16 Clever Comebacks to Being Called a Nerd

I know it hurts to be called a nerd because I was once in your shoes until I decided to make a difference. The thing is this; you may not necessarily be that exposed, but that doesn’t mean you’re dumb.

So, whoever calls you a nerd offensively is trying to say that you’re dumb and clueless. I didn’t give such persons the chance during my time, and you shouldn’t let them do so to you too. 

Therefore, the best way to stay afloat with life as a nerd, you might want to strap up with some super cool comebacks. In this article, I will be discussing 20 clever comebacks to being called a nerd. Keep reading for the details.

16 Clever Comebacks to Being Called a Nerd

Anyone who calls you a nerd is trying to be audible with the fact that they don’t like you.

They’re just a bunch of bitter individuals and that’s because you prefer your company to stalk that of others probably in the name of validation. You could even be more intelligent than them and they’re upset about that situation.

Well, since it’s not your fault that you’re better you don’t have to be apologetic to them. In that regard, you’ll need to roll up your sleeves and mete out the appropriate comebacks to anyone who calls you a nerd.

Below are the various lines of responses which you can use as trolls when someone calls you a nerd.

  • I guess you didn’t hear that nerd is the new cool
  • No, I am not one. Perhaps, I’m smarter than you
  • You’re just bitter because I’m better on all grounds
  • You and I know you’re just bluffing
  • If that’ll make your sad life happy, go on then
  • We, geeks, are the new sexy
  • Because I have working brain cells and you don’t, doesn’t mean you can call me a nerd
  • A nerd! Wow, says the jackass and halfwit
  • And you’re as proud as a peacock 
  • Oh, nice work. I knew it wouldn’t be long before you realize I’m smarter
  • Quit the hate, and give me my smart-boy/girl flowers
  • Okay, I’m the nerd and you’re what again?
  • I don’t need much thinking to know you’re a dummy
  • You mean to say; the guy with the straight A’s
  • I’m still better than your waiter/ress job
  • Big ups to you. You finally figured I was the smart one

I Guess You Didn’t Hear That Nerd Is the New Cool

If you look at things between you and the person who called you a nerd, you’ll notice that most cases of their pronouncement were made out of envy.

This means that the person is jealous of what you’ve achieved without having to hang out with large crowds and they feel your isolated life is weird and as such bad.

Albeit, there’s another definition of the term “nerd” that makes it possible to be used to qualify someone who’s excessively self-sufficient and prefers to pay blind eyes to their surrounding.

If someone called you a nerd to bemoan your social status, you can use this line of response to put them back in their right places.

And this response suggests that you won’t be the only nerd for long as a lot of other people are starting to pick interest in being nerds hence, making nerds the new cool. 

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No, I Am Not One. Perhaps, I’m Smarter than You

How about you give a straight-up “no” answer to the person and then tell them why you’d say so? I guess that’s a great idea and you should give it a thought.

If that’s what your plan is looking like, then you can confidently use this response to serve whoever it is that says you’re a nerd. 

You’re simply asserting that it could be that you’re the smart one since it’s evident that a lot of nerds are being coveted as digital, smart, and low-key rich. This response means that you’re kind of accepting the person’s pronouncement as true.

You’re just bitter because I’m better in All Grounds

Since we’ve concluded that the person who called you a nerd is possibly bitter, you can use this line of response to serve the person who tries to demean you by calling you a nerd. This term becomes a form of insult if it was said with the tone and intent that you’re clueless about life.

Perhaps, you’re better than the speaker in relatively many things but lack the social exposure in which the speaker feels they’re well-versed.

If that’s the case, you can come clean and tell the person openly that they’re just “bitter”, and their bitterness stems from the fact that you’re better than them in many fields of endeavor other than social life.

You and I Know you’re just bluffing

Yes, it is a bluff for someone who knows less than you do to try to make you feel bad about the situation by calling you a nerd. While the term could be derogatory, you don’t have to give in to the person’s pressure to make you feel left out.

On that note, you can do better by letting the person know that they’re just talking trash and unreal things about you, which are probably driven by their emotions and poor judgment.

How then can you get this done? That is by using this particular line of response whenever someone calls you up as a nerd.

Tell them boldly that they’re trash-talking and that wouldn’t go down well for them. Afterward, you should exit the premise of that conversation to avoid hearing more gibberish talks about you from the said person.

If that’ll make Your Sad Life Happy, Go on Then

Sometimes, the best way to respond to haters and bullies is by giving them the platform to talk their invalid lot about you. What I mean is by acting all unaware of what they’re saying while you go on with your lifestyle.

There’s a saying that prescribes ignorance as the best answer to a fool, and since the person accusing you of being a nerd could be playing a fool’s card on you, you can then use this response to ignore them thereafter.

