20 Best Replies to “Nice Picture”

Getting positive remarks from people regarding your picture is a good feeling. It makes you feel appreciated and “seen.”

A positive remark like when someone says “nice picture’ to your picture after they say it on your device, or perhaps, they commented on it after seeing it on social media.

The excitement that it leaves in you could prompt you to reply positively too, which is a good step to take.

However, you may be lost for words, and looking for the best replies becomes your alternative.

On that note, you’re on the right post, because I’ll be discussing a couple of replies to ‘nice picture. To know more, keep reading on!

20 Best Replies to “Nice Picture”

I’m sure you think that the person who remarked nicely about your picture has good eyes for seeing your picture in the light of beauty.

You don’t have to let it all die as a perception, as you can put it into words and let them know you appreciate their kind words to you.

Below is a list of up to 20 lines of replies for when someone remarks on your picture by saying “nice picture’.

  1. Thanks
  2. I appreciate a lot
  3. Much love to you dear
  4. You don’t look bad yourself
  5. Awwn, I’m blushing already
  6. Glad you liked it
  7. I’m glad that it came out right
  8. I feel so loved right now
  9. Thanks, but I look better now
  10. Really? Is it that nice?
  11. Stop pulling my legs every time
  12. One of the best shots I love. I’m happy that you see it that way too
  13. The photographer did great work and he also deserves the accolades
  14. I looked so confident, didn’t I?
  15. You didn’t have to be this nice
  16. Thanks though. But I can see a flirt when I see one, and this is certainly one
  17. Is that all you can say?
  18. You’re not innovative with your words
  19. Coming from someone who would backbite at the slightest chance they get
  20. I appreciate. What other good angle do you suggest for a better shot?


This single-word response is the most used and sought-after by many people. This is because it is simple to say and doesn’t mean anything more than just gratitude.

Just saying “thanks” is a good response plan, but you can get innovative with your choice of words when replying to the gesture.

Nonetheless, if you’re someone of few words, you can leverage this single-worded response to provide a response when someone remarks on your picture by saying ‘nice to see you’.

Perhaps, the situation is one in which you don’t have the energy or time to go the extra mile to respond to the person. If that’s the case, then this response is the most suitable in such a case.

I Appreciate a Lot

Still, in the spirit of showing gratitude, you can use this line of response to deliver a good reply when someone remarks on your picture by saying “nice picture”.

While the previous response is single-worded, this one contains more words and syllables too.

To differentiate it from the previous one, this response seeks to stress the frequency of how grateful you are to have gotten such a nice gesture from the person by using the phrase “a lot”.

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If the circumstance were to be one of a physical conversation, you can add a tad facial expression to further stress the level of your gratitude.

Much Love to You Dear

As a response to the person who said “nice picture” as a gesture after seeing your picture; you can use this line of response to send a message of love across to the person.

By saying “much love to you dear”, it is evident that you acknowledge their kind gesture and is wishing them all the best in life, hence the purpose of sending love and happiness to them.

You might also want to employ a cool and relatable facial expression or body language that reads meaning into your response if it were to be a case of physical contact with the person.

You Don’t Look Bad Yourself

In your bid to come up with the perfect response when someone says ‘nice picture’ as a gesture to seeing your picture, you can explore another angle by commending the person’s looks.

This implies that you’re paying the person with their coins. They commented on your looks in a picture and you’re replying by dropping a positive remark on the person’s look too.

This particular response is a breeding ground for more acquaintanceship, and familiarity between you and the person who remarked positively on your looks. It also shows just how good-spirited you are.

Awwn, I’m blushing already

Replies to Nice Picture

You can choose to act all nice and flirty when someone remarks on your picture by saying it is a ‘nice picture’.

This line of the response will be a good pick for the ladies because it sounds more feminine than masculine. It is absurd for a guy to abruptly say he’s blushing, while it fits into the narrative of a woman to say such.

On that note, I presume the person who remarked is a guy because that would be the criteria for why you (as a woman) would say you’re blushing already.

For the record, I barely hear girls saying something like this to their fellow women unless something is up between them.

This response conveys a couple of messages, including your acknowledgment of the kind gesture and also a fairly positive response which means you accept the remark the person (presumably, a guy) said about your picture.

Glad, You Liked It

It is unusual for someone to say ‘nice picture’ about your image if they don’t think it is looking nice. If that were to happen, then you should know that it is just a statement geared towards making a jest of you.

However, that is not the case in this line of response because we’re dealing with a case where the person thinks the picture is nice, following their earlier statement.

The central message here is that the person likes your picture and saying ‘nice picture’ must’ve been their only way of remarking on it without sounding too flirtatious or perverted.

