How to Respond to “I’m Good, Hbu” (26 Great Responses For You)

We mostly see the informal acronym “HBU” in texts. It means How About You (well it’s really how ’bout you).

When you are asked this, it’s because there’s already a conversation going and they are trying to get your opinion on the subject matter being discussed.

In that case, you will have to find a suitable reply to keep the conversation going without killing the vibe.

Today I have a few replies based on the possible meanings those letters might mean. Let’s begin:

16 Cool Responses to “I’m good, hbu?”

First, this question can come up after you ask someone how their day went or how they are doing. This question is courteous and allows you to answer the same question you probably asked them.

Now depending on how you feel, you can answer with any of the replies below. They are in categories starting from happy and cheerful ones:

I am good

Let’s start off with something simple. If you don’t want to say too much or ignore the question entirely you can say “I am good”. You can also say “I am well”, “I am fine”.

You can also add the word “doing” for a sort of emphasis, or if the initial question has the word “doing”. For example,

A: Hey Jim. Long time. How are you doing?

B: Yeah. I’m doing great. How about you?

A: I’m doing very well. How is the family?

Nothing much

Usually, when someone says nothing much it means that something is actually only things going on but they don’t feel it’s of much value or it’s very important or interesting so they say nothing much.

It’s like you’re trying to avoid boring you with their irrelevant unexciting business. If you’re still up for a general reply so you don’t have to avoid answering the question completely then this reply is okay.

Fresh as a daisy

When someone says they are fresh as a daisy it means they are very healthy and full of lots of energy. You can use this enthusiastic reply if you woke up on the right side at the end and you just want to spread joy and tell others how you are doing.

If they are used to simple remarks, you will get some raised eyebrows and will be asked to give an explanation. You can also use other comparisons like, “happy as a lark” or “right as rain”.

The rhyme is cheesy but it’s more proof that you are happy.

My day has been great so far

How to Respond to "I’m Good, Hbu"

If it’s midday then you can use this reply because the day is not over and you have used a part of it. You can replace “great” with “swell”, “fantastic”, “pretty okay”, “good”, “alright” and any other adjective that appeals to you.

If you don’t want to use the whole sentence, you can alternate it with “so far so good”, or in a duller way, “so far no bad”.

Couldn’t have been better

A reply like this is just the introduction to a full story of your day. It’s a cheerful way to say, “my day was perfect and from beginning to end I enjoyed it.” It’s more essential that you have a good time than whether or not your day was perfect.

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Then you wait for them to say, “Really? Tell me everything and don’t leave anything out, or “That’s fantastic. Before you start, “Will you share?

Very productive. I finally got some real work done

If you have been talking to this person for a while they will really know you so sharing this shouldn’t surprise them. It’s also a reply that doesn’t say too much and still answers the question.

And between you and I, nothing like finally getting through a work pile that we have put off for as long as forever.

You will never guess what happened today!

This is an exciting reply that immediately throws one into suspense. Maybe you are too happy to go through the normal routine of waiting for them to ask you to share so you just jump right in with a question and start telling them about the things that happened that make the day extraordinary.

For example:

A: I am good. How about you?

B: You will never guess what happened.

A: You didn’t answer the question but what? Tell me what happened.

If you had a regular day where nothing exciting happened or are feeling sober and a bit down, you can try these replies:


While this reply is not exactly cheerful, it is a neutral reply for whether you are happy or sad. If the person who asks you HBU says that they are okay, then you can say “same” because you are also okay.

It’s not the best reply if you are looking for a conversation booster and you are trying to put yourself out there.

You can use this response to move on to the real subject if you don’t want to dwell on pleasantries and niceties at the beginning of a conversation. You can use the full reply, “same old same old”.

It means that you have the normal that you usually have with nothing new.

Not too bad

How to Respond to "I’m Good, Hbu"

Let’s say you’re doing fine, you had a normal day at home with just a regular routine and nothing eventually happened.

You can use this to respond because you had a mundane day with nothing out of the ordinary. You can try to add a line so you don’t worry anyone. Here’s an example:

A: How was your day?

B: Not too bad. I was home all day.

Could have been worse

This reply is the less happy version of the one above. We all know those people that always have this droll look and speech.

