20 Best Responses to “Are You Mad at Me” Text

Did you just have a small rift with someone? If that is so, there’s a chance the person will feel that you’re upset at them, and with this initiative, the person could find it cautionary not to place a call across to you.

Instead, they may opt to send a text which reads “you are mad at me”, When you get this message, you may be compelled to reply to the person.

However, your response has to reflect whatever it is that you feel at the moment. This means you can come out and say yes or no depending on what you feel. In this article, I’ll discuss the 20 best responses to are you mad at me text.

20 Great Responses to “Are You Mad at Me” Text

Even after you have decided how you would love to respond to the person, you can also give a reason for your response thereafter.

That way, the person will know why you’re either angry or why you’re not. This shows just how intentional you can get with your reactions to people, and mostly the person who says you are mad at them. 

Without much ado, let’s get into the meat of this post which exposits on the various replies which you can use when someone says “you are mad at me”. Below are the best 20 responses to you are mad at me.

  • I never said I was
  • Not at all my dear
  • No, you’re just making it up
  • Yes, and you know why it is so
  • Yes, and that’s totally your fault
  • Oh! My countenance has given me off
  • Let’s say I am, what are you going to do about it?
  • Your actions really disappointed me
  • I wasn’t expecting that from you
  • Why did you betray my trust?
  • You executed the task without me
  • Your guilty conscience is now fighting you
  • Oh! Please, ignore this angry bird face of mine
  • Of course, I’m upset at you
  • Sorry buddy, I’m not just not having the best day
  • What do you think?
  • Why do you think I am?
  • I don’t want you to see it that way, but I didn’t like your decision
  • What would you have me do?
  • Can you not ask me those questions and go straight to the apologies
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I Never Said I Was

If you’re not truly angry at the person who says you are mad at me, you can use this line of response to do it. With this line, you’re saying that you didn’t make any statement that you’re mad at them.

This is another way of debunking the fact that you’re mad at the person, just as the person who texted you that have already stated.

To even make this more effective, you should make an effort to move away or exit from the chat to avoid getting more wrong insinuations from the person. This is because the person is trying to put words into your mouth, for things that you didn’t say or act.

Not at All My Dear

If it were your spouse that texted you “you are mad at me” and you are sure that you’re not upset, you can use this line to tell your loved one that you’re not angry as the person already thought.

If you notice, you’d see that the tone of this response is subtle and sensual. This is to serenade the atmosphere between you and the person who says you’re mad at them. This is a cool response for your partner if he or she ever texts you a message suggesting that you’re angry at them.

No, you’re just making it up

On some occasions, it could be that the person who says you’re mad at them is just saying that out of mere imagination and baseless assumption.

That is to say; the person may have assumed you’re mad at them from the way you spoke to them, or perhaps, they’re just letting their mind play games on them. 

I’ve experienced this scenario with a female friend of mine who was always keen to apologize to me whenever she was wrong about something or fails to uphold her promises.

If this is the circumstance you find yourself in, you can opt to use this line of response to explain to the person that they’re just making the whole “you are mad at me” insinuations up.

With this line, you are trying to let them know that all of these assumptions are just living in their heads and are not what it appears to be in real life. I’m hopeful that the person who texted you this line will likely understand the concept of your response and act accordingly.

Yes, and You Know Why It Is So

If you’re upset at the person who texted you the line which says you are, then you should do well to admit it to them.

And if you’re wondering how best to do that then you have to search no further as you can simply make use of this particular line of response. This line shows that you’re replying in firm positivity that you’re mad at the person. 

Not only that, but you’re also telling the person that he or she knows something about your grievances. This proves that the person’s assertion that you’re mad at them is true, but then again, it also suggests that the person knows something about it.

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This line is a good pick if you’re looking for how to strike up a good conversation with the person who assumed you’re angry at them by telling them they know why you’re upset.

Yes, and that’s totally Your Fault

Likewise, you can admit to the person who texted you that you’re angry. However, it could be that the person is the reason why you’re angry. In this case, the person may still be skeptical about it which could explain why they texted you that line.

Therefore, in response, you can make use of this line of response to first own up to being upset and then go on to tell the person that they’re responsible for your anger.

This would be a good line of response if you want the person to own up to their flaws which may have caused you to get upset with them.

