How to Be a Zaddy (So that People Can Call You One)

Being a zaddy is one of the latest trends on the internet today. This is a nickname that’s particular to the male specie.

As a result, some men have taken to the preference, wanting the ladies to call them zaddy. It’s quite easy to become a spec if you know how to catch the attention of a lady and please her.

However, not everyone familiar with this term knows what it entails. If you’re interested in being a zaddy, then this article is for you.

I’ll be discussing what makes someone a zaddy and several ways to become one. In the end, you’d know the origin of this slang.

What Makes Someone a Zaddy?

What makes someone a spec can be different for different people. A lady can decide her man is her zaddy based on her reasons.

And some ladies elsewhere can decide the same for their man for a very different reason. However, generally, a Zaddy is usually an attractive man that can deliver in many aspects.

Also, a zaddy is a boss man, a spec and a baller. He’s confident and knows what he wants.

Zaddy is the alternative for “Daddy,” as some women choose to call their partners, “zaddy” instead of “daddy.”

Therefore, what makes someone a zaddy isn’t defined by what they feel, but rather by what others feel about them.

It is particularly dependent on what their woman thinks of them. On the other hand, a man can be a zaddy if he lives out the quality of one.

According to, a zaddy is a fashionable, attractive, and confident man. Most people often use the term on older men whom they find sexy and attractive, and financially generous.

So, as I earlier established, a boss man isn’t only attractive physically, he should also deliver in other aspects. A lady will quickly refer to a man as a zaddy if he spends money on her and has the charm also.

Also, being older adds sweetness to it. An attractive old man who knows how to charm a lady with his money and vibes is more of a zaddy than a younger man who does the same.

Many believe that being a zaddy should leave the feeling of being a “sugar daddy” to the woman and the man himself. However, different things are for different folks.

Also, note that being advanced in age here doesn’t mean old and grey. A man above 40 or even lesser can fall into the category of zaddies, it all depends on the feeling you leave.

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When Did Zaddy Start?

The use of zaddy did not start today. Many internet bloggers trace its popularity to the release of a song titled, “Zaddy” by popular rapper, TY Dolla $ign in August 2016.

Since then the term has garnered massive usage by people on the internet and off the internet. However, the term is believed to have originated earlier.

For instance, Urban dictionary user, Josette on June 18th, 2008 gave a befitting definition of the term, Zaddy, as slang for a handsome guy, who is appealing and fashionable. He says he should have swag and sex appeal.

So, the use of this word had an early usage in 2008 and possibly earlier, but only gained good popularity with the release of TY Dolla’s song in 2016.

Many celebrities have been referred to as zaddies on the internet, particularly TikTok and Instagram. An example is the singer, Zayn Malik, and popular comedian-actor, Ryan Reynolds.

In addition, it’s also believed that the term is strictly AAVE or (African American Vernacular English.)

How to Be a Zaddy
Photo Credit: Zayn Malik


6 Ways to Become a Zaddy

Becoming a zaddy would be easy if you’re stylish, confident, generous, attractive, and very importantly the man of the moment always.

These are the qualities of a zaddy and below I’ll expatiate.

  1. Be stylish and you win
  2. Dress hot and all the girls will run to you
  3. Exude charisma and confidence and you are on your way to becoming a zaddy
  4. Have a killer physique
  5. Spend money
  6. Always be the man of the moment

Be Stylish

One of the qualities of a Zaddy is being stylish. Women love men who know what fashion is and have a good taste in it.

Being fashionable can be different things for different people. After all, fashion in this sense is the way people dress.

And people have their different way of dressing- out of fashion, they say is fashion. However, in this context, your appearance should be stylish enough to attract girls.

Generally, zaddies have a fashion taste that follows the same trend. If you see the internet zaddies, you’d see a similarity in the way they hit the street.

To help you, here are tips for being fashionable and becoming a zaddy:

Be Trendy

Being trendy is one of the things zaddies do. These set of people keep in touch with the latest fashion trends and make sure to never be out of style.

Ladies love what is trendy and this is one of the things they check out in a man. One of the easiest ways to remain trendy is being on the internet.

For instance, Instagram is a platform where you can find the latest fashion outfits that you can rock.

Rock Your Unique Style

There’s nothing more enticing than someone who creates their style and rocks it confidently. You can be very fashionable with your unique style and keep the ladies screaming, “zaddy!”.

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A boss man knows what he wants and goes for it. If you don’t fancy fashion trends, nothing is stopping you from rocking your style.

You only have to be sexy and alluring to people, especially the ladies.

Scream Luxury

Rocking luxury outfits is one of the ways to become a zaddy without much effort.

