20 Best Things to Say When Someone Calls You a “Pick Me”

When you do things differently in the dating pool, you may end up getting a demeaning title to match your scheme of actions. You can be called a “pick me”, especially by your fellow girls if you always stand out in the eyes of the opposite sex.

Perhaps, you put in extra effort to maintain a standard in the eyes of guys while others see it as if you’re selling yourself off.

When they call you a pick me, they usually do so to make you feel bad that you stand out. And in effect, you might want to stand your ground by serving them a response. If that’s the case then you’re at the right spot, as I’ll be discussing the 20 best things to say when someone calls you a pick me.

20 Best Things to Say When Someone Calls You a Pick Me

Have been making things easier for guys who pick interest in you? Thereby having a good number of them sing your praises even to the hearing of other girls…then you’re in for the title of a pick me. Yes, you’re probably doing extra and that is seen as absurd.

In this type of situation, the other people, especially the girls see it as you’re acting, unlike the order of things where guys struggle to get a girlfriend, or where the girl doesn’t make the first advances.

But to you, you’re either just being intentional or being considerate…you don’t deserve to be called bad names for being nice.

The good news is…you don’t have to be the only sad one about the situation as this article will inform you on the finest ways to respond when someone calls you a pick me. Without further ado, let’s get started already.

  • Just because you called me a pick-me girl, doesn’t make you any less of that
  • What are the chances you don’t want to be like me?
  • If by “pick me” you mean I’m on a high horse, then I’m sure it’s better than your barefoot lifestyle
  • I know you’re bitter, just get over it
  • Get yourself some qualities, I have mine already
  • Whatever you feel is invalid until I say so
  • Don’t get me started, move ahead on
  • I’m not  a pick-me girl, I’m just truly different
  • To hell with your opinion
  • Your boyfriend likes me still
  • Let’s say I am; what can you do about it?
  • I don’t remember how that should affect your life
  • Even at that, I am bigger and better
  • I can smell jealousy cooking, and only your pot is on fire
  • Your bad energy stinks like a stale egg sauce
  • Just ask me to teach you how to be desirable
  • I’m not a pick-me, rather I’m just desirable
  • Your definition of me is like an empty moving train
  • Go and ask your brother why he likes me. I’m sure it’ll be different from what you think already
  • You’re being too toxic to be my best friend. I need a break from your taunt

Just Because You Called Me a Pick Me Girl, Doesn’t Make You Any Less of That

You have to see anyone who calls you a pick me as a hater. This is because you’re probably doing something they can’t do and they’re being jealous about it.

Perhaps, your approach or response towards guys is different and as such attracts more guys your way other than theirs, and this exactitude brings about hate. 

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However, you don’t have to feel bad about it because it’s clear you are better than them. To that effect, you can use this line of response to let the person know that you being a pick like they said doesn’t mean they’re any better. This line insinuates that the person who called you a pick me is invariably also one. 

This is more like someone calling you a betrayer openly while they lie to their partners in secret. They’re just the same tag they gave to you but a different breed of the same cankerworm. I’m sure you’ll be able to put the speaker in the right place with this line of response. 

What Are the Chances You Don’t Want to Be Like Me?

As funny as it may sound, there’s a chance the person who calls you a pick-me also wants to be like you. You know what they say…a hater is just someone who failed while trying to be like you.

Therefore, it is not a surprising revelation to discover that the person who tries to demean you by calling you a pick-me might’ve failed while trying to be you.

In that regard, you can capitalize on this to draft your response to the person. Leveraging on this, you can ask the person this question, which queries the person on the chances that they don’t want to be like you.

Of course, they want that but the silence that may ensue when you ask this question will be able to make the question a rhetorical one. So, since the point is making the person shut their mouth, you can use this line.

If by “Pick Me” You Mean I’m on a High Horse, Then I’m Sure It’s Better Than Your Barefoot Lifestyle

 One of the definitions of a pick me says that the girl in question can do anything to get influence the boys. I believe you’re doing no such thing, but if your elegance while you walk or the allure in your voice is the reason why the person says you’re a pick me then you’re truly blessed. 

This is because all they’re envying is your alleged high horse. Therefore, you can assert that your “high horse” is better than the person’s barefooted lifestyle. What this means is that the person is living a basic life as against your high-quality life which now brings the boys your way. What a way to troll someone?!

I know you’re Bitter, Just Get over It

You can’t tell me otherwise that the person who says you’re a pick me is not bitter. The person is just feeling envious that you have a working life that brings the guys your way.

Perhaps, they can’t get this type of lifestyle, so they now feel that you’re being too extra in your ways of getting the attention of the hottest guys.

However, you can respond to them by telling the person to “just get over it”. This is because they’re getting themselves worked up over the wrong things. 

Get Yourself Some Qualities, I Have Mine Already

Nobody will call you a pick-me if they know you’ve got values or qualities that make guys look your way. This is because you have these qualities but they lack them.