Oh! My Countenance Has Given Me Off

Best Responses to You Are Mad at Me Text

Sometimes, we try to bottle up our feelings but it manages to get seen by people based on the look on our faces or the tone of our voice. This could be the case with the person who texted you “you are mad at me”.

Perhaps, you guys dismissed from a meetup on a quite bad note, but you decided to play along and not show that you’re angry about how things ended.

Even with all your efforts to conceal the pain, the person can still end up picking up the signals that you’re not alright. And when this happens, he or she may send you the text that reads “you are mad at me”. All they’re trying to do is to let you know that they noticed and feel concerned. 

In return, you can use this line to point out what you feel exposed your intentions. Since we’re fingering your outlook as the problem, you can exclaim that your countenance has given you off.

Let’s Say I Am, What Are You Going to Do About It?

It’s quite sad to realize that the person who says you’re mad at them may not even be of help when you either say yes or no.

In that regard, when someone sends you the text “you are mad at me”, you can use this line to let them know that even though you’re mad at them like they said, they won’t still do anything about the situation. 

Your Actions Really Disappointed Me

If you’re mad at the person that sent you the text, you can let them know through this line of response. While this response doesn’t go straight to telling the person that you’re upset, it indirectly does that by pointing out that you’re disappointed in the person’s actions.

Hitherto say, it is the person’s disappointing actions that got you flared up. That makes this response a 2-way purpose line of response. First, you are admitting to being mad at the person and you’re also explaining to the person why you feel the way you do about them.

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I Wasn’t Expecting That from You

Just like the previous line of response which pointed out disappointment as the reason for your anger, this line does the same.

It tells the person who texted you that you’re upset just like they already assumed and that the reason is that they did something you didn’t expect. This speaks about only one thing, and that is disappointment. 

So, if you don’t approve of the sender’s actions you can let them know using this line.

Why Did You Betray My Trust?

How about we get straight to the business of the day, rather than admitting to yes or no? If that sounds like a good plan to you, then you should think about using this line to reply when someone sends you a text that reads “you are mad at me”. 

You can go straight to asking the person this question to protest your anger by querying them on why they chose to betray. Therefore, from this response, the person can deduce that their betrayal of you is the reason why you might’ve been mad at them.

You Executed the Task without Me

In another form of response, you can straight to the point and tell the person who texted you that you were upset because they did a project without you.

This response confirms that you’re upset and also states that the person’s solo execution is behind the anger. Perhaps, you had the plan to feature in the execution but were excluded. 

Your Guilty Conscience Is Now Fighting You

If someone that wronged you ends up texting you regarding the fracas even before you mentioned it, it only means that their conscience is judging them. If that’s the case, you should make this line your go-to response whenever you receive such texts.

Oh! Please, Ignore This Angry Bird Face of Mine.

Perhaps, you’re not truly angry in a picture you sent someone and their remark via a text says that you’re mad at them. In light of his misjudgment, you can debunk the person’s claims by saying that you’re just used to having an angry face so you’re not mad at them

Of Course, I’m upset at you

Best Responses to You Are Mad at Me Text

You can firmly acknowledge that you’re mad at the sender of the text using this line. This response is straight to the point and concrete.

Sorry, Buddy, I’m Not Just Not Having the Best Day

If you read the text from a close friend of yours, you reassure the person that you’re not upset at them using this line of response. Instead, you blame your bad day as the reason.

What Do You Think?

If you want the sender of the text to guess what is the problem with you, then I recommend this question-like response.

Why Do You Think I Am?

You might as well want to know why the person texted you in that manner, and this question-like response is the way to go.

I Don’t Want You to See It That Way, but I Didn’t Like Your Decision

If you’re fairly uncomfortable over someone’s decision, you can use this line to admonish the sender of the text.

What Would You Have Me Do?

You can also employ this line as a response to the person who texted you. This question will have the person talk more about what or why they texted you in that manner.

Can You Not Ask Me Those Questions and Go Straight to the Apologies

If you want the sender to apologize for their wrongdoings, you can use this line to enjoin them to do so. This response seeks to shun the person against assuming things instead of saying sorry.


Let’s call it a wrap with this line of response as I’ve done a great job in curating the best of responses to a you are mad at me text.  Do well to get acquainted with them before using them. Don’t also forget to drop your thoughts in the comment box below.


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