How to Respond When Someone Says They’re Blessed to Have You (Best 14 Responses)

There are very few words of validation as powerful as when someone says they’re blessed to have you. Such words can brighten your day and make your heart glad.

But you may wonder, what do I say in return or how do I respond to someone who says they’re blessed to have me? This article presents the best responses you can offer.

First, what does it mean when someone says they are blessed to have you.

The meaning of these words will vary from one person to the other. Also, the meaning can be determined by the context, circumstances and interest of the speaker in the respondent. Consider these two descriptions:


When the context is romantic in nature, it means the person they’re talking to completes them. When you speak this way, you mean the person has caused some positive life-changing events in your life.


People say I’m blessed to have you if in the circumstances you have done something without which certain things in their life would go wrong. It refers to an immediate benefit the person has received from you, at that moment.

For example, if you drive a person home from a party, or you pay for an item they need.

Best 14 Responses when someone says they’re blessed to have you

That’s Kind Of You

With this response politely accept the compliment. You also accept that you know why this person believes you are a blessing to him or her. They do not have to explain why. And you accompany this response with a happy smile.

When responding, be heartfelt. Being told that you are a blessing to someone else is a huge deal, treat it so. This response also draws attention to the kindness of the other person.

It makes sure you’re not taking all the glory, and if you are one who’s shy to take compliments, saying these words splits the attention in two.

Thank You For The Compliment

Here’s another polite and respectful way to accept the sentiment of being called a blessing. The very first thing you need to understand is that social etiquette requires that you accept compliments first, then thank the person giving it. This is an express acceptance.

There are variations of this response: you can say, ‘thanks’, ‘thank you’, or you can smile modestly and dismiss the compliment with, ‘Oh please, it’s nothing.’

Whatever response you provide, be sure not to avoid embarrassing the person.

Of Course, You Are

You can lighten the mood up with this response by telling the person, ‘of course, you are.’

If the person who tells you they feel blessed for having you is your close friend, you can mess with them and jokingly give them this response.

From your tone and the expression on your face, they should be able to tell you are not being cheeky. You should smile while you say this response and your friend will likely elbow you playfully.

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This response can have two meanings; it can mean you agree that you are a blessing to the person. It can also mean, ‘Of course, you are equally a blessing.’

Generally, your tone, context, and circumstance can help to make the meaning obvious. Or further comments from you can better help the other person understand there’s no bad blood.

Yeah, Always Remember That

You can go all out and just joke some more by telling the person never to forget how much of a blessing you are to them.

The significance of the joke becomes more evident if you aren’t much of a blessing and this other person is only taken over by emotions at that moment simply because of something you did.

You can be sure this response would even lighten the mood even more. Once again, say these words with feigned soberness, po-faced, as the British would say. You get the point.

Sometimes people own the compliment and make a joke out of what they aren’t. But it’s quite nice to have someone have feelings about your worth.

Same here

At other times you can give a response that shows you genuinely appreciate the compliment and since everyone is being honest, it’s time to come clean too: well, same here. It’s also a blessing to have you.

This is especially appropriate if the person is your partner, your spouse, or a close friend. Simply saying, same here, may sound bland. So you can get creative with the words by adding their name, especially if you are texting.

You can go further by letting the person that you appreciate the words, and that you care deeply about them. When someone tells you that it is a blessing to have you, they don’t likely think they’re the same for you.

So, telling the person in return and meaning it, can be a moral booster. Take into consideration too, that when someone says you are a blessing to have, the person is likely laden in that moment with emotions.

Really, How?

This is a very important question to ask if you don’t feel that you are a blessing. And it’s alright if you don’t feel this way. Which is why asking for clarification is recommended. How you ask the question also matters.

The tempo of the conversation would determine how you ask the question. Avoid asking this question while texting. You may give the wrong impression, and elicit the wrong answer in return.

You can ask this question if the person just out of the blue, without context, says it’s a blessing to have you. Listen attentively as the person explains and then pick any appropriate response in this list to follow up with.

I’m Glad You Feel This Way About Me

How to Respond When Someone Says They’re Blessed to Have You

This is a deeper response than simply saying, same here. This response is very appropriate for when the person is someone you like but aren’t dating.

