15 Synonyms for “Return The Favour”

There are other ways to say return the favour, and we are going to go through 15 of them in this article. 

When you say return the favour, it means to reciprocate a kind gesture. This could take many forms. It could be returning an equal value of the rendered help such as money units, etc. other times, it could involve other means to get even. 

It’s possible to want other ways to say this, and these synonyms come in handy when drafting out communiques, notes or narrating to an audience. Grammatically, we have ensured each of these synonyms is well formatted and written. 

As an added help we scripted each of these phrases to suit multiple scenarios, and we have explained them to show its use. This helps you apply them usefully. Let’s dive into the article and discover 15 synonyms for return the favour.

We encourage you to go through our list and select the ideal ones for you. It is okay to make a mixed blend of one or more varieties and use them for your pleasure.

You should also use them as a baseline for crafting your unique synonyms. Keep reading and find what suits you the most. 

15 Synonyms for Return The Favour

1. ‘Reciprocate the kindness’

A simple synonym for returning the favour is saying ‘reciprocate the kindness’. Its meaning is easy to decipher and we recommend using this when the gesture is a physical act. Showing kindness and reciprocating one, builds a healthy relationship in a community. 

This phrase means to respond to someone’s kindness with kindness of your own. It’s about giving back in the same positive manner. If you feel inspired enough, use it within any context of your choice. It is the easiest way to explain a situation.


  • Speaker: what do you want to do? 
  • You: reciprocate the kindness 

2. ‘Repay the gesture’

A short synonym for returning the favour is saying ‘Repay the gesture’. When a person makes such a remark means to repay the kind gesture that has been shown to them. It implies they have to repay in value or kind. 

When you repay the gesture, you’re returning a kind or helpful action someone has done for you with a similar act of goodwill. It helps to use the correct statement to tell a person something this important. By doing this they comprehend easily. 


  • Speaker: what’s your opinion on the matter
  • You: ‘Repay the gesture’

3. ‘Give back in kind’

An elaborate phrase that is synonymous with returning the favour is saying ‘Give back in kind’. If you give back in kind, you are returning a favour in value and worth. It is more detailed than the previous samples. It shows a personal relationship with them. 

Giving back in kind implies responding to a favour or act of kindness with a similar or equivalent act, maintaining a sense of fairness. This synonym works best when equality and fairness are required, like in a game or sport.

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  • Speaker: should we decide the winners?
  • you: ‘Give back in kind’

4. ‘Do something in return’

An intricate synonym to return the favour is ‘Do something in return’. It’s repeating an action of consequences because of forces directed at you or anyone. Where you demand the reciprocation of a gesture, this phrase is a more appropriate response.

This is a straightforward way of indicating your intention to reciprocate a favour or kindness with some action of your own. We recommend using this to show actionable intent is required. It is used and applied in a formal setting. 


  • Speaker: what has the board decided about the leak
  • You: ‘Do something in return’

5. ‘Match the favor’

One synonym for returning the favour is saying ‘Match the favour’. It is a direct way of saying return the favour. It’s a replacement in its simplest form. It expresses that they should pay the favour in kind.

This is an instructional phrase too, they can use it where direction or supervision is needed to create equality among a person or people. 

To match the favour is to respond to someone’s kindness with a similar or equal act of kindness, creating a sense of balance. This alternative is recommended because it doesn’t have any other explanation other than what it means. 


  • Speaker: in such a situation, what’s the verdict
  • You: ‘Match the favour’

6. ‘Pay it forward’

A more intricate synonym for returning the favour is saying ‘Pay it forward’. When you say this, you imply that they should charge a favour to a future date.

It expresses a desire for the favor to be returned at a much later date where it will be valuable to both parties.

This also phrase suggests that rather than directly returning a favour, you choose to help others in need, creating a chain of goodwill. If you pay a favour forward, it means you hope to benefit from the favour when you need it at a later date. 


  • Speaker: how can I ever repay you?
  • You: ‘Pay it forward’

7. ‘Respond in kind’

A factual synonym for returning the favour is saying ‘Respond in kind’. This phrase works as a more because it clearly describes an action to be returned in kind.

This means that the value or gravity of the favour must be on the same level. It’s a case of tit for tat. If you respond in kind to a situation, it means you give back what is based on what they received.

This means to react to someone’s kindness or favour with a response that is similar or degree. We recommend using this where a decision on the best form of reciprocation is being made. It saves anyone from the complexity of making decisions in such matters.

