10 Ways to Say “Thank You for Getting Back to Me”

What does a person mean when they say, “Thank you for getting back to me”? When someone uses this phrase they intend to appreciate someone who has given a reply to their message.

It may be that the person had made an enquiry about something and was expecting a response. Getting the response may be helpful to them which is why they are grateful when they receive it. 

The response they have received could be some form of closure, confirmation or direction. It also means that the person was stuck at a point and needed the information to move forward.

Hence, when someone sends a response to a query or enquiry, the expected reply is to say Thank you for getting back to me. However, there are other creative ways that a person can appreciate a response.

In this article, we will be listing ten (10) ways to tell someone Thank you for getting back to me. There are other ways a person can do this, but the listed ones are among the top ten.

10 Ways to Say “Thank you for getting back to me”

Grateful for the response

Ways to Say Thank you for getting back to me

Another way that you can tell a person Thank you for getting back to me is to say Grateful for the response. When someone wants to show gratitude, it means that they want the other person to know that they are thankful.

They can demonstrate how thankful they are through their words or actions. It can also be shown by the joyous expressions on their faces or the sounds that they make upon receiving the response.

Someone can also use this phrase to let the other person know that they will be happy if they receive the information they are seeking. It can be said in this form – I would be grateful if I could receive a response on this matter.

The phrase can also be used to show the extent of one’s thankfulness depending on the way it is written. For instance, a person can say, “I am extremely grateful for the response you gave, it was really helpful”.

Thanks for the feedback

Thanks for the feedback is another reply that you can use in place of Thank you for getting back to me. The former phrase is mostly used by professionals who want to appreciate those who provided them with feedback.

This is because it is not always easy to navigate feedback. The process can be quite tricky for most individuals especially when the feedback they want to give is critical. Most people don’t handle criticism well.

Most business owners and service providers know how important this statement is in showing their customers that their feedback is extremely important.

It shows the customers that both their opinions and their voice are highly valued especially if it is said speedily. It encourages them to tell you about their minds despite that what they will say may be bitter or negative.

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I appreciate the reaching out

Ways to Say Thank you for getting back to me

Another way that a person can say Thank you for getting back to me is by using the statement I appreciate the reach out. The latter phrase is used when a person has connected with another to help them.

The person helped now appreciates the other person for getting in touch with them and attempting to help them by providing valuable information or updates.

Several ways you can use this statement include – “I appreciate you for reaching out, it shows me that you are paying attention”, “Thank you for reaching out to me, I invested a lot in that project”, etc.

Most people are not under the obligation to respond or reach out to you, but they do it anyway. This is why we must not trivialize but appreciate it by using

Thanks for responding to my message promptly

Another way for a person to say Thank you for getting back to me is to use the statement Thanks for responding to my message promptly. A person who responds promptly replies to messages without delay.

When someone gets back to you promptly, it means that they got back to you at exactly the right time or at the perfect time that you had both agreed to.

Using this response will show the other person that you value their time and for business people, it will soften the ground for the business at hand that you both want to discuss.

Another situation where a person can use this statement Thanks for responding to my message promptly is when the information he/she was requesting was quite urgent and the person they requested it from gave it to them at exactly the right time.

Your reply is received with thanks.

Using the statement Your reply is received with thanks is a similar way of saying Thank you for getting back to me. When abbreviated it is written in this form – Received with thanks.

The response shows that not only did the person speaking receive it, but it shows how the person received it. It shows that someone did something for the person and he/she is grateful for it.

When you let the person know that you are grateful for their response, they will be very glad to have helped you. People like being appreciated for their efforts, and this motivates them to do more.

It can be said in different ways such as – “I opened my email/text message this morning and saw all the information I needed there; your reply is received with thanks

Or “I needed your testimony to convince my clients to buy from me, thanks for the reply, it is received with thanks.

Your insight is gladly received

A creative way that a person can show gratitude aside from using the statement Thank you for getting back to me is to use the phrase Your insight is gladly received.

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When someone shares their insights with you, it means that they have seen the truth about something and brought you to the knowledge of it. Now when that happens, you can appreciate them for the insights they’ve shared.

The problem with insight is that although it may be helpful, it is not based on evidence or hard facts but rather on feelings and emotions. If the insights given to you help you make sure you show appreciation.

Most people believe that insight comes from a person’s intuition or inspiration. It’s more or less a contribution from someone who believes that a particular method will work not necessarily because he/she has tried it.

Your swift reply is highly valued

Ways to Say Thank you for getting back to me

You can also tell a person Thank you for getting back to me when you use the statement Your swift reply is highly valued. The two major benefits seen from this phrase are firstly, that a reply is given and secondly, that it is swift.

A swift response is both quick and speedy and mostly comes at the right time. You are appreciating the person for being responsive to you and also making it timely.

The level of appreciation depends on how immediate the speaker needs the response. Some are deemed urgent, and some are simply as soon as the person finds what he/she is looking for.

It may be that there is an underlying problem and the solution to the problem is based on the information contained in the reply, thus, when the reply comes swiftly, it solves an immediate problem.

It’s great to see you get in touch

The statement It’s great to see you get in touch is a great alternative to the phrase Thank you for getting back to me. It is normally used when a person is happy to see someone whom they have been expecting.

When a person gets in touch with you, it shows that the person talked to you after a while. It further means that you have been in contact with such a person.

Getting in touch with you was their way of getting back to you – they both mean the same thing. A person also gets in touch with you when they meet you for the second time to give you information.

A person also gets in touch with you when they have not spoken to you for a very long time. It may be circumstances beyond their control that caused the break in communication.

Therefore, once the communication is restored, it’s the same as the person getting back to you or getting in touch with you. The reason for the communication could be to relay an important message or simply to exchange pleasantries.

I’m thankful for the email

If you are searching for a more creative way to say Thank you for getting back to me, you can use the phrase I’m thankful for the email. It is used when a person has received a helpful response by email.

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The phrase I’m thankful for the email is one of the best ways to end an email you send in reply to someone who has given you a piece of valuable information through your mail.

There are other ways to write this reply and they include – “I’ve read the contents of the mail and I found all the information I need in it, I’m so thankful for it” or “Following your guidance in the email, I’ve completed the registration, so thankful for the email”.

Even if you are not giving your reply by email, it is necessary that you show which means you received the helpful response, and which particular email helped you.

Hence, if you wish to be more detailed, you can put your response in this manner – “I want to appreciate you for the help you offered to me through an email dated dd-mm-yy, it was really helpful, and I can’t be more grateful

I’m extremely excited to hear back from you

To appreciate a person for their response, a person can use the phrase 400;”>I’m glad to hear back from you instead of Thank you for getting back to me. It means that the person has reached out to you with the information that you requested.

This response is also suitable when you’ve made a request and the person whom you requested something from communicates the answer to the request through email or text, over the phone or even in person.

You can use this reply even when rewritten in other ways such as – “The information you sent to me was quite useful, I’m glad to hear back from you”.

Another instance where a person can use this statement is when the response you had received was good news. This will make you immensely happy with the stranger hence the statement I’m glad to hear back from you.

For instance, a person who has applied for admission and has been waiting for a response from the school. When the response finally comes and the admission status is positive, the person will be extremely glad.

To end with,

While it is encouraged to request information from a person or organization, it is also respectful to show appreciation when you receive such a response.

The person would have chosen to ignore your request or would have given it at a time when it is no longer useful to you, but he/she tried their best to give you the right thing at the right time.

This means that you should thank them for it – even if it is their job to do so. You can pick any of the ten ways listed above to thank someone for getting back to you.

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