You’re asking the person to go on if trolling your “quiet” life is what would make them happy. The person would certainly be left wondering what kind of human you are since you’re not showing any signs of protesting their talks about you.

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We, Geeks, Are the New Sexy

Clever Comebacks to Being Called a Nerd

In case you missed that…geeky individuals are seen as sexy in the world of today. This is because of the great we’ll of knowledge they likely possess and also the fact that a majority of them in advanced countries have a big chance of making it big in life. 

On the part of geeky guys, they’re now seen as industrious and low-key wealthy by most girls, making them desirable to date which in turn translates to sexiness in most women’s love language.

Larry Page and Mark Zuckerberg are great examples of powerful nerds. On the flip side of gender, a female nerd is seen as a good asset in terms of relationships as she is not overly exposed like the other normies who have heard and seen it all.

In that regard, we can say that this breed of girls is sexy and also desirable to a man who needs a liable life partner.

Because I Have Working Brain Cells and You Don’t, Doesn’t Mean You Can Call Me a Nerd

Have you been thinking of the perfect response which you can also use as a troll for anyone who calls you a nerd yet nothing comes up?

If that’s so, you can use this line of response to make it known to the person who called you a nerd to know that you’re done with thinking and it’s now time to dish out your trolling.

This is a viable statement, as the person who called you a nerd will regret his or her actions after you reply with this line of response ‘in public’.

Trust me, it’ll be one of the most hilarious comebacks for anyone who calls you a nerd, as you try to assert that your functioning brain against theirs gives them no right to demean you.

A Nerd! Wow, Says the Jackass and Halfwit

I’ll love us to also give a special tag to the speaker who says you’re a nerd. Guess what that would be…voila, the person is a halfwit. Yes, he or she is a serious jackass who tries to blame others for their foils and you could’ve been their latest victim. 

On that note, you can serve this response as a subtle reply when someone calls you a nerd. I’m sure the person will be even more disgraced to bear these highly derogatory terms, as against offensively calling you a nerd.

And you’re as Proud as a peacock 

Do you know how bullies try to make you feel less of yourself back in school? Yes, that’s definitely what the person wants to achieve by calling you a nerd.

But we’re not going to allow them to push through with their plans, as we’re going to be cutting them off by using this line of response which tags them as the proudest jerk you’ve ever known.

What strong language for a strong-headed bully?! I’m sure you’ll send the message that you’re not feeble when someone calls you a nerd.

Oh, Nice Work. I Knew It Wouldn’t Be Long Before You Realize I’m Smarter

Hehehe, I guess you’ll be partly clowning with this line of response on anyone who would try to call you a nerd.

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You’re saying that you’re glad the person didn’t have to take forever to realize you’re smarter than them. This line also means that you’ve picked out your smartness as the reason for the person’s bad remarks about you.

Quit the Hate, and Give Me My Smart-Boy/Girl Flowers

Do you want to play the boss card whenever someone calls you a nerd? If that’s what the intention looks like, then you’re sure to use this type of line to respond to the person. 

You’re simply asking the person to stop hating on you and rather they should give you your smart-boy/girl flowers. What the last sentence means is that the person should do well to acknowledge you as a smart person, possibly smarter than they are.

Okay, I’m the Nerd and you’re what again?

Clever Comebacks to Being Called a Nerd

I’m glad I shared this line of the response with you because the last time I used it, it wreaked havoc on the person who tried to call me a nerd. This line shows you pretending not to know what or who the person is and I’m sure that’ll be a huge disrespect if the person is famous.

I don’t need much thinking to know you’re a Dummy

Nerds are known for their ability to rack up their brains whenever there’s a need to. They’re known for their sharp thinking and dull actions.

However, you can troll the person who calls you a nerd by telling them that you don’t even need to think much before you conclude that they’re dummies. That would go on to be a big violation on the person if they think they’re socially active more than you.

You Mean to Say; the Guy with the Straight As

If you’ve been having excellent result in your class but still maintains a reversed lifestyle, you can end up getting the nerd tag. Let’s say that eventually happens, you can instantly use this line to respond.

I’m still better than Your Waiter/Ress Job

You know how waiters/resses think they know it all about the town because people often talk in the bar? Yes, that could be the reason why someone would call you a nerd.

They think their position as a public servant makes them more versed socially than you. Well, they’re in for a big shock as you can troll them using this line of response.

Big Ups to You. You Finally Figured I Was the Smart One

With this line of response, you’ll be congratulating the speaker for finally admitting you’re smarter than them by calling you a nerd.


I don’t think you should feel bad when someone calls you a nerd, and neither should you be happy about it.

I’d suggest you act indifferent to words like that but if you’re planning to reply to the speaker, I’ve got you covered. This article features a list of 20 clever comebacks for being called a nerd and these lines are excellent with that.

Don’t forget to examine your circumstance before employing any of them, and ensure you let us know your thoughts about them in the comment box below.


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