Many people know luxury, even when they cannot afford it. So, this is one easy way to be identified as a baller.

Many luxury brands cut across all ware and accessories: from footwear, designer pants, shirts, and wristwatches to headgear.

For example, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, channel, and Rolex are some of the luxury brands to choose from. Rock these luxury wear and win the heart of the women.

Combine Your Outfits Well

A zaddy knows how to combine his outfit well to give the killer swag. If you want to be fashionable, one key thing to note is combining your outfit properly.

It’s not enough to know the latest fashion trends, you also have to know how to pair the right footwear with the right pants and shirt.

In addition, a zaddy wears the right outfit for the right occasion. This is one of the qualities that makes a lady scream, “zaddy!”

Dress Hot

A zaddy isn’t only stylish, he’s stylishly hot. To become a zaddy, you need an appearance that’d turn the crowd’s neck and get the ladies screaming, “yes! That’s a zaddy there.”

And this appearance of yours should be dripping hot. A man that drips hot and sexy all the time will win the heart of the woman.

Here are tips on how to dress hot to become a zaddy

Street-smart Sweatpants

Street-smart sweatpants are one of the staples in a zaddie’s wardrobe.

Whether you’re in your 30s or 60s, nothing is stopping you from rocking these stylish pants to look hot.

These sweatpants will hug your skin, offering both comfort and style, and give you something you can take to the street other than the gym.

In addition, it’s cool to combine with a simple shirt for a laid-back appearance, or you can hit the street shirtless of course.

Body-fitting Mesh Tank Top

How to Be a Zaddy

A body-fitting tank top is another staple you might want to own as a zaddy. This top will hug your skin, showing your muscles and abs, and giving the ladies something to think about.

A zaddy isn’t afraid to show his body. So, this tank top will help you show some skin and allow you to rock your muscles well.

You can hit the street in this outfit or style it with a blazer for something beautiful.

A Hoodie

Almost every guy has a hoodie in their closet. Give a zaddy a hoodie and watch him rock it like the zaddy that he is.

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A hoodie doesn’t only offer comfort, with a zaddy, it becomes a fashionable wear that screams hotness.

In addition, this staple provides a sense of coziness that brings the ladies into your arms.

Exude Charisma and Confidence

One character you wouldn’t miss in a zaddy is the charisma and confidence they exude. A baller knows he’s everyone’s dream and carries himself as one.

He knows he’s handsome, charming, and attractive, and so, he looks it and acts it.

Remember, the charisma and confidence in a man help him stand out in the crowd, and this is one way of becoming a zaddy. This man stands out in the crowd. He calls their attention.

In addition, a zaddy isn’t afraid to be himself on the internet and the street. Whether it’s in their style of dressing or mode of communication, he doesn’t fear expressing himself.

With this, you wouldn’t need much effort; your appearance literally says, “zaddy” all the time.

Have a Killer Physique

Another important step you should take if you want to be a zaddy is having a killer physique.

Zaddies are dripping hot and what better way to drip hot than a chiseled body with toned skin? It’s not very easy to have this fit body type, especially if you’re naturally fat.

However, if you want to become a spec, you should work towards it. Start with eating the right diet; low on calories and fat. Then visit the gym for the right reasons.

If you take a look at the Instagram zaddies, you’d notice their killer bodies. That’s what the maidens like.

How to Be a Zaddy

Spend Money

A zaddy isn’t only physically or psychologically attractive, he’s also financially attractive. A boss knows how to spend money: on himself, on his friends, and particularly on the ladies.

There’s no doubt that a lady loves a financially stable man, but you’d win her heart when you know how to spend.

Remember I had stated that most ladies like to think of their zaddies as sugar daddies that spoil them. So, a zaddy must be financially generous; there’s no argument about this.

Always Be the Man of the Moment

A zaddy should always be the man of the moment. He should literally be what almost everyone talks about all the time.

Whether it’s on the internet or the streets, this man should attract attention. On the internet, a zaddy isn’t silent. He should have a good number of followers.

So also on the streets, whether you’re at a party or a bar, your appearance should turn heads and get the ladies drooling. A zaddy always keeps people talking; it’s that simple.

How to Be a Zaddy

Parting Words

Becoming a zaddy isn’t a great deal. Once you know the specs, it then becomes easy to become one.

Remember, this man is handsome, charming, and generous. He should be very fashionable, always dressed with killer swag.

Also, he should be the woman’s man. He should know how to spend and catch their attention.

While most people often refer to older men with enough cash and swag as zaddies, age isn’t a barrier. You can be a zaddy in your 30s if you’ve what it takes.

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