows, they might just be hungry after all. Do not delay dishing out the best replies from our arsenal.

14. Watch your mouth 

An aggressive response sounds like this. Maybe you are having a bad day and not in the mood for jokes or some bully needs to be put in their place. Telling them to watch their mouth is a clear sign that you are and were never interested in being eaten by them.

This is where you draw the line between them and yourself. People need to understand boundaries and if they don’t, putting them in place is necessary.

A reply such as this will bring shame on them and others will be disappointed in them too. It’s perfect for unruly strangers or abusive individuals. 

15. How badly do you want it

I know I will do almost anything to get something I want especially if it’s related to food. Saying how badly you want it is a way you can lead a potential flirtation into something serious and worthwhile.

A response like this lights up passion in them and can lead to fulfilling thrills. Also, this question response allows you to hear how much they will go for you.

Since you cannot gobble up a cake and still have it, they might as well tell you why you should allow them to eat you up. I think it’s a fair deal. 

Bonus Response

How do you like your steak?

I like my steak well done. And that’s why I like this response. It’s a pun that serves as a perfect start for flirting. If you are lucky, they may describe just how well they want to eat you up, and with the right convincing, you finally get to be eaten.

The effort is mainly the end game here, and asking them this lets you peer into their emotional state. If they don’t get this response, then it’s a sign to bounce. In the right setting, it goes a long way to being one of the best of all time.

Final Thoughts

The best responses to I want to eat you up lies here in this article and with careful observation, you find that which is perfectly suited for you. Different situations call for multiple angles of response so line them and have them ready.

Understand that statements like this are commonly used by lovers, partners, and potential lovers, it will be rude for strangers to use this in your direction. In such circumstances, a firm no is recommended or a reply with such meaning.

It’s interesting to keep your responses short and clear so they carry their weight. In addition, the right response can sweeten the flirtation honey pot of two lovers. It is also a conversation keeper. 

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