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As a form of response to the person, how about we drop them some nuggets on how to live their life?

Yes, you can tell the person to go get some qualities rather than making awful names for those who already have great lives as you do. And you can do this with this line of response.

Whatever You Feel Is Invalid Until I Say So

For a fact, any side talks about you is invalid until you approve it. I will tell you why I said so…and that’s because you can do so by carrying the story itself.

So, to respond to the person who called you a pick me, you can debunk and reaffirm that only you can approve of the gossip. And you can achieve that by using this line of response. 

Don’t Get Me Started, Move Ahead On

Best Things to Say When Someone Calls You a Pick Me

Sometimes, when someone says bad about you they do so to get some reaction off of you. That could also be the case when someone calls you a pick-me. They’re just trying to hear what you’ll say and possibly draw more reasons to troll you from your statements. 

Nevertheless, you can disappoint the person by employing this line of response. You’re telling the person not to get you started and they should avoid you.

I’m Not a Pick Me Girl, I’m Just Truly Different

Usually, people who are called pick-me girls are different from the other group of girls. They’re just acting in what may seem to be the opposite of most regular girls.

Hence, you may be called a pick-me, if you don’t do what other girls and they suspect this diversity to be the reason why more guys come to you and not them. 

To Hell with Your Opinion

You shouldn’t be overly bothered about whatever opinion someone has when he or she calls you a pick-me girl. In that regard, you can reply to them with this response just in time for them to complete their statement.

Your Boyfriend Likes Me Still

To troll the person who says you’re a pick-me, you can allege that the person’s boyfriend likes you even though you’re a pick-me. This response can cause the countermotion in that affair, thereby having you get back to the person who calls you a pick me.

Let’s Say I Am; What Can You Do About It?

It’s unfortunate to think that the person who calls you a pick me can only talk but do nothing else about the situation. This is because you’re better than them, and it is unheard of for them to even have a say. 

I Don’t Remember How That Should Affect Your Life

The funny part of being called a pick-me by other girls is the fact that you don’t even know how that’s affecting their lives. This is another way to assume and say that the person is jealous of you.

Even at That, I Am Bigger and Better

How about you accept the name-calling and also state your status? I know that it is a sound plan and it will go a long way in being a deserving response to the person who calls you a pick me. 

You’re telling the person that their name-calling on you doesn’t change the fact that you’re bigger and better. It doesn’t you less of who you already are too.

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I Can Smell Jealousy Cooking, and Only Your Pot Is on Fire

If you’re looking for a very subtle way of saying that the speaker is jealous of you, then you can use this line to attain that.

The bone of contention is that this response is like a parable, but it still goes as a viable response. You might want to use it for highly intelligent folks.

Your Bad Energy Stinks Like a Stale Egg Sauce

If you share the same sentiment as me that someone who calls you a pick me is just bitter, you can use this line to suggest that they have bad energy. However, this line of response tries to qualify the extent of the person’s badness by comparing it to a stale egg sauce.

Just Ask Me to Teach You How to Be Desirable

Whatever stunt you pull so that guys will look your way means that you’re desirable. These guys consider you a desirable woman, which is why they either flood your DMS.

So, when someone calls you a pick me, it means they must’ve tried to be “desirable” like you and it’s not working. You’re now asking them to just ask you to teach them how to be like that. What a way to demean someone who plans to rub dirt on your face. 

I’m Not a Pick Me, Rather I’m just desirable

Best Things to Say When Someone Calls You a Pick Me

With this line, you’re trying to explain to the speaker the difference between a pick-me and someone who’s just desirable. And by your calculations, you’re just desirable and not a pick me like you’re being accused as.

Your Definition of Me Is Like an Empty Moving Train

The translation of this response is that the person’s allegation that you’re a pick-me is nothing but a piece of gossip. Therefore, to debase it, you use this response to compare it to an empty moving train. This denotes that even though the misjudgment is spreading quickly, it is still empty (invalid).

Go and Ask Your Brother Why He Likes Me. I’m sure it will be Different from What You Think Already

You can try to troll the speaker indirectly by using this line as you ask them to go ask their brother why he loves you. That you’re confident that it won’t be the same as what they’ve said about you. You’re taking a good position while rupturing their siblinghood.

You’re being too toxic to be My Best Friend. I Need a Break from Your Taunt

If the person who calls you a pick me is your best friend, you can use this line to halt your relationship with her. Perhaps, she feels you’re unfairly getting the attention of all the boys when y’all go out and now decides to voice it by saying you’re a pick me.


To wrap up this post that exposits on the best things to say when someone calls you a pick me; I will like to appreciate you for reading this piece from the onset to this very end.

I’m glad that I was able to bring the details of each of these replies to your knowledge, and I’m positive that they’ll do a great job. Kindly let me know your thoughts on this topic in the comment box below.


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