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  • Speaker: what should we do for the festivities this year?
  • You: ‘Respond in kind’

8. ‘Requite the goodwill

A posh synonym for returning the favour is ‘Requite the goodwill’. This is an older phrase for language.

To requite means to repay, and this expresses the need to pay the favour that was received. When a favour is reciprocated, it often means any form of owed debt has been cleared.

Requite means to make repayment or give, so “requite the goodwill” means to reciprocate the kindness or favour received. This phrase is the best when deciding on the best way to say return the favour. Archaic but effective overall.  


  • Speaker: what do you suggest I do? 
  • You: ‘Requite the goodwill’

9. ‘Balance the scales’

Another way to say return the favour is saying ‘Balance the scales’. This has a more easygoing approach that doesn’t pressure the listener. If you need a mildly suggestive phrase, this here trumps them all. It speaks equality in its context and should be used in such capacity. 

This expression shows the desire to restore a sense of balance or fairness by returning a favour or kindness in kind. Anyone easily understood it within hearing distance from you. Your desire to remain equal in such issues saves you from being unfair in judgment.


  • Speaker: how do I decide what the right to do is? 
  • You: ‘Balance the scales’

10. ‘Balance the scales’

One synonym for return the favour is saying ‘Balance the scales.’ a well-balanced scale implies that an action should be returned to its initial or original place. It suggests that there was a shift that has created a tipping of the scales.

“Even the score” implies correcting an imbalance by returning a favour or kind act, equalizing the situation. A situation which needs to be equalized has to be fair. This phrase conveys that to the listeners, which announces your intentions. 


  • Speaker: they are asking for our answer to the issue
  • You: ‘Balance the scales’ 

11. ‘Recompense the kindness’

A common similar way to say return the favour is saying ‘Recompense the kindness’. We recommend using this phrase when a person has done something nice and you want to pay them back. It could be anything from a money gift to giving you a lift to the store. 

This phrase means to make compensation or provide recompense for the kindness or favour received, aiming to repay it.

We use such phrases to suggest the repayment doesn’t have to be equal in value or worth. A necessary kind gesture is the requirement here. 


  • Speaker: What is the best action here?
  • You: ‘Recompense the kindness’

12. ‘Give as good as you got’

A reasonable synonym for returning the favour is ‘Give as good as you got’. This phrase also used an encouragement to do as much as one has received and never below. I use it where fair play and a high success rate are required.

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It means to respond to a favour or act of kindness with an equally generous or positive action, maintaining a sense of fairness.

By saying this you are suggesting giving anything less than was received will be viewed in a negative light. This calls for effort to be maximized. 


  • Speaker: I am ready to go, what’s your advice
  • You; give as good as you’ve got

13. ‘Respond with a favor’

A candid synonym to return the favour is ‘Respond with a favour’. This is very similar and carries about the same meaning. It has a high ability to elicit emotional responses from the other person. We recommend using this where simplicity is required.

This phrase signifies responding to someone’s favour or act of kindness by offering a favour or kind act.  A phrase like this suggests to the listener to simply repay the same favour that they received. It eliminates any case of an error in performing an act of kindness. 


  • Speaker: I am about to decide on a gift, any suggestions?
  • You: ‘Respond with a favour’

14. ‘Exchange the favor’

A close similar phrase to return the favour is saying ‘Respond with a favour’. This way you elaborately imply that they should return any favour received in exchange.

This I perfect when no one wants to owe or be a debtor. By responding this way, you display your preference for exchange.

“Exchange the favour” conveys the idea of swapping or trading acts of kindness with someone who has done you a favour. It is a concept that sells swapping of kind gestures to accurately return a favour without defaulting. 


  • Speaker: what should our house do?
  • You: ‘Respond with a favour’

15. ‘Pay back the favor’

A synonym for returning the favour is saying ‘Respond with a favour’. This way you do not watch words when trying to suggest they repay an act of kindness. They must know your decision and this phrase accurately does that. Synonyms For Return The Favour

This phrase means to repay someone for their favour or act of kindness by returning it in kind, showing your appreciation and reciprocity. Saying ‘Respond with a favour’ has the idea that anything one has received such as a favour or help should be repaid. 

Final Verdict

Finally, we assure you that each of these synonyms will help you find a better and more appropriate alternative to say return the favour.

We have ensured they suit multiple usage and situations so you are never left without the proper grammatical phrase or statement.

If a favour is being received, it’s polite to pay it back. However, when suggesting such ideas to other people it is important to keep things mild and comfortable.

You do not want to pressure a person to return a favour as this can be read negatively. 

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