It is also a great response to give if the person is someone you met down at the subway and helped to carry their things.

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This response can be given when someone says, it’s a blessing to have people like you. People often feel this way for someone who helped them in a time of need.

It can even be someone they met on the street. It’s good to receive an acknowledgment of your own goodness. It’s a pleasant feeling you have knowing that someone appreciates something you did.

Whether you like it or not, and no matter how modest you are, someone around you is going to point out that you are a great person.

Thanks, This Means A Lot

Genuine compliments don’t come cheap. It feels like you have to work so hard to get it. So for some people when it comes they want to show how thankful they are.

If someone says you’re a blessing to have, then show them you really appreciate the sentiment by telling them how much it means to you.

This does not necessarily mean you are being overly vulnerable. Or that you are weak. It means you are authentic. You value people’s opinion of you in a world that teaches people to ignore it.

You have put a lot into the relationship and now the other person acknowledges your kindness. Reply with this response if the person is just a close friend, a coworker, or any other person who isn’t your partner.

You Have Been A Blessing Too

How to Respond When Someone Says They’re Blessed to Have You

Note that this response is not necessarily you redirecting the compliment. This should be a genuine response. The use of the word, ‘been’, shows that the person has stood by you all this time too.

You’ve heard people talk about validation on social media as though it is totally bad. This is not true. Whether we realize it or not, we all feed off the validation we get from others.

From friends to spouses, everyone wishes to have their feelings validated. The point here is, when someone says you’ve been a blessing to have, that’s validation.

And when you say it back, you also make them understand that what they are to you is also important. It is important that when you say this response, you should mean it. Be sincere with the commendation.

I Make You Happy?

You are asking this with curiosity but don’t forget to smile. You can’t sound accusatory with this question. You are merely asking for details. Let the circumstances determine if this is what you ask.

Moreover, you may ask this question if you aren’t really sure the person is saying the truth. For example, what if the person is only patronizing you?

Further, the question is worded so that the person is forced to be more specific. Do I make you happy? What exactly is it that makes me a blessing to have? You’d be surprised at what you find out.

This is an especially apt question to ask someone you are in a relationship with. Instead of generalizing things or being vague, let the person mention those things you do that make you such a prize to have.

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Say Nothing

Surprised? Don’t be. You have the option to say nothing. Silence itself can be a resounding response in certain situations. For example, you can remain silent as a sign of modesty.

Also, if you think the person may be patronizing you, it may be best to discard the statement by being mute. You can also smile and let the moment pass.

What Is It About Me, Though?

How to Respond When Someone Says They’re Blessed to Have You

Here’s another way to respond when someone says you are a blessing to them. This response can come after any of the other responses on this list. In one of the responses here, the suggestion is to ask if the person makes you happy.

The distinction here is, you are not putting words in the person’s mouth. The person would surely say you make them happy if they are your lover for example.

You can ask anyone this question. They get to tell you specific things that make you a blessing.

Are We A Couple Now?

It can also happen that the person who says you are a blessing to have is also interested in you. It could be an opportunity to ask again: will you date me now? You could ask jokingly, and you can as well ask with a poker face.

The important thing is to find out if the suggestion that you are a blessing has deeper meanings. If a girl or a guy says that to someone who likes them, it is possible to begin considering whether they are now open to a relationship with you.

If there has been some friendship, this response can be appropriate. Also, if the friendship has had some romantic undertones, then you just might be on the verge of scoring with him or her.

You Read My Mind

This is a cute way of saying the words back to the person. You can say this if the person is someone you have romantic feelings for. It would be nice if you noticed the person likes you too. The truth is the person could be trying to tell you more with those words.

If you have been a shoulder to cry on for a girl, have helped her pack, fed her dog when she’s out, and many other things like that, you can be a blessing.

Word of caution: to avoid embarrassment, make sure you have concrete evidence of romance before reading into their words. Or better still, ask if they are romantically interested in you.

Final Thoughts

This list doesn’t cover all the dynamic ways you can respond when someone says it’s a blessing to have you. But it sure covers the most likely ones. When responding, always make sure your tone is the right one.

Sometimes you can sound sarcastic to see how the person reacts. In the end, most people say what they mean when they’re emotional.

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