They are like Eeyore in Winnie the Pooh. They look at the hourglass as half empty not half full. Well, if you want to talk like that, this reply is something they can use and you can use.

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You are not really complaining but you won’t mind if things went better. You can also say “could be worse.”

Well I am alive

A friend used to give me this reply when he had a really uneventful day.

At first, I thought he didn’t want to be alive but then I understood he was trying to say, “not the most exciting day but I am alive and it’s the least chance I have to be grateful.”

And for those who had a bad day or are just not feeling too good, you can use these replies to say just how you feel.

Oh, just a little blue

If you had a rough day or things didn’t work out just fine for you, you can use this reply to say you are not very happy

If you are also not in the mood for the conversation, this reply should tell them so that you will get more questions from those who want to know all about it or how they can help.

I have been better

At first, it sounds good because of the word better but when you think about it, you are just saying, today wasn’t the best of days but I am shaking it off to try again tomorrow.

Anyone who doesn’t read this carefully while going on chatting does not understand what you have said. A subtle way to express yourself without saying too much.

Down in the dumps

This is an old idiom and it is used to say you feel very bad or unhappy. It might be because you lost something or it rained or you had a bad hair day or something.

It will tell whoever you are talking to that you don’t have much interest in the conversation and they will leave you alone.

I am just glad this day is almost over

It’s not a straight reply to “how are you doing?/how was your day?,” but it’s a way to convey that you had a terrible day, are not in a good mood, and are eager for it to end.

If you don’t want to talk about it, don’t use this reply. It will seem rude to use this and still not tell them why you said that or how your day went.

Not good. Today was a burst

This reply works for the two questions. If you had a bad day or you are not feeling too well, this reply tells whoever is asking that much. I would be sad if I get this reply from someone but I would be sadder to have to use this reply.

3 Flirty Responses to “I’m good, hbu?”

How to Respond to "I’m Good, Hbu"

If your crush texts you and replies, “I’m OK. HBU?”, you may want to be flirty so you can show them how you feel. This, in turn, will make the convo lively so much so that they are happy with you.

Now that you understand, consider these responses:

How about you become a part and find out

Okay, I know this sounds corny, but when you asked them how their day was, they responded; “I’m OK. HBU? “using this response to say, “Let’s do something fun together so I can spend the rest of the day with you would be a lot more fun.”

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Taking a turn for the better since we started talking

This can be said verbally or in writing. The knowledge that they are making someone happy will make them feel honored. Check out this example:

A: Hey, how are you doing?

B: I am good. HBU?

A: I have done way better since I started talking to you

It’s been very hectic. I have been busy thinking of you all day.

This one is my favorite since it begins as a typical response, but the twist comes in the next sentence, making the person who asked smile.

They appear incredibly worn out when you say this, and they don’t grin until you force them to. Works perfectly.

7 Great responses to “I’m good, hbu” if you want something

How to Respond to "I’m Good, Hbu"

If you were in a group of three and they were asking who wants a martini, one fella might go, “no, I am good”, then turn to you and ask, “HBU?” Here are a few replies that you can use:

I will pass

It’s a casual way to say no. I am sure you have heard it before. Gives off this cool teen vibe. Mind you, try not to use it for people who are older than you so you don’t seem rude.

None for me. Thanks

You refuse anything like this. It seems like it’s not their fault, you just don’t want one and you are grateful they asked though.

I think I will have one

If you don’t really want one but it will do you no harm, you can indulge yourself with this uncertain reply. They will understand that you are being polite, and you won’t have to worry about them.

Maybe next time

If you say no, then you are telling them that the door is always open for them to try to offer again. Who knows, maybe you might say no again.

This will do

If you already have some, then you are saying no I don’t need another. I am okay with what I have. No need to get more if it will just waste. They won’t like that.

No thank you

Polite and courteous. You may sound posh but this is a good reply to reject something, even by posh standards.

Don’t mind if I do

If you are serving yourself or helping yourself to your own portion then this reply is okay. Also, in a case where you weren’t asked before and you take or get a share, you can use this reply.


I believe this all-round article should have covered every question you might have. While you are using any of these replies, make sure that they are appropriate for the situation and to whom you are telling them.

If you have any other replies drop them in the comments section and have a nice day.

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