In response, you can say this line of response to them, showing your gratitude for their nice gesture towards your picture.

It denotes that you’re happy to see that someone likes your picture; a feeling you should have if you don’t get such remarks often from people.

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I’m Glad That It Came out Right

Just right as you’re telling the person how glad you are for them like the picture, you might as well show gratitude that the picture came out nice and well.

This is because the person who gestured your picture positively only did that because the picture came out well. If it hadn’t, then you wouldn’t get the type of reaction that you did.

I Feel So Loved Right Now

No one is stopping you from expressing how you feel, so when someone reacts positively to your picture by saying it is nice, you can show them just how much love you feel already.

Unfortunately, sometimes words fail us when we need them the most. So, if you’re looking for the right set of words to use in this case, then I’ve got you covered.

The response above is a good line for the type of package which you need for. It captures the moment and also presents your emotions in one piece.

You might want to make use of body language to further buttress what you mean by your reply.

Bearing a broad smile and tilting your neck at intervals helps drive home your emotional state to the person to who you’re replying.

Thanks, but I Look Better Now

This line of response presents a different scenario from what I’ve been treating all these while.

And this is because it posits that the picture which was given the “nice” remark is a throwback picture.

You were probably looking stunning as a lady in the picture back then, or your handsomeness was in top gear as a guy back in those days.

Perhaps, the person stumbled on the picture while looking through your catalog on social media and they may’ve had no idea of what you look like presently.

So, if that’s the case, you can use this response to champion the situation. The response simply recognizes the remarked picture as a throwback and presents you to be in a better physical outlook at the moment.

Really? Is It That Nice?

Replies to Nice Picture

You probably uploaded a picture on social media and you’re not sure if it is the perfect piece until you start getting feedback.

This response also sounds feminine so you might want to use it if you’re a lady reading this post. The response seeks to know if the person thought it is a nice picture, other than a regular line on a regular post.

Stop Pulling My Legs Every Time

If you know that the picture for which someone remarks positively is a total flop, you can use this line to quench the person from further spreading the word.

By telling them to stop pulling your legs, it means you’re not up for any of their sweet talking.

This response further depicts that the person who remarked is just trying to make you feel better, but you’d rather settle with the bitter truth.

One of the Best Shots I Love. I’m Happy That You See It That Way Too

When someone makes a positive remark about your picture by saying ‘nice picture’, you can also continue the thread of complimenting the picture by yourself.

To do that, you’ll need a good response which you can also throw in for the person who remarked in the first place.

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On that note, you’re saying that the picture is one of the best shots you’ve ever taken and loved.

You move on to say that you’re happy that the person also appreciates the picture just as you do.

The Photographer Did a Great Work and He Also Deserves the Accolades

With this line of response, you do not take all the glory for yourself. Rather, you remember the impact of the photographer in making the picture a good one, worthy of getting positive remarks from people.

I Looked So Confident, Didn’t I?

Asking this question to the person who said ‘nice picture’ is a good way of getting them to talk in detail. Once they give out the details, you can then know what you’re valued as.

However, this line specified something and that’s confidence. As it seems, you’ll be asking the person about how bold you looked in the picture.

You Didn’t Have to Be This Nice

Do you feel that the remark you got from the person is uncalled for? If so, you can use this line of response to let them know about it.

Thanks Though. But I Can See a Flirt When I See One, and This Is Certainly One

When someone remarks positively on your picture by saying ‘nice picture’, it could be a tool for flirting with you. If you notice this, you can employ this response to show that you already know the card he or she is trying to play.

Is That All You Can Say?

Were you expecting to hear more praises from the person who simply said ‘nice picture’? If that is the case, you can make use of this response to put it into perspective.

You’re Not Innovative with Your Words

Replies to Nice Picture

If you feel it is lame for your partner to just say ‘nice picture’ to you; you can throw in this line of response to make your point known. I’m sure he or she will read or listen to it.

Coming From Someone Who Would Backbite at the Slightest Chance They Get

If the person who said ‘nice picture’ is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, you can use this line of response to expose them.

This reply also seeks to shame the person for being shameless in their remark on your picture.

I Appreciate. What Other Good Angles Do You Suggest for a Better Shot?

Perhaps, the person who remarked ‘nice picture’ is a photographer and you’re looking for tips to incorporate into your photo shoots to make them better.

You can gain their audience and knowledge using this line of response.


You may not beat a sweat while thinking of the best replies to the nice picture. But everything comes to a stop when it comes to putting your thoughts into words.

Notwithstanding, I’ve got you entirely covered in this ride. In this post, I intelligently sampled up to 20 best replies to nice to meet you.

I hope these replies serve you well and don’